SS Philadelphia Passenger List - 12 September 1908

Passenger List Cover, September 1908 Westbound Voyage - SS Philadelphia

Front Cover of a First Class Passenger List for the SS Philadelphia of the American Line, Departing Saturday, 12 September 1908 from Southampton to New York via Cherbourg, Commanded by Captain A. R. Mills. GGA Image ID # 1590a4c5be


Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: A. R. Mills
  2. Purser: H. E. Hinsley
  3. Surgeon: W. R. Henderson
  4. Chief Steward: George Bell

First Class Passengers

  1. Mr. G. L. Adams
  2. Mrs. G. L. Adams
  3. Miss G. F. Alsop
  4. Miss Apple
  5. Mr. John Arthur
  6. Miss Helen B. Baker
  7. Mr. Ralph Beltman
  8. Miss Bertha Bennett
  9. Miss Lillian Bennett
  10. Mr. Gordon Blanchard
  11. Miss Blunt
  12. Mr. Louis Bohm
  13. Mrs. G. L. Boissevain
  14. Master Meinhardt Boissevain
  15. Master Jack Boissevain
  16. Mr. Herbert Boughton
  17. Mrs. Herbert Boughton
  18. Miss Eleanor Bovee
  19. Miss Helen Bowen
  20. Miss Faith Boyce
  21. Mrs. J. C. Boyd and Maid
  22. Miss Boyd
  23. Master Walter Boyd
  24. Mrs. M. D. Brewer
  25. Mr. Lester B. Brideham
  26. Mrs. Lester B. Brideham
  27. Master Lester B. Brideham, Jr.
  28. Miss C. H. Brown
  29. Mr. Chas. Wardell Brown
  30. Miss J. M. Budlong
  31. Miss H. B. Budlong
  32. Miss L. D. Burkhardt
  33. Mr. Wendell T. Bush
  34. Mrs. Wendell T. Bush
  35. Mr. Rufus Cage
  36. Miss Ella Cage
  37. Miss Mary Carroll
  38. Mr. T. L. Carter
  39. Mr. C. Chivers
  40. Mr. Ward B. Coe
  41. Mrs. Ward B. Coe
  42. Mr. Bernet Cohn
  43. Mr. John Correia
  44. Mrs. John Correia
  45. Miss Gertrude S. Cowles
  46. Mr. Charles R. Cox
  47. Mr. Morris W. Croll
  48. Mrs. Jennie S. Croll
  49. Miss Elsie Croll
  50. Dr Wm. P. Cunningham
  51. Mrs. Wm. P. Cunningham
  52. Miss Daly and Maid
  53. Mr. D. G. Davidson
  54. Mr. W. O. Davis
  55. Mrs. Charlotte Derr
  56. Miss Emily F. Dickie
  57. Mr. John M. Digney
  58. Mr. Henry J. Dixon
  59. Miss Mabel Drake
  60. Mr. E. R. Elliott
  61. Mr. Henry C. Emmet
  62. Mrs. Henry C. Emmet and Maid
  63. Mr. Henry C. Emmet, Jr.
  64. Miss Laura Emmet
  65. Miss Watson C. Emmet
  66. Miss Jeanne Emmet
  67. Miss Marie Louise Emmet
  68. Mr. Charles Emmet
  69. Mr. F. E. Ewing
  70. Mr. Carl Erikson
  71. Prof Henry B. Fine
  72. Mr. Will H. Fox
  73. Mrs. Will H Fox
  74. Mr. Chas. Edward Fryer
  75. Mrs. W. R. Furness
  76. Mr. F. R. Furness
  77. Mr. James P. Geddes
  78. Mrs. James W. Gerrard
  79. Mr. Thomas W. Gilmer
  80. Mr. E. Ginebra
  81. Mrs. Thomas W. Gilmer and Maid
  82. Mrs. E. Ginebra
  83. Mrs. Richard Golden
  84. Capt H. W. Greit
  85. Mr. T. C. Grabham
  86. Mr. Fredk. Halbert
  87. Miss Langsdorf
  88. Miss Mary E. Hamlin
  89. Mr. J. T. Haxall
  90. Mrs. J. T. Haxall
  91. Miss Haxall
  92. Miss Elizabeth M. Healy
  93. Mr. J. Hearn
  94. Mrs. J. Hearn
  95. Miss K. Hearn
  96. Mr. George Henke
  97. Mrs. George Henke
  98. Master George Henke
  99. Miss Eleonore Hoeft
  100. Mr. Calvert Holt
  101. Mr. S. F. Houston
  102. Mrs. S. F. Houston and Maid
  103. Miss E. C. Houston
  104. Miss M. C. Houston
  105. Mr. H. H. Houston II
  106. Mr. Wilson Hungate
  107. Mrs. C. P. Huntington
  108. Miss Vivienne Huntington
  109. Miss Grace Huntington
  110. Mr. R. A. James
  111. Miss H. James
  112. Mr. Jas. M. Johnson
