SS Noordland Archival Collection



Noordland (1884) Red Star Line

Built by Laird Bros., Ltd., Birkenhead, England. Tonnage: 5,129. Dimensions: 400'x 47'. Propulsion: Single-screw, 13 1/2 knots. 2,500 I.H.P. Compound engines. Masts and Funnels: Four masts and one funnel. Service: Antwerp-New York. Ownership Transfer: Transferred to American Line's Liverpool-Philadelphia service in 1901. Fate: Scrapped in 1908.


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Passenger Manifest Cover, August 1906 Westbound Voyage - SS Noordland

1906-08-22 SS Noordland Passenger List

  • Steamship Line: American Line
  • Class of Passengers: Not Stated
  • Date of Departure: 22 August 1906
  • Route: Liverpool to Philadelphia
  • Commander: Captain Thomas Deans


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Cover of American Line Philadelpha - Queenstown - Liverpool Brochure 1907

American Line Philadelphia - Queenstown - Liverpool Service - 1907

American Line has specially arranged to accommodate those passengers who want good food and service, moderate speed and to have the best accommodation the steamers afford at a reasonable cost. Ships Covered: Friesland, Haverford, Merion, Noordland, and Westernland.


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Menu Cover, Dinner on the SS Noordland of the American Line 4 July 1908

1908-07-04 SS Noordland Independence Day Dinner Menu

This rare fourth of July Bill of Fare from the SS Noordland of the American Line featured Broiled Chicken. Maryland Style and Petits Fillets Mignonne's. The complete lyrics of the Star Spangled Banner were printed on the bask side of the menu.


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Sailing Schedule, New York-Antwerp, from 6 February 1886 to 30 October 1886.

Red Star Line Sailing Schedule, 6 February 1886 to 30 October 1886

The SS Noordland, operated by Red Star Line, was scheduled for transatlantic voyages between 6 February 1886 and 30 October 1886.


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Front Cover and Spine, Passenger Ships of the World, Past and Present by Eugene W. Smith, 1963.

Passenger Ships of the World - 1963

Passenger Ships of the World, 1963, represents an incredible resource covering passenger ships that are Trans-Atlantic, Trans-Pacific, Trans-Pacific via Panama Canal, Latin American, Africa and the Eastern Oceans, and California-Hawaii.


Front Cover, The American Line: 1871-1902 by William Henry Flayhart III

The American Line: 1871-1902 (2000)

The American Tine tells the story of the first successful American steamship line after the Civil War to rival the great European transatlantic companies—an essential and glorious chapter in the history of the American Merchant Marine.


Front Cover and Spine, The Red Star Line and International Mercantile Marine Company by Vernon Edmond William Finch, 1988.

The Red Star Line and the IMM

The Red Star Line, one of the oldest and best-known shipping lines ever to send ships out to sail the oceans, was founded in 1872 and liquidated in 1935.


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