TSS Tuscania Passenger List - 10 July 1929

Front Cover, Cunard Line TSS Tuscania Tourist Third Class Passenger List - 10 July 1929.

Front Cover of a Tourist Third Class Passenger List from the TSS Tuscania of the Cunard Line, Departing Wednesday, 10 July 1929 from New York to London via Plymouth and Le Havre, Commanded by Captain William Rome. GGA Image ID # 12f7976526


Senior Officers and Staff

  • Commander: Captain William Rome
  • Chief Engineer: Charles Munro
  • Surgeon: H. F. Shaw
  • Chief Steward: C. Dawick
  • Chief Officer: John Duncan
  • Purser: H. B. Ward
  • Assistant Purser: D. J. Tenquist
  • Tourist Third Cabin Purser: R. Mann
  • Tourist Third Cabin Steward: J. Rankin


Tourist Third Class Passengers

  1. Adams, Mr. J.
  2. Anderson, Mrs. I.
  3. Anderson, Miss M.
  4. Archer, Mrs. S.
  5. Arnold, Miss B.
  6. Bacon, Mr. F.
  7. Barhan, Mr. S.
  8. Barnes, Mrs. L.
  9. Barry, Mr. G.
  10. Berry, Mr. G.
  11. Berry, Mr. J.
  12. Birch, Mr. L.
  13. Booth, Mrs. M.
  14. Bowen, Mrs. E.
  15. Bowen, Miss
  16. Bradley, Miss M.
  17. Brent, Mrs. E.
  18. Brenton, Mr. W.
  19. Brown, Mr. J.
  20. Bryant, Mr. R.
  21. Bullock, Mr. G.
  22. Burt, Mr. C.
  23. Cassidy, Miss D.
  24. Cenek, Mr. K.
  25. Champion, Mr. K.
  26. Christofron, Mr. P.
  27. Clague, Mr. P.
  28. Clague, Mrs.
  29. Clifford. Mr. H.
  30. Clifford. Mrs.
  31. Clipper field, Mrs. C.
  32. Colby, Mr. S.
  33. Colby, Mrs.
  34. Coleman, Mrs. L.
  35. Connor, Mr. N.
  36. Coolahan. Mrs. B.
  37. Cooper, Mr. S.
  38. Creed, Mrs. V.
  39. Daley, Mr. E.
  40. Daley, Miss G.
  41. Darmody, Mrs. H.
  42. De Castro, Mr. A.
  43. De Hehn. Mr. N.
  44. Dehler. Miss I.
  45. Dell, Mr. A. J.
  46. Dell, Mrs.
  47. Delvin, Miss E.
  48. Dilworth. Mr. C.
  49. Dimes, Mr. E.
  50. Diplock, Mr. A.
  51. Driscoll, Miss W.
  52. Duffy, Mrs. J.
  53. Eddy, Miss R.
  54. Eichler, Miss G.
  55. Eisler, Mr. J.
  56. Eisler, Mrs. L.
  57. Elsaesser, Mr. J.
  58. Elton, Miss C.
  59. Feeney, Miss J.
  60. Flanagan, Mr. T.
  61. Franklin, Mr. W.
  62. Fulter, Mr. C.
  63. Gaumer, Mr. C.
  64. Gibson. Rev. William
  65. Goff, Mr. F. J.
  66. Gogate, Mr. R.
  67. Gooden, Miss F.
  68. Graham, Mrs. E.
  69. Graham, Miss E.
  70. Graystone, Mr. G.
  71. Green, Mr. W.
  72. Green, Mrs.
  73. Griffiths. Mr.
  74. Griffiths. Mrs.
  75. Grove, Mr. S.
  76. Hager, Mrs. G.
  77. Halpin, Mrs. A. J.
  78. Hanley, Miss M.
  79. Harriss, Mrs. R.
  80. Hartman, Miss A.
  81. Heaton, Miss E.
  82. Hohwig, Miss M.
  83. Hollister, Miss A. B.
  84. Huston, Miss E.
  85. Ipekdji, Mr. K.
  86. Ireland, Miss M.
  87. Jochelson, Dr. W.
  88. Jochelson, Mrs.
  89. Johnston, Mr. H.
  90. Johnston, Mr. H.
  91. Jones, Mr. N.
  92. Jones, Mrs. W.
  93. Jones, Miss A.
  94. Jones, Miss H.
  95. Joyce, Mr. M.
  96. Joyce, Mrs.
  97. Kaplan, Miss E.
  98. Kazmierski, Miss G.
  99. Keighly, Miss L.
  100. Kenney, Miss C.
