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SS St. Louis Passenger List - 21 October 1899

Passenger List Sheet, October 1899 Westbound Voyage - SS St. Louis

Second Proof (Partial) of a Saloon Passenger List for the SS St. Louis fo the American Line, Departing Saturday, 21 October 1899 from Southampton to New York, Commanded by Captain William G. Randle.


Saloon Passengers

  1. Mrs. Ames
  2. Mrs. F. S. Allen
  3. Miss H. E. Ames
  4. Mrs. Vanderbilt Allen
  5. Miss Gladys Allen
  6. Mr. W. S. Accles
  7. Mr. R. S. Atwater
  8. Mr. George B. Atwater
  9. Mr. J. R. J. Anderson
  10. Mr. C. W. Breed
  11. Mrs. C. W. Breed
  12. Miss A. Burbank
  13. M. Burbank
  14. Mr. B. Bamberg
  15. Miss L. F. Barlow
  16. Miss N. R. Baker
  17. Miss A. Brundage
  18. Miss Lilian Bell
  19. Mr. W. T. Bilson
  20. Dr S. Carleton
  21. Mrs. T. P. Coffin
  22. Miss J. Caughell
  23. Mr. A. S. Caldwell
  24. Mrs. Edward Carey
  25. Mrs. J. Elliott Condict
  26. Mr. R. S. Cassie
  27. Miss M. E. Canfield
  28. Mr. M. Cohen
  29. Mrs. M. Cohen
  30. Miss D. Cohen
  31. Miss M. Cohen
  32. Mr. E. Cohen and Maid
  33. Rev. C. J. Clifford
  34. Mrs. Chinn
  35. Mr. W. C. Chapin
  36. Mr. Chas. E. Dana
  37. Mrs. Chas. E. Dana
  38. Miss Milicent Dana and Maid
  39. Mr. John F. Dickson
  40. Mrs. John F. Dickson
  41. Miss Belle Dickson
  42. Mr. W. P. Day
  43. Suite Col. O. H. Ernst
  44. Miss Ernst
  45. Miss Ruth H. Early
  46. Miss Molly J. Early
  47. Miss Evelyn R. Early
  48. Mr. S. K. de Forest
  49. Mrs. S. K. de Forest and special stewardess
  50. Miss Josephine L. de Forest
  51. Miss Augusta S. de Forest and Maid
  52. Mrs. Morris S. French
  53. Dr Morris S. French
  54. Miss Susan W. French
  55. Lt. Thos. W. Fitch
  56. Miss Eleanor Fitch
  57. Mrs. T. W. Folsom
  58. Mr. Wm. Farrell
  59. Mrs. Florence Fox
  60. Mr. A. W. Green
  61. Mrs. A. W. Green
  62. Miss Mary Green
  63. Miss Esther M. Green
  64. Master John R. Green
  65. Mrs. B. F. Goodrich
  66. Miss Goodrich and Maid
  67. Mrs. C. F. Goodrich
  68. Miss Goodrich
  69. Miss Gladys Goodrich
  70. Mr. B. F. Gray, Jr.
  71. Mrs. B. F. Gray, Jr.
  72. Mrs. M. B. F. Goddard
  73. Mr. C. R. Grannan
  74. Mrs. Grannan Suite
  75. Mrs. H. F. Harbeck and Maid
  76. Mr. C. G. Howe
  77. Miss H. E. Howe
  78. Mr. Thomas Hackett
  79. Thomas Hackett
  80. Miss Mary Hackett
  81. Rev. John C. Henry
  82. Mr. B. E. Huntley
  83. Miss Hancock
  84. Miss J. N. Huey
  85. Miss Katherine Hoffman
  86. Mr. J. W. Jackman
  87. Mrs. E. R. Jones
  88. Rev Koehne
  89. Mrs. Koehne, child and Maid
  90. Mr. Fitz. Kahn
  91. Mr. R. D. Knight
  92. Hon. George Kepple
  93. Mr. W. H. Knowles
  94. Dr E. S. Lemoine
  95. Miss Genevieve Lemoine
  96. Miss Adele Lemoine
  97. Mrs. V. D. Lingan
  98. Master Prentiss Lingan
  99. Miss Violetta Lingan
  100. Miss Mary Lambing
  101. Mrs. W. H. Lessig
