RMS Aurania Passenger List - 10 September 1932

Front Cover, Cunard Line RMS Aurania Cabin and Tourist Class Passenger List - 10 September 1932.

Front Cover of a Cabin and Tourist Class Passenger List from the RMS Aurania of the Cunard Line, Departing Saturday, 10 September 1932 from Southampton to Québec and Montréal via Le Havre, Commanded by Captain A. C. Greig, O.B.E., R.D., R.N.R. GGA Image ID # 130c379519


Senior Officers and Staff

  • Commander: Captain A. C. GREIG, O.B.E., R.D.. R.N.R.
  • Chief Officer: C. M. Ford, R.D., R.N.R.
  • Chief Engineer: J. E. Bond
  • Surgeon: W. L. Martin
  • Purser: H. Manley, D.S.C
  • Senior Assistant Purser: J. M. Carlyle
  • Tourist Class Purser: A. E. Sollas
  • Chief Steward: H. Tweed
  • Tourist Class Steward: F. Martindale


Cabin Passengers

  1. Mrs. E. E. Allison
  2. Mr. E. P. Allison
  3. Mrs. M. Barrett-Harnilton
  4. Mrs. K. Barwick
  5. Miss M. Beeson
  6. Miss M. A. Beeson
  7. Miss H. Berdan
  8. Mr. R. Blake
  9. Mrs. A. Boone
  10. Miss A. Bourassa
  11. Miss R. Bourbean
  12. Miss J. Brouse
  13. The Right Hon. Lady Burgh
  14. Mrs. L. Chance
  15. Master P. Chance
  16. Master D. Chance
  17. Master J. Chance
  18. Prof. A. A. Cock
  19. Miss M. Coghlin
  20. Mr. H. Constad
  21. Mr. G. Cook
  22. Hon. Leonard do Cordova
  23. Mrs. J. Cotterell
  24. Dr. W. H. Dearborn
  25. Mrs. Dearborn
  26. Dr. F. E. Devlin
  27. Mrs. Devlin
  28. Mr. E. H. Dodd, Jnr.
  29. Mrs. Dodd
  30. Mr. G. B. Dorey
  31. Mrs. Dorey
  32. Master D. Dorey
  33. Master G. Dorey
  34. Mrs. J. D. Eccles
  35. Mr. R. M. Ferguson
  36. Mr. M. Frost
  37. Mrs. A. Harrison
  38. Mr. F. L. Higginson, Jnr.
  39. Mr. C. S. Hodgson
  40. Mrs. Hodgson
  41. Mrs. G. R. Holgate
  42. Miss L. Holland
  43. Mr. T. F. How
  44. Mrs. How
  45. Mrs. L. O. Hudson
  46. Mr. J. Jenkinson
  47. Mrs. Jenkinson
  48. Miss O. E. Jenkinson
  49. Miss R. W. Jones
  50. Miss M. Jones
  51. Miss M. S. Kemp
  52. Dr. Otto Klineberg
  53. Mrs. C. L. Knight
  54. Prof. Wilson Knight
  55. Mrs. R. J. Leacli
  56. Mrs. J. H. Macabe
  57. Miss J. Macabe
  58. Miss K. Macabe
  59. Mr. A. C. S. MacCowan
  60. Mrs. MacGowan
  61. Dr. Pierre Masson
  62. Mr. H. M. Meyer
  63. Mrs. Meyer
  64. Mrs. R. J. Moore
  65. Miss H. G. Parker
  66. Mrs. N. Pearce
  67. Mrs. C. M. Robertson
  68. Master I. A. Robertson
  69. Mrs. P. I. Robinson
  70. Master P. M. Robinson
  71. Mr. J. Rush
  72. Miss E. St. George
  73. Dr. M. A. Schurter
  74. Mrs. Schurter
  75. Miss M. Schurter
  76. Mr. S. A. Scoville
  77. Mr. P. M. Spence
  78. Mrs. Spence
  79. Miss K. H. Starbuck
  80. Mr. W. K. Stewart
  81. Mr. E. Drummond Taylor
  82. Prof. H. Walter
  83. Mrs. Walter
  84. Mrs. A. B. Warner
  85. Dr. E. F. Ziegelman