  101. Kenney, Miss J.
  102. Koch. Miss A.
  103. Krankenberg, Mr. L.
  104. Krankenberg. Mrs.
  105. Kruk. Mrs. S.
  106. Kruk. Miss N.
  107. Kyle, Miss M.
  108. Lappe, Mrs. A.
  109. Lawless, Miss W.
  110. Leslie, Miss E.
  111. Lewis, Mr. W.
  112. Lewis, Mrs. and child
  113. Ligon, Mrs. L.
  114. Lipset, Mrs. E.
  115. Loveless, Mrs. M.
  116. Lowman, Mrs. J.
  117. MacGregor. Mrs. I.
  118. McCormick, Miss E.
  119. McDonald, Miss M.
  120. McKilbin, Mr.
  121. McKilbin, Mr.
  122. McNally, Mrs. H.
  123. McNally, Miss F.
  124. McRae, Mr. A.
  125. Mackay, Miss K.
  126. Macksay, Prof. A.
  127. Maclain, Miss J.
  128. Mason, Mr. J.
  129. Mason, Mrs. J.
  130. Mason, Miss F.
  131. Matthews, Mrs. E.
  132. Maugner, Miss M.
  133. Maugner, Miss B.
  134. Mertz, Mr. F.
  135. Mertz, Mrs.
  136. Mertz, Mr. H.
  137. Miller, Mrs. B.
  138. Molony, Dr. William
  139. Molony, Mrs.
  140. Molony, Miss G.
  141. Molony, Miss L.
  142. Molony, Mr. C.
  143. Morgan, Miss C.
  144. Morgan, Miss N.
  145. Muftizade, Mr. Z.
  146. Neaman, Miss J.
  147. Negami, Mr. K.
  148. Ninette, Mr. R.
  149. Nuttman, Miss E.
  150. Ober, Miss A.
  151. Odgen, Miss A.
  152. O’Donnell, Mr. P.
  153. O’Donnell, Mrs.
  154. O’Malley, Mr. M.
  155. O’Malley, Mrs.
  156. Pandolsi, Mr. F.
  157. Pascoe, Mr. W.
  158. Paxton, Miss S.
  159. Payne, Mr. C.
  160. Pender, Miss A.
  161. Perrin, Mr. S.
  162. Powers, Mr. J.
  163. Preston, Mrs. G.
  164. Preston, Miss A.
  165. Pringle, Mr. J.
  166. Pringle, Mrs.
  167. Pringle, Mr.
  168. Pringle, Mrs.
  169. Primera, Mr. H., Jr.
  170. Puttkamer, Mrs. W.
  171. Randall, Mr. N. A.
  172. Randall, Mrs.
  173. Rands, Miss A.
  174. Reisig, Mr. B.
  175. Richardson, Mr. G.
  176. Rickabough, Mrs. N.
  177. Rodman, Miss E.
  178. Rowe, Mr.
  179. Rowe, Mrs.
  180. Scholey, Mrs. R.
  181. Scott, Miss M.
  182. Seaborn, Miss E.
  183. Sermed, Mr. H.
  184. Shields, Miss M.
  185. Shields, Miss M.
  186. Shields, Miss L.
  187. Siegwolf, Mr. K.
  188. Smith, Miss
  189. Solomon, Mr. J.
  190. Solomon, Mrs.
  191. Stevens, Mr.
  192. Stevens, Mrs.
  193. Strode, Mr. E.
  194. Sughrue, Miss L.
  195. Syssoeff, Mrs. L.
  196. Taylor, Mr. R.
  197. Tennis, Mr. L.
  198. Tolhurst, Mr. D. C.
  199. Towns, Mr. D.
  200. Towns, Mrs.
  201. Towns, Miss M.
  202. Trottman, Mr. L. A.
  203. Turchon, Mr. P.
  204. Turchon, Mrs.
  205. Uher, Miss B.
  206. Violeness, Mrs. M.
  207. Walker, Mr. R.
  208. Wallace, Mr. William
  209. Wallace, Mr.
  210. Wallis, Mrs. P.
  211. Webb, Miss E.
  212. White, Miss S.
  213. Wirt, Miss H.
  214. Worgan, Mr. S.
  215. Worgan, Mrs.
  216. Wright, Mrs. J.
  217. Yahn, Miss G.
  218. Young, Mr. George


Information for Passengers

MEALS will be served at the following times in the Tourist Third Cabin Dining Saloon:
When One Sitting

  • BREAKFAST: from 8.00 a.m.
  • LUNCHEON: 1.00 p.m.
  • DINNER: 7.00 p.m.

