SS Vaderland Passenger List - 4 June 1904


Front Cover of a First and Second Class Passenger List from the SS Vaderland of the Red Star Line, Departing 4 June 1904 from New York to Antwerp.

Front Cover of a First and Second Class Passenger List from the SS Vaderland of the Red Star Line, Departing 4 June 1904 from New York to Antwerp, Commanded by Captain R. C. Ehoff. GGA Image ID # 207eed17f4


Sailing from New York on Saturday, June 4, 1904, at 10.30 A. M.


Notable Passengers: Julian Gumperz, Henry Morgenthau (Sr.), Helen Morgenthau, and James J. Parmelee.


Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Commander: Captain R. C. Ehoff
  2. Purser: Hugo A. Petersen
  3. Surgeon: Dr. C. Waersegers
  4. Chief Steward: James Farrell


First Class Passengers

  1. Miss J. H. Adams
  2. Mr. Leonard K. Armstrong
  3. Mrs. P. Banner
  4. Miss Rosalie Banner
  5. Mrs. Louise Barnes
  6. Mr. J. I. Barr
  7. Mrs. Barr
  8. Mme. Marie Bernard
  9. Mr. George B. Bernheim
  10. Mrs. Bernheim
  11. Mr. W. F. Bissing
  12. Mrs. Bissing
  13. Miss Agues Boone
  14. Mrs. Lucie Bordas
  15. Mrs. Madeline Brown
  16. Mr. I. J. Cahen
  17. Miss G. L. Cathcart
  18. Mr. J. Milton Colton
  19. Mrs. Colton
  20. Miss Margaret B. Colton
  21. Miss M. Bthel Colton
  22. Mrs. Theresa Schwarz Coons
  23. Mr. Albert Schwarz Coons
  24. Mrs. H. W. Curtiss
  25. Miss M. H. Curtiss
  26. Miss E. Dewey
  27. Miss Grace Dewey, M.D.
  28. Mrs. Belle P. Drury
  29. Mrs. M. S. Felan
  30. Mr. Albert Fries
  31. Mrs. Fries
  32. Miss Catharine C. Fries
  33. Miss Margaret E. Fries
  34. Mrs. C. B. Gilbert
  35. Mlle. S. Grené
  36. Mr. Jacob Gumperz
  37. Mrs. Gumperz
  38. Master Julian Gumperz (Note 1)
  39. Miss Jeanette Gumperz
  40. Dr. Albert E. Ham
  41. Mr. Frank R. Hanna
  42. Mrs. Hanna
  43. Master Morris Hanna
  44. Miss Alice M. Hanna
  45. Miss Lulie E. Hanna
  46. Mr. J. Heimann
  47. Mrs. Heimann
  48. Mr. Walter J. Heimann
  49. Miss Edith Heimann
  50. Miss Rita Heimann
  51. Miss Emma Herold
  52. Dr. G. Herter
  53. Mrs. R. Hochstadter
  54. Mrs. Jacoby
  55. Mrs. E. Jacobs
  56. Miss Jenkins
  57. Mr. Harrison Kerr
  58. Mrs. Kerr
  59. Miss Ruth Kerr
  60. Miss Jeanne Kerr and maid
  61. Mr. J. Louis Loosé
  62. Mrs. Loosé
  63. Miss M. McCloskey
  64. Mr. Henry I. Maris
  65. Mrs. Maris
  66. Mrs. S. J. Marks
  67. Miss Elaine B. Marks and maid
  68. Mr. Henry Martin
  69. Mrs. J. M. Milligan
  70. Miss Josephine Milligan
  71. Mr. Henry Morgenthau (Note 2)
  72. Miss Helen Morgenthau (Note 3)
  73. Miss Morse
  74. Mrs. Musson
  75. Miss C. H. Nevins
  76. Mrs. R. Oppenheimer
  77. Miss E. Oppenheimer
  78. Mr. George F. Parmelee
  79. Mrs. Parmelee
  80. Mr. James J. Parmelee (Note 4)
  81. Mme. Eleonore Peltier
  82. Mr. A. Peltzer
  83. Mr. Eugene H. Pool
  84. Mrs. Pool
  85. Mrs. G. Putzel
  86. Master Myron Putzel
  87. Master Howard Putzel and maid
  88. Mr. H. T. Richardson
  89. Mrs. Richardson
  90. Mrs. John K. Robinson
  91. Miss F. E. Rogers
  92. Mrs. Kate Ruhler
  93. Mr. Eugene Rust
  94. Mrs. Rust
  95. Dr. Thomas E. Salterthwaite
  96. Mrs. Satterthwaite and maid
  97. Mr. Herman Schmalhausen
  98. Mrs. Schmalhausen
  99. Miss E. Schuhmehl
  100. Mrs. E. A. Swartli
  101. Miss Maud Swarth
  102. Miss Géorgie Swarth
  103. Mr. Jacob A. Schwarz
  104. Mrs. Schwarz
  105. Master Albert Schwarz
  106. Master Leonard Schwarz
  107. Mr. Jean P. Tonner
  108. Miss K. E. Turnbull and maid
  109. Mr. E. M. Vermorcken
  110. Mr. M. H. Voorwinder
  111. Mr. Paul Voss
  112. Mrs. Voss
  113. Miss Florida Voss
  114. Mr. Elias Weinreich
  115. Mrs. Weinreich
  116. Miss Mirriam Weinreich
  117. Miss Bessie Weinreich
  118. Mr. Samuel Weinreich
  119. Miss Margaret Wells
  120. Dr. Martha Wöllstein
  121. Mr. T. F. Woolsey, Jr.
  122. Miss E. R. Wright