Tourist Class Passengers

  1. Miss B. M. Altmeyer
  2. Mr. J. Bailly
  3. Mrs. E. R. Baithzard
  4. Miss I. G. Baithzard
  5. Miss P. Barthélémy
  6. Miss K. Bedford
  7. Mrs. M. F. Belasco
  8. Miss V. Belasco
  9. Mr. E. Bindon
  10. Mrs. Bindon
  11. Mr. Borsock
  12. Mrs. Borsock
  13. Miss L. Borsock
  14. Mrs. W. Baird Brown
  15. Mrs. F. Brown
  16. Miss Buchi
  17. Rev. L. Cantin
  18. Mr. P. Carter
  19. Mrs. Carter
  20. Miss A. Casavant
  21. Mrs. M. R. Clarke
  22. Mr. W. Corbett
  23. Mrs. Corbett
  24. Mr. F. J. Corrigan
  25. Mr. E. M. Counsell
  26. Miss M. Cruickshank
  27. Miss S. Daonst
  28. Miss S. Denechaud
  29. Miss M. B. Dibble
  30. Miss K. G. Dorr
  31. Mrs. A. Dubois
  32. Mr. R. W. Fairbridge
  33. Mrs. L. Fanstone
  34. Miss M. Fanstone
  35. Miss M. Fyfe
  36. Mr. H. V. Garner
  37. Mrs. Gamer
  38. Miss R. Gamer
  39. Mr. W. Gillean
  40. Miss I. F. Goodfellow
  41. Mrs. E. M. E. Grant
  42. Mrs. J. Hamilton
  43. Miss E. Hamilton
  44. Mr. A. H. Hart-Davies
  45. Prof. Henderson
  46. Mrs. K. Jacobs
  47. Prof. R. F. Jones
  48. Miss E. Kaufmann
  49. Mr. T. Keen
  50. Mrs. A. M. Knight
  51. Mrs. G. M. Langley
  52. Mr. J. R. McFarlane
  53. Mr. P. Van de Meulebroucke
  54. Rev. A. R. Nash
  55. Mr. J. Newton
  56. Mr. I. S. Panton
  57. Mr. F. W. Park
  58. Mrs. F. W. S. Peake
  59. Master L. Peake
  60. Mrs. G. N. Pillage
  61. Mr. P. L. W. Platt
  62. Mrs. E. Poole
  63. Mr. A. G. Ransom
  64. Capt. A. A. Ransom
  65. Mrs. A. G. Ransom
  66. Miss V. Ransom
  67. Miss P. Ransom
  68. Mrs. A. M. Rich
  69. Miss D. Richardson
  70. Mr. C. Roberts
  71. Mrs. Roberts
  72. Mr. J. Robinson
  73. Mrs. A. Rogers
  74. Mrs. E. W. Schoonmaker
  75. Miss Schoonmaker
  76. Mrs. C. L. Smith
  77. Miss F. A. Smith
  78. Mrs. R. Sutto
  79. Miss J. Sutto
  80. Mrs. M. Taylor
  81. Miss C. M. Tuttiett
  82. Mr. L. F. Walter
  83. Mrs. Walter
  84. Mrs. E. M. B. Warren
  85. Miss M. Watts
  86. Mrs. A. E. White
  87. Miss E. J. Wilson
  88. Miss V. C. Wiull


Amended Cabin Passenger List


  1. Mr. J. Alloucherie
  2. Miss B. M. Altmeyer
  3. Mr. J. P. Chrystal
  4. Mrs. M. R. Clarke
  5. Mr. G. Dube
  6. Mr. A. W. Hedges
  7. Mrs. M. Haupt
  8. Mr. F. Kaiser
  9. Mrs. E. Levy
  10. Miss E. Leach
  11. Miss R. Luff
  12. Mr. J. S. McLister
  13. Prof. C. Maillard
  14. Mrs. Maillard
  15. Miss B. Meyer
  16. Miss B. Mallett
  17. Mr. E. Saby


