SS New York Passenger List - 12 August 1899

Front Cover - 12 August 1899 Passenger List for the SS New York of the American Line

Front Cover of a Saloon Passenger List for the SS New York of the American Line, Departing Saturday, 12 August 1899 from Southampton to New York via Cherbourg, Commanded by Captain W. J. Roberts.


Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: W. J. Roberts
  2. Purser: Howard E. Hinsley
  3. Surgeon: R. C. Hutchinson
  4. Chief Steward: Jarnes Farrell


Saloon Passengers

  1. Mrs. C. L. Allen
  2. Mr. T. Ellis Browne
  3. Miss Allen
  4. Mrs. George Pendleton Bowler
  5. Mr. G. H. Atkin and Maid
  6. Mrs. Abell
  7. Mr. Harvey Bell
  8. Miss A. Abell
  9. Mr. Henry Bacon
  10. Mrs. Hortense Arnould
  11. Mr. E. C. Bickell
  12. Mr. Chas. E. Ackers
  13. Mrs. Edward S. Bragg
  14. Miss Kitty Abbey
  15. Miss J. H. Ballantine
  16. Mr. S. H. Benton
  17. Mrs. S. H. Benton
  18. Miss Louise Beaudet
  19. Dr J. D. Burns
  20. Mr. J. H. Brock
  21. Mr. J. S. Barclay
  22. Mr. T. J. Blakeslee
  23. Mr. H. A. Boal
  24. Dr G. W. Burns
  25. Mr. I. Behr
  26. Miss Kenyon Bishop
  27. Mr. G. Berry
  28. Mr. George Booker
  29. Mrs. Booker
  30. Miss Louise Booker
  31. Mr. Julius Beck
  32. Mr. T. W. Cauter
  33. Mr. L. R. Cauter
  34. Mr. C. L. Cauter
  35. Mrs. Sarah E. E. Chamberlain
  36. Miss A. B. Corse
  37. Mr. Gilman Callamose
  38. Mr. Walter Camp
  39. Mrs. Camp
  40. Mr. Edwin E. Cassell
  41. Mrs. Cassell
  42. Capt. L. H. Close
  43. Mr. H. B. Clark
  44. Mr. Thos. P. Cleaves
  45. Hon. T. H. Carter
  46. Mr. T. E. Comba
  47. Mr. W. S. Colvin
  48. Mr. H. L. Cooper
  49. Mrs. Cooper
  50. Mrs. Cushing
  51. Mr. Clydesdale
  52. Mrs. Clydesdale
  53. Mr. R. W. Carroll
  54. Mrs. Carroll
  55. Mr. Robert Fulgora
  56. Rev. M. B. Farse
  57. Mr. O. E. Foster
  58. Mr. S. Forster
  59. Mr. E. C. Frampton
  60. Mrs. Frampton
  61. Mr. John Faulkner
  62. Mr. R. B. Fort
  63. Mr. Martin Dennis
  64. Miss Florence Dodd
  65. Mr. C. Dupee
  66. Mr. John Drew
  67. Mrs. Drew
  68. Miss Drew and Valet
  69. Mr. Wm. Disston
  70. Mrs. Disston and Maid
  71. Mr. Wm. Dunlop Disston
  72. Miss Pauline Disston and Nurse
  73. Mrs. N. Dunlop
  74. Miss E. Dunlop
  75. Mr. Frank Dale
  76. Mrs. Dale
  77. Mrs. Wert Dexter
  78. Miss Katherine Dexter and Maid
  79. Mr. Chas. E. Dudley
  80. Mr. C. R. Drummond
  81. Mrs. Drummond and Maid
  82. Mr. Andre Demetre
  83. Mr. Richard Harding Davis
  84. Mrs. Richard Harding Davis and Maid
  85. Mrs. W. F. Douthirt
  86. Mr. A. M. palberg
  87. Mr. Robt. Emmet
  88. Mrs. Emmet
  89. Mrs. Earl
  90. Miss Earl
  91. Mrs. Richard L. Evans
  92. Master Evans
  93. Miss Enstace
  94. Mrs. W. H. Frease
  95. Mr. E. D. Floyd
  96. Mrs. Floyd
  97. Miss Caroline A. Finneran
  98. Hon. J. W. Goff
  99. Mr. F. H. Ginn
  100. Mrs. Ginn
  101. Mr. Chas. Cross Goodrich
  102. Mrs. Goodrich
  103. Mr. Arthur Geoffroy
  104. Mr. Miles D. Goodyear
  105. Mrs. Goodyear
  106. Mrs. John S. George
  107. Mr. C. H. George
  108. Mrs. F. G. Gallup
  109. Miss Jean Donald Gallup
  110. Mr. Robert M. Green
  111. Mr. W. F. Garrison
  112. Mrs. Garrison and Maid
  113. Mr. George Gibb
  114. Mrs. C. de Guerin
  115. Mr. H. B. Gilson
  116. Mrs. H. G. Gibson
  117. Miss A. E. Greatsinger