  102. Miss Ada A. LeMmon
  103. Miss Belle A. LeMmon
  104. Mr. Thos. Lambert
  105. Miss Lepicier
  106. Mr. Levy
  107. Mr. C. de R. Moore
  108. Miss Moore
  109. Mrs. Moore and Maid
  110. Mr. S. G. Morton Maule
  111. Mrs. S. G. Morton Maule
  112. Miss Margaret C. Maule
  113. Miss Frances Maule
  114. Mr. Alfred C. Maule
  115. Mr. Orlando H. Manning
  116. Mrs. Orlando H. Manning
  117. Miss Manning
  118. Mr. C. R. Mulligan
  119. Miss Mulligan
  120. Mrs. E. Mitchell
  121. Miss Mitchell
  122. Mr. H. N. McKinney
  123. Mr. J. K. Mills
  124. Mrs. A. L. A. Morris
  125. Dr Munro
  126. Mrs. Laurence H. Mills
  127. Miss Maxwell
  128. Miss Rosie Mozier
  129. Mr. Chas. R. Miller
  130. Miss M. A. Nedham
  131. Miss E. L. Nedham
  132. Mr. Andrew L. Neeson
  133. Mr. Arthur Nelstone
  134. Mrs. Arthur Nelstone
  135. Mr. D. O'Connell
  136. Mrs. I). O'Connell
  137. Mrs. J. D. O'Bryan
  138. Mr. G. S. Oliver
  139. Miss E. M. O'Neill
  140. Mrs. W. D. F. Prentiss
  141. Miss Grace L. Prentiss
  142. Miss Ethel Powers
  143. Mr. D. S. Page
  144. Mrs. Pullman
  145. Mrs. Nevada Palmer
  146. Miss Mignon Palmer
  147. Dr. R. Palmer and Valet
  148. Mr. Ernest Reckitt
  149. Mrs. Ernest Reckitt
  150. A. M. Rhodes
  151. Miss Rhodes
  152. Mr. W. J. Rainey
  153. Miss Grete Rainey
  154. Mr. C. E. Rogers
  155. Miss Russell
  156. Mrs. Sarah T. Robb
  157. Miss A. Rankin
  158. Mrs. J. S. Sweeney
  159. Miss Mary Margaret Sweeney
  160. Master John S. Sweeney
  161. Miss Lily V. Stanley
  162. Mrs. Henry W. Smith and Maid
  163. Mr. Wm. E. Speakman
  164. Mrs. Wm. E. Speakman
  165. Miss Eleanor Speakman
  166. Mrs. E. H. Schenck
  167. Mrs. K. F. Seeley
  168. Mr. Charles J. Seabrook
  169. Mrs. Charles J. Seabrook
  170. Miss M. E. Seawell
  171. Miss Henrietta Seawell
  172. Miss Isabel Skinner
  173. Miss Katherine Skinner
  174. Mrs. Anna S. Stephens
  175. Mrs. Joseph Stanley
  176. Miss Stearns
  177. Dr J. E. Stubbert
  178. Mrs. Stubbert
  179. Mrs. M. Stachelberg
  180. Miss Stachelberg
  181. Mr. George Wilkinson Stetson
  182. Mrs. Wilkinson Stetson
  183. Miss Stetson
  184. Mr. W. W. Stetson
  185. Hon. Samuel G. Thompson
  186. Mr. William E. Thompson
  187. Miss Clara Thompson and Maid
  188. Mr. Arthur Taylor
  189. Mr. H. C. Thompson
  190. Mrs. Twytard and Infant
  191. Miss Lilian Vanderbilt
  192. Mrs. F. H. Watriss and Maid
  193. Mr. A. H. Wickham
  194. Mrs. A. H. Wickham
  195. Miss A. C. Weir
  196. Miss S. M. Weir
  197. Mrs. Laurence Wells
  198. Miss Wells
  199. Miss Julie Li Wells
  200. Miss Anna S: Wells
  201. Mrs. Henry Willard
  202. Miss Wilkins
  203. Miss Wheeler
  204. Mrs. Wright
  205. Miss Wykes
  206. Mr. George E. Wheeler
  207. Mr. Frederick P. Wall
  208. Mrs. W. D. Woolson
  209. Col. Marion B. Wheeler

Second Proof of Passenger List

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