SS Kensington Passenger List - 15 June 1895


Front Cover of a Cabin Passenger List from the SS Kensington of the American Line, Departing 15 June 1895 from Philadelphia to Liverpool.

Front Cover of a Cabin Passenger List from the SS Kensington of the American Line, Departing 15 June 1895 from Philadelphia to Liverpool, Commanded by Captain Robert Bond. GGA Image ID # 212802c186


Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Commander: Captain Robert Bond
  2. Chief Officer: J. Watkins
  3. Surgeon: Dr. Edgar Ivatts
  4. Chief Engineer: H. J. Teiper
  5. Chief Steward: J. Pengelly
  6. Stewardess: Mrs. Mary A. Pierce


Cabin Passengers

  1. Mr. O. Anderson
  2. Dr. B. B. Adams
  3. Rev. Chas. A. Austin
  4. Mr. Andrew Bjorkman
  5. Mr. J. H. Burrows
  6. Mrs. J. H. Burrows
  7. Rev. Wm. Bannard, D. D.
  8. Mrs. H. B. Bagnard
  9. Rev. Walter A. Brooks
  10. Mr. Theodore Borden
  11. Miss Helen P. Borden
  12. Miss A. M. Bates
  13. Miss Anna G. Baldwin
  14. Mrs. Retta W. Bailey
  15. Miss Vera A. Bailey
  16. Mrs. A. M. Bratton
  17. Mr. James Oscar Boyd
  18. Mrs. H. Boswell and Children
  19. Mr. Chas. Bond
  20. Mr. Chas. E. Boyer
  21. Mr. Arthur Byart
  22. Miss Louise Boyd
  23. Miss Margaret Boyd
  24. Rev. E. K. Bell
  25. Master Joseph H. Bromley
  26. Master Chas. Bromley
  27. Mr. Henry A. Bair
  28. Mrs. Eliza Butler
  29. Miss Nora Bennion
  30. Miss Kate W. Baxton
  31. Mr. David E. Cooper
  32. Mrs. Clayton Cooper
  33. Mr. Henry Crew
  34. Miss W. B. Crew
  35. Miss A. E. Crew
  36. Dr. Mary J. Cochran
  37. Mr. Wm. W. Conway
  38. Miss B. Chamberlin
  39. Miss Anna W. Crane
  40. Miss Sarah Cramer
  41. Mr. Wilfred Clarke
  42. Mrs. C. Creely
  43. Miss Katherine J. Campbell
  44. Miss Helen M. Cook
  45. Mrs. Jos. Cave
  46. Miss Edna Cave
  47. Mr. Herbert E. Cave
  48. Mrs. Julia Cartwright
  49. Rev. Father Cloehessey
  50. Mrs. M. A. Darnell
  51. Mr. E. J. Du Mée
  52. Mrs. E. J. Du Mée
  53. Miss Bertha M. Du Mée
  54. Mrs. Anna B. Davidson
  55. Miss Grace Davidson
  56. Miss Alice M. Dudley
  57. Mrs. J. Dean
  58. Master Dean
  59. Mr. E. G. Eckert
  60. Mrs. B. English
  61. Mrs. Annie Earle
  62. Mrs. B. B. Foster
  63. Rev. W. P. Finney
  64. Mr. Julius W. Fischer
  65. Mr. Robert Fair
  66. Mrs. Clara E. Fraley
  67. Mrs. J. E. Fackrell
  68. Mr. David Foley
  69. Mrs. David Foley
  70. Miss Florence H. Gilmor
  71. Miss Martha Lee Gilmor
  72. Rev. Jno. S. Gilmor, D. D.
  73. Mrs. John S. Gilmor
  74. Rev. Loyal T. Graham, Jr.
  75. Mrs. W. B. Gillespie
  76. Mr. W. F. Garrett
  77. Mrs. W. F. Garrett
  78. Mrs. Mary Hudson
  79. Mr. Geo. A. Hulings
  80. Miss Fanny A. Hulings
  81. Miss Rachel B. Humes
  82. Miss Mary M. Hepburn
  83. Mr. F. H. Holden
  84. Mr. B. E. Holden
  85. Miss Bertha E. Hawes
  86. Miss Mabel C. Hawes
  87. Mrs. Mary B. Hoskins
  88. Mr. Joseph Harvey
  89. Mr. A. E. Holmes
  90. Mrs. A. E. Holmes
  91. Mrs. C. W. Horricks and children
  92. Miss Delphine Hanna, M. D.
  93. Miss P. S. Hallock
  94. Mr. H. B. Humes
  95. Mrs. H. B. Humes
  96. Mr. J. Lee Hall
  97. Mr. J. A. Hall
  98. Mrs. Mary Irvine
  99. Mr. Newton A. Johnson
  100. Mrs. Newton A. Johnson
  101. Miss Julia Johnson
  102. Miss Ruth Johnson
  103. Mr. Edw. R. Kingsbury
  104. Mrs. Edw. R. Kingsbury
  105. Master Maurice Kingsbury
  106. Miss Mary Keenan
  107. Mr. Arthur M. Kennedy
  108. Rev. M. Egbert Koonce
  109. Rev. Jno. B. Kugler
  110. Mrs. Jno. B. Kugler
  111. Mrs. R. J. Larkin
  112. Mr. Herman C. Lammers
  113. Miss Hannah Lee
  114. Mr. Dwight M. Ludington
  115. Mrs. L. A. Lockwood
  116. Miss T. L. Lockwood
  117. Miss K. D. Lyon
  118. Miss Mary Lynne
  119. Mr. Geo. Spencer Morris
  120. Mrs. Geo. Spencer Morris
  121. Mrs. L. S. Murray
  122. Mr. Matthew McCauley
  123. Mrs. Matthew McCauley
  124. Miss Jane McDonald
  125. Mr. A. H. Melhorn
  126. Mr. John F. McArdle
