SS Friesland Passenger List - 6 July 1907


Front Cover of a Cabin Passenger List from the SS Friesland of the American Line, Departing 6 July 1907 from Philadelphia to Liverpool.

Front Cover of a Cabin Passenger List from the SS Friesland of the American Line, Departing 6 July 1907 from Philadelphia to Liverpool, Commanded by Captain C. J. Rogers. GGA Image ID # 1f61d187fd

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Commander: Captain C. J. ROGERS
  2. Surgeon: DAVID GILLIES
  3. Purser: B. J. PRIEST
  4. Stewardess: MRS. M. A. PIERCE
  5. Stewardess: MRS. ELIZABETH COLEY


Cabin Passengers

  1. Mr. William Ayer
  2. Mrs. William Ayer
  3. Miss E. F. Adair
  4. Miss Agnes M. Bigelow
  5. Mrs. S. F. Bean
  6. Miss Mary E. Bean
  7. Mrs. H. C. Burnett
  8. Miss Alice Brower
  9. Mr. Henry E. Bourke
  10. Mr. H. J. Broodhead
  11. Rev. W. Bamford
  12. Mr. H. C. Burnett, Jr.
  13. Miss J. Ida Bedell
  14. Miss Katherine Beakes
  15. Miss M. F. Bigley
  16. Miss Bessie Bigley
  17. Miss Henrietta Barrow
  18. Miss Rose Baron
  19. Miss E. G. Banes
  20. Mr. John C. Caviston
  21. Mr. M. Francis Corcoran
  22. Miss Mary E. Corse
  23. Miss Catharine M. Cooper
  24. Mr. B. M. Cullen
  25. Mrs. B. M. Cullen
  26. Mrs. F. Clark
  27. Mr. Geo. D. Clarke
  28. Mrs. L. A. Corneille
  29. Mr. Samuel L. Chew
  30. Mrs. Samuel L. Chew
  31. Miss E. B. Cate
  32. Mrs. Rae B. Cate
  33. Miss E. F. Clayton
  34. Miss E. E. Chipman
  35. Mrs. E. Dougherty
  36. Rev. L. J. Dean
  37. Mrs. L. J. Dean
  38. Mr. J. P. Doughten
  39. Miss Mabel Elting
  40. Miss F. C. Ellis
  41. Mr. Theodore Empie
  42. Mrs. Theodore Empie
  43. Mr. Wm. Fleming
  44. Mrs. Wm. Fleming
  45. Miss Mary W. Falvey
  46. Dr. James G. Fling
  47. Mrs. James G. Fling
  48. Miss Helen Fling
  49. Mr. D. E. French
  50. Mrs. D. E. French
  51. Mrs. Robert C. Floyd
  52. Miss Marion A. Green
  53. Miss May C. Gilbert
  54. Mr. Theo. J. Grayson
  55. Dr. M. J. Galloway
  56. Mrs. M. J. Galloway
  57. Miss Amelia M. Galloway
  58. Mr. James L. Hamilton
  59. Mr. John Hyland
  60. Mr. C. B. Heston
  61. Mr. F. C. Hall
  62. Miss H. S. Hockman
  63. Mr. Otto C. Herold
  64. Miss Anna Howell
  65. Mr. Fred H. Heath
  66. Mr. R. Jones
  67. Mr. A. L. Jones
  68. Miss M. J. Johnstone
  69. Mr. Timothy Kearns
  70. Mrs. Timothy Kearns
  71. Master Willie Kearns
  72. Mr. Leonhardt
  73. Mrs. Louis Leiglitner
  74. Mr. Peter Land
  75. Miss Julia Lally
  76. Mr. Peter McDermot
  77. Mrs. Peter McDermot
  78. Master Peter J. McDermot
  79. Miss Mary McDermot
  80. Mr. Charles McDermot
  81. Mrs. Chas. McDermot
  82. Mr. H. McDermott
  83. Miss Annie McGrogan
  84. Miss Annie McGorian
  85. Mr. W. O. McLean
  86. Mrs. W. O. McLean
  87. Mrs. Matthew McVay
  88. Miss Sarah McVay
  89. Miss Gertrude V. McVay
  90. Miss Mitchell
  91. Mr. Donald Mitchell
  92. Miss Maher
  93. Mr. Wm. M. Middleton
  94. Mr. T. Mercer Morton
  95. Mrs. PI. A. Millelt
  96. Mr. K. B. Millett
  97. Miss M. L. Mitchell
  98. Mrs. Fanny F. J. Mattison
  99. Miss Elizabeth Mould
  100. Mr. M. S. Metz
  101. Mr. John F. O'Halloran
  102. Miss Lillian O'Conor
  103. Miss E. H. Parkins
  104. Miss D. Porter
  105. Mr. George Wm. Powner
  106. Miss Margaret L. Peters
  107. Miss Elizabeth K. Purse
  108. Miss Emilia L. Priece
  109. Miss Penrose
  110. Mr. John W. Quail
  111. Master Herbert Quail
  112. Miss Anna H. Quennard
  113. Miss A. F. Reeve
  114. Miss Elizabeth M. Roche
  115. Miss Maud Roberts
  116. Mr. James P. Reardon
  117. Mr. M. H. Reardon
  118. Miss Molly Revel
  119. Mr. A. D. Rivers
  120. Mrs. A. D. Rivers
  121. Miss A. J. Rauck
  122. Miss Emma Riggs
  123. Miss Mary E. Stocking
  124. Miss Dorothy A. Shoemaker
  125. Mrs. Rachel H. Shoemaker
  126. Mr. George D. Sidman
  127. Mr. Walter B. Staton
  128. Miss C. A. Salmon
  129. Mr. D. D. Schouler
  130. Mrs. D. D. Schouler
  131. Dr. W. K. Shea
  132. Mrs. W. K. Shea
  133. Miss Muriel Shea
  134. Mr. Henry Smith
  135. Mrs. Henry Smith
  136. Mr. Samuel Sterrett, Jr.
  137. Miss Lillian Schroder
  138. Miss Leonora Schroder
  139. Dr. Henry H. Smith
  140. Mr. Philip S. Smith
  141. Mr. J. E. Stevenson
  142. Mrs. J. E. Stevenson
  143. Miss Mary E. Tyson
  144. Mr. Frederick Titus
  145. Mrs. Frederick Titus
  146. Mrs. Jane Turner
  147. Miss Emily Turner
  148. Miss Carrie A. Turner
  149. Miss Winifred Turner
  150. Miss E. E. Wark
  151. Miss Alberta H. Warner
  152. Miss Blanche D. Warner
  153. Miss L. S. Yocum
  154. Miss Marie Zaepffel


