SS Arabic Passenger List - 16 August 1929


Front Cover, Red Star Line SS Arabic Tourist Third Cabin Passenger List - 16 August 1929.

Front Cover of a Tourist Third Cabin Passenger List for the SS Arabic of the Red Star Line, Departing 16 August 1929 from Antwerp to Halifax and New York via Southampton, Cherbourg, and Queenstown (Cobh), Commanded by Captain J. B. Bulman. GGA Image ID # 13fd453943


Transcription Courtesy of Alan Raskin, Winnepig, Manitoba, Canada

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: J. B. Bulman
  2. Chief Engineer: J. C. Corrigan
  3. Surgeon: Dr. V. de Ruette, M.D. - M.B.M.A
  4. Purser: T. Moffat
  5. Asst Surgeon: Dr. G. Nicolet, M.D
  6. Asst Purser: H. Benson
  7. Chief Steward: A. Richardson


Tourist Third Cabin Passengers

  1. Dr Chas. Ackley
  2. Mr. A. Abrams
  3. Miss Leah Appleton
  4. Miss Charlotte Aster
  5. Miss Marjorie Atwood
  6. Mrs. Edith Austin
  7. Miss Alice Austin
  8. Mr. Wm Baggerman
  9. Miss Mary Bannon
  10. Mrs. Marcelle Barfield
  11. Mr. Patrick Barrett
  12. Mrs. Sarah Barrett
  13. Miss Mary Barrett
  14. Miss Sarah A. Barrett
  15. Mr. Thomas Barry
  16. Mrs. Charlotte Barry
  17. Miss Ruth Bates
  18. Mr. Robt Baumberger
  19. Miss Emma Behlendorf
  20. Miss K. Boord
  21. Mr. Joseph Booth
  22. Miss Dorothy Borsdorff
  23. Mrs. H. W. Bosserman
  24. Mr. Thomas Bowes
  25. Mr. Geo Bowles
  26. Mr. Woodward Boynton
  27. Mr. Alexander Brander
  28. Mrs. Jessie Brander
  29. Master Alex. Brander
  30. Mr. Robert Brookes
  31. Mr. Theo Brookes
  32. Miss Ruth Brown
  33. Mrs. Esther Bushrell
  34. Miss Verna Buell
  35. Mr. Geo Burbach
  36. Mr. Nathan Burgheim
  37. Mrs. W. Cagle
  38. Mr. Walter Cairns
  39. Miss Mary Cairns
  40. Mrs. Ethel Caldwell
  41. Mr. C. E. Cannon
  42. Mr. Michael Carey
  43. Mrs. Ellas Carr
  44. Miss Rose Carraher
  45. Miss Margaret Carraher
  46. Miss Clarabel Case
  47. Mr. John Castor
  48. Miss Anna Caulfield
  49. Miss Anna Cawley
  50. Miss Marie Childress
  51. Miss P. Cillis
  52. Mrs. Charles Clark
  53. Mr. John Cleary
  54. Mrs. Rebecca Cleary
  55. Mr. Thomas Concannon
  56. Mr. Chas. Coyle
  57. Mr. Nelson Coyle
  58. Miss Theresia Cuff [sic]
  59. Miss Elizabeth Collings
  60. Mr. Thomas Concannon
  61. Miss Ruth Connelly
  62. Mrs. Daisy  Cooke
  63. Master Arthur Cooke
  64. Master Eric Cooke
  65. Miss Andrea Cooke
  66. Mrs. Charlotte Cressler
  67. Miss Mary Creswell
  68. Miss Edith Creswell
  69. Mr. Denis Cromin
  70. Mrs. Margaret Cromin
  71. Miss Agnes Daley
  72. Miss Molly Danford
  73. Mr. Chas. Daudt
  74. Miss Mildred Davenport
  75. Miss Ruth Davenport
  76. Mr. George Davis
  77. Mrs. Ida Davis
  78. Mr. Lewis Davis
  79. Mrs. Mary Davis
  80. Mr. Charles Davis
  81. Miss Helen Davis
  82. Miss Jane S. Davis
  83. Mr. Frank Davis
  84. Mr. Robt Dawson
  85. Miss Lillian Dean
  86. Rev. Edward De Busschere
  87. Miss Rhea Decker
  88. Mr. Paul de Schweinitz
  89. Miss Margaret Dibbern
  90. Miss Anna Dibble
