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SS Friesland Passenger List - 7 May 1892

Front Cover of a Cabin Passenger List from the SS Friesland of the Red Star Line, Departing Saturday, 7 May 1892 from Antwerp to New York.

Front Cover of a Cabin Passenger List from the SS Friesland of the Red Star Line, Departing Saturday, 7 May 1892 from Antwerp to New York, Commanded by Captain Wm. G. Randle. GGA Image ID # 13fe11c071


Senior Officers and Staff

  • Captain: Wm. G. Randle
  • Chief Officer: Mr. F. Loesewitz
  • Chief Engineer: Mr. J. Marshall
  • Surgeon: Dr. O. André
  • Chief Steward: Mr. Wm. Maxwell
  • Stewardess: Miss A. Sutton
  • Stewardess: Mrs. E. Schulz
  • Stewardess: Miss M. Cady


First Cabin Passengers

  1. Mrs. A. P. Adams
  2. Mr C. W. Bell
  3. Miss Eliza K. Belt
  4. Miss Charlotte Belt
  5. Miss Catherine Belt
  6. Miss E. Benedict
  7. Mrs. J. Betts
  8. Miss O. M. Betts
  9. Mr E. D. Bullard
  10. Mrs. Bullard
  11. Master Sellar Bullard
  12. Miss Marie Bullard and maid
  13. Mr Edw. Chambers
  14. Miss Chambers
  15. Mr L. H. Cone
  16. Mrs. Cone
  17. Mr George Crawford
  18. Dr John S. Davis
  19. Mr Léon Dens
  20. Miss Mary Dorrance
  21. Mrs. Dunbar
  22. Miss Dunbar
  23. Mrs. Truman Dunham
  24. Miss Marie Dunham
  25. Miss Katrine Dunham
  26. Miss Belle Dunham
  27. Miss Alice Dunham
  28. Dr S. Eisenstaedt
  29. Mrs. M. Force
  30. Miss Marie Force
  31. Miss Virginia Force
  32. Mr W. H. Forster
  33. Mrs. Groebl
  34. Miss M. Groebl
  35. Mrs. Em. Hennekens
  36. Mr John F. Hill
  37. Miss C. A. Hussey
  38. Mr J. H. Kinsman
  39. Miss Kate C. Lambert
  40. Mrs. Lathrop
  41. Mr J, C. Lawrence
  42. Mr E. L. Lawrence
  43. Mr Walter Leak
  44. Miss Ziska Lenk
  45. Mr Georg Leuze
  46. Mr A. P. Meier
  47. Mrs. Lizzie Meier
  48. Miss Clara Mollers
  49. Miss Allen Ransom
  50. Mr Georges Rasson
  51. Miss Pearle Rodgers
  52. Mr Edw. R. Satterlee
  53. Mrs. Satterlee
  54. Prof. Aug Schemmel
  55. Mr Ferd. Schifters
  56. Mr William E. Schroder
  57. Mrs. Schroder
  58. Mr Charlie Shurman
  59. Mr H. Sobol
  60. Miss Belle H. Sulliff
  61. Miss E. Trull
  62. Miss van Schrader
  63. Mr A. Walraven
  64. Miss M. Winans


