RMS Saxonia Passenger List - 4 July 1921


Front Cover of a Cabin Passenger List from the RMS Saxonia of the Cunard Line, Departing 4 July 1921 from London to New York.

Front Cover of a Cabin Passenger List from the RMS Saxonia of the Cunard Line, Departing 4 July 1921 from London to New York via Cherbourg, Commanded by Captain W. H. Hossack, R.D., R.N.R. GGA Image ID # 1fb0df48af


Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: W. H. Hossack, R.D., R.N.R.
  2. Chief Officer: D. Thomas, R.N.R.
  3. Chief Engineer: J. Rogers
  4. Surgeon: F. McGee
  5. Purser: S. P. Gwyther
  6. Assistant Purser: A. Hitchlock
  7. Chief Steward: F. C. Brown


Cabin Passengers

  1. Miss M. W. Abbot
  2. Mrs. B. M. Allen
  3. Mrs. M. Angel
  4. Mr. F. M. Ash
  5. Mr. W. Baran
  6. Miss K. A. Barr
  7. Mrs. A. Barlow
  8. Mrs. A. Barnett
  9. Miss M. Barnett
  10. Mrs. C. Barocchi
  11. Rev. T. C. Bartlett
  12. Mrs. Bartlett
  13. Miss A. Bartlett
  14. Mr. R. K. Bartlett
  15. Miss F. de Baum
  16. Mr. W. Bird
  17. Mrs. Bird
  18. Mrs. B. L. Blitzer
  19. Major D. L. Blumenfeld
  20. Mr. T. K. Bolton
  21. Mrs. H. Bozdechova
  22. Master A. Bozdich
  23. Miss A. Boutle
  24. Mr. F. Brooks
  25. Miss M. Brown
  26. Miss M. Brownell
  27. Mr. J. R. Burton
  28. Mrs. Burton
  29. Miss M. Burton
  30. Miss O. Burton
  31. Miss N. Callow
  32. Mr. T. E. Cantlon
  33. Miss R. Carr
  34. Mr. R. J. Cargeege
  35. Mr. M. N. Chatterjee
  36. Mrs. Chatterjee
  37. Miss Chatterjee
  38. Mrs. R. C. Chalcroft
  39. Miss E. Chalcroft
  40. Mrs. E. Chose
  41. Mr. E. J. Clarke
  42. Mrs. A. Clarke
  43. Miss F. M. Cluff
  44. Mr. J. Collier
  45. Mrs. Collier
  46. Master J. Collier
  47. Miss A. Collier
  48. Mrs. M. A. Corneille
  49. Mr. B. Cotis
  50. Dr. A. Culton
  51. Mrs. Culton
  52. Mr. J. Cummings
  53. Mrs. Cummings
  54. Miss P. Cummings
  55. Mr. F. H. Cuthill
  56. Mrs. Cuthill
  57. Miss M. Dacre
  58. Mr. K. Daricek
  59. Dr. M. Delaney
  60. Miss M. Dermek
  61. Miss F. J. Dicketts
  62. Mr. M. Dittrich
  63. Mr. T. Dughera
  64. Mr. L. Engen
  65. Mr. P. L. Englefield
  66. Mrs. Englefield
  67. Miss J. Englefield
  68. Master J. Englefield
  69. Mrs. W. L. Fairfax
  70. Miss B. Fairfax
  71. Master A. Fairfax
  72. Miss N. Farmer
  73. Miss B. Fiedler-Grigarov
  74. Mr. W. L. Finger
  75. Mr. J. Fischler
  76. Mrs. M. Forti
  77. Master F. Forti
  78. Mrs. A. French
  79. Mr. S. J. French
  80. Mr. A. French
  81. Mrs. French
  82. Miss M. Fuller
  83. Mrs. L. Furnival
  84. Miss J. Gadsby
  85. Mr. T. H. Garlick
  86. Mr. I. Gielow
  87. Miss L. W. Gilkes
  88. Mr. H. H. Gissing
  89. Mr. J. Glantz
  90. Mr. A. Goldberg
  91. Mrs. E. A. Goldsmith
  92. Miss K. Goldsmith
  93. Mr. D. Gottlieb
  94. Miss M. C. Grantham
  95. Mrs. A. M. Griffin
  96. Miss P. Griffin
  97. Master H. Griflin
  98. Master S. Griffin
  99. Miss Hale
  100. Miss D. W. Harper
  101. Miss A. F. Harrison
  102. Miss B. M. Harrowell
  103. Miss M. Harcus
  104. Major J. Harston
  105. Mrs. M. Hayne
  106. Master A. Hayne
  107. Miss A. Hayne
  108. Miss D. Hayne
  109. Mrs. M. Henderson
  110. Miss E. M. Henderson
  111. Mr. L. B. Hilliard
  112. Mrs. E. E. Histed
  113. Miss R. Hoopes
  114. Miss M. Hogsett
  115. Mr. H. Home
  116. Mrs. Horne
