RMS Ausonia Passenger List - 15 August 1925

Front Cover of a Tourist Passenger List from the RMS Ausonia of the Cunard Line, Departing Saturday, 15 August 1925 from Southampton to Québec and Montréal.

Front Cover of a Tourist Passenger List from the RMS Ausonia of the Cunard Line, Departing Saturday, 15 August 1925 from Southampton to Québec and Montréal via Cherbourg, Commanded by Captain G. Gibbons, RD, RNR. GGA Image ID # 13b65fc72


Senior Officers and Staff

  • Captain: G. Gibbons, R.D., R.N.R.
  • Chief Engineer: W. Rogers
  • Chief Officer: A. E. Kenyon, R.D., R.N.R.
  • Surgeon: W. Widdup
  • Purser: W. D. Brown
  • Assistant Purser: J. A. Merrill
  • Chief Steward: C. Dawick
  • Chief Third Class Steward: J. Tuck
  • Conductress: Mrs. A. Brady


Tourist Passengers

  1. Miss G. Adair
  2. Miss B. Aldridge
  3. Miss M. Astell
  4. Mrs. K. Baker
  5. Master L. Baker
  6. Mrs. W. Beer
  7. Master C. Beer
  8. Mr. W. C. Birkett
  9. Mr. J. A. Birrell
  10. Miss S. A. Brown
  11. Mrs. F. Bundy
  12. Miss V. F. Bundy
  13. Master E. H. Bundy
  14. Mr. G. Chamberlain
  15. Mrs. E. Chamberlain
  16. Mr. A. E. Chapman
  17. Mrs. A. E. Chapman
  18. Mr. A. G. Chinner
  19. Miss G. E. Christie
  20. Mrs. A. Clare
  21. Mrs. L. Clare
  22. Miss B. Clendenning
  23. Mrs. E. Collins
  24. Mr. T. E. Crane
  25. Mrs. F. A. Crane
  26. Mrs. H. Dawson
  27. Mr. G. Day
  28. Mrs. E. Day
  29. Miss M. Dechert
  30. Miss A. C. Dresser
  31. Mrs. E. J. Duffill
  32. Mr. W. H. Duncan
  33. Mrs. J. Duncan
  34. Master W. C. Duncan
  35. Miss M. Dunseith
  36. Miss B. M. Elliott
  37. Mrs. G. Eyre
  38. Master F. G. Eyre
  39. Miss M. G. Fielders
  40. Mr. H. Foyle
  41. Mrs. R. Foyle
  42. Miss S. J. Graham
  43. Mr. J. G. Graham
  44. Mr. W. H. Gray
  45. Mrs. A. E. Grigsby
  46. Master M. G. Grigsby
  47. Miss O. Heller
  48. Miss A. Howse
  49. Mrs. E. Huntley
  50. Miss B. M. Huntley
  51. Miss M. Hutson
  52. Mrs. M. Hutt
  53. Miss V. E. Johnson
  54. Mrs. A. Jude
  55. Miss H. Kennedy
  56. Miss K. Kennedy
  57. Miss C. L. Lindsay
  58. Mr. N. W. Lobb
  59. Mrs. C. Lobb
  60. Mrs. M. E. Low
  61. Miss R. M. Low
  62. Miss F. McAllister
  63. Miss H. Mackay
  64. Mr. J. T. Mackey
  65. Miss K. McKim
  66. Mr. G. McRae
  67. Mrs. E. Marchant
  68. Master M. Marchant
  69. Miss Q. Marchant
  70. Miss H. E. Marks
  71. Mrs. A. Marriott
  72. Mrs. A. L. Martin
  73. Miss F. Merrifield
  74. Mr. F. Miller
  75. Mrs. D. Mills
  76. Miss L. C. Mills
  77. Mrs. E. E. Richardson
  78. Mrs. A. Rigby
  79. Miss A. F. Rigby
  80. Master A. A. Rigby
  81. Mr. S. Rigden
  82. Mrs. L. Rigden
  83. Dr. D. Rousseau
  84. Mrs. M. Rousseau
  85. Miss C. A. Salmon
  86. Mrs. L. Sanders
  87. Mr. D. Scotcher
  88. Mrs. E. Scott
  89. Master C. J. Scott
  90. Mr. S. L. Scott
  91. Rev. A. W. Seaton
  92. Mrs. E. Self
  93. Master E. Self
  94. Mr. R. H. Self
  95. Mrs. M. Simnett
  96. Mrs. F. Smith
  97. Miss F. Smith
  98. Miss M. A. Smith
  99. Miss M. G. Smith
  100. Mr. H. Stooks
  101. Mr. R. B. Strathdee
  102. Mrs. R. Tarcock
  103. Master R. W. Tarcock
  104. Mr. D. G. C. Tasker
  105. Mr. S. A. Thoday
  106. Miss T. E. Thomson
  107. Mr. G. B. Thomson
  108. Mr. C. E. Timpson
  109. Mrs. E. Timpson
  110. Miss M. Timpson
  111. Miss J. Timpson
  112. Mrs. R. Tindall
  113. Mr. W. Tizzard
  114. Mrs. N. Tizzard
  115. Mrs. W. G. Turner
  116. Miss R. Turner
  117. Mr. F. Twist
  118. Mrs. M. Twist
  119. Miss G. Twist
  120. Miss E. Tyler
  121. Mr. H. D. Whitcher
  122. Mrs. J. Whitcher
  123. Master L. Whitcher
  124. Miss M. Whitcher
  125. Master N. Whitcher
  126. Mr. S. Wick
  127. Mrs. E. Wick
  128. Miss L. G. Wick
  129. Miss F. E. Wilkin
  130. Mrs. A. T. Williams
  131. Mr. D. M. Williams
  132. Mrs. H. Williams
  133. Master F. Williams
  134. Mr. W. J. Williams
  135. Mrs. C. Wilson
  136. Master H. Wilson
  137. Master J. Wilson


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