SS Philadelphia Passenger List - 10 August 1907

Front Cover, SS Philadelphia Passenger List - 10 August 1907

Front Cover of a First Class Passenger List from the SS Philadelphia of the American Line, Departing Saturday, 10 August 1907 from Southampton to New York via Cherbourg, Commanded by Captain A. R. Mills. GGA Image ID # 15909ab173


Senior Officers and Staff

  • Captain: A. R. Mills
  • Purser: H. E. Hinsley
  • Surgeon: W. R. Henderson
  • Chief Steward: George Bell

First Class Passengers

  • Mrs. R. de Acosta
  • Miss Ada de Acosta
  • Miss Maria de Acosta and maid
  • Mr Henry de Acosta
  • Mr L. D. Armstrong
  • Mr Chas. E. Barnes
  • Mrs. Chas. E. Barnes
  • Miss Kate Bevier
  • Mrs. P. Boyle
  • Miss Margaret Boyle
  • Mr Joseph Hill Brinton
  • Mrs. Joseph Hill Brinton
  • Mr Joseph Brooks
  • Mrs. Joseph Brooks
  • Miss Louisa D. Brown
  • Miss Clara Brown
  • Mr Rowland Buckstone
  • Mrs. A. N. Burke
  • Hon. W. M. Calder
  • Mrs. W. M. Calder
  • Miss Eidith Campbell
  • Mr Carlos Carbo-Viteri
  • Mrs. Carbo-Viteri, infant and maid
  • Miss Marie Carbo
  • Master Carlos Carbo
  • Master Francisco Carbo
  • Mr Harry Ludlow Cooke
  • Mrs. A. H. Dammann
  • Mr R. C. Davenport
  • Miss Isabel Davis
  • Mr Robert Vernon Davis
  • Mr Foster Debevoise
  • Mrs. Foster Debevoise
  • Miss Emma De Bow
  • Mr James Benjamin Devine
  • Mrs. James Benjamin Devine
  • Miss Mabel Dickerson
  • Rev. John B. Dinan
  • Miss Emily Dinan
  • Miss L. E. Dudley
  • Miss Elsie Duncan
  • Dr H. Manning Fish
  • Mr Theo. Fishel
  • Mr P. A. S. Franklin
  • Mrs. P. A. S. Franklin
  • Mr James George
  • Mrs. James George
  • Mr Ralph W. George
  • Mr E. C. Carew Gibson
  • Mrs. E. C. Carew Gibson, infant and maid
  • Mr Wm. Gould
  • Mrs. A. Hamilton
  • Miss J. C. Hebert
  • Miss D. P. Hebert
  • Mr S. C. Hetherington
  • Miss Florence Hickman
  • Mr J. F. Hillary
  • Mr G. Hockmeyer
  • Mrs. G. Hockmeyer
  • Miss Emily Holden
  • Mrs. P. A. Holmes
  • Miss Edna Wallace Hooper and maid
  • Mr Robt. S. Hughes
  • Mr Chester Ide
  • Mrs. Chester Ide
  • Mr F. A. Jeanne
  • Mr Chas. Josslyn
  • Mrs. Chas. Josslyn and maid
  • Miss Marjorie Josslyn
  • Miss Gertrude Josslyn
  • Miss Myra Josslyn
  • Miss Alary Josslyn
  • Mr E. L. Judkins
  • Mrs. E. L. Judkins
  • Miss Phoebe Judkins
  • Mr Vernon L. Kellogg
  • Mr Wynn Kerl
  • Mr Otto Klives
  • Mrs. Otto Klives
  • Mr Wm. Koehler
  • Mrs. Wm. Koehler
  • Miss Henrietta Kollock
  • Mr Edwin Landis
  • Mr M. B. Leavitt
  • Mr M. Lissberger
  • Mr J. Hairy Lyons
  • Mrs. J. Harry Lyons
  • Miss Florence Mable
  • Mr Wm. J. Mataon
  • Miss I. B. McCullough
  • Mrs. R. D. MacDuffie
  • Master F. M. MacDuffie
  • Master John MacDuffie and governess
  • Mr R. R. Meigs
  • Mr Henry Miller, Sr.
  • Mr Henry Miller, Jr.
  • Mr Hugh Minturn
  • Rev F. E. Mortimer
  • Mrs. Mary Muldoon
  • Rev Bishop Neely
  • Mrs. Elizabeth Neely
  • Miss Ingeborg Nordby
  • Hon Morgan J. O'Brien
  • Mrs. Morgan J. O'Brien
  • Miss Rosalie O'Brien
  • Miss Madeleine O'Brien
  • Mr B. V. O'Reilly
  • Mr B. J. O'Reilly
  • Capt. S. Bartley Pearce
  • Miss L. C. Pettingell
  • Mr F. R. A. Pingree
  • Mrs. F. R. A. Pingree
  • Mr Nelson W. Place
  • Mrs. Nelson W. Place
  • Master Norris Place
  • Mr H. J. Plum
  • Mrs. H. J. Plum
  • Mr C. M. Porter
  • Mr Rockhill B. Potts
  • Mrs. Rockhill B. Potts
  • Miss C. Ray
  • Mr Albert Ruppuhn
  • Mrs. E. F. Sage
  • Mr Norbert Salter
  • Mr G. H. Schuler
  • Miss Eliza R. Scidmore
  • Mr M. S. Sears
  • Mr E. L. Seery
  • Mr Chas. Hy. C. Sergei
  • Mr Charles J. Shoemaker
  • Mr Julien Shoemaker
  • Mr Chas. St. George Sinkler
  • Mrs. Chas. St. George Sinkler
  • Miss Emily Wharton Sinkler
  • Miss Caroline Sidney Sinkler
  • Mrs. Edward Smith
  • Mr Webster W. Stetson
  • Mr George A. Stitt
  • Miss V. Suvatt
  • Mrs. Taylor
  • Mr Harry Taylor
  • Mrs. Helen Tenbrœck
  • Mr C. II. Wagener
  • Miss E. A. Wallace
  • Mr C. Weiss
  • Mrs. C.Weiss
  • Mr R. E. Wigham
  • Mr L. S. Willard
  • Miss M. Williams
  • Mr J. L. Wilson, Jr.
  • Mr Charles C. Wright