  117. Miss B. M. Hosey
  118. Miss T. Hubek
  119. Miss K. Hurst
  120. Mrs. A. Jacobsen
  121. Mr. J. A. Jehan
  122. Mr. A. D. Jenkins
  123. Mrs. Jenkins
  124. Capt. H. M. Jones
  125. Mr. T. Jones
  126. Mrs. Jones
  127. Mr. J. H. Jones
  128. Mrs. Jones
  129. Mrs. J. Kaplan
  130. Miss A. Kaplan
  131. Mrs. M. Kelly
  132. Mrs. J. G. Kenny
  133. Miss M. L. Kenny
  134. Mrs. J. Kilham
  135. Miss J. Kilham
  136. Miss T. Kilham
  137. Miss A. Kilham
  138. Master L. Kilham
  139. Mrs. S. W. Kilpatrick
  140. Mr. G. V. Kitson
  141. Mr. Z. Klein
  142. Mr. J. Knox-Rhodes
  143. Mrs. Knox-Rhodes
  144. Miss P. Knox-Rhodes
  145. Mrs. C. Kohler
  146. Master L. Kokoushkini
  147. Master A. Kokoushkini
  148. Mr. J. R. Kowall
  149. Miss A. Kropcikova
  150. Mrs. M. Kreisinger
  151. Miss A. Kraft
  152. Mrs. M. Kucera
  153. Mr. G. Kuseer
  154. Mrs. M. Liebling
  155. Miss S. Leary
  156. Mr. H. E. Lees
  157. Miss M. Lecker
  158. Miss D. Lecker
  159. Master J. Lecker
  160. Mr. T. P. Lesesne
  161. Mr. J. L. Leslie-Smith
  162. Mr. J. W. MacKirdy
  163. Mrs. L. MacLongton
  164. Miss S. Mahon
  165. Mr. L. Manley
  166. Mrs. Manley
  167. Miss D. Manley
  168. Miss A. Manley
  169. Miss J. Martin
  170. Mrs. G. M. Martin
  171. Miss W. Mavis
  172. Miss J. M. McBlain
  173. Mr. D. E. McGinnis
  174. Mr. M. C. McKinnon
  175. Mrs. McKinnon
  176. Mr. J. Melse
  177. Mrs. Melse
  178. Miss M. Melse
  179. Master J. Melse
  180. Mrs. E. Moore
  181. Master D. Moore
  182. Miss E. P. Moppett
  183. Mr. C. F. Moss
  184. Miss E. L. Neall
  185. Mr. W. Newton
  186. Mr. J. Nicolas
  187. Mrs. Nicolas
  188. Miss F. Nicolas
  189. Miss M. Oberhäuser
  190. Mr. H. E. O'Kane
  191. Miss B. Packington
  192. Mr. J. Penzesch
  193. Mr. W. F. Pittman
  194. Mrs. Pittman
  195. Miss J. Pittman
  196. Mr. W. H. Porterfield
  197. Mrs. Porterfield
  198. Miss I. Porterfield
  199. Mr. B. Ppacifico
  200. Mr. A. Rada
  201. Miss I. Rada
  202. Mr. E. Rajchart
  203. Mrs. V. Reynolds
  204. Mr. D. Ried
  205. Miss V. Ried
  206. Miss N. Ried
  207. Mr. J. A. Robertson
  208. Mrs. B. R. Robbins
  209. Mrs. Robbins
  210. Miss D. M. Robbins
  211. Miss A. V. Robbins
  212. Mr. G. S. Roche
  213. Mrs. B. Roiseman
  214. Master M. Roiseman
  215. Miss E. Rose
  216. Miss M. Schambergrova
  217. Mrs. M. Schejbalova
  218. Mr. F. Schejval
  219. Miss A. Schejval
  220. Mr. A. Schoenfuss
  221. Mrs. Schoenfuss
  222. Mr. J. Scepan
  223. Miss B. W. Schwartz
  224. Mr. A. Semerak
  225. Miss C. P. Sharp
  226. Rev. J. S. Shenton
  227. Miss W. Smith
  228. Miss E. M. Smith
  229. Mr. E. Sowter
  230. Mrs. Sowter
  231. Master J. Sowter
  232. Mr. J. A. Storfer
  233. Mrs. M. Steiner
  234. Miss Z. Steiner
  235. Miss A. Steiger
  236. Mr. A. Z. Sweetland
  237.  Mr. F. A. Sweeney
  238. Mr. L. L. Taub
  239. Mrs. Taub And two children
  240. Mrs. M. Tehel
  241. Miss E. Tehel
  242. Mrs. E. A. Thomas
  243. Miss V. Vibrova
  244. Professor C. A. Waldo
  245. Mr. A. E. Watt
  246. Mrs. K. Weigall
  247. Mrs. F. Weir
  248. Mr. N. Weschler
  249. Mr. J. Wilson
  250. Mrs. Wilson
  251. Miss M. Wilson
  252. Mr. W. Wilson
  253. Miss A. Wrobell
  254. Mr. H. G. Wurth
  255. Mrs. Wurth
  256. Mr. P. Young
  257. Miss M. Zürcher