  91. Miss Janet Dibble
  92. Miss Mabel Dicks
  93. Miss Florence Douden
  94. Miss Lydia Dunne
  95. Mr. Fred Errington
  96. Mrs. Ethel Errington
  97. Miss Marion Ewing
  98. Mr. Walter Faries
  99. Mr. J. Farrell
  100. Miss Estelle Faulkner
  101. Mr. Chas. Fernald
  102. Miss Anne Fischer
  103. Miss V. Elisa Fischer
  104. Miss Ethel Flovin
  105. Miss Katherine Flynn
  106. Mrs. Theodora Fobes
  107. Mr. Clinton Fogwell
  108. Mrs. Elsie Fogwell
  109. Miss Dororhy Fogwell [sic]
  110. Mr. Donald Forbes
  111. Mr. John Forbes
  112. Miss Adelaide Foster
  113. Miss Tyeva Foutz
  114. Mr. Walter Fricke
  115. Rev. Carl Fritz
  116. Mrs. Carl Fritz
  117. Miss Helen Gaines
  118. Mrs. Ellen Gallagher
  119. Miss Helen Gates
  120. Mr. Richard Gauen
  121. Mr. Robt Gauen
  122. Miss Helen Gavies
  123. Mr. John Geary
  124. Mr. Hollis George
  125. Miss M. Gerberich
  126. Rev. C. Glaude
  127. Mr. Charles Grimes
  128. Miss Adelina Grimm
  129. Mrs. Berthe Guild
  130. Miss Lucille Guild
  131. Miss Estelle Gutfreund
  132. Mr. Lester Hall
  133. Miss Grace Hall
  134. Mr. Herbert Harkins
  135. Miss Martha Hegberg
  136. Mr. Robert Hefner
  137. Mrs. R. Hefner
  138. Miss Mary Hendricks
  139. Mr. E. Heffern
  140. Mr. Frank Hestor
  141. Mrs. Mary Hestor
  142. Miss Bertha Hicks
  143. Mr. George Hill
  144. Miss Theresa Hoerner
  145. Mr. Eugen Hoiles
  146. Mr. C. Hoskins
  147. Mr. Loys Hotchkiss
  148. Miss Mabel Hotchkiss
  149. Miss Dorothy Huhne
  150. Miss Grace Hunton
  151. Miss Addie Johnson
  152. Miss Myrtle Johnson
  153. Mr. Jos. Johnston
  154. Miss Judith Jungblut
  155. Miss L. Kadane
  156. Miss Florence Kane
  157. Mr. S. H. Kaufmann
  158. Mrs. Kaufmann
  159. Mr. Bertram Kaye
  160. Miss Margaret Keefe
  161. Miss Bessie Kelley
  162. Mr. John Kelly
  163. Miss Margaret Kilroy
  164. Mr. Charles Knight
  165. Miss Helen Knighton
  166. Mr. George Kopfinger
  167. Mrs. Sophie Kopfinger
  168. Mr. Wm Kuhn
  169. Miss J. G.  Lally
  170. Miss Olive Lambert
  171. Mr. Geo Langenberg
  172. Miss Ruby Lanham
  173. Mr. Grower Lantz
  174. Miss Georgette Lasire
  175. Miss Elisabeth Laughlin
  176. Mr. George Laurence
  177. Mr. Francis Leahy
  178. Mr. D. S. Leland
  179. Mr. John Lewandowski
  180. Miss Esther Lewis
  181. Miss Maud Lindsey
  182. Miss Mattie Lindsey
  183. Mr. Theodore Loder
  184. Mr. Walter Lorch
  185. Miss Sarah Love
  186. Anette Lowe
  187. Mrs. Fannie Lucas
  188. Mr. Charles Lueders
  189. Mr. Michael Lyons
  190. Mrs. Mary Lyons
  191. Mr. William Macan
  192. Miss Margaret McAndrews
  193. Mr. Harry McBride
  194. Miss Margaret McClammy
  195. Mr. Richard McCurdy
  196. Mr. James McEuteggart
  197. Miss Anna McGrew
  198. Miss Catherine McGroarty
  199. Miss Ruth McGowon
  200. Miss Mary McKenny
  201. Mr. J. J. McLaughlin
  202. Mrs. J. J. McLaughlin
  203. Mr. David McVickar
  204. Miss Hanna Madden
  205. Miss Margaret Madden
  206. Sister Mariette
  207. Miss Elisabeth Meinecke