  1. Mrs. A. Boone
  2. Dr. W. H. Dearborn
  3. Mrs. Dearborn
  4. Mrs. A. Harrison
  5. Mr. C. S. Hodgson
  6. Mrs. Hodgson
  7. Mr. H. M. Meyer


  • Miss R. Bourbeau should read Rev. R. Bourbeau
  • Mr. G. Cook should read Mrs. G. Cook


Amended Tourist Class Passenger List


  1. Mr. O. B. Boyer
  2. Miss E. Fagan
  3. Mrs. E. Komaroff
  4. Mrs. E. Mahn
  5. Mrs. S. Walbank


  1. Miss B. M. Altmeyer
  2. Mrs. M. K. Clarke
  3. Prof. Henderson


  • Mr. Borsock should read Mr. Borsook
  • Mrs. Borsock should read Mrs. Borsook
  • Miss L. Borsock should read Miss L. Borsook
  • Miss Buchi should read Mr. A. Buchi
  • Rev. L. Cantin should read Rev. S. Cantin
  • Mr. F. J. Corrigan should read Mr. F. J. Carrigan
  • Miss S. Daonst should read Miss S. Daoust
  • Miss M. B. Dibble should read Miss M. C. Dibble
  • Mr. H. V. Garner should read Mr. H. V. Gardner
  • Mrs. Garner should read Mrs. Gardner
  • Miss R- Garner should read Miss R. Gardner
  • Mrs. E, M. B. Warren should read Miss E. M. B. Warren



  • Cabin Passengers: 95
  • Tourist Class Passengers: 90
  • Third Class Passengers: 92
  • Total Passengers: 277
  • Crew: 237
  • Total Souls: 514


Recovery of US Head Tax

Passengers who desire to claim refund of Head Tax are required to comply with the following :—

  1. Temporary visitors to the United States should state in Question 24 on the U.S. Declaration Form, which should be completed at the time of booking, that they intend to leave the United States within a period of 60 days from the date of entry.
    Note.—If a passenger states on the Declaration Form that the intended stay is to be in excess of 60 days, and later through unforeseen circumstances leaves within the prescribed period. United States Law stipulates that Head Tax is not recoverable.
  2. Application should be made to the Purser of the Westbound steamer for receipt covering the U.S. Head Tax paid. This is necessary to facilitate refund of the Head Tax aftei passengers have left the United States.
  3. Passengers should apply to the U.S. Immigrant Inspector at the port of arrival for Head Tax Transit Certificate (U.S. Form 514) without which form no refund of Head Tax will be considered by the U.S. Immigration Authorities, even though passengers should leave the U.S. within 60 days and would otherwise be entitled to refund of the Head Tax under existing U.S. law.
  4. Refund of Head Tax will only be made by the U.S. Authorities when completed Forms 514 are filed with them within a period of 120 days from the date of entry into the U.S. as shewn on the top right hand corner of the U.S. Form 514. No application for refund of Head Tax will be considered by the U.S. Authorities after the expiry of such period.

Although the period of time between arrival at a Canadian port and departure from the United States may exceed 60 days., this does not necessarily mean that persons in this category are prohibited from securing refund of Head Tax, so long as the actual period spent in the U.S. does not exceed 60 days. The application for refund, however, must be filed with the U.S. Immigration Authorities within 120 days of the actual date of crossing the border from Canada into the U.S.

Passengers returning to Europe in Cunard Line steamers may—on presentation of the necessary documents—viz. :— Transit Certificate Form 514 completed, and the Company's receipt for Head Tax paid—obtain refund of Head Tax from the Purser, providing the passengers have left the U.S. within the prescribed period of 60 days, and the completed Form 514 can be filed with the U.S. Authorities within 120 days of entry into the United States.

Refund of Head Tax is subject to strict compliance with the above procedure.


Cover, Cunard Line RMS Aurania Cabin and Tourist Class Passenger List - 10 September 1932.

Back and Front Covers, Cunard Line RMS Aurania Cabin and Tourist Class Passenger List - 10 September 1932. GGA Image ID # 130cf5ec2c


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