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SS Dominion Passenger List 31 August 1911

Passenger List Cover, August 1911 Westbound Voyage - SS Dominion

Front Cover of a Cabin Passenger List for the SS Dominion of the American Line, Departing Thursday, 31 August 1911 from Liverpool to Philadelphia via Queenstown (Cobh), Commanded by Captain W. L. Mendus. GGA Image ID # 1f056c5a1f


Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: W. L. Mendus
  2. Surgeon: Dr. William Henry Luggar
  3. Chiet Steward: T. Smith


Cabin Passengers

  1. Sister Adeline
  2. Miss Byrd Alrey
  3. Miss Mary J Alms
  4. Mr. Walter E. Anger
  5. Miss Mabel Armstrong
  6. Miss Daisy Armstrong
  7. Rev. G F. Austin
  8. Mrs. Austin
  9. Miss Elizabeth B. Baldwin
  10. Mrs. R. Baird and Infant
  11. Master John H. Baird
  12. Rev. E. C. B. Barker
  13. Mr. J. Baron
  14. Miss Coates Benedict
  15. Miss H. AV. Benedict
  16. Miss Reda Berg
  17. Miss Ethel Berg
  18. Mr. H. Sidney Bentzien
  19. Mr. G. Bissett
  20. Mr. David C. Blackie
  21. Miss Maud Blair
  22. Mr. Abram Bloch
  23. Mr. J. E. Bourne
  24. Dr. Charles C. Boyer
  25. Miss Helen Breeden
  26. Miss Annie E. Brennan
  27. Miss E. P. Brodhead
  28. Mrs. J. Brown
  29. Master Thomas Brown
  30. Master John Brown
  31. Mrs. W. Browne
  32. Rev. Chas. C. Bubb Jr.
  33. Miss Lucille Burrough
  34. Mr. A. Cairns
  35. Mr. Charles Caldwell
  36. Mrs. Caldwell
  37. Miss Laura Carrington
  38. Miss May A. Caverley
  39. Master G. E. Caverley
  40. Mr. Andrew Chariton
  41. Mr. Janies Christie
  42. Miss Ruth Clawson
  43. Miss Mollie J. Clegg
  44. Dr. Coffman
  45. Mrs. Coffman
  46. Mrs. Mary Collins
  47. Mr. Peter P. Conway
  48. Miss Margaret Conway
  49. Miss Bridget Conway
  50. Dr. Thos. A. Cope
  51. Mrs. Cope
  52. Master Thos. Cope
  53. Miss Laura F. Copsey
  54. Mr. E. M. Costello
  55. Mr. j. M. Costello
  56. Mr. Thomas Costello
  57. Miss Pauline Dennis
  58. Miss Susan J. Dewees
  59. Prof. James F. Dilworth
  60. Miss E. M. Donelson
  61. Miss N. Donnelly
  62. Mr. D. Donney
  63. Miss M. Donney
  64. Miss Elizabeth Doren
  65. Mr. Charles Douglas
  66. Mrs. A. Downes
  67. Miss Julia Drake
  68. Mrs. M. M. Durrett
  69. Miss 1. Vera EdWards
  70. Miss Louise W. Eickhoff
  71. Mr. A. Eng
  72. Mr. Peter G. Euger
  73. Mrs. J. G. Eustis
  74. Mr. G. E. Dallam, Jr.
  75. Mrs. Dallam
  76. Miss Annie M. Davies
  77. Mrs. A. C. Davis
  78. Mr. Richard A. Fawcett
  79. Mr. William H. Fenton
  80. Mr. Stanley Al. Fill
  81. Mrs. R. T. Firth
  82. Miss Olive Flower
  83. Mr. Michael N. Fox
  84. Mr. L. P. Freeman
  85. Miss Virginia Fugate
  86. Miss Laura Fugate
  87. Miss Belle Gayle
  88. Miss Susan Giffen
  89. Rev. John Giffin
  90. Mr. Frederick I. Gill
  91. Miss Lena Goldberg
  92. Miss Agnes M. Graham
  93. Mr. R Greber
  94. Miss Hannah Green
  95. Mr. William Griffith
  96. Mr. Georgey Griffith
  97. Mrs. George W. Griffith
  98. Mrs. William Griffith
  99. Miss Mary E. Griffith
  100. Miss Elizabeth Griffith
  101. Mr. Grove
  102. Mrs. Grove
  103. Miss Emma Guethlein
  104. Miss Ada J. Hatch
  105. Miss H. J. Hatch
  106. Mrs. Hazlehurst
  107. Mr. R. F. Heath
  108. Mrs. Heath
  109. Miss Laura Heath
  110. Mr. Leatham Hirst
  111. Mr. Thomas C. Hoblis
  112. Miss Ella L. Hollis
  113. Mr. H. Holloway
  114. Miss Ruth Horn
  115. Mr. W. H. Hiidswell
  116. Miss Emma Hunt
  117. Miss. Kate Hunter
  118. Miss Winslow Hutchinson
  119. Mr. W. S. Illsley
  120. Mrs. Illsley
  121. Miss Winifred Illsley
  122. Master Stanley Illslev
  123. Mr. R. N. Hale
  124. Miss Alice Hallam
  125. Mr. W. A. Harris
  126. Miss Reba C. Hart