  127. Mr. Wm. McNally
  128. Mr. T. S. Mitchell
  129. Mrs. T. S. Mitchell
  130. Mr. David Mitchell
  131. Miss Kate Mitchell
  132. Mr. Louis Manss
  133. Dr. W. Walter Martin
  134. Rev. Rich Montgomery
  135. Rev. F. E. Marsten, D. D.
  136. Mr. C. B. Martin
  137. Mr. Francis S. Mcllhenny
  138. Mr. Theo. E. Mcllhenney
  139. Mr. G. Planteau Middleton
  140. Mrs. General Middleton
  141. Miss Lizzie Maginnis
  142. Miss M. Mortimer
  143. Mr. W. N. Matey
  144. Dr. J. J. McGrath
  145. Mr. J. F. Maeder
  146. Mrs. J. F. Maeder
  147. Master Willie Maeder
  148. Miss Anna McGough
  149. Commadore T. V. McNair
  150. Mrs. T. V. McNair
  151. Master T. V. McNair
  152. Mr. Dwight Mallory
  153. Mr. P. M. Newton
  154. Miss Maud St. J. Nichols
  155. Mrs. Alice Nichols
  156. Miss Frances E. Oliver
  157. Mrs. Horace B. Pearson
  158. Mr. S. M. Palmer
  159. Mrs. S. M. Palmer
  160. Mr. William C. Pistor
  161. Miss E. S. Peirce
  162. Miss Florence E. Pierce
  163. Miss Edith Pusey
  164. Mr. Jonathan Prichard
  165. Mrs. Jonathan Prichard
  166. Miss Annie Prichard
  167. Mr. H. P. Painter
  168. Miss Katie Punch
  169. Mr. Fred Poole
  170. Rev. Wm. M. Pettis
  171. Mr. Alfred Parkinson
  172. Mrs. F. C. Pierce
  173. Mrs. Alicent Raby
  174. Rev. M. E. Ross, D. D.
  175. Rev. Alex, Rankin
  176. Mrs. Alex. Rankin
  177. Mrs. Ann Riley
  178. Mr. W. S. Romney
  179. Mrs. A. M. Sutton
  180. Prof. J. Spiers
  181. Mrs. J. Spiers, Children, and Nurse
  182. Miss A. P. Shedden
  183. Mr. G. H. Shirk
  184. Miss Ada H. Simpson
  185. Rev. J. E. Scott, D.D.
  186. Miss A. Speakman
  187. Mrs. P. Shaw
  188. Mr. Chas. Smith
  189. Mr. W. Irving Squire, Jr.
  190. Mr. Frank Stone
  191. Mr. Oliver C. Smith
  192. Mrs. Oliver C. Smith
  193. Mr. John Z. Turner
  194. Miss Katherine E. Tyler
  195. Mrs. W. Graham Tyler
  196. Mr. James R. Taylor
  197. Rev. A. J. Turkle
  198. Rev. J. A. Worden, D. D.
  199. Mrs. J. A. Worden
  200. Miss Mary A. Worden
  201. Miss Sarah Worden
  202. Mrs. E. T. Wolf
  203. Mr. H. E. Williams
  204. Miss Alice Williams
  205. Miss H. H. Winslow
  206. Mrs. A. M. Winslow
  207. Mr. Carlton M. Williams
  208. Mrs. Carlton M. Williams
  209. Miss Ottilie Wipper
  210. Mr. Orrin T. Wightman
  211. Miss Daisy Wood
  212. Mrs. Sarah White and children
  213. Rev. E. R. Wagner
  214. Mr. Thos. Wolstenholme
  215. Mrs. Thos. Wolstenholme
  216. Miss Florence Wolstenholme
  217. Mrs. James T. Young


Passenger Information

  • BREAKFAST at 8 a.m.
  • DINNER at 12.30 p.m
  • TEA at 5.30 p.m.
  • SUPPER at 9 p.m.

The Bar closes at 10.30 p.m.

Lights are extinguished in the Saloon at 10.30 p.m. and in the Smoking Room at 11.00 p.m.

Please apply to the Chief Steward for Seats at Table.

Letters and Telegrams to be sent ashore with the Pilot should be handed to the Chief Steward an hour before reaching Breakwater. Those for dispatch upon reaching Queenstown should be given to him an hour before arrival at that Port.

Baggage: The Second Steward will attend to inquiries regarding Baggage. Passengers' Baggage they wish to leave in the Company's care should be handed over, properly labeled, and with full instructions as to disposal.

Steamer Chairs can be obtained for use on the voyage at a charge of 50 cents each upon application to the Second Steward.

Valuables: The Company will not be responsible for valuables or money unless given in charge of the Chief Steward and a receipt for same obtained from him.

Persons holding Return Certificates should give as early notice as possible of the date they desire to sail from Liverpool to Messrs. Richardson, Spence & Co., Liverpool.

Letters may be addressed to the care of any of the Offices named below, and they will be retained until called for or forwarded according to instructions.


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