  113. Mr. Merlon Johnson
  114. Mr. J. A. Jones
  115. Mr. John Jorgensen
  116. Mr. J. H. Kean
  117. Miss Lucy H. Kean
  118. Miss Elizabeth Kean and Maid
  119. Mr. Wm. Keeley
  120. Miss Winifred King
  121. Mr. Chas. H. Kendall
  122. Mrs. Pearl Keeley
  123. Mrs. Chas. H. Kendall
  124. Mr. R. A. Kerr
  125. Mr. S. L. G. Knox
  126. Mr. E. O. Lafong
  127. Mrs. E. O. Lafong
  128. Miss Marie Lalaune
  129. Mrs. L. Langsdorf
  130. Mr. G. A. Laverton
  131. Mr. George H Hawkes
  132. Mr. Chas. C. Lawrence
  133. Mr. W. M. Lee
  134. Mr. Fredk. E. Lowell
  135. Mrs. Fredk. E. Lowell
  136. Miss M. A. Mahoney
  137. Mrs. R. B. Mallory
  138. Miss Lenore Mallory
  139. Miss J. Marks
  140. Mr. George Marvin
  141. Mr. J. Warren T. Mason
  142. Mrs. J. Warren T. Mason
  143. Miss Margaret E. H. Mason
  144. Mr. Wm. P. Mason
  145. Mr. Wm. P. Mason, Jr.
  146. Mrs. Maxwell
  147. Dr J. H. McClelland
  148. Mrs. J. H. McClelland
  149. Miss Sarah McClelland
  150. Miss Rachel McClelland
  151. Miss Elizabeth O. McCorkle
  152. Dr John A. McKenna and Manservant
  153. Mr. R. G. Mead
  154. Miss Michel
  155. Mr. A. W. Mitchell
  156. Mrs. Helen M. Moore
  157. Miss Dorothy Mort
  158. Mr. George D. Muirhead
  159. Mrs. George D. Muirhead
  160. Mrs. Margaret I. Murphy
  161. Miss K. Nason
  162. Miss Katherine Nathan
  163. Mr. Fred. Niblo
  164. Mrs. Samuel M. Nicholson
  165. Mr. Paul C. Nicholson
  166. Mr. J. J. O'Farrell
  167. Mrs. Paul Oliver
  168. Master Winturn Oliver
  169. Mr. J. W. Owen
  170. Mr. N. H. Palmer
  171. Mrs. Stella Papham
  172. Miss E. S. Parker
  173. Miss F. L. Parker
  174. Mr. Wm. Weston Patton
  175. Mr. Benoin Platt
  176. Mrs. Benoin Platt
  177. Mrs. James Pleasants
  178. Mr. Richard H. Pleasant
  179. Miss Evelyn Poor
  180. Hon. Robert P. Porter and Maid
  181. Mr. Russell Porter
  182. Mrs. Mark Potter
  183. Mrs. Ed. H. Rickard
  184. Mr. Angelo Rodriguez
  185. Dr Fermin Rodriguez
  186. Mr. G. Ross
  187. Miss Emily Sartain
  188. Mr. Scales
  189. Mr. J. H. Schaeman
  190. Mrs. J. H. Schaeman
  191. Miss A. E. Sheplar
  192. Mrs. Sarah Mc D. Sheridan
  193. Miss Katharine Simpson
  194. Master Edward K. Simpson
  195. Mr. W. T Simpson
  196. Mrs. W. T. Simpson
  197. Miss V. Sivera
  198. Prof. Herbert Weir Smyth
  199. Mrs. Herbert Weir Smyth
  200. The Misses Weir Smyth
  201. Mr. Chester W. Smith
  202. Mr. H. King Smith
  203. Mrs. Jane Sneddon
  204. Mrs. W. R. Stockbridge
  205. Mrs. L. M. Stoiber
  206. Miss Helen E. Stoiber
  207. Mr. Chas. B. Storrs
  208. Mrs. Chas. B. Storrs and Maid
  209. Master Cleveland Storrs
  210. Mr. Richard S. Storrs
  211. Mrs. Richard S. Storrs
  212. Mr. Willard D Straight
  213. Miss Lena Summerville
  214. Miss Eleanor Summerville
  215. Miss J. W. Sutherland
  216. Miss Annie G. Thom
  217. Mr. T. S. Thomas
  218. Mr. John Thomson
  219. Col. Albert Todd, U.S.A
  220. Mrs. Albert Todd
  221. Mr. Arthur F. Turpin
  222. Mrs. Arthur F. Turpin
  223. Mr. J. H. Van Auken
  224. Mr. Frank P. R. Van Syckel
  225. Rev. Jas. Veit
  226. Mr. H. Wadham
  227. Miss Marie Waite
  228. Miss Anna Watts
  229. Mr. Chas. A. Webb
  230. Mr. H. W. Weld
  231. Miss Mabel Wheeler
  232. Mrs. Chas. E. Whitlock
  233. Mr. Williamson
  234. Mrs. Williamson
  235. Mrs. John C. Wilson
  236. Mrs. A. R. Wright
  237. Mr. John S. Zelie