Information for Passengers

  • BREAKFAST from 8- until 10:00 am
  • LUNCHEON, 1:00 pm
  • DINNER, 7:00 pm

The Bar closes at 11:00 pm LIGHTS are extinguished in the Saloon at 11:00 pm. and in the Smoking Room at 12 (midnight).

Please apply to the Second Steward for Seats at Table.

Meals for children are served separately.

Letters and Telegrams should be handed to the Saloon Steward within an hour after leaving Southampton, and those for despatch upon reaching port should be handed to him an hour before arrival.

Writing Paper, Envelopes, and Telegraph Forms will be found in the Library.

For Railway and Steamship Time Tables of the various Companies, apply to the Saloon Steward.

Inquiries regarding Baggage will be attended to by the Baggage Steward, to whom all Baggage which Passengers wish to leave in the Company's care should be handed, properly labelled, and with full instructions as to disposal.

Large Deck Chairs can be obtained for use on the voyage, at a charge of 4/- each, upon application to the Deck Steward.

These steamers are fitted with the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Apparatus.

The rates that are charged are —from Ship to Marconi Stations, sixpence per word; from Ship to passing steamers and thence to either Station, and vice versa, sixpence per word.

The minimum charge for messages to or from any Telegraph Office in the United Kingdom is 6/6.

Letters and telegrams may be addressed to the care of any of the Company's Offices, where they will be held until called for, or forwarded, according to instructions. The latest edition of the leading American and english papers are kept on file at the Company's new West end Offices, No. I, Cockspur street, London, where Passengers' baggage will also be received and stored if required.

For the convenience of Passengers the Purser is prepared to exchange a limited amount of English and American money, at the rate of $4.80 to the pound when giving American money for English currency, or £1 per $4.95 when giving English money for American currency.

No charge is made for medical attendance in case of sickness on board, medicines also being provided free of charge; but the usual fees, subject to the Commander's approval, are expected by the ships physicians from travelers who submit themselves for treatment for maladies not contracted during the voyage.

In case of the Steamers arrival alongside the Pier at New York after 8:00 pm, any passengers who so desires can remain on board until the following morning, but passengers desiring to do so are requested to give notice of their intention.

VALUABLES. The Company will not be responsible for money, jewelry, end other valuables of passengers. Passengers are advised not to leave valuables in their stateroom, but are recommended to hand same sealed, and marked with the owner's name, to the Purser for deposit In his safe, but as no charge is made for carriage, the Company can accept no responsibility for loss or damage, however arising, but passengers can protect themselves by Insurance, which can be effected by the Purser.

INSURANCE OF BAGGAGE, &c. Arrangements have been made whereby passengeis can have their baggage insured against loss by sea or land, including risk of fire, breakage, theft or pilferage, from the time the baggage is received by the American Line until delivery at destination. Other risks, can also be insured against.

The Company strongly recommend passengers to insure their packages whenever practicable, as in the event of loss or damage to baggage the American Line cannot under any circumstances accept any liability beyond the amount specified on their steamer contract ticket.


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