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SS Neptunia Ephemera Collection

Neptunia (1920) Greek Line

Built by Nederlandsche Scheepsbouw, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Tonnage: 10,474. Dimensions: 506'x 59'. Twin- screw, 17 knots. Triple expansion engines. Single mast and one funnel. Passengers: 39 first and 727 tourist. In various trans-Atlantic services, including Piraeus-New York. Struck Daunts Rock on November 2, 1957. Due to the severe damage by grounding, she was sold to Dutch shipbreakers. Arrived at New Waterway by tow, March 7, 1958; subsequently broken up for scrap. Ex-Johan de Witt (1948).

Neptunia (1932) (a) Cosulich Line, (b) Italia Line

Built by Cantieri Riuniti Dell* Adriático, Monfalcone, Italy. Tonnage: 19,475. Dimensions: 555' x 76' (589' o.l.). Twin- screw, 19 ]/2 knots. Motorship. Two masts and one funnel. In Italy-South American service. Later used in the Far Eastern trade. Sunk by British submarine in Mediterranean on August 18, 1941. Sister ship: Oceania.

Neptunia (1951) Lloyd Triestino (Italian)

Built by Cantieri Riuniti, dell' Adriático, Trieste, Italy. Tonnage: 13,212. Dimensions: 501' x 69' (528' o.l.). Twin- screw, 18 knots. Motorship. Single mast and one funnel. Passengers: 136 first and 600 tourist. Service: Italy-Australia, via Suez Canal. Sister ships: Australia and Oceania.


Advertisement: SITMAR Line Cruises for 1926 on the Twin-Screw Steamer SS Neptunia.

Advertisement: SITMAR Line Cruises for 1926 on the Twin-Screw Steamer SS Neptunia. First Cruise from Genoa on 1 June; Second Cruise from Grimsby on 16 July; and a Third Cruise from Hamburg on 17 August. SS Colombo Passenger List, 10 April 1926. GGA Image ID # 1e5fb07d0d



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