General Information for Passengers

Breakfast from 8:00 until 10:00 am Luncheon, 1:00 pm Dinner, 7:00 pm

The Bar closes at 11:30 pm

Lights are extinguished in the Saloon at 11:00 pm, and in the Smoking Room at 12 (midnight).

Please apply to the Second Steward for Seats at Table.

Meals for Children are served separately.

Letters and Telegrams should be handed to the Saloon Steward within an hour after leaving Southampton, and those for dispatch upon reaching port should be handed to him an hour before arrival.

Writing Paper, Envelopes, and Telegraph Forms will be found in the Library.

For Railway and Steamship Time Tables of the various Companies, apply to the Saloon Steward.

Inquiries regarding Baggage will be attended to by the Baggage Stewara to whom all Baggage which Passengers wish to leave in the Company's care should be handed, properly labelled, and with full instructions as to disposal.

Large Deck Chairs can be obtained for use on the voyage, at a charge of 4/- each, upon application to the Deck Steward.

Wireless Telegram Rates.

United States.—The minimum Marconi Rate via Seagate, Sagaponack or South Wellfleet (Cape Cod), or through the medium of a passing steamer and one of these stations is 8s. 4d. for ten words. Each extra word 84.; text only counted; address and signature free; land charges additional; all fees must be prepaid.

The minimum rate via Siasconsett or Cape Race, or through the medium of a passing steamer and these stations, is 128. 6d. for ten words. Each extra word 9d.; text only counted; address and signature free; land charges additional; all fees must be prepaid.

The minimum Marconi Rate via Sable Island, or through the medium of a passing steamer and this station is 16s. 8d. for ten words. Each extra word is.; text only counted; address and signature free; land charges additional; all fees must be prepaid.

United Kingdom.—The Marconi Rate via Crookhaven or other stations in the United Kingdom, or through the medium of a passing steamer, is 10d. per word, every word in address, text, and signature counted; land charges additional; all fees must be prepaid.

Ship To Ship.-8d. per word, every word in address, text, and signature counted, and all fees must be prepaid.

Letters and telegrams may be addressed to the care of any of the Company's Offices, where they will be held until called for, or forwarded, according to instructions.

The latest editions of the leading American and English papers are kept on file at the Company's new West End Offices, No. I, Cockspur Street, London, where Passengers' baggage will also be received and stored if required.

For the convenience of Passengers the Purser is prepared to exchange a limited amount of English and American money, at the rate of $4-80 to the pound when giving American money for English currency, or £1 per $4.95 when giving English money for American currency.

The Surgeon is authorized to make customary charges, subject to the approval of the Commander, for treating any Passengers at their request for any illness not originating on board the ship. In the case of sickness developed on board no charge will be made, and medicine will be provided free in all circumstances.

In case of the Steamers' arrival alongside the Pier at New York after 8:00 pm any Passengers who so desire can remain on board until the following morning, but Passengers desiring to do so are requested to give notice of their intention.

Valuables. The American Line has provided a Safe in the office of the Purser in which Passengers may deposit Money, Jewels, or Ornaments for safe keeping. The Company will not be liable to Passengers for the loss of money, jewels, or ornaments, by theft or otherwise, not so deposited.

Insurance of Baggage, Etc. Arrangements have been made whereby Passengers can have their baggage insured against loss by sea or land, including risk of fire, breakage, theft or pilferage, from the time the baggage is received by the American Line until delivery at destination. Other risks can also be insured against.

The Company strcngly recommend Passengers to ensure their packages whenever practicable, as in the event of loss or damage to baggage the American Line cannot under any circumstances accept any liability beyond the amount specified on their steamer contract ticket.

Travellers' Cheques payable in all parts of Europe, can be purchased at all the principal offices of the American Line. These Cheques are accepted on board American Line Steamers in payment of accounts, but the Pursers do not carry funds to enable them to cash same.

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