Passenger Information

Passengers embark two hours before sailing.

An Experienced Physician is attached to the steamer. For medical attendance in case of sickness on board no charge is made; medicines are also provided free of charge. But the ship's Physician is allowed to charge the usual fees to travelers who submit themselves to treatment for maladies not contracted during the voyage.


  • BREAKFAST at 8.00 am
  • LUNCH at 12.30 pm
  • DINNER at 6.00 pm
  • SUPPER at 9.00 pm

The Bar closes at 11.00 pm

LIGHTS are extinguished in the Saloon at 11.00 pm, and in the Smoking Room at 11.30 pm

Please apply to the Second Steward for Seats at Table.

Letters and Telegrams to be sent ashore with the Pilot should be handed to the Chief Steward an hour before reaching Breakwater, and those for dispatch upon reaching Queenstown should be handed to him an hour before arrival at that Port.

Inquiries regarding Baggage will be attended to by the Second Steward, to whom all Baggage which Passengers wish to leave in the Company's care should be handed, properly labeled, and with full instructions as to disposal.

Steamer Chairs can be obtained for use on the voyage, at a charge of $1.00 each, upon application to the Second Steward.

VALUABLES. The Company will not be responsible for money. Jewelry and other valuables of passengers. Passengers are warned not to keep such articles in their staterooms, but are recommended to hand same sealed, and marked with the owner's name, to the Purser for deposit in his safe, but as no charge is made for carriage, the Company can accept no responsibility for loss or damage, however arising.

Persons holding Return Certificates should give as early notice as possible of the date upon which they desire to sail from Liverpool, to the Manager, American Line, Liverpool.

Letters may be addressed to the care of any of the Offices named below, and they will be retained until called for, or forwarded according to instructions. All such letters should bear the address to which they should be sent if not called for.

LETTERS OF CREDIT and TRAVELERS' CHECKS payable in all parts of Europe, can be purchased at all the principal offices of the American Line.


Back Cover of a American Line SS Friesland Cabin Passenger List from 6 July 1907.

Back Cover of a American Line SS Friesland Cabin Passenger List from 6 July 1907. GGA Image ID # 1f61d24821


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