SS Friesland Passenger List - 16 August 1905

Front Cover of a Cabin Passenger List for the SS Friesland of the American Line. The Ship Departed Wednesday, 16 August 1905 from Liverpool to Philadelphia, Commanded by Captain C. J. Rogers.

Front Cover of a Cabin Passenger List for the SS Friesland of the American Line. The Ship Departed Wednesday, 16 August 1905 from Liverpool to Philadelphia, Commanded by Captain C. J. Rogers. The Friesland Arrived in Philadelphia on 27 August 1905. [1] GGA Image ID # 158f0ac243


Note 1: Morton Allen Directory, Page 102, Column 3

Notable Passengers included: Charles Henry Bartlett, Leslie Kenyon, Walter D. Meals

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: C. J. Rogers
  2. Surgeon: Frank Peterkin
  3. Purser: B. J. Priest


List of Passengers

  1. Dr. C. A. Adams
  2. Mrs. Adams
  3. Miss Gertrude M. Adams
  4. Dr. Henry C. Allen - M.D. (2 Oct 1836 - 22 Jan 1909) Canadian-American Physicain - Civil War under General Ulysses S. Grant - Later founded Hering Medical College and was Dean and Professor of Materia Medica until his death
  5. Miss Eleanor Avery
  6. Mrs. C. F. Ayer - Attorney
  7. Mrs. C. Abrams
  8. Mrs. E. Ambrose
  9. Mr. Jos. A. Abram
  10. Miss Nellie A Bond
  11. Miss Virginia Brown
  12. Miss Florence E. A. Best
  13. Miss Mary Barrow
  14. Mrs. H. C. Boden
  15. Miss Elizabeth Boden
  16. Mr. Harry C. Boden, Jr.
  17. Rev. H. M. Bovey
  18. Miss M. E. Brown
  19. Professor Daniel Batchelor
  20. Miss Florence M. Batchelor
  21. Mrs. S. J. Bartlett
  22. Miss Edith J. Broomhall - Author Spanish Composition
  23. Miss Evelyn V. Balmer
  24. Mr. Sydney Bourne
  25. Miss Eliza Beck
  26. Mr. Charles H. Bartlett - Charles Henry Bartlett (1885-1968) Competed in the 1908 Summer Olympics where he won the gold medal in the 100 kilometres competition
  27. Mr. Robert Cook
  28. Mrs. J. S. Croll
  29. Mrs. E. W. Curtis
  30. Rev. Hunter Corbett (8 December 1835-7 January 1920) was an American missionary to China.
  31. Mrs. Corbett Harriett Robina Southerland (1859 - 1936)
  32. Miss Louise Corbett (5 Sep 1894 - 12 Feb 1930)
  33. Master Scott Corbett - Scott Southerland Corbet (14 Aug 1893 - ?)
  34. Mr. Myer Cohen
  35. Mr. J. A. Cherpe
  36. Mrs. Cherpe
  37. Master John Cherpe
  38. Miss Mary Cherpe
  39. Miss Mabel A. Carpenter
  40. Miss Alice Corfield
  41. Mr. Charles Corbett
  42. Master Ross Corbett
  43. Dr. C. A. Covell
  44. Mrs. Covell
  45. Mr. F. H. Clayton
  46. Mrs. Clayton
  47. Mrs. J. H. Clarke
  48. Mrs. J. Clendenning and Infant
  49. Mr. Joseph Clarke
  50. Miss M. L. Chiquoine
  51. Miss Emily Cowles
  52. Mrs. W. H. Diller
  53. Rev. P. F. Donegan
  54. Miss Sadie Disston
  55. Rev J. S. N. Demorest
  56. Mr. Alfred Evenden
  57. Mrs. Evenden
  58. Miss M. V. Fort
  59. Miss Clara C. Flinn
  60. Rev. Joseph Fletcher
  61. Mrs. Fletcher
  62. Prof. G. W. Gilmore of the College of Agriculture, Cornell University
  63. Mrs. A. F. Groves
  64. Mr. William Grant
  65. Mrs. Grant
  66. Mr. W. Grant, Jr.
  67. Miss Bessie W. Hance
  68. Rev. Dr. Wayland Hoyt
  69. Mrs. Hoyt
  70. Miss Bertha Hanson
  71. Mr. Hamilton A. Hymes
  72. Mrs. Hymes
  73. Miss L. E. Jackson
  74. Miss Catherine James
  75. Mrs. J. B. Jones
  76. Miss Lucy M. Jones
  77. Miss Sarah M. Johnson
  78. Mrs. S. Klein
  79. Master Lion Klein
  80. Mr. Leslie Kenyon Actor, Theatre
  81. Mr. Ernest Kitson
  82. Mrs. Kitson
  83. Master Sydney Kitson
  84. Master Herbert Kitson
  85. Miss S. May Kitson
  86. Mr. Percy A. Kitson
  87. Mr. John Kaiser
  88. Mrs. Kaiser
  89. Master Harold Kaiser
  90. Mrs. W. S. Kellogg
  91. Miss N. R. Kellog
  92. Miss Margaret Kilroy
  93. Mrs. Mary Kempe
  94. Miss A. Kempe