Notes to Accompany First Class Passengers

Note 1: (May 12, 1898 in New York City – February 1972 in Gaylordsville, Connecticut) was a United States-born German sociologist, communist activist, publicist, and translator.

Note 2: Henry Morgenthau (April 26, 1856 – November 25, 1946) was a German-born American lawyer and businessman, best known for his role as the ambassador to the Ottoman Empire during World War I. Morgenthau was one of the most prominent Americans who spoke about the Greek genocide and the Armenian genocide of which he stated, "I am firmly convinced that this is the greatest crime of the ages".

Note 3: Helen Morgenthau Fox (May 27, 1884 – January 13, 1974) was an American botanist and author of popular gardening books.

Note 4: James Parmelee (1855-1931) was a Cleveland financier. In 1886, he co-founded the National Carbon Company as part of a group that included Webb C. Hayes, the son of U.S. president Rutherford B. Hayes. The company figured prominently in the history of the battery. Parmelee was also the fourth president of the Cleveland General Electric Company.


Second Class Passengers

  1. Miss Bertha Altmann
  2. Miss Hortense Amoudreuz
  3. Mrs. Monica Bergner
  4. Mr. Barney
  5. Mr. Fred. Bigler
  6. Mrs. Maria Beisgen and infant
  7. Master Albert Beisgen
  8. Mrs. Aimé Baudeanx
  9. Miss Aimé Baudeaux
  10. Dr. F. E. Beckmann
  11. Mrs. Beckmann
  12. Master Beckmann
  13. Miss Betty Beyer
  14. Mrs. Caroline Binkert
  15. Mr. Frederick W. Biemer
  16. Mrs. Biemer
  17. Mr. Thomas Blessing
  18. Mrs. Blessing
  19. Miss Sophie Kramer Blessing
  20. Miss Brown
  21. Rev. Jas. Buchler
  22. Mrs Anna K. Buitresft
  23. Miss Augusta Cuendet
  24. Mrs. A. Dailey
  25. Mrs. Adela Dickstein
  26. Mr. Albert Doninger
  27. Mr. Jos. K. Egger
  28. Mrs. Egger
  29. Mrs. Josephine Faigle
  30. Miss Bertba Faigle
  31. Rev. Thomas Fassbind
  32. Mr. Otto Fritz
  33. Miss Anna Gamewell
  34. Miss E. Cathar. Gamewell
  35. Miss Johanna Greenwald
  36. Mr. Chas. Goessler
  37. Mrs. Goessler
  38. Miss Regina Goessler
  39. Mr. John Hafner
  40. Mr. John Hartrick
  41. Mrs. Mary Heimaun
  42. Mr. John Hafner
  43. Mr. Emanuel Hoffman
  44. Mr. Henry Horth
  45. Mrs. Marcar. Horth
  46. Miss Louise Horth
  47. Mr. R. S. Hill
  48. Mrs. Hill
  49. Miss Irma Heiliger
  50. Mr. F. G. Holthoff
  51. Mr. A. M. Harmon
  52. Miss Mary Hessemann
  53. Mr. John Hoar
  54. Mr. Stephen G. Johan
  55. Mrs. Mary J. Johan
  56. Mrs. Maria Jaussen
  57. Miss Mamie Jaussen
  58. Rev. A. Kaesen
  59. Mrs. M. J. Krieln
  60. Mr. J. A. Kriehn
  61. Mr. Johann Kolodziej
  62. Mr. Ferdinand Kleidt
  63. Mrs. Kleidt
  64. Miss Kuhleweide
  65. Mrs. L. Kelhetter and infant
  66. Miss Maude Kelhetter
  67. Mrs. Seraphine Korrick
  68. Master John Korrick
  69. Miss Kunzmann
  70. Miss Kunzmann
  71. Mrs. A. Kunzmann
  72. Mr. James Fados
  73. Mr. Jacob Lang
  74. Mr. Leopold M. Ladrier
  75. Mr. Joseph Anton Libert
  76. Mrs. Libert and infant
  77. Mr. Pierre J. Leroy
  78. Mrs. Leona Leroy
  79. Miss Anna Leroy
  80. Miss Elizabeth Mergens
  81. Mrs. Ida Menden
  82. Mr. Ed. Mai
  83. Mr. Maulshagen
  84. Mrs. Maulshagen
  85. Mr. Andy Morgenroth
  86. Miss Frances Motteska