When Two Sittings

  • BREAKFAST: 7.30 a.m. and 8.30 a.m.
  • LUNCHEON: 12.30 p.m. and 1.30 p.m.
  • DINNER: 6.30 p.m. and 7.30 p.m.

Seats at Table—Application for seats should be made to the Tourist Third Cabin Steward on day of sailing.

Bars will not be open later than 11:30 p.m., but it is within the discretion of the Commander to close them during the voyage at any time, should he consider this course desirable.

Deck Chairs for use on Tourist Third Cabin Decks may be hired at the following charges:
U. S. Services

  • Standard Wooden deck chairs: $1.00
  • Canvas chairs and stools: $ 0.60

Canadian Services

  • Standard chairs: $ 0.75
  • Canvas chairs and stools: $ 0.60

Application for these should be made to the Tourist Third Cabin Deck Steward.

Rugs are also available for hire at a cost of 60 cents. Each rug is numbered for identification and is thoroughly cleaned between voyages and issued in a sealed container.

Divine Service on Sunday at 10:30 a.m. Requisites are provided for the celebration of Mass.

The Surgeon is authorized to make customary charges, subject to the approval of the Commander.

Libraries—An excellent selection of Novels by well-known authors, in addition to a set
of travel books, is available for the use of Tourist Third Cabin passengers.

Berth Ladders are supplied for Tourist Third Cabin Passengers.

Port Holes—Passengers should request Bedroom Stewards to open and close port holes in staterooms, as required. It is dangerous for passengers to handle these themselves.

Berthing of Passengers—No alterations can be made except officially through the Tourist Third Cabin Purser.

Valuables should be placed in charge of the Purser for deposit in his safe, and a receipt will be given on the Company’s form. As no charge is made for carriage the Company cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage, however arising. Passengers are cautioned against leaving money and valuables in staterooms and are advised to protect themselves by insurance.

Mail—Passengers may have Mail, Telegrams and Cables sent to them in the care of the principal Cunard Offices.

Payments—Passengers should obtain a receipt from the Purser, on the Company’s form, for any additional money paid for Passage, Rugs, Chairs, Excess Baggage, Freight, Wireless Messages, etc.

Dogs—Passengers are notified that dogs cannot be landed in Great Britain unless a license has previously been procured from the Board of Agriculture, London. Forms of license must be obtained by direct application to the Department before the dog is taken on board. Dogs are carried at owner’s risk, rate being from £4 upwards, payable to the Purser.

Passengers’ Automobiles can be carried in Cunard ships at reasonable rates. A booklet giving all the particulars of this service may be obtained from the Purser or at any Cunard Office.

Cunard Traveler’s Cheques are payable throughout the world and are honored generally at hotels and the better stores in Europe. Owing to the system of signing and countersigning with the purchaser’s signature, the checks, if lost, are valueless to whoever may find them. Neatly bound in a wallet in denominations of $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 they constitute, from the point of view of convenience and safety, an ideal method of carrying funds.

Cash on Delivery—Parcels—Passengers are requested to note that the Company does not undertake to accept delivery of parcels in Great Britain and Northern Ireland if the value of the contents is to be paid on delivery, unless prior arrangements are made with the Company for the amount to be paid.

Tourist Department—A Department is maintained at the Cunard Company’s Offices where accurate information and helpful assistance relative to travel throughout the world is at the disposal of patrons.

Recovery of U. S. Head Tax—This Tax can be recovered by passengers, if same has been paid, provided they inform the U. S. Immigration Inspector on arrival at New York of their intention to leave the United States within 60 days (the time prescribed by U. S. Law), and obtain from him transit certificate, Form 514, without which form no refund of head tax will be considered by the U. S. authorities.