  95. Miss Ethel Lamont
  96. Miss Lewis
  97. Miss Lewis
  98. Mrs. M. L. Merdenhall
  99. Mr. P. J. McCabe
  100. Mrs. McCabe
  101. Mr. J. J. Morrissey
  102. Mr. P. Murphy
  103. Mrs. Murphy
  104. Miss Rebecca J. Martin
  105. Mrs. C. McCready
  106. Mr. E. B. Mahood
  107. Mrs. Mahood
  108. Miss E. J. McKenzie
  109. Mrs. T. H. McDevitt
  110. Miss Shirley McPhail
  111. Mrs. W. S. Merriman
  112. Miss Edith E. Merriman
  113. Mr. Walter D. Meals - Cleveland lawyer and former Judge of the Court of Appeals - Appointed by President Harding to head a special court to determine the settlement of claims pending against the United States Shipping Board in 1921
  114. Mrs. Meals
  115. Miss Emma C. Nelms
  116. Mr. H. L. Nelms
  117. Miss E. J. Newkirk
  118. Miss S. H. Newkirk
  119. Rev. J. S. Nichols
  120. Mr. Wm. Owen
  121. Miss Ella M. Olmstead
  122. Miss Mary Petty
  123. Miss Mary Pickard
  124. Miss Elizabeth Perkins
  125. Mr. John H. Partenheimer
  126. Miss Lottie Ronald
  127. Mr. A Stewart
  128. Mr. M. Mellor Smith
  129. Mrs. A. P. Sweeney
  130. Miss E. P. Schofield
  131. Mr. John S. Stevens
  132. Mrs. Stevens
  133. Miss Mary Stevens
  134. Miss Beulah Spencer
  135. Dr. W. C Stillwell
  136. Mrs. Stillwell
  137. Miss Anna Stillwell
  138. Mr. Abel Stillwell
  139. Mr. Stillwell, Jr.
  140. Miss Bridget Shea
  141. Mrs. I. P. J. Sensenderfer
  142. Miss Helen Sensenderfer
  143. Mr. R. E. P. Sensenderfer - Newspaper Reporter - Evening Bulleting
  144. Miss L. C. Schneiderowicz - Although their real last name was Schneiderowicz, they later preferred to use the shorter version Schneider
  145. Miss Margaret C. Seyler
  146. Miss Grace Stephenson
  147. Mrs. C. M. Seltzer
  148. Miss M. L. Seltzer
  149. Miss Elizabeth Seltzer
  150. Mr. E. T. Sessinghaus
  151. Miss Harriett Smith
  152. Miss Lily M. Smith
  153. Miss Miriam Thomas
  154. Mr. H. M. Tompkins
  155. Mrs. Tompkins
  156. Mrs. J. J. Treacy
  157. Miss A. L. Taylor
  158. Miss C. J Taylor
  159. Mr. W. R Vickroy - St. Louis School Teacher
  160. Mrs. Vickroy and child
  161. Rev. W. A. Warner
  162. Col John A. Wiedersheim - Former commander of the Veteran Corps, First Regiment Infantry, N.G.P
  163. Miss Lilian Wiedersheim
  164. Miss Nora Whelan
  165. Miss Irene Watson
  166. Mr. R. H. White


Information for Passengers



  • BREAKFAST at 8 am.
  • LUNCH at 12:30 pm.
  • DINNER at 6 pm.
  • SUPPER at 9 pm.

The Bar closes at 11 pm LIGHTS are extinguished in the Saloon at 11 pm and in the Smoking Room at 11-30 pm.

Please apply to the Second Steward for Seats at Table

Inquiries regarding Baggage will be attended to by the Second Steward, to whom all Baggage that Passengers wish to leave in the Company's care should be handed, properly labeled, and with full instructions as to disposal.

Steamer Chairs can be obtained on the voyage at a charge of 4s each upon application to the Second Steward.

Valuables: Passengers may deposit with the Chief Steward any money, jewelry, &c., for safekeeping during the voyage. Still, no responsibility can be accepted for the same.

Persons holding Return Certificates should give as early notice as possible of the dale upon which they desire to sail from Philadelphia to the American Line, Land Title Building, Broad and Sansom Streets, Philadelphia.

Letters may be addressed to the care of any of the Offices named below, and they will l>e retained until called for or forwarded according to instructions. All such letters should hear the address they should be sent if not called for.

Travelers' Checks, payable in all parts of Europe, can be purchased at all the principal offices of the American Line.


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