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SS Philadelphia Passenger List - 15 August 1908

Front Cover of a Second Class Passenger List from the SS Philadelphia of the American Line, Departing Saturday, 15 August 1908 from Southampton To New York Via Cherbourg

Front Cover of a Second Class Passenger List from the SS Philadelphia of the American Line, Departing Saturday, 15 August 1908 from Southampton To New York Via Cherbourg, Commanded by Captain A. R. Mills. GGA Image ID # 162e3d1bbd

Noteworthy Last Names on this List: Buzzi, Candy, Frankenstein, and Wolfenstein

Senior Officers and Staff

  • Commander: Captain A. R. Mills
  • Purser: H. E. Hinsley
  • Surgeon: W. R. Henderson
  • Chief Steward: George Bell

Second Class Passengers

  1. Mr. Chas. Abrahams
  2. Miss Fanny Alder
  3. Mr. Barnett Adler
  4. Mrs. Elizabeth Aldrich
  5. Mr. Robert M. Andrews
  6. Mr. William Bond
  7. Mr. Alfred Beadle
  8. Mr. R. Barrett
  9. Mr. Geo. Bastian
  10. Mrs. Geo. Bastian
  11. Mr. Bodolfo Buzzi
  12. Miss Emily J. Bryant
  13. Mr. Joseph Benson
  14. Miss Florence E. Backus
  15. Mr. John Barriball
  16. Mrs. John Barriball
  17. Miss Erie S. Budd
  18. Mrs. Floerence Barker
  19. Mrs. Blagburn
  20. Miss Ivy Blagburn
  21. Mr. Richard Burkhardt
  22. Mr. C. A. Belven
  23. Mr. Lot Cock
  24. Mr. H. J. Cowell
  25. Miss Margaret Conley
  26. Miss Anne Conley
  27. Mr. Luigi Colovi
  28. Mr. Francesco Colovi
  29. Mr. Theodore Colovi
  30. Mrs. Floerence J. Catterson
  31. Mr. J. Copland
  32. Mrs. J. Copland
  33. Mr. Richard H. Christophers
  34. Mrs. Mabel Christophers
  35. Master R. H. Christophers
  36. Mr. J. D. Campbell
  37. Mr. Frederic E. Cramer
  38. Mr. Abraham Carlson
  39. Mr. C. S. Chalmers
  40. Mr. B. C. Colley
  41. Miss L. G. Colley
  42. Miss H. Candy
  43. Miss E. Candy
  44. Miss Belle Davis
  45. Mr. Robt. D. Douglas
  46. Mr. Y. E. Deboneras
  47. Mrs. Y. E. Deboneras
  48. Mr. H. Van H. Densmore
  49. Mrs. Julia Dönberg
  50. Miss Eva Dönberg
  51. Mr. Thos. S. Deacon
  52. Miss L. De Haan
  53. Mrs. Albina Dona
  54. Mr. B. L. Edward
  55. Mrs. B. L. Edward
  56. Mr. T. P. Flower
  57. Mr. Thos. B. Ford
  58. Mr. L. E. French
  59. Mr. Vitrorio Faunes
  60. Mr. Albert Frankenstein
  61. Miss Edith M. Graham
  62. Mrs. B. Gordon
  63. Master Charles Gordon
  64. Mrs. A. E. Grove
  65. Master F. G. Grove
  66. Miss D. A. Grove
  67. Mr. Simon P. Gillis
  68. Mrs. Anna Gilson
  69. Miss Blanche G. Gilson
  70. Mr. George A. Gow
  71. Mrs. W. H. Gooding
  72. Miss Marion L. Gooding
  73. Mr. Samuel Harrison
  74. Mr. Robert Hardy
  75. Mr. Francis Hicks
  76. Mr. Charles Hohl
  77. Mrs. Charles Hohl
  78. Mr. E. H. Hudson
  79. Miss Ella M. Henriksen
  80. Mr. William C. S. Ingraham
  81. Mr. Albert Jefferys
  82. Mr. T. Wheeler Jones
  83. Dr. Tokiziro Kato
  84. Mrs. Saki Kato
  85. Mr. A. E. Keith
  86. Master H. G. Keith
  87. Mr. J. A. Kroth
  88. Miss Emily Lever
  89. Mr. P. II. Lawton
  90. Mrs. P. R. Lawton
  91. Mr. A. Lindewall
  92. Mrs. A. Lindewall
  93. Master Arthur Lindewall
  94. Miss Margaret Lindewall
  95. Mr. R. J. Lutey
  96. Mrs. B. E. Lutey
  97. Madame Le D'dra
  98. Mrs. M. Lundberg and Infant