To Refund Head Tax Certificates, Form 514 is to be handed to the Transportation Company when completed, in time to allow same to be placed before the Immigration Authorities in Washington within 120 days of passenger’s arrival in the United States. Unless this regulation is complied with, the tax cannot be recovered.

Professional Gamblers—Passengers are informed that Professional Gamblers are reported frequently crossing on Atlantic Steamers and are warned to take precautions accordingly.

Special Information for Eastbound Passengers

Return Accommodation—For the convenience of those passengers who may be returning from Europe to the United States, and who have not made the necessary arrangements, the Purser will be pleased to radio the Company’s Head Office, Liverpool, for any accommodation required. This will enable passengers to complete their arrangements before leaving the steamer and will consequently save them time and trouble in Great Britain or on the Continent.

Baggage—The Cunard Company at New York will collect from Eastbound passengers any Southern Railway excess rail charges due in connection with journey by special train from Southampton to London.

All inquiries regarding baggage on board ship should be addressed to the Baggage Master.

Passengers are specially requested to claim their baggage before leaving the Customs’ Baggage Room, otherwise considerable delay and extra charge for carriage will be incurred in forwarding to destination any baggage not accompanying passengers on the Railway.

Passengers are advised to insure their baggage, as the Company’s liability is strictly limited in accordance with contract ticket.

Cunard Baggage Insurance—A certificate of Cunard Insurance that will cover passengers’ baggage everywhere can be secured from any Cunard Office or responsible agent.

Baggage by Special Trains—The Southern Railway—Passengers landing at Southampton and proceeding to London by special train can hand their baggage over to The Southern Railway for delivery at passengers’ destinations on their system, on payment of Is. per package.

Public Telephones—The steamer is equipped with a telephone, conveniently located, which may be used by passengers until disconnected (without notice) a few minutes before departure.

PORT OF PLYMOUTH—From May 1st to September 30th, passengers are landed between the hours of 6:00 a.m., and 9:00 p.m. From October 1st to April 30th, passengers are landed between 7:00 a.m., and 9:00 p.m.

A special train will be dispatched to London providing the number of passengers warrants same.

Should the numbers not be sufficient for a special train and the steamer anchor before 9p.m., passengers will be able to connect with the midnight train.

Railway Tickets—Passengers are requested to secure their Plymouth-London railway tickets, from the Purser before leaving the ship. Tickets for other stations and for various sight-seeing tours can be obtained at the Docks on landing. Particulars of standard tours at inclusive fares can be obtained from the Purser.

Reservation of Seats—Accommodation is reserved for each passenger travelling by the special trains to London. Tickets giving the number of the compartment will be distributed to passengers in the Waiting-Room at Plymouth Docks.

PORT OF HAVRE—Our steamers will dock at the Quai d’Escale alongside a covered Railway Station where special boat trains will be waiting.

The trains will leave direct for Paris, which will be reached in three and a half hours.

Passengers disembarking at Havre who intend traveling beyond Paris, are particularly requested to see that their baggage is properly labeled for destination.

Under no circumstances should “Paris” labels be placed on such baggage, as delay in forwarding, as well as loss, may result therefrom. (See conditions applying Cherbourg.)

PORT OF LONDON—The Great Western Railway will run special trains from Plymouth Docks to London (Paddington Station) when an ordinary express train is not available, for the equivalent of 30 first-class or 50 third-class fares, immediately passengers are landed, and the baggage examined by the British Customs Authorities. The journey to London occupies four hours.

OTHER PLACES IN GREAT BRITAINExpress trains are run from Plymouth to the principal towns in Great Britain including Bristol, Cardiff, Liverpool, Stratford-on-Avon, Swansea, York, Birmingham, Chester, and to Scotland.

The latest Great Western Railway timetables may be obtained from the Purser.

Passengers by Canadian steamers disembark at Tilbury or Surrey Commercial Docks. In the former case a special train is run to St. Paneras station. Ample conveyance and local trains are available to accommodate passengers arriving at Surrey Docks.

PORT OF CHERBOURG—Under normal conditions passengers are landed by tender up to 10 p.m., but if the ship arrives later, they will disembark after breakfast next morning.

