RMS Berengaria Passenger List - 5 May 1934

Front Cover, Cunard Line RMS Berengaria Tourist Passenger List - 5 May 1934.

Front Cover of a Tourist Passenger List from the RMS Berengaria of the Cunard Line, Departing 5 May 1934 from Southampton to New York via Cherbourg, Commanded by Captain Sir Edgar Britten, RD, RNR. GGA Image ID # 12f60cb83a


Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: SIR EDGAR BRITTEN, R.D., R.N.R.
  2. Staff-Captain: W. C. BATTLE, D.S.C., R.D., R.N.R.
  3. Chief Engineer: L. Roberts
  4. Staff Chief Engineer: A. Duncan
  5. Surgeon: C. P. O’Brien
  6. Chief Steward: E. B. Pimbley
  7. Chief Officer: E. J. Rodgers, R.D., R.N.R.
  8. Purser: F. E. Owen
  9. Staff Purser: M. Ferguson
  10. Tourist Purser: J. E. Webster
  11. Tourist Steward: G. Whittaker


Tourist Passengers

  1. Mr. H. A. Aghassi
  2. Mrs. Aghassi
  3. Miss H. Aghassi
  4. Miss E. L. Ashworth
  5. Mrs. P. Asner
  6. Miss R. Barrners
  7. Mr. J. M. Bartes
  8. Mr. W. R. Bennett
  9. Mr. M. Berman
  10. Mrs. Berman
  11. Mr. A. Bidder
  12. Miss D. Blaivas
  13. Mrs. Y. Bloch
  14. Mr. W. Blumenthal
  15. Miss E. Boreham
  16. Mrs. E. C. Borrow
  17. Mr. J. I. Carroll
  18. Mrs. Carroll
  19. Miss C. Choisy
  20. Mrs. D. Cohen
  21. Capt. W. L. Cooke
  22. Miss M. Cramp
  23. Miss R. Dama
  24. Mrs. Day
  25. Mr. G. D. Dickson
  26. Mrs. Dickson
  27. Miss J. Dutton
  28. Mr. R. Solas Edwards
  29. Mrs. Edwards
  30. Mrs. G. W. Edwards
  31. Mr. R. Edwards
  32. Mr. F. Edwards
  33. Miss M. Edwards
  34. Miss R. Eliason
  35. Mr. M. Finkelstein
  36. Mrs. Finkelstein
  37. Miss M. D. Fowler
  38. Mrs. A. Gates
  39. Mr. J. D. Geller
  40. Mrs. Geller
  41. Miss M. Gibney
  42. Mr. F. S. Gottschalk
  43. Mrs. R. L. Halprin
  44. Mr. S. L. Hancock
  45. Mrs. Hancock
  46. Mr. T. Hayes
  47. Mr. J. L. Hilker
  48. Mrs. Hilker and Child
  49. Rev. E. L. Hudon
  50. Prof. N. Jamazaki
  51. Mr. B. G. Jamieson
  52. Mrs. Jamieson
  53. Mrs. K. M. Jamieson
  54. Miss B. M. Jamieson
  55. Mr. I. Joffe
  56. Mr. K. L. Kidby
  57. Lt.-Col. W. B. Kingsmill
  58. Mrs. Kingsmill
  59. Mrs. M. Kirwan
  60. Mr. W. A. Knapp
  61. Mr. D. F. Kruger
  62. Mr. P. Lane
  63. Mr. A. Lewin
  64. Mrs. Lewin
  65. Mrs. E. Livingstone
  66. Miss B. M. Maxwell
  67. Mrs. A. H. Millar
  68. Mrs. A. L. Moore
  69. Mr. T. Morin
  70. Mr. W. G. Morrison
  71. Mr. A. R. Nelson
  72. Mrs. E. E. Nelson
  73. Miss E. E. Nelson
  74. Master B. C. Nelson
  75. Mrs. Nowdsielska
  76. Mrs. J. Opie
  77. Mr. H. M. Padley
  78. Mr. I. Panin
  79. Rev. M. Poissant
  80. Miss L. F. I. Quinn
  81. Mrs. M. Reichenbach
  82. Mrs. B. Reinhardt
  83. Miss E. M. Reinhardt
  84. Mrs. V. Rothman
  85. Miss J. D. Rothman
  86. Mr. B. Sabatino
  87. Miss E. Samter
  88. Mrs. F. Sanders
  89. Mr. E. M. Saunders
  90. Mrs. Saunders
  91. Mrs. A. G. Schmidt
  92. Mrs. E. Schulman
  93. Miss D. J. Sheaf
  94. Mr. H. B. Smith
  95. Mrs. Smith
  96. Miss A. Smith
  97. Mr. B. R. Spencer
  98. Mrs. F. Spirt
  99. Mr. L. Spirt
  100. Miss C. Staab
  101. Mrs. S. Stokes
  102. Mr. Stols
  103. Mrs. Stols
  104. Mr. J. S. Stout
  105. Mrs. Stout
  106. Mr. G. H. Townsend
  107. Mrs. J. L. Trevithick
  108. Miss K. J. Trevithick
  109. Mrs. J. D. Trevithick
  110. Mrs. E. E. Tucker
  111. Mr. C. Turner
  112. Mr. C. Vandersteen
  113. Mrs. M. Vandersteen
  114. Mr. J. Vandersteen
  115. Miss V. Vandersteen
  116. Mr. Van Geuns
  117. Mr. R. E. Verbeek
  118. Mr. K. Verbeek
  119. Mr. M. P. Voute
  120. Miss E. Walker
  121. Mrs. M. A. E. Webb
  122. Mr. B. Wehrle
  123. Mr. W. Weitbrecht
  124. Mr. A. Williams
  125. Mrs. Williams