Information for Passengers

Meals will be served in the Saloon at the following times:

  • Breakfast at 8 a.m.
  • Luncheon at 1.00 p.m.
  • Dinner at 6.30 p.m.
  • The Bar and the Smokeroom will be closed at 11.30 p.m.

Seats at Table—Application may be made at any of the Chief Offices in advance, or to the Saloon Steward on board the Steamer on day of sailing.

Divine Service on Sunday at 10.30 a.m.

Chairs and Rugs may be hired at the cost of 7/6 (or $1.50) each, on application to the Deck Steward. Each Rug is contained in a sealed cardboard box, and bears a serial number worked into the material so that passengers will have no difficulty in identifying their rugs. At the end of each voyage, the rugs which have been in use are sent to the store and thoroughly cleaned before being re-issued.

Baggage.—Passengers are recommended to insure their Baggage, as the Company's liability is strictly limited in accordance with Contract Ticket. All enquiries regarding Baggage on board ship should be addressed to the Baggage Master.

Valuables.—The Company is not responsible for theft if valuables or money are kept in the Staterooms. The same should be placed in charge of the Purser for deposit in his safe, and a receipt will be given on the Company's form. As no charge is made for carriage the Company cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage, however arising, but passengers can protect themselves by insurance.

Passengers should obtain a receipt on the Company's form for any additional Passage Money or Freight paid on board.

Notice.—Passengers are informed that Professional Gamblers are reported as frequently crossing on Atlantic Steamers, and are warned to take precautions accordingly.

Exchange of Money.—Owing to fluctuations it is not possible to make a fixed Rate of Exchange,

The Surgeon is authorized to make customary charges, subject to the approval of the Commander, for treating any passenger at their request for any illness not originating on board the ship. In the case of sickness contracted on board no charge will be made and medicine will be provided free.

Dogs. —Passengers are notified that dogs cannot be landed in Great Britain unless a license has previously been procured from the Board of Agriculture, London. Forms of license must be obtained by direct application to the Department before the dog is taken on board.

Arrivals at New York—Passengers are landed at the Company's Piers, 53 to 56, North River, Foot of West 14th Street, where railway tickets can be purchased and baggage checked to any part of the United States and Canada. After landing, passengers should enquire at the desk on the wharf for letters and telegrams.

When any of the Company's steamers arrive at the Pier after 8 p.m., passengers have the option of remaining on board overnight and landing after breakfast the following morning.

Public Telephones.—Telephone service with booths and operator in attendance will be found near the Customs Lines on the New York wharf.

Taxicabs and Carriages can be hired at the New York Piers. Instructions should be given to the Purser in advance.

Passengers may have mail, telegrams and cables sent to the care of any of the Cunard Chief Offices.

The United States Immigration Authorities require all passengers to have a Landing Card. Passengers are requested to make application for same to the Purser.


Back Cover, Cunard Line RMS Saxonia Cabin Passenger List from 4 July 1921.

Back Cover, Cunard Line RMS Saxonia Cabin Passenger List from 4 July 1921. GGA Image ID # 1fb0e2dca4


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