SS St. Louis Passenger List - 21 September 1912

Passenger List, American Line SS St. Louis, 1912, Southampton and Cherbourg to New York

Front Cover of a First Class Passenger List for the SS St. Louis of the American Line, Departing Saturday, 21 September 1912 from Southampton to New York via Cherbourg, Commanded by Captain John C. Jamison. Arrived in New York on 28 September 1912.


Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: John C. Jamison. - Brooklyn NY
  2. Purser: H. E. Hinslev
  3. Surgeon: J. E. King
  4. Assistant Purser: H. J. Pink
  5. Chief Steward: Walter Harris


First Class Passengers

  1. Mrs. Baird
  2. Miss M. L. Baldwin
  3. Miss Bayers
  4. Mrs. Jeannie C. Bergin
  5. Mr. F. A. (Turner) Biehl
  6. Lt. J. D. Brancker, R.G.A
  7. Miss Cornelia Brandreth and Maid
  8. Miss Margaret Brandreth
  9. Mrs. Ralph (Margaret) Brandreth
  10. Mr. H. S. Burrage
  11. Mrs. H. S. (Ernestine) Burrage
  12. Capt. James Benjamin Butt, U.S.R.C.S
  13. Gen. McCoskry Butt
  14. Mr. A. Cathcart
  15. Master George B. Coale
  16. Mrs. G. W. Coale
  17. Mr. Ira Lee Cochrane
  18. Mrs. J. H. Coe
  19. Miss Alice Compton
  20. Miss Emma Cordier
  21. Mr. Howard Pinckney Corsa
  22. Mrs. Corsa
  23. Miss Josephine Day
  24. Miss Marion Day
  25. Mr. George L. Day
  26. Mrs. Isabella Day
  27. Mr. Silas Downing
  28. Mrs. Divida Harper Eaton
  29. Miss Alice E. Finlay
  30. Miss May Finlay
  31. Mr. H. P. Finlay
  32. Mr. Harry Jabez Fisk
  33. Mrs. Ethel Caroline Fisk
  34. Mr. Isaac Dudley Fletcher - The $2,000,000 art collection of the late Isaac Dudley Fletcher of 2 East Seventyninth Street, who died on April 28, 1917 will go almost intact to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, it was learned last night. The collection, which embraces some of the finest examples of Rembrandt and of the pottery of ancient Egypt, while not large, is noted for the high individual value of the objects in it.
  35. Mrs. I. D. Fletcher
  36. Miss Fannie R. Foster
  37. Miss Mary H. Foster
  38. Mrs. Wm. Foster
  39. Dr. Ira Frank
  40. Mr. Siegfried Freyberg
  41. Mrs. Seigfried (Margaret B. ) Freyberg
  42. Miss Constance M. Gay
  43. Miss Eleanor M. Gay
  44. Mr. F. B. Gay
  45. Mrs. F. B. Gay
  46. Miss Bell Goldman
  47. Mrs. Leo Goldman
  48. Miss Graham
  49. Mr. Francis Donald Harper
  50. Mr. A. Hess
  51. Mrs. C. T. Holland
  52. Miss Evelyn Hooker
  53. Mr. James J. Hooker
  54. Major B. R. Horsbrugh
  55. Mrs. B. R. Horsbrugh
  56. Mr. H. H. Hume
  57. Mr. John D. A. Johnson
  58. Mr. Percy Ogden Judson
  59. Miss Lillian Keigwin
  60. Mr. Charles Albert Keigwin
  61. Miss I. B. Kellock
  62. Dr. Montgomery La Roche
  63. Mrs. Montgomery (Julia) La Roche
  64. Dr. Jas. J. Lasalle
  65. Mr. Herbert D. Lounsbury
  66. Mrs. Clara Slora Lunt
  67. Mrs. G. G. Lyman
  68. Mr. Compton Mackenzie
  69. Mr. Robert H. McCormick
  70. Mrs. R. H. (Eleanore R.) McCormick, Child (Eleanore M. McCormick), and Nurse
  71. Miss E. McLoughlin
  72. Mrs. Addie Payson Grigg
  73. Miss D. Phelps
  74. Miss R. Phelps
  75. Mrs. J. J, Phelps
  76. Miss Gertrude Phillips
  77. Mrs. Caroline A. Phillips
  78. Master Frederick Ramsden
  79. Mr. C. T. Ramsden
  80. Mrs. C.. T. Ramsden
  81. Mr. A. L. Rhomberg
  82. Miss Lulu Richardson
  83. Mr. G. R. D. Rust
  84. Mrs. G. R. D. Rust
  85. Miss Jane Sands
  86. Mr. J. R. Satterfield
  87. Miss Jane Scriven
  88. Mr. W. H. Scriven
  89. Mrs. W. H. Scriven
  90. Miss Adele Seip
  91. Miss Helen Seip
  92. Mr. Chas. B. Sheridan
  93. Hon. C. Sifton
  94. Mr. Philip Simmons
  95. Mrs. Philip Simmons
  96. Mr. F. H. Slater
  97. Mr. F. E. Starkey
  98. Mr. Franklin Steele
  99. Mrs. Franklin Steele
  100. Mr. Dan M. Stern
  101. Miss Alice Thorne
  102. Miss F. C. Thorne
  103. Mr. E. L. Trower
  104. Miss Mary F. Urling
  105. Miss J. Uterhart and Maid
  106. Mr. Henry A. Uterhart
  107. Mrs. H. A. Uterhart
  108. Miss Dorothy Vorse
  109. Mrs. Frank Vorse (Agnes S. Newton)
  110. Mrs. J. R. Waitel
  111. Miss B. (Elizabeth) Waterman
  112. Miss Martha F. Wells


Sea Post Office Clerks


  1. H. C. North
  2. C. J. Dawes


  1. W. R. Miller
  2. J. H. Knox


Public Telephones With Booths and Operator On Our New York Piers.


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