  87. Mrs. Isadore Moskovits
  88. Miss Paulina Muller
  89. Miss Mamie Meier
  90. Mr. Johannes Muller
  91. Mr. Peter Maier
  92. Miss Barbara Malo
  93. Mrs. G. C. Muller
  94. Mr. F. C. Morse
  95. Miss Rosa Naegeli
  96. Mrs. G. Nola
  97. Mr. G. Nola
  98. Mr. Joseph Pohar
  99. Miss Marie R. Perrin
  100. Miss Emily Perrin
  101. Mr. Frank Petzold
  102. Miss Barbara Pavlik
  103. Mr. Chas. F. Pfannstiel
  104. Mrs. Pfannstiel
  105. Mr. Geo. Pabst
  106. Mrs. Elizabeth Phillips
  107. Miss Julia Phillips
  108. Mr. J. B. Quertinmont
  109. Mr. Otto Rauch
  110. Mrs. Rauch Theresa Reiter
  111. Mrs. Rosa Reithard and infant
  112. Miss Marie Rombach
  113. Mr. Jacob Rohr
  114. Miss Anna Strauss
  115. Mrs. Ida Schappi
  116. Mr. Wm. Schmidbaur
  117. Mrs. E. A. Swarth
  118. Miss Maude Swarth
  119. Miss Géorgie Swarth
  120. Mr. Joseph Silverberg
  121. Mr. Alfred Schmidt
  122. Mrs. Alfred Schmidt and infant
  123. Misses Schmidt
  124. Mr. Markus Schneider
  125. Mrs. Schneider
  126. Miss Reni Schneider
  127. Mr. Michael Thiry
  128. Mr. Michael Thomas
  129. Mr. A. Tschumperlin
  130. Mr. Albert Vandenbogard
  131. Mr. G. Verbeck
  132. Miss Frida Vollmer
  133. Master Otto Vollmer
  134. Mr. Bertram Wise
  135. Mr. René WitteCort
  136. Mrs. René WitteCort
  137. Master George WitteCort
  138. Mr. Nicholas Weylaud
  139. Miss Katie Warker
  140. Mr. Th. Zahraduik
  141. Mrs. Zahraduik and infant
  142. Master Jaroslaw Zahraduik


Passenger Information


  • BREAKFAST, 8 a.m. to 10 a.m.
  • LUNCHEON at 1 p.m.
  • DINNER at 7 p.m.


  • BREAKFAST, 8 a.m. to 9 a.m.
  • DINNER at noon.
  • SUPPER at 6 p.m.
  • NIGHTMEAL, 9 p.m. to 10 p.m.

The Bar closes at 11 p.m.

Lights are extinguished in the Saloon at 11 p.m. and in the Smoking Room at Midnight.

For seats at the table. First Class Passengers should apply to the Second Steward, Second Class Passengers to the Second Class Steward.

Letters to be sent ashore with the Pilot should be placed in the letter boxes, and Telegrams should be handed to the Purser within one hour after leaving New York.

Letters for dispatch upon reaching Antwerp should be placed in the letter boxes, and Telegrams should be handed to the Purser one-half hour before arrival at Flushing.

Marconigrams are accepted on board by the Marconi Operator.

Writing papers, envelopes, and telegraph forms will be found in the library, saloons, and second-class ladies' rooms.

Railway and Steamship timetables of the various Companies can be obtained from the Saloon Waiters.

Inquiries regarding Baggage will be attended to by the Purser, whom all passengers desiring to leave baggage in the Company's care should consult.

Steamer Chairs can be obtained for use on the voyage at a charge of $1.00 each upon application to the Deck Waiter.

Valuables: The Company will not be responsible for valuables or money unless given in charge of the Purser and a receipt obtained from him.

Letters may be addressed to the care of any of the Offices named below, and they will be retained until called for or forwarded according to instructions.


Passenger List Images Contributed by Chris Crofts, December 2023.


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