  208. Mr. B. Meland
  209. Mrs. B. Meland
  210. Mr. Herman Meyer
  211. Mr. Léon Michels
  212. Miss K. P. Mier
  213. Mrs. Sarah Miller
  214. Miss Estrid Miller
  215. Mr. Howard Miller
  216. Mr. William Moore
  217. Mrs. Annie Moore
  218. Miss Dorothy Morris
  219. Miss E. Morris
  220. Rev E. Morris
  221. Miss Addie Munday
  222. Mr. Charles Mullin
  223. Mr. George Naugle
  224. Miss Helen Neel
  225. Mr. Wm Neill
  226. Mrs. Maria O'Brien
  227. Miss Margaret O'Brien
  228. Mr. Hugh O'Donnell
  229. Mrs. H. O'Donnell
  230. Miss Catherine O'Malley
  231. Miss Anna O'Malley
  232. Miss Catherine O'Neil
  233. Mr. H. T. Osborne
  234. Mrs. Osborne
  235. Miss Elisabeth Padden
  236. Miss Margaret Padden
  237. Miss Mona Pfefferberg
  238. Miss Elsie Phillips
  239. Mr. Stephan Pimber
  240. Mrs. Diana Pitts
  241. Mr. A. Priper
  242. Miss Mary Quinn
  243. Mr. George Quirk
  244. Miss VIctoria Ramstad
  245. Miss Anne Randall
  246. Mr. Tom Ratcliffe
  247. Mrs. Anna Reiter
  248. Mrs. Sally Rich
  249. Miss Louise Rich
  250. Miss L. Roberts
  251. Miss Rose Roberts
  252. Mrs. Raymonde Rocca
  253. Miss Laura Roser
  254. Mr. W. B. Rozsa
  255. Mrs. Rozsa
  256. Miss Maria Ruf
  257. Miss Mary Rumberger
  258. Miss Helen Schwend
  259. Sister Sebastian
  260. Mr. Laurence Shan
  261. Miss Georgina Sharples
  262. Mrs. Frances Sheard
  263. Master Alec Sheard
  264. Miss Nina Simmonds
  265. Mrs. G. Simpson
  266. Mr. William Small
  267. Mrs. Sarah Smith
  268. Mr. Smith
  269. Mrs. Smith
  270. Mr. Clarence Smitz
  271. Mrs. A. Smitz
  272. Miss Marion Smitz
  273. Miss Mabel Snider
  274. Miss Selma Solomon
  275. Miss Mae Squire
  276. Mr. Forest Stally
  277. Mr. Sidney Stein
  278. Miss Harriet Stowas
  279. Mr. James Sutton
  280. Mr. Ralph Swain
  281. Dr Grace Taylor
  282. Miss Margaret Telfer
  283. Miss Harriett Thomas
  284. Miss Anna Thompson
  285. Mrs. E. Thompson
  286. Miss Anna Thompson
  287. Miss E. Thompson
  288. Miss Winnifred Throup
  289. Mr. John Tipton
  290. Mr. Henry Toley
  291. Mrs. L. H. Tomlinson
  292. Miss Esther Tress
  293. Mr. Wm Turner
  294. Mrs. Prudence Van Couwenberghe
  295. Miss Else Van Couwenberghe
  296. Dr A. Vermont
  297. Miss Augusta Wagner
  298. Mrs. Maude Walbolt
  299. Miss Philena Waller
  300. Miss Jennie Walsh
  301. Miss Mary Walsh
  302. Mr. John Walte
  303. Mrs. Anna Walte
  304. Miss Adela Walte
  305. Mrs. Mattie Walton
  306. Miss Minnie Watkins
  307. Mrs. Catherine Watson
  308. Mr. Fred Weber
  309. Mr. Edgar Weightman
  310. Mrs. Josephine Weisgarber
  311. Mr. Harvey Wells
  312. Mrs. Dorothea Wells
  313. Miss Ruth Weyl
  314. Mr. James White
  315. Mr. Charles Williams
  316. Mr. John Williamson
  317. Mrs. J. Williamson
  318. Mrs. Grace Wilson
  319. Miss Yvonne Winder
  320. Miss Agnes Winston
  321. Mrs. W. M. Wisendanger
  322. Miss Beatrice Wood
  323. Miss Lucille Worthman
  324. Mr. Salomon Yungerlevy
  325. Mrs. E. Zalinski


