SS St. Paul Passenger List - 15 July 1911

Front Cover, SS St. Paul Passenger List - 15 July 1911

Front Cover of a Cabin Passenger List from the SS St. Paul of the American Line, Departing Saturday, 15 July 1911 from Southampton to New York via Cherbourg, Commanded by Captain F. M. Passow.

Senior Officers and Staff

  • Captain: F. M. Passow
  • Purser: Thomas Kinsey
  • Surgeon: Alpha M. Whiton
  • Chief Steward: William Reen

First Class Passengers

  1. Agnelle, Sister
  2. Archman, Mr C. G.
  3. Konell, Mr Pedro
  4. Breed, Mr B. H.
  5. Brown. Miss Ettie L.
  6. Cahill, Miss Mary J.
  7. Claghorn, Mr
  8. Clark, Miss Kleanor
  9. Colcord, Miss
  10. Dickson, Mrs. Charles T.
  11. Dickson, Dr. David J.
  12. Donnelly, Mr William T.
  13. Douglas, Mr Gilbert
  14. Douglas, Mrs. Gilbert
  15. Ginn, Mr H. J.
  16. Ginn, Mrs. H. J.
  17. Grieger, Miss Mary A.
  18. Hatch, Miss S. A.
  19. Holbrook, Mrs. J. M.
  20. Jean, Sister
  21. Keller, Mr S
  22. Lemieux, Mr A.
  23. Lemieux, Mr Louis
  24. Lilien, Dr. K.
  25. Louise, Sister
  26. Lynch, Mr Franklin P.
  27. McCord, Mr Pearson F.
  28. Mailloux, Mr C. O.
  29. Mann, Mr A.
  30. Mary, Sister
  31. Maxwell, Mr George T.
  32. Maxwell, Mr Charles
  33. Maxwell, Master George
  34. Melanephy, Miss
  35. Menezes, Mr Jacob
  36. Miles, Mr A.
  37. Morgan, Miss Catherine
  38. Origet Mr Charles
  39. Powley, Mrs. F. K.
  40. Rodie, Mrs. W. S.
  41. Ruiz, Mr Vincenti
  42. Spiegl, Miss M.
  43. Sugerman, Miss J. B.
  44. Warner, Mr E. A.
  45. Wile, Dr. William Conrad

Second Class Passengers

  1. Agazzoni, Mrs. Dina
  2. Bickfprd, Mrs. Agnea
  3. Benjamin, Miss Millie
  4. Broder, Mr Julius
  5. Broder, Mrs
  6. Bannister, Mr Isaac
  7. Buddy, Mr Lewis
  8. Buddy, Mrs
  9. Campbell, Miss A.
  10. Cairstuirs, Mrs. A. W.
  11. Chandler. Mrs. Susan
  12. Chynoweth, Miss Ivy
  13. Drake, Miss Venetius
  14. England, Mr Geo.
  15. England, Mrs. Geo.
  16. England, Mr R. J.
  17. Eardley, Mr H. D.
  18. Fess, Mrs. R.
  19. Fess, Mast. B.
  20. Fruka, Mr J. J.
  21. Fried, Mr Rodolphe
  22. Goldfaber, Mr Joseph
  23. Getz, Miss Anna
  24. Goldsworthy, Mr Charles H.
  25. Halpert, Mr S.
  26. Headhouse, Miss L.
  27. Hayter, Mrs. Cissie
  28. Horn, Mr Wm. H.
  29. Kadien, Miss K.
  30. Krivitsky, Mrs. Frume
  31. Lindsay, Miss Mabel
  32. Luclicrani, Mr P.
  33. May, Mr S. R.
  34. Moore, Miss Mabel A.
  35. Miles, Mr H. A.
  36. Moore, Miss Mabel
  37. Milligan, Mr J. B.
  38. Milligan Mrs
  39. Moore, Mr Wm. H.
  40. McClelland, Mr W. C.
  41. Moyle, Mr W. J.
  42. Mitchell, Mr W. W.
  43. Markins, Mr
  44. Nawab, Mr M.
  45. Norwood, Mr John
  46. Norwood, Mrs
  47. Norwood, Miss Leona
  48. Paul, Mr Bernard
  49. Paul, Mrs
  50. Prensky-Bloch, Mr Louis
  51. Robinson, Mr Denis
  52. Robin, Miss Clara J.
  53. Roach, Rev. B. P.
  54. Roach, Mrs
  55. Roach, Master J. L.
  56. Roach, Master B. B.
  57. Simpson, Mr Richard
  58. Simpson, Mrs
  59. Sharp, Mrs. K. W.
  60. Shapman, Miss Tillie
  61. Soleberg, Mr Sampson
  62. Soleberg, Mrs. F. K.
  63. Scott, Mr Gustine
  64. Scott, Mrs
  65. Stevens. Mr Richard H.
  66. Stevens, Mrs
  67. Stevens. Miss Gladys
  68. Shapcott, Mr Walter
  69. Soleberg, Mr Joseph A.
  70. Thomas, Mr Henry
  71. Thomas, Miss Helen A.
  72. Uberti, Mr Giovanni di H.
  73. Von Neida, Mr Howard
  74. Von Neida, Mr Clarence
  75. Warren, Mr E. H.
  76. Williams, Mr Eynon H.
  77. Wolfl, Mr Moritz
  78. Whitwell, Miss Edith
  79. Willougliby, Mr H. B.