  127. Mr. J. Jacobson
  128. Mr. M. A. Jenkins
  129. Mrs. Jenkins
  130. Mr. F. Jespers
  131. Mrs. I. T. Jones
  132. Miss Katharine E. Jones
  133. Mr. Horace D. Jones
  134. Miss Charlotte Jones
  135. Mrs. J. Keegan
  136. Mrs. W. Kelly
  137. Mr. John C. Kennedy
  138. Mr. P. Beveridge Kennedy
  139. Mr. Bernard A. Kent
  140. Miss Ellen. Kirkland
  141. Mr. M. Kitag
  142. Miss I. M. Kitaj
  143. Miss C. Kitaj
  144. Miss Martha Manley
  145. Mr. Healey V. McGreedy
  146. Miss McCullagh
  147. Miss Katherine McCullagh
  148. Miss Lily McLean
  149. Mrs. V. McLean
  150. Mr. Michael McNulty
  151. Mr. Charles Meschter
  152. Mrs. Meschter
  153. Mrs. James L. Miles
  154. Mr. J. Mosedale
  155. Mr. Frank Murphy
  156. Miss Agnes Murphy
  157. Miss Mary Nitting
  158. Miss Mary I. North
  159. Mr. John E. Lamb
  160. Miss Ethel Lamping
  161. Miss Hilda Langton
  162. Rev. E. T. Lawrence
  163. Mrs. Lawrence
  164. Mr. J. Lenihan
  165. Mrs. E. Lester
  166. Mrs. McBlair Lloyd
  167. Mr. Arthur Longton
  168. Mrs. Longton
  169. Mrs. S. A. Lownes
  170. Miss Ruth M. Oberly
  171. Miss Portia Oberly
  172. Mr. W. M. Parker
  173. Mr. J. J. Parker, Jr.
  174. Mrs. J. Parker
  175. Miss Annabel Parker
  176. Mrs. Barbara Patterson
  177. Mrs. H. Paul
  178. Miss Ethel Paul
  179. Miss Beatrice Paul
  180. Mr. Thomas H. Pellow
  181. Miss My Sr Perkins
  182. Mr. Philip Phillips
  183. Miss Edith Phillips
  184. Mr. J. V. Price
  185. Mrs. A. F. Register
  186. Master Edward J. Reilly
  187. Miss Catherine Rhoades
  188. Miss Ella V. Ricker
  189. Mr. A. E. Roeber
  190. Miss Mary C. Rooks
  191. Miss Kathleen Rowan
  192. Miss A. R. Sampson
  193. Miss M. D. Sampson
  194. Mrs. M. Sanglin
  195. Miss L. P. Saunders
  196. Miss Gerta Shapiro
  197. Mr. G. H. Shepherd
  198. Mr. S. Sibok
  199. Mrs. M. Sibok
  200. Miss L. Sibok
  201. Mrs. S. Skelton
  202. Mr. F. Sklar
  203. Mr. George H. Smith
  204. Mrs. G. K. Smith
  205. Mr. A. Solomon
  206. Mr. Frank W. Stafford
  207. Mr. Walter Staton
  208. Dr. William C. Steele
  209. Mr. James A. Steele
  210. Mrs. Cora M. Steele-Libby
  211. Miss Isabel Stewart
  212. Mrs. A. W. Sutherland
  213. Mr. Nell Sutton
  214. Mr. P. Sweeney
  215. Mr. Thomas Sweeney
  216. Mr. George Talbot
  217. Mrs. Talbot
  218. Mr. George D. Talbot
  219. Miss L. Adele Talbot
  220. Miss Phyllis Taylor
  221. Miss Helen Thurlow
  222. Mr. J. Tilley
  223. Mrs. Annie Timmins and Infant
  224. Master Edward Timmins
  225. Master Reginald Timmins
  226. Mrs. C. R. Trowbridge
  227. Mrs. J. H. Trowbridge
  228. Mrs. J. Tyffe
  229. Mrs. Ida Walker
  230. Miss Anna Walton
  231. Mrs. Ellen Wane
  232. Rev. Samuel Ward
  233. Mrs. Ward
  234. Miss Katherine Ward
  235. Miss Mary L. Ward
  236. Ada Ward
  237. Miss Clara Ward
  238. Miss Dorothy Ward
  239. Miss Cath. R. Watkins
  240. Mr. A. Welch
  241. Miss Anna H. Wells
  242. Miss Mary E. Wells
  243. Mr. Michael Welsh
  244. Mrs. M. Welsh
  245. Mr. Albert Wetzel
  246. Mr. Wheat
  247. Dr. H. C. White
  248. Mrs. White
  249. Miss Emma C. White
  250. Mr. Gerald. Wilkinson
  251. Mr. Robert Wilde
  252. Mrs. Wilde
  253. Miss Ethel Williams
  254. Miss Ada Wilson
  255. Miss Martha Wilson
  256. Mr. John Wright
  257. Mrs. Wright
  258. Mr. Robeit Wylie
  259. Mrs. Wylie
  260. Miss Maud Yates
  261. Mr. J. Zogby


Notice: Landing Arrangements at Philadelphia.

Should The Steamer Arrive at The Philadelphia Wharf After 8:00 pm, Passengers Have The Option of Remaining on Board Overnight and Landing After Breakfast On The Following Morning.


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