Track Chart and Memorandum of Log (Unused). SS Arabic Passenger List, 16 August 1929.

Track Chart and Memorandum of Log (Unused). SS Arabic Passenger List, 16 August 1929. GGA Image ID # 1e4be4045c


Information for Passengers

The Bugle is sounded at 8. A. M.

When One Sitting || When Two Sittings

  • BREAKFAST 8:30 am || 8 am and 9 am
  • LUNCHEON 1 pm || 12 Noon and 1:15 pm
  • DINNER 7:30 pm || 6:15 pm and 7:30 pm

The Bar opens at 8 am and closes at 11:30 pm.

Lights are extinguished in Midnight's Dining Saloon, Lounge, Library, and Smoking Room.

Divine Service will be held on Sundays at 10:30 am.

Seats at table. — Passengers should apply to the Chief Tourist Steward for reservation of seats.

Upper Berths. — Passengers occupying upper berths can obtain steps for getting in or out of the same on applying to the Steward or Stewardess.

Precious stones or similar merchandise articles may not be taken as baggage. Still, all passengers must deliver such goods to the Purser of the vessels upon which they arrive. The pursers are requested to provide passengers a receipt for delivered merchandise and place the goods in the safes aboard their ships until a customs permit is presented to the Inspectors, ordering the goods into the U. S. appraiser's stores for examination.

Valuables. — For the convenience of Passengers, the Line has provided in the Purser's Office a Safe in which Passengers may deposit money, jewels, ornaments, documents, or other valuables. The Purser will issue a receipt for any articles so deposited, but the Line does not. Passengers are accordingly advised to protect themselves with insurance. Regarding the ticket conditions and provisions of Section 502 of the Merchant Shipping Act 1894 and Section 4281 of the Revised Statutes of the United States, accept any responsibility for the safe custody of any such articles.

Dangerous articles such as Fireworks, Matches, Gunpowder, Gasoline, Cartridges, Moving Picture Films, etc., must not be enclosed in baggage on any account.

The Purser's Office. — Letters, Cables, Telegrams, and Marconigrams are received or delivered, and Postage Stamps can be purchased.

None of the ship's staff other than those on duty in the Purser's Office are authorized to accept Letters or Telegrams for dispatch.

Charges collected on board. — Passengers are requested to ask for a Receipt on the Company's Form for any additional Passage Money, Chair or Steamer Rug Hire, charges collected for Marconigrams, Cablegrams or Telegrams or Freight paid on board.

Passengers' Mail. — On the steamers' arrival, passengers should enquire whether there is any mail for them. Before disembarking, they are invited to leave their addresses at the Purser's office so that later dispatches may be redirected.

Deck Chairs and Steamer Rugs can be hired on application to the Deck Steward at a charge of $ 1.00 each for the voyage.

Baggage. — Questions relating to Baggage should be referred to the Chief Tourist Steward.

Baggage should bear the initial label of surname and also label with the owner's name and address. On arrival, bags will be grouped alphabetically in Customs shed. Passengers are required to attend personally to the Customs examination.

Baggage room. — Passengers are advised that it is not always possible to arrange to place Wardrobe Trunks in the passenger accommodation in a position where they are easily accessible. For passengers' special convenience, all heavy baggage not placed in state rooms is stored in the baggage room, where it is available to the owner twice daily at hours, as stated on the ship's notice board.

New York arrival. — Railroad tickets may be purchased upon landing in New York and upon application to the uniformed representatives of the Railroads, who meet all arriving Red Star Line steamers. Passengers' baggage may be checked from the Steamship Pier to any point along the Lines of the Pennsylvania, New York Central, Erie, Lehigh Valley, Delaware, Lackawanna, Baltimore, and Ohio, New York, New Haven, and Hartford and connecting Railroads.

Travelers Checks, payable in all parts of Europe, can be purchased at all principal offices of the Company. These Checks are accepted on board steamers in payment of accounts. Still, the Pursers only have sufficient funds to cash these Checks in a minimal amount.

Medical Attendance. — The Surgeon is authorized to make customary charges, subject in each case to the approval of the Commander, for treating passengers at their request for any illness not originating on the voyage. In the case of sickness originating on the voyage, no charge will be made, and medicine will be provided free in all circumstances.

Exchange of money. — The Purser is prepared, for the convenience of passengers, to exchange a limited amount of English, Belgian, French, and American money at rates which will be advised on application.