Recovery of U.S. Head Tax

Passengers who desire to claim refund of Head Tax are required to comply with the following:

  1. Temporary visitors to the United States should state in Question 24 on the U.S. Declaration Form, which should be completed at the time of booking, that they intend to leave the United States within a period of 60 days from the date of entry.

Note. —If a passenger states on the Declaration Form that the intended stay is to be in excess of 60 days, and later through unforeseen circumstances leaves within the prescribed period, United States Law stipulates that Head Tax is not recoverable.

  1. Application should be made to the Purser of the Westbound steamer for receipt covering the U.S. Head Tax paid. This is necessary to facilitate refund of the Head Tax after passengers have left the United States.
  2. Passengers should apply to the U.S. Immigrant Inspector at the port of arrival for Head Tax Transit Certificate (U.S. Form 514) without which form no refund of Head Tax will be considered by the U.S. Immigration Authorities, even though passengers should leave the U.S. within 60 days and would otherwise be entitled to refund of the Head Tax under existing U.S. law.
  3. Refund of Head Tax will only be made by the U.S. Authorities when completed Forms 514 are filed with them within a period of 120 days from the date of entry into the U.S. as shewn on the top right hand corner of the U.S. Form 514. No application for refund of Head Tax will be considered by the U.S. Authorities after the expiry of such period.

Although the period of time between arrival at a Canadian port and departure from the United States may exceed 60 days, this does not necessarily mean that persons in this category are prohibited from securing refund of Head Tax, so long as the actual period spent in the U.S. does not exceed 60 days. The application of refund, however, must be filed with the U.S. Immigration Authorities within I20 days of the actual date of crossing the border from Canada into the U.S.

Passengers returning to Europe in Cunard Line steamers may—on presentation of the necessary documents—viz. Transit Certificate Form 514 completed, and the Company's receipt for Head Tax paid—obtain refund of Head Tax from the Purser, providing the passengers have left the U.S. within the prescribed period of 60 days, and the completed Form 5I4 can be filed with the U.S. Authorities within 120 days of entry into the United States.

Refund of Head Tax is subject to strict compliance with the above procedure.

Information for Passengers

MEALS will be served as follows:

  • Breakfast:  8:00 to 10:00 a.m.
  • Luncheon: 1:00 p.m.
  • Dinner: 7:00 p.m.

DIVINE SERVICE. —A Protestant (Church of England) service is held each Sunday, at 10:45 a.m. in one of the Public Rooms.

Fully equipped altars for the celebration of Mass, according to the Roman Catholic Rite, are carried and are immediately available to Priests to whom full facilities are given.

DECK CHAIRS AND RUGS are available and can be obtained through the Deck Steward at a price of 5/- each article.

(Each rug is contained in a sealed envelope and bears a serial number worked into the material, thus enabling passengers to identify their own rug.)

MAIL. —Passengers are directed to enquire for mail at the Purser's Office. Letters for despatch should be handed to the Librarian who holds supplies of stamps.

WIRELESS AND CABLE MESSAGES. -Information and rates will be supplied by the Wireless office.