  118. Mr. H. T. Greenley
  119. Mrs. Ethel A. Hatch
  120. Miss Jeanne M. Hatch
  121. Mr. C. F. Halsted
  122. Mr. G. F. Halsted
  123. Miss Julia C. Harrison
  124. Mr. H. H. Hutchinson
  125. Mrs. W. M. Harlon
  126. Mr. W. G. Hockridge
  127. Miss Rita M. Hardie
  128. Mr. I. Howland
  129. Mrs. Howland
  130. Mr. Fletcher Harper
  131. Mrs. Albert Howell, Jr.
  132. Mr. A. Howell, Jr.
  133. Mr. J. W. Hallowell
  134. Mrs. C. E. Hall
  135. Mr. R. M. Howison
  136. Mr. De Wett Hutchings
  137. Mr. Joseph C. Hoagland and courier
  138. Mrs. Hoagland and Maid
  139. Miss Fanny M. Hoagland
  140. Mr. John A. Hoagland
  141. Mr. Alanson S. Hall
  142. Mr. F. W. Hippie
  143. Mrs. Hackley
  144. Mr. Henri Jaquin
  145. Mr. John Paul Jones
  146. Mrs. Jones
  147. Mr. Chevalier Jackson
  148. Mrs. Jackson
  149. Mr. E. C. Kindelberger
  150. Mrs. Wm. J. Kline
  151. Miss Helen M. Kline
  152. Rev A. A. Kiehle
  153. Mrs. Kiehle
  154. Mr. Preston Kumber
  155. Miss Mary J. Kean
  156. Master J. Lyon Kean
  157. Master Drew H. Kean
  158. Mr. Herman Kloninger
  159. Mrs. Kloninger
  160. Mr. Lester Keene
  161. Mr. Gordon P. Kiser
  162. Mr. Theodore Leach
  163. Mr. A. J. Loecher
  164. Mrs. Loecher
  165. Dr Hartland Law
  166. Mr. J. Lichtenstein
  167. Mrs. Lichtenstein
  168. Miss A. Lichtenstein
  169. Mr. H. B. Livingstone
  170. Mrs. H. B. Livingstone
  171. Mr. G. N. Lusson
  172. Mr. C. F. Linsley
  173. Mrs. Linsley
  174. Miss Bessie G. Linsley
  175. Dr Harry Lukes
  176. Mrs. Lukes
  177. Miss R. Lukes
  178. Mr. E. Le Page
  179. Mrs. Le Page
  180. Mr. Ed. Latell
  181. Mrs. Latell
  182. Mr. Robt. Emroy McClenahan
  183. Mrs. McClenahan
  184. Mr. Roy P. McClenahan
  185. Mr. T. G. Morflt
  186. Mr. Wm. McNicoll
  187. Mrs. McNicoll
  188. Mrs. A. B. Martel
  189. Miss Daisy Moran
  190. Mrs. K. McCaim
  191. Mr. Wm. A. Mears
  192. Mrs. Mears
  193. Miss Mary E. Mears
  194. Miss Mazie A. Mears and Maid
  195. Mr. M. J. McNeil
  196. Mr. John S. McNeil
  197. Mrs. McNeill
  198. Miss Maude McNeill
  199. Mr. C. H. McNeill
  200. Mr. Mariani
  201. Mr. Wm. H. McCallum
  202. Mrs. Wm. H. McCallum
  203. Dr. J. Marrow
  204. Mrs. Marrow
  205. Miss Marrow
  206. Mrs. George A. McCellan
  207. Miss Marion McClellan
  208. Mr. Metzler
  209. Mrs. M. L. McChain
  210. Miss M. W. McChain
  211. Mr. C. F..McClumpha
  212. Mr. J. C. McLauchlin
  213. Mrs. G. B. McCulloch
  214. Miss J. W. McCulloch
  215. Rev. G. Parsons Nichols
  216. Mrs. Nichols
  217. Mr. John R. Norris
  218. Mr. J. J. O'Neill
  219. Mrs. O'Neill
  220. Mr. G. W. Ochs
  221. Mr. Joseph Ogilby
  222. Mr. Chas. Ogilby
  223. Miss Anne Phinizy
  224. Mr. G. I. Parkhurst
  225. Mr. Palmer
  226. Dr. H. M. Pomeroy
  227. Mrs. Pomeroy
  228. M. W. H. Purdy
  229. Mr. Leopold Plaut
  230. Mrs. Plaut
  231. Miss My C. Peckham
  232. Mrs. George H. Peckham
  233. Rev. J. R. Patterson
  234. Mrs. Patterson
  235. Mr. R. C. Perkins
  236. Mrs. E. Paledini
  237. Mr. A. W. Petitte
  238. Mr. W. J. Partridge
  239. Miss Irene Perry
  240. Rev. M. J. Savage
  241. Mr. M. S. Savage
  242. Mr. Otto Stalmann
  243. Mrs. George P. Scriven, two children and Maid
  244. Mr. Walter J. Stanford
  245. Mr. F. J. Quinlan
  246. Mr. James Q. Rice
  247. Mr. George K. Reed
  248. Mrs. Reed
