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SS St. Paul Passenger List - 9 November 1907

Second Class Passenger List, American Line SS St. Paul 1907

Front Cover of a Second Class Passenger List for the SS St. Paul of the American Line, Departing Saturday, 9 November 1907 from Southampton to New York via Cherbourg, Commanded by Captain F. M. Passow.

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: F. M. Passow
  2. Purser: Thomas Kinsey
  3. Surgeon: H. G. Geissinger
  4. Chief Steward: William Reen

Second Class Passengers

(For Additions and Alterations see back. )

  1. Mr. Robert Anderegg
  2. Miss A. J. Aboarot
  3. Mr. F. E. Balladur (Not On Board - See Errata)
  4. Mr. Arthur John Bride
  5. Mr. Thos. F. Bell
  6. Miss Naeomi Bjorklund
  7. Mr. Angelo Calvetti
  8. Miss Edith A. Convery
  9. Mr. William Copping
  10. Mrs. Francis Mary Dawe and Infant (Frances Dawe)
  11. Mr. John Doroska
  12. Mr. Max. Epstein
  13. Mrs. Elizabeth Emberson
  14. Mrs. F. Godwin (Annie Elisabeth Godwin)
  15. Master John Frederick Godwin
  16. Mrs. Alice Gill
  17. Master Richard Gill
  18. Mr. Harry Grant
  19. Mr. William James Heather
  20. Mr. Chas. C. Kloth
  21. Mrs. L. Kain
  22. Miss Adelle Kain
  23. Mr. Kuie Luks
  24. Miss H. Lanham (Not On Board - See Errata)
  25. Mr. G. G. Megrin
  26. Mr. M. P. Nucossovich (Not On Board - See Errata)
  27. Mr. H. P. Narrick (Not On Board - See Errata)
  28. Mrs. Mary Numayer
  29. Master John Numayer
  30. Mr. George Nicholson
  31. Mr. J. Conradd Ott
  32. Mrs. Sarah Pennells
  33. Mr. Edmund Privat
  34. Mr. John Sydney Pryor
  35. Mr. Frank Rogers
  36. Mr. William Rogers
  37. Mr. Jacob Schultz
  38. Mr. William Steele
  39. Miss Emma Senhauser
  40. Mr. William Smith
  41. Mr. Isaac Suvalksky
  42. Master Nathan Stirman
  43. Mr. John Henry Smith
  44. Mr. Ercole Tomasi (Not On Board - See Errata)
  45. Mr. Gustaf Wiggins
  46. Mrs. Gustaf Wiggins
  47. Miss Elsie Wiggins
  48. Mr. Robert Hendersen Warne
  49. Mrs. Emily Wilkinson
  50. Miss Mary Wilkinson
  51. Mrs. Louisa Wells

Second Class—Additional.

  1. Captain J. Johannesen
  2. Mr. Johs Gjimre
  3. Master Girh Clausen
  4. Mr. Jacob Rivlin
  5. Mr. Oswald Smith
  6. Mr. Mchae Riste
  7. Mrs. Fany Riste
  8. Mr. P. Lagges
  9. Mr. S. Moutsatsos
  10. Mr. G. Rouman
  11. Mr. T. Poulos
  12. Mr. Antonio Murer
  13. Mrs. Marie Murer
  14. Mr. Angelo Murer
  15. Mr. Emilo Murer
  16. Miss J Jordon
  17. Miss T Pavelic
  18. Mr. S Lagges
  19. Mr. J Colter
  20. Mr. David Maroni
  21. Mr. Franz Anton Rusch
  22. Mr. Jakob Sanderegger
  23. Mr. Duncan Stewart
  24. Mr. Alors Berchtold
  25. Mr. Alfred Enz
  26. Mrs. A Dalfabbes
  27. Miss C Dalfabbes
  28. Mrs. E Chemin
  29. Mdlle M Azpiazu
  30. Mr. Ronco Luigi
  31. Mr. J Maldocke
  32. Mr. W Razzook
  33. Mrs. Razzook
  34. Master Razzook
  35. Mr. J Zitter

Not on Board.

  1. Mr. F E Ballandur
  2. Mr. M P Nucossovich
  3. Mr. H. P. Narrick
  4. Miss H Lanham
  5. Mr. Ercole Tomasi
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