  99. Mr. James McManus
  100. Mrs. James McManus
  101. Miss Teresa McManus
  102. Miss Marie McManus
  103. Mr. Chas. Morgan
  104. Mr. William Millett
  105. Mr. Frank Millett
  106. Mr. N. J. Mitchell
  107. Mr. George O. Marshall
  108. Mr. Benjamin Mitchell
  109. Mr. H. G. Morris
  110. Mr. John A. McLaughlin
  111. Mr. Daniel Maitland
  112. Mrs. Daniel Maitland
  113. Miss Mabel Maitland
  114. Miss N. J. McPheron
  115. Mr. Lester Mancourt
  116. Miss Elizabeth Maurergli
  117. Mrs. P. F. Nestal
  118. Miss Hulda Nilson
  119. Mr. Hans N. Nicolaysen
  120. Mr. Harry B. Nelrnes
  121. Mrs. Harry B. Nelrnes
  122. Mr. George F. Pert
  123. Mrs. Lottie Pert
  124. Master George Pert
  125. Mr. Cecil E. Pollard
  126. Mrs. Eliz. C. Peudleton
  127. Mr. A. L. Prodoehl
  128. Miss A. Pechelin
  129. Mr. Karl D. Pettit
  130. Mr. A. W. Pomeroy
  131. Mr. Owen H. Pallant
  132. Mr. M. G. Paulman
  133. Mr. Swen Peterson
  134. Mr. L. A. Rey
  135. Master Archie B. Rogers
  136. Mrs. Cristoforo Rossi
  137. Mrs. A. J. Robinson
  138. Miss Annie B. L. Robinson
  139. Mr. J. Richards
  140. Mr. F. S. Richards
  141. Mrs. F. S. Richards
  142. Miss F. B. Rowe
  143. Mr. Richard Rowe
  144. Mr. F. D. Richards
  145. Mrs. F. D. Richards
  146. Mr. Jack Richards
  147. Mr. Isaac Rapley
  148. Mr. Frank Schulze
  149. Mrs. Frank Schulze
  150. Mr. Jacob Silbert
  151. Miss Rose Sims
  152. Mrs. W. F. Stein
  153. Mr. Charles H. Spinkins
  154. Mr. William Sitton
  155. Miss Annie Stack
  156. Mr. Claude Stengler
  157. Rev Walter Thorpe
  158. Mr. V. H. Tucker
  159. Mrs. V. H. Tucker
  160. Mr. William T. Taylor
  161. Mrs. William T. Taylor
  162. Mr. William Tangye
  163. Mr. Frank Tamblyn
  164. Mr. Henry R. Topham
  165. Mrs. Henry R. Topham
  166. Miss Florence Topham
  167. Mr. Richard Tredinnick
  168. Mr. Francis Trevous
  169. Mr. Randolph Voigt
  170. Mr. R. H. Vingoe
  171. Mr. Ernest Weithardt
  172. Mrs. Rosa Weithardt
  173. Mr. Lee Weathers
  174. Mr. John Williams
  175. Mrs. Florence Wyatt
  176. Mr. A. E. Welch
  177. Mrs. A. E. Welch
  178. Mr. D. Welch
  179. Mr. Geo. G. Watson
  180. Mr. Valentine Wolfenstein
  181. Mr. Robert Wolfenstein
  182. Mr. Thos. H. Ward
  183. Mr. John Yelland
  184. Mrs. John Yelland
  185. Mr. Arthur Yelland
  186. Miss Miriam Yelland
  187. Master Henry Yelland
  188. Master Louis Yelland
  189. Miss Edith Yelland
  190. Mr. Fritz Yoerhi
  191. Mrs. Maria Zuccali

Second Class Additions

  1. Mrs. F. Trevous
  2. Mr. A. Warman
  3. Mr. Visconti Ruggiero
  4. Mrs. Roberts
  5. Madam Le Dara
  6. Mrs. D. F. Dibble
  7. Mr. G. S. Whitham
  8. Mr. McOaffrey
  9. Mr. Herman Schulze
  10. Mr. F. Goldin
  11. Rev. Geo. Schilling
  12. Mrs. E. Schilling
  13. Miss Sarah Schilling
  14. Miss Olga Schilling
  15. Master Arthur Schilling
  16. Mr. Iwan Pincus
  17. Mr. Geo. Harris
  18. Mr. F. O. Sporrong

Not on Board

  1. Mr. Chas. Abrahams
  2. Mr. Joseph Benson
  3. Miss Florence E. Backus
  4. Miss Erie S. Budd
  5. Mr. Simon P. Cillis
  6. Madame Le D'dra
  7. Mr. Isaac Rapley
  8. Mrs. William T. Taylor
  9. Mr. Francis Trevous
  10. Mr. Fritz Yoerin
  11. Mr. A. Lindewall
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