CHANGES IN ACCOMMODATION. —The Purser alone is authorized to make changes in accommodation and may only do so on payment of any difference in fare which may be required according to Company’s tariffs.

THE SURGEON is authorized to make customary charges for his services, subject to the approval of the Commander.

NURSE. —There is a Nursing Staff on board who will attend to passengers under the direction of the Doctor.

LIBRARY. —The ship has a fully equipped library containing works on travel, fiction, etc., and passengers are invited to borrow the volumes—no charge will be made.

BANKING — FOREIGN MONEY EXCHANGE.—A branch of the Midland Bank is available on board the steamer where passengers wishing to exchange money, or transact other banking business, will receive every facility and attention.

CHEQUES. —Passengers are respectfully advised that the Purser cannot accept private cheques.

CUNARD ATLANTIC NEWS. —The latest news by Wireless and closing prices of the various Stock Exchanges are given in this paper which is published on board and distributed to passengers.

BARBER AND HAIRDRESSER. —The ship carries a well-equipped Barber’s shop and competent Hairdressers.

ROTARIANS travelling by this steamer are invited to inspect the Rotary Register at the Purser’s Office and are requested to subscribe their names. The Purser will be glad, provided circumstances permit, to arrange an informal Rotary Luncheon during the voyage.

CUSTOMS EXAMINATION. —All articles liable to Customs Duty must be declared. Any passenger who is at all in doubt should see the Baggage Master who will be glad to provide the latest information available.

FIRE AND LIFEBOAT STATIONS.Passengers are earnestly requested to acquaint themselves with the notice in the staterooms regarding lifeboats and fire stations.

PROFESSIONAL GAMBLERS. —Passengers are warned that Professional Gamblers are reported as frequently travelling on Atlantic steamers and are warned to take precaution accordingly.

BAGGAGE IN BOND. —Passengers en route to destination outside U.S.A. or Canada may have their checked baggage forwarded "In Bond” to a frontier point under Customs Manifest without examination of the contents by a Customs Officer. The Baggage Master or Purser will be pleased to supply information.

BAGGAGE INSURANCE. —Passengers are recommended to insure their baggage as the Company’s liability is strictly limited in accordance with the terms of the passage contract. Baggage insurance carrying world-wide cover can be arranged through the Purser’s Office.

LANDING ARRANGEMENTS. —The Purser will furnish passengers with a small card detailing the landing arrangements in good time before arrival at each port.

TRAVEL INFORMATION. —The Purser’s office is at the disposal of passengers for furnishing detailed information concerning steamer, rail or air connections and arrangements can be made for railway tickets or pullman reservations.

VALUABLES. —In their own interest passengers are advised not to leave articles of jewelry and other valuables lying about. Articles not required for frequent wear may be deposited with the Purser and will be placed in an envelope sealed in the presence of the passenger for custody in the ship’s safe. A receipt will be given but no liability as to contents can be accepted.

PAYMENTS. —Passengers should obtain a receipt from the Purser on the Company’s form for any additional Passage Money, Rugs, Chairs, Excess Baggage Freight, etc., paid on board.

RETURN ACCOMMODATION.For the convenience of those passengers who may be returning from the United States to Europe and who have not yet made the necessary arrangements, the Purser will be pleased to radio for any accommodation required. This will enable passengers to complete their arrangements before leaving the steamer and will consequently save them time and trouble in New York.

U.S. Customs

  • All passengers are required to make a declaration of personal baggage for the U.S. Customs Authorities at the port of landing. Blank declaration forms are obtainable from the Purser.
  • Returning residents must declare all articles acquired abroad but wearing apparel and personal effects taken overseas from the U.S. in the first case are entitled to be passed free of duty upon return.
  • An exemption of $100.00 worth of purchases is allowed each returning resident, subject to certain conditions which will be detailed by the Customs Officer.
  • Visitors may take in free of duty wearing apparel and personal effects not intended for sale but must declare all articles not included in this category.
  • Severe penalties are imposed upon persons who make false declarations as to value, ownership or use of articles or who attempt to bribe or recompense a Customs Officer.


Cover, Cunard Line RMS Berengaria Tourist Passenger List - 5 May 1934.

Back and Front Covers of a Tourist Passenger List from the RMS Berengaria of the Cunard Line, Departing 5 May 1934 from Southampton to New York via Cherbourg. GGA Image ID # 12f6230e43


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