Second Cabin Passengers

  1. Miss Hildegard Adler
  2. Miss Emilie Arnold
  3. Mr Alfred Authenried
  4. Miss Sophie Baier
  5. Mr Jacob Baumann
  6. Mr Emil Berchgrocht
  7. Mrs. Johanna Becker
  8. Mrs. Ida Bodenheimer
  9. Miss Sofie Bodenheimer
  10. Miss Emilie Bodenheimer
  11. Miss Rosa Bodenheimer
  12. Mr Heinrich Borrcnkott
  13. Miss Natalie Braitsch
  14. Miss Jenny Breitenbach
  15. Miss Hubertina Brand
  16. Miss Bertha Brunabend
  17. Miss H. Agnes Burkhard
  18. Miss Lizzie Collins
  19. Miss Lizzie Cox
  20. Mr Eugen Dewandeler
  21. Mr Joseph Drenkart
  22. Miss Kätchen Drenkart
  23. Miss Margarethe Drenkart
  24. Miss Marie Drenkart
  25. Miss Anna Drenkart
  26. Miss Anna Ehrler
  27. Mrs. Milton Evans
  28. Dr Milton H. Evans
  29. Mr Alfred Fahndrich
  30. Miss Ida Fischer
  31. Mr Nicolas Frisch
  32. Mrs. Godart
  33. Mrs. Josephine Goss
  34. Miss Maria Grass
  35. Mrs. Jetta Gutmann
  36. Mrs. Sophie Gutmann
  37. Miss Pauline Gutmann
  38. Mrs. Ursula Hansen
  39. Master Jonas Hansen
  40. Mr F. Hansen
  41. Mr Win Hauke
  42. Mrs. Gertrulde Hilgers
  43. Master August Hilgers
  44. Miss Emily Hucker
  45. Mr Geo Hughes
  46. Mrs. Eleamore Hughes
  47. Mrs. Hughes
  48. Mr Heinrich Hurkes
  49. Mrs. Susanna Hurkes
  50. Miss Clara Hurkes
  51. Miss Johanna Hurkes
  52. Mr Samuel Jonas
  53. Master Alfred Jonas
  54. Master Alfred Jonas
  55. Miss Frida Jonas
  56. Miss Ema Jonas
  57. Miss Bertha Kahn
  58. Miss Dora Kamm
  59. Miss Sibylle Keller
  60. Miss Marie Kessels
  61. Mrs. Maria Kessels
  62. Miss Marie Kiene
  63. Mrs. Christine Kiene
  64. Miss Scraphine Kiene
  65. Mrs. Catharina Knepper
  66. Miss Susanna Knepper
  67. Mr Sigmund Kopstein
  68. Mr Anton Kramer
  69. Miss Rosa Kuhl
  70. Miss Julia Kuhn
  71. Mrs. Lauterjung
  72. Master Max Lauterjung
  73. Mr J. B. Lafonte
  74. Miss Ella Lebosquet
  75. Mr Michel Lejeune
  76. Mr Michel Lejeune
  77. Mr J. J. Lenz
  78. Mr L. Lindenthal
  79. Mrs. B. Lindenthal
  80. Miss L. Lindenthal
  81. Miss Marie Maly
  82. Mrs. Marie Maly
  83. Mr Ernest Martin
  84. Mr Carl Maxweiler
  85. Miss Mary Mayer
  86. Miss Mary McDavitt
  87. Miss Aurelie Mehling
  88. Mr Robert Mende
  89. Mr J. P Mergen
  90. Mr T. Mollier
  91. Mr Jacob Musel
  92. Mr Alberic Nettenburg
  93. Miss Hermine Peter
  94. Miss Bertha Peter
  95. Mr Ferd. Philippe
  96. Miss Christine Pooler
  97. Mr Josef Rangger
  98. Mr Eugen Reuter
  99. Mr Erhard Riedmann
  100. Miss Marle Ritschard
  101. Mr Nic. Rudig
  102. Miss Mary Anna Schmit
  103. Mrs. Genofeva Schmitt
  104. Mr Jos. Schroder
  105. Miss Frieda Seidler
  106. Mr Peter Siegerist
  107. Mr Edwin Simon
  108. Mrs. Hedwig Sommerlatte
  109. Master John Sommerlatte
  110. Master Ewald Sommerlatte
  111. Mr Martin Stephen
  112. Mrs. Dina Swan
  113. Mr Petrus Swan
  114. Mr Chas Theinert
  115. Miss Elise Torfs
  116. Mr Jean Vandamme
  117. Mr Aimé Van Dorpe
  118. Mr Adolf Vervort
  119. Mrs. Laura Walbrecht
  120. Master Carl Walbrecht
  121. Miss Laura Walbrecht
  122. Mr S. Weil
  123. Mrs. Laura Wever
  124. Master Max Wever
  125. Master Otto Wever
  126. Miss Martha Wever
  127. Miss Olga Wever
  128. Mrs. Anna Wielplitz
  129. Miss Hedwig Wielplitz
  130. Mr Julius Windner
  131. Miss Sophia Wintsch
  132. Mrs. Louise Wolf
  133. Miss Kathie Wolf
  134. Master Chas Wolf
  135. Master Wolf
  136. Master John Wolf
  137. Mrs. Leonora Ziegelaer
  138. Mrs. J. B. Zigelaer


Back Cover, Red Star Line SS Friesland Cabin Class Passenger List - 7 May 1892.

Back Cover, Red Star Line SS Friesland Cabin Class Passenger List - 7 May 1892. GGA Image ID # 13fe6d6fd6


Passenger List Images Contributed by Sue Ranney

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