  • In the event of passengers not being able to land sufficiently early to reach Paris before the following morning, there is a comfortable hotel, The Casino, which can accommodate anyone who wishes to stay overnight at Cherbourg, and travel to Paris during the daytime. The Purser can arrange reservations by wireless.
  • Passengers disembarking at Cherbourg, who intend traveling beyond Paris, are particularly requested to see that their baggage is properly labeled for destination. Under no circumstances should “Paris” labels be placed on such baggage, as delay in forwarding, as well as loss, may result therefrom.
  • Passengers who are traveling to European States east of France, who may have already secured their tickets for sleeping cars, trains de luxe or express trains from Paris onward, are reminded that their heavy baggage, which is checked to Paris, should be passed through the Customs at Cherbourg, or Havre. This will avoid any possible inconvenience in making connections from Paris, as on arrival at the Gare St. Lazare in Paris, they can obtain their baggage with a minimum of delay.
  • The Cunard Company maintains porter service at Cherbourg and Havre to facilitate the handling of passengers’ baggage.

The transfer of baggage from the steamer to the train is free of charge, passengers are not obliged to pay or give gratuities for this service.

  • Hand-baggage is carried from the steamer to the tender by the stewards. Passengers are informed that from the time their hand-baggage is on the tender, they are solely responsible for it, and they must see that it is passed through the Customs and placed on the special train in their carriage.
  • All hand-baggage not claimed on the tender or left in the customs is forwarded free of charge to Paris.
  • Passengers are advised that the Cunard Company cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage caused by neglect on the part of the passengers not claiming their hand-baggage on the tender. All baggage registered in New York for Cherbourg, if not claimed at the port, is forwarded direct to Paris at a charge of 40 francs per package from Cherbourg, and 25 francs from Havre, irrespective of size or weight. Heavy, nailed cases or bulky packages will be charged as freight.

Special Trains, Cherbourg-Paris—Special trains are run in connection with the arrival of steamers. Dining cars are attached to these trains in which luncheons and dinners are served at moderate rates.

PORT OF SOUTHAMPTON—Passengers will be landed up to 8 p.m.; if the ship berths later, passengers will disembark next morning after breakfast.

A special train will be dispatched to London (Waterloo Station) as soon as possible after landing; the journey occupying about 1 ¾ hours.

Baggage—The Southern Railway allocates a porter to each passenger to deal with baggage. If desired, baggage can be left in charge of Southern Railway Officials who will arrange transit and delivery to destination.

PORT OF LIVERPOOL—Under normal conditions when any of the Company’s steamers arrive alongside the Liverpool Landing Stage after 7 p.m., it is optional for the passengers to go on shore that night. In the event, however, of their remaining on board, they will be landed after breakfast the following morning either at the Stage or in dock as circumstances permit.

In the same way when the vessel reaches the river but does not come alongside the Stage, to prevent inconvenience and to meet emergencies, any passengers desirous of disembarking will, on arrival of the steamer, be landed, with hand- baggage only, by tender.

Customs—Tobacco, cigars, etc., wines, spirits and perfumery are subject to duty on being brought into the United Kingdom, and even the smallest quantities should be declared to the Customs Authorities. Reprints of copyright Books and Music are subject to confiscation.

Automobile Tours in Great Britain—The Cunard Company can arrange for the hire of automobiles to passengers on arrival at Liverpool, Plymouth, London or Southampton. Programmes of tours with fixed prices for same can be obtained on application to the Purser’s or the Company’s offices.

The tours outlined cover the most interesting and historic places in Great Britain and offer a most enjoyable trip for persons desirous of seeing more of English rural life than is possible when traveling by rail from town to town.

Automobile Tours on the Continent—The Company’s Offices at Paris, Cherbourg and Hamburg can make arrangements for the hire of cars to meet steamers at Cherbourg and Hamburg, to take passengers on long or short tours, or direct to their destination.

Pursers will be glad to give passengers particulars of rates of hire, and any other desired information.

Air Service—Seats can also be arranged for Aeroplane Services from London or Manchester to Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Paris, Brussels, Berlin. It is also now available between Cherbourg and Paris for passengers leaving the ship at Cherbourg. Complete information including rates will be furnished upon application at the Purser’s Office.

Passengers’ Mail and Addresses—Mail for passengers at Southampton is sent to the steamer by the Pilot’s Tender, and letters received later are passed on board as soon as the steamer docks.

Passengers may have mail, telegrams and cables sent to the care of any of the Cunard Chief Offices.

Passengers should apply at the Mail Office on board for such communications, and their addresses may be left there in order that any letters received after passengers have left the ship may be re-directed.