Dogs and cats. — Passengers are notified that dogs and cats must be handed over to the care of the livestock attendant and are not allowed in the Staterooms or on the Passenger deck.

Orchestra. — The Steamer carries an orchestra of professional musicians who will play regularly throughout the voyage.

Deck Games and Amusements. — Deck Quoits, Shuffleboard, Bull Board, and other games are provided on the deck under the charge of the Deck Steward.

Chess, Draughts, Dominoes, etc., can be obtained by application to the Lounge or Smoking room Stewards.

Library. — Books can be obtained by applying to the Library Steward.

Barber. — The barber is authorized to make the following charges:

Barber Fees. RMS Arabic Passenger List, 16 August 1929.

Barber Fees. RMS Arabic Passenger List, 16 August 1929. GGA Image ID # 1e4bebaad0


Writing Paper. — Envelopes and Telegraph Forms will be found in the Library.

Railway and Steamship Time Tables of the various Companies can be obtained from the Library Stewards on application.

Picture Postcards. — Picture Postcards of the steamer can be obtained on board gratis.

Public Telephones with booths and operators on our New York Piers.

The Chief Steward holds a complaint book at the disposal of passengers.


Passengers may recover this Tax if the same has been paid, provided they inform the U.S. Immigration Inspector on arrival at New York of their intention to leave the United States within 60 days (the time prescribed by U.S. Law) and obtain from him a Transit Certificate Form 514.

It is also necessary for Transit Certificate Form 514 to be handed to the transportation company when completed in time to allow the same to be placed before the Immigration Authorities in Washington within 120 days of the passenger's arrival in the United States.

This regulation must be complied with the Tax to be recovered.

Passengers proceeding to the U. S. to stay in the States during a period exceeding 6o days, and make to this effect a declaration at the port of debarkation, will not be entitled to the reimbursement of the Head Tax, even if such passengers should leave the U. S. within the limit of 6o days.

Passengers, who desire to be reimbursed for the U. S. Head Tax,.are politely requested to indicate on arrival at the debarkation port and also on the declaration form they have to fill in when booking passage that is not within their intention to prolong their sojourn in the U. S. over the 6o days.


This Steamer is fitted with Marconi's Wireless Telegraphy system and Submarine Signaling Apparatus.

The following rates only include the forwarding charges within the coast station, which are additional. Every word in the address, text, and signature is counted. All invoices must be prepaid, and a receipt should be requested.


This vessel is fitted with special long-range wireless apparatus, enabling passengers to communicate with friends or business connections on shore throughout the voyage across the North Atlantic Ocean.

The wireless rate for messages directed through the long-distance wireless stations at Devizes, England, is 10d. Per word, directed through Chatham, Mass, or Louisburg, N. S., is 9d per word. The ship is constantly in touch with one or other of these stations.

Ship to Ship. — The general rate for messages exchanged between British ships is 8d per word. The general rate for messages exchanged with ships of other nationalities is 8 £ d. per word, but as Dutch, Belgian, and certain other vessels apply a Wireless ship charge with a minimum of io words, the cost for messages addressed to the ship will be calculated as follows:

  • For less than ten words, 3/6 plus a charge of 4d. Per word.
  • For ten words or more, 8 1/2 d. per word.


Ocean Letters. — The Marconi Company has inaugurated an " Ocean Letter " service by which messages may be sent from one ship to another going in an opposite direction for delivery by Registered Post from the first port of call of the latter vessel. For an "Ocean Letter" sent to a British ship controlled by the Marconi Company, the rate is (inclusive of wireless, postage, and registration) 5 s for 20 words, plus 2 d for each additional word up to a maximum of 100 words. For an "Ocean Letter" sent to a foreign ship, the rate is 5/6 for the first 20 words, plus 2 £ d. for each additional word, up to a maximum of 100 words. This class of message must contain a full postal address.

Poste Radio Telegrams.—These messages are accepted for transmission to a selected vessel for mailing on arrival in port. This Service provides a most economical channel of communication with friends and relatives on shore when full-rate facilities are not desired.

Poste Radio Telegrams should preferably be handed in during the early part of the voyage. They should be addressed similarly to the following example:

Poste-New York Brown 2464 Quincy Avenue
Arriving Tuesday Well

The inclusive cost of the above message would be 2/10 1/2

For particulars regarding Wireless communications established or expected, please consult the Wireless notice board, where complete information is posted daily throughout the voyage.


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