Information for Passengers

BREAKFAST from 8:00 until 10:00 am LUNCHEON, 1:00 pm DINNER, 7:00 pm

The Bar closes at 11:30 pm Lights are extinguished in the saloon at 11:00 pm, and In the Smoking Room at 12 (midnight).

Please apply to the Second Steward for Seats at Table.

Meals for Children are served separately.

Letters and Telegrams should be handed to the Saloon Steward within an hour after leaving Southampton, and those for despatch upon reaching port should be handed to him an hour before arrival.

Writing Paper, Envelopes, and Telegraph Forms will be found in the Library.

For Railway and Steamship Time Tables of the various Companies, apply to the Saloon Steward.

Inquiries regarding Baggage will be attended to by the Baggage Steward, to whom all Baggage which passengers wisn to leave in the Company's care should be handed, properly labelled, and with full instructions as to disposal.

Large Deck Chairs can be obtained for use on the voyage, at a charge of 4/- each, upon application to the Deck Steward. Rugs can also be hired on Board at a charge of 4/-.

THE SURGEON is authorized to make customary charges, subject in each case to the approval of the Commander, for treating passengers at their request for any illness not originating on board the Ship. In the case of sickness developed on board no charge will be made, and medicine will be provided free in all circumstances.

Should the Steamer arrive at the New York Wharf after 8:00 pm, passengers may land if they wish to do so, and have their baggage passed by the Customs authorities immediately on arrival, but those who prefer to remain on board may do so, and have the whole of their baggage passed the following morning not earlier than 7 o'clock.

Breakfast will be served to those who remain on board over night.

VALUABLES. The American Line has provided a Safe in the office of the Purser in which Passengers may deposit Money, Jewels, or Ornaments for safe keeping. The Company will not be liable to Passengers for the loss of money, jewels, or ornaments, by theft or otherwise, not so deposited.

INSURANCE OF BAGGAGE, &C- Arrangements have been made whereby passengers can have tneir baggage insured against loss by sea or land, including risk of fire, breakage, theft or pilferage, from the time the baggage is received by the American Line until delivery at destination.

Other risks can also be insured against.

The Company strongly recommend passengers to insure their packages whenever practicable, as in the event of loss or damage to baggage the American Line cannot under any circumstances accept any liability beyond the amount specified on their steamer contract ticket.

TRAVELLERS' CHEQUES, payable in all parts of Europe, can be purchased at all the principal offices of the American Line. These Cheques are accepted on board American Line Steamers in payment of accounts, but the Pursers do not carry funds to enable them to cash same.

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