Special Information for Westbound Passengers

Passengers’ Mail and Addresses—Letters for passengers on board the Company’s steamers at Southampton and Liverpool can be accepted for inclusion in special bags, which will be made up for the ship in London and Ports of Departure. These letters, which must be registered and addressed c/o The Commander, Cunard Packet “    ” Southampton (or Liverpool), can be posted in any part of the United Kingdom up to the time at which ordinary registered letters to go by the same packets are received.

Passengers’ addresses may be left at the Purser’s Office, in order that any letters received after passengers have left the ship may be forwarded.

Baggage—Westbound passengers proceeding from London to Southampton by special trains will pay to The Southern Railway at Waterloo Station, London, any ocean excess baggage charges due. All enquiries regarding baggage on board ship should be addressed to the Baggage Master.

Passengers are specially requested to claim their baggage before leaving the Pier, otherwise considerable delay and extra charge for carriage will be incurred in forwarding to destination any baggage not accompanying passengers on the Railway.

Baggage wanted on the voyage must be limited in size to 14 inches in height, 2 feet in width, and 3 feet 8 inches in length.

Dangerous articles, such as Fireworks, Matches, Gunpowder, Gasoline, Cartridges, Moving Picture Films, etc., must not on any account be enclosed in baggage.

Baggage Allowance on Atlantic Steamers is on the following scale for Tourist Third Cabin passengers: (Free 15 cubic feet.) and (Excess Charge, 2/6 per cubic foot.)

Insurance of Baggage—The Company, while taking every possible care and precaution, strongly recommends passengers to insure their baggage, as in the event of loss or damage the Cunard Company cannot accept any liability beyond the amount specified on steamer tickets.

The Company offers facilities for the insurance of baggage, prior to embarkation, against loss by sea or land, risk of fire, breakage, theft or pilferage.

Breakfast baskets will be supplied for Tourist Third Cabin passengers by the Railway Company, and these baskets can be purchased by passengers prior to the departure of the special train from Waterloo, or passengers can order them in advance through either of the Cunard Company’s London Offices.

Refreshment Facilities on Special Boat Trains—London to Liverpool—Special London Midland & Scottish Railway trains run from Euston Station to Liverpool in connection with Cunard sailings will have breakfast, luncheon or dining cars attached. With regard to special coaches from Euston Station to Riverside attached to ordinary trains having breakfast, luncheon or dining cars, opportunity will be given for Cunard passengers to take their meals in these cars.

ARRIVALS AT NEW YORK—Passengers are landed at the Company’s Piers, 53 to 56, North River, Foot of West 14th Street, where railway tickets can be purchased, and baggage checked to any part of the United States and Canada. Passengers should inquire at the desk on the wharf for letters and telegrams.

When any of the Company’s steamers arrive at the Pier after 8 p.m., passengers have the option of remaining on board overnight and landing after breakfast the following morning.

Rail Routing of Passengers—For the convenience of all passengers disembarking at the piers in New York, who are destined to interior points, the Railroad Lines out of New York as well as Steamship Lines for Boston, have representatives on the wharf to meet passengers and arrange to issue railroad tickets to all points in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, and steamship tickets to Boston.

These representatives will also arrange to check baggage from the piers through to destination, relieving passengers of the annoyance of having to purchase their tickets at the depot or re-check their baggage. Baggage transfer charges from the piers to rail depots or steamship dock must be paid by passengers.

Telephone Service with booths and operator in attendance will be found near the Customs Lines on the New York Wharf.

Air Service from New York—Passengers landing from our steamers at New York and wishing to reach their destinations as quickly as possible can make use of the airplane service operated by the Curtiss Flying Service, Inc., operating company for the Curtiss Aeroplane & Motor Company, Inc., Garden City, N. Y.

Passengers can be picked up at the dock either by car or by amphibian, taken to the nearest flying field and from there by air to their destination. Further particulars, including rates, can be obtained from the Purser.

Taxicabs can be hired at the New York Piers. It is suggested to passengers for their own protection that taxicabs of the Yellow Taxi Corporation which come within the pier gates, afford comfort and protection as regards baggage, etc., at legal rates.

