RMS Aquitania Passenger List - 26 November 1927

List of Passengers aboard the Cunard Line RMS Aquitania November 1927

Front Cover of a Second Class Passenger List for the RMS Aquitania of the Cunard Line, Departing Saturday, 26 November 1927 from Southampton to New York via Cherbourg, Commanded by Captain Sir James Charles. GGA Image ID # 1e10fc9ed2


This passenger list did not explicitly state a class, but is believed to be Second Class Passeners.

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: Sir James Charles, K.B.E., C.B., R.D., R.N.R
  2. Staff Captain: A. C. Greig, O.B.E., R.D., R.N.R
  3. Chief Engineer: L. Roberts
  4. St. Chief Engineer: A. Duncan
  5. Surgeon: B Sydney Jones
  6. Assistant Surgeon: D. A. Cadman
  7. Chief Officer: W. C. Battle, D.S.C., R.D., R.N.R
  8. Purser: J W. Lawler
  9. Second Purser: W. D. Brown
  10. Assistant Purser: W. H. GRAY
  11. Chief Steward: R. B. Powell
  12. Second Class Purser: C. F. DOUGHTY
  13. Second Class Steward: H. Smith


List of Passengers

  1. Mr. D. Aboudi
  2. Mr. J. A. C. F. Auer
  3. Mrs. T. J. Baden
  4. Mr. T. Bakker
  5. Mr. H. Bates
  6. Mr. L. Bendelstein
  7. Mr. Bludsztein-Grynozpan
  8. Mrs. Bludsztein-Grynozpan
  9. Miss Bubb
  10. Mr. W. T. Burke
  11. Mr. S. Cohen
  12. Miss S. F. Collinson
  13. Miss B. M. Collinson
  14. Miss D. Cooper
  15. Mr. E. D. Copson
  16. Mr. H. F. Cousins
  17. Mr. F. Daly
  18. Mr. G. R. Davidson
  19. Miss M. Deacon
  20. Miss E. M. Dorey
  21. Mr. J. Eweg
  22. Miss E. M. Feeney
  23. Rabbi M. Fiedler
  24. Mr. H. Galea
  25. Mrs. A. M. Gee
  26. Mrs. G. Genschaft
  27. Mr. W. Graves
  28. Mr. V. J. Haines
  29. Mrs. L. M. Harrison
  30. Miss J. Harrison
  31. Mr. Hylkema
  32. Mr. K. Inada
  33. Miss F. Irwin
  34. Mrs. E. Jackson
  35. Miss A. Jackson
  36. Miss R. Jackson
  37. Miss I. E. Jackson
  38. Mr. G. D. Jackson
  39. Mr. O. G. Jackson
  40. Master D. F. S. Jackson
  41. Mr. A. Jacobsen
  42. Miss A. Johansen
  43. Mr. M. C. Keane
  44. Rev. J. J. Lambe
  45. Miss A. Langley
  46. Mr. C. W. Laubman
  47. Miss J. McLennan
  48. Mr. R. R. Martin
  49. Miss Mehlman
  50. Mr. K. Mizogucki
  51. Mr. W. Mountjoy
  52. Mrs. Mountjoy
  53. Senor D. O. Mujica
  54. Miss E. Murphy
  55. Mr. A. Neumark
  56. Mr. J. H. Oakes
  57. Mrs. A. Onions
  58. Master G. W. Onions
  59. Mr. Y. Ono
  60. Mr. G. Overduin
  61. Miss E. R. Painter
  62. Mr. H. G. Pank
  63. Mr. C. Parlaki
  64. Mr. Payne
  65. Mrs. Payne
  66. Miss E. Payne
  67. Master J. Payne
  68. Mrs. A. L. M. Perkins
  69. Mrs. E. Petersen
  70. Miss Y. Petersen
  71. Mr. Pik-Perlman
  72. Miss L. Porazinska
  73. Mr. Radonisky
  74. Mr. M. Regenbogen
  75. Mrs. Regenbogen
  76. Master I. Regenbogen
  77. Master N. Regenbogen
  78. Miss H. Regenbogen
  79. Mr. J. Roth
  80. Mr. C. Sakano
  81. Mr. S. Sarto
  82. Miss E. W. Sawyer
  83. Miss C. Shinebaum
  84. Dr. H. Silver
  85. Mrs. S. Solon
  86. Mr. F. Stoltenhoff
  87. Mrs. Stoltenhoff
  88. Mr. H. T. Stone
  89. Mr. C. Tani
  90. Mr. R. E. Trussell
  91. Mr. F. A. Weake
  92. Mrs. Weake
  93. Miss Y. Weake
  94. Mr. C. F. Williams
  95. Mr. E. Woods
  96. Mr. S. Yakirtzi
  97. Mr. J. C. Young


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