  249. Mr. H. S. Reynolds
  250. Miss A. Richards
  251. Mr. A. N. Rice
  252. Mr. James T. Roche, Jr.
  253. Mr. Louis Rohrheimer
  254. Mr. A. M. Rihl
  255. Mrs. Rihl
  256. Mrs. W. G. Read, Jr.
  257. Miss Helen Read
  258. Miss Edith Read
  259. Miss Rudeloff
  260. Mr. Chas. F. Rotch
  261. Mr. A. B. Ryker
  262. Mr. Russell
  263. Mr. G. H. Rivers
  264. Mr. F. O. Strong
  265. Mr. Henry L. Scheuerman
  266. Mr. P. P. Smith
  267. Mrs. Smith
  268. Mr. James Sharp
  269. Mr. W. H. Shepard
  270. Mr. F. P. Stearns
  271. Mrs. Stearns
  272. Mr. H. R. Stearns
  273. Mr. R. H. Stearns
  274. Mr. F. G. Sikes
  275. Mr. H. H. Smith
  276. Miss J. Sampson
  277. Mr. Wm. P. Sharpless
  278. Mrs. Sharpless
  279. Mr. Hugh Sivell
  280. Mr. Jas. P. Silo
  281. Miss Hattie Smith
  282. Mrs. L. B. Shriver
  283. Miss Adeline Salisbury and Maid
  284. Mr. Chas. L. Seale
  285. Mrs. Seale
  286. Master Claude Seale
  287. Mr. Harold Sheldon
  288. Mr. J. L. Truscott
  289. Mrs. Truscott and child
  290. Mr. R. H. Thomas
  291. Mrs. Frederick G. Trunkett
  292. Miss Isabel Trunkett
  293. Mr. F. W. Tower
  294. Mr. J. D. Thompson
  295. Mr. Benj. H. Tatem
  296. Mrs. Tatem
  297. Mr. John M. Tatem
  298. Mr. Wm. A. Tatem
  299. Mr. Saml. L. Tuck
  300. Mrs. Tuck
  301. Mrs. George E. Taylor
  302. Miss Grace L. Temple
  303. Col. J. F. Tobias
  304. Mr. R. K. Tyler
  305. Miss M. E. Vaughan
  306. Dr Von Roeder
  307. Mr. Henry Wendt
  308. Mrs. Wendt
  309. Mr. S. G. Wells
  310. Mr. C. A. White
  311. Miss Grace White
  312. Mr. A. Wetmore
  313. Mrs. Wetmore
  314. Mr. O. P. Wilson
  315. Mrs. Wilson
  316. Mr. E. J. Wendell
  317. Mr. Robt. Wilkinson
  318. Mrs. J. H. Wheeler
  319. Mr. Walker Willson Watrous and Valet
  320. Mrs. Watrous and Maid
  321. Mrs. Whitaker
  322. Miss Amy Whitaker
  323. Mr. F. J. Wells
  324. Mr. W. P. White
  325. Mr. Alexander C. Young
  326. Mrs. Young

Information for Passengers

  • Breakfast from 8 until 10 am
  • Luncheon at 1 pm
  • Dinner at 6:30 pm

The Bar closes at 11:00 pm Lights are extinguished in the Saloon at 11:00 pm, and in the Smoking Room at 12 (midnight).

Please apply to the Second Steward for Seats at Table.

Letters and Telegrams should be handed to the Saloon Steward within an hour after leaving Southampton, and those for despatch upon reaching port should be handed to him an hour before arrival.

Writing Paper, Envelopes, and Telegraph Forms, will be found in the Library.

For Railway and Steamship Time Tables of the various Companies, apply to the Saloon Steward.

Inquiries regarding Baggage will be attended to by the Baggage Steward, to whom all Baggage which Passengers wish to leave in the Company's care should be handed, properly labelled, and with full instructions as to disposal.

Large Deck Chairs can be obtained for use on the voyage, at a charge of 50 cents each, upon application at the Purser's Office, or to the Deck Steward.

The Company will not be responsible for valuables or money unless given in the charge of the Purser, and a receipt for same should be obtained from the Purser.

Letters may be addressed to the care of any of the Offices named below, and they will be retained until called for, or forwarded according to instructions.


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