Articles Which Are Allowed Free Entry—The following paragraphs from the United States Tariff Law of 1909 enumerate the articles which passengers can take into the United States free of duty:

  • Paragraph 520.—books, libraries, usual and reasonable furniture, and similar household effects of persons or families from foreign countries, all the foregoing if actually used abroad by them not less than one year, and not intended for any other persons or person, nor for sale.
  • Paragraph 709.—Wearing apparel, articles of personal adornment, toilet articles, and similar personal effects of persons arriving in the United States; but this exemption shall only include such articles as actually accompany and are in the use of, and as are necessary and appropriate for the wear and use of such persons, for the immediate purposes of the journey and present comfort and convenience, and shall not be held to apply to merchandise or articles intended for other persons or for sale: Provided— That in case of residents of the United States returning from abroad, all wearing apparel and other personal effects taken by them out of the United States to foreign countries shall be admitted free of duty without regard to their value, upon their identity being established, under appropriate rules and regulations to be prescribed by the secretary of the Treasury, but no more than one hundred dollars in value of articles purchased abroad by such residents of the United States shall be admitted free of duty upon their return.

Special Information for Tourist Third Cabin Passengers Returning by the Tourist Sailings

Passengers holding return tickets by specific Tourist Sailings who are undecided as to their European addresses should take a convenient opportunity of getting into touch with one of the Company’s Offices or Agents abroad. It is recommended that such passengers communicate at least 14 days prior to date of sailing from Europe in order to confirm embarkation arrangements, giving an address at which they may be reached in case of necessity.

To facilitate embarkation arrangements, non-American passengers are also requested to hand to the Purser of the Eastbound steamer particulars of their official Permits to Re-enter the U. S-, special forms being supplied by the Purser for this purpose. Tourist passengers are advised that if they visit countries East of the Eastern boundaries of Germany, Czecho-Slovakia, Hungary, Austria and Italy, it will be necessary to present themselves for medical examination to the U. S. Public Health Service Officer at the port of embarkation. This also refers to Tourist passengers who have visited Western Asia and Northern Africa.

Passengers embarking at French ports are requested to communicate with the Cunard Tourist Third Cabin Office, 4 Rue de Rome, Paris, and verify embarkation instructions. Train tickets and seat reservations should be applied for at the same if passengers wish to travel by a special boat train from Paris to port of embarkation.

Embarkation at Havre. The new service of steamers from Havre is maintained by the “Caronia," “Carmania,” “Lancastria’' and "Tuscania.” Special trains will leave the Gare St. Lazare. Paris, about 5 p.m. on sailing days. Passengers detrain at the Gare Maritime, Havre, from which access is gamed by elevator or staircase to the first floor Waiting Room comfortably furnished with lounges, settees and writing tables. Embarkation is effected by gangway direct from the Waiting Room into the Ship.

Embarkation at Cherbourg. Special trains are run from the Gare St. Lazare on the morning of sailing in connection with steamers reserved for Third Cabin Tourists. Passengers detrain at the Gare Maritime where embarkation by tender takes place.

Passengers embarking at Southampton and Liverpool desiring to take advantage of the special boat trains should get into communication with the Company’s Offices, 51 Bishopsgate, London. E.C. 2, or 26-27 Cockspur Street, London, S.W. 1. as early as possible but not later than two days before sailing date, in order that a seat may be reserved the railway authorities only protecting those passengers who definitely reserve their accommodation.

Railway tickets may also be obtained at cither of the London Offices. Cost of fare:

  • London (Waterloo) to Southampton: 1st Class = 16s. 6d.; 3rd Class = 9s. 11d.
  • London (Euston) to Liverpool: 1st Class = £2 1s. 3d.; 3rd Class = £1 4s. 9d.

Passengers embarking at Glasgow or Moville should communicate with the Anchor Line Office, 14 St. Vincent Place, Glasgow, about two weeks prior to sailing, and obtain information regarding time of departure of steamer.

Passengers embarking at Cobh (Queenstown). The steamers scheduled to sail from Liverpool calling at Queenstown for the purpose of embarking passengers at that port are due to arrive at Queenstown early Sunday morning. Passengers are embarked by tender, and they are requested to make their arrangements to be in Queenstown the day before sailing.

Back Cover, Cunard Line TSS Tuscania Tourist Third Class Passenger List - 10 July 1929.

Back Cover, Cunard Line TSS Tuscania Tourist Third Class Passenger List - 10 July 1929. GGA Image ID # 12f8cc8051


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