SS Merion Passenger List - 2 July 1910

Front Cover - 2 July 1910 Passenger List, SS Merion, American Line

Front Cover of a Second Cabin Passenger List for the SS Merion of the American Line, Departing 2 July 1910 from Philadelphia to Queenstown (Cobh) and Liverpool, Commanded by Captain J. B. Hill.

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain. J. B. Hill
  2. Surgeon. Dr. W. J. Volatti
  3. Purser, R. F. Connor
  4. Stewardess, Mrs. M. McCallum
  5. Stewardess, Mrs. M. Molaren

Second Cabin Passengers

  1. Miss Agnes Arnold
  2. Mrs. Louise Bachman
  3. Miss Florence T. Bacon
  4. Mr. Wm. J. Baer
  5. Mrs. T. A. C. Baker
  6. \liss Mary Barr
  7. Miss Samantha W. Bechtel
  8. Mrs. H. M. Beckwith
  9. Miss Marian Bell
  10. Miss Emily Blair
  11. Miss E. S. Braden
  12. Mr. W. Bradway
  13. Mrs. W. Bradway
  14. Miss Jessie Brainard
  15. Mrs. Thomas Brice
  16. Miss Fare Brice
  17. Miss Bay Brice
  18. Miss Emma F. Brodwater
  19. Mr. Thomas J. Browne
  20. Miss Mary A. Burrough
  21. Mrs. Calvin T. Bye
  22. Miss Helen Mary Bye
  23. Mr. Charles NV. Cadman
  24. Mr. M. William S. Cain
  25. Miss Cora J. Cain
  26. Miss May W. Cameron
  27. Miss Ruth C. Cameron
  28. Mrs. J. A. Campbell
  29. Miss Isabel Campbell
  30. Miss Emma H. Carroll
  31. Miss LouiSe G. Caton
  32. Mr. A. C. Chalmers
  33. Miss Xenia Clampitt
  34. Dr. W. E. Clark, M.D
  35. Miss Louise Clark
  36. Miss E. B. Coleman
  37. Mr. Michael Connolly
  38. Mr. Charles A. Coulomb
  39. Mr. Thomas Creighton
  40. Dr. M. H. Cryer
  41. Mrs. M. H. Crycr
  42. Miss Elizabeth Cryer
  43. Mr. George Davidson
  44. Mr. John C. Dickson
  45. Mrs. August Doemling and Infant
  46. Master Emil Doemling
  47. Mr. John Dougherty, Jr.
  48. Miss Elizabeth M. Eckert
  49. Mr. F. F. Evans
  50. Mrs. F. F. Evans
  51. Miss Jessie C. Evans
  52. Mr. Charles H. Fahnestock
  53. Mrs. Charles H. Fahnestock
  54. Mrs. J. H. Farmiloe
  55. Miss Kathleen M. Fassitt
  56. Mrs. Charles Fatzinger
  57. Miss Anna E. Forrest
  58. Miss Estelle Foster
  59. Miss Sarah Frances
  60. Miss Elizabeth Geddes
  61. Mr. John P. Gibbs
  62. Miss Hannah Goodman
  63. Miss Lilly I. Goodwin
  64. Miss Ellen Golden
  65. Miss Mary L. Govers
  66. Mr. B. W. Griffith
  67. Miss Helen Hare
  68. Miss Ethel Hare
  69. Mrs. David T. Hart
  70. Miss Emma C. Harte
  71. Mrs. Elizabeth M. Harry
  72. Miss Ruth S. Harvey
  73. Miss Gertrude F. Harvey
  74. Mrs. William M. Hatch
  75. Miss Helen M. Hells
  76. Miss Clarabel Henderson
  77. Miss Eleanora Henderson
  78. Mr. Otto C. Herold
  79. Mrs. E. M. A. Heth
  80. Miss Eva V. Heth
  81. Mrs. Howard Holden
  82. Miss Maym Hoover
  83. Mrs. S. D. Hoult
  84. Mr. William Houston
  85. Miss Eleanor C. Howell
  86. Miss Helen Hubbard
  87. Miss Louise E. Hujnmell
  88. Miss Wilhelmine E. Hummell
  89. Miss Elizabeth Hurdon
  90. Mrs. Kathryn Johnson
  91. Miss Stella E. Johnston
  92. Miss Ruth Johnston
  93. Miss Frances E. Jones
  94. Miss Helen S. Jones
  95. Miss Mary E. Jones
  96. Miss Jennie Jones
  97. Miss E. A. Jordan
  98. Mrs. N. A. Kearn
  99. Miss Kearn
  100. Mr. F. A. Kellar
  101. Mrs. F. A. Kellar
  102. Miss J. S. Kelly
  103. Miss C. C. Kelly
  104. Mrs. S. Kersey
  105. Miss Annie Kinsell
  106. Mrs. Anna L. Kinsella
  107. Miss C. V. Kleisz
  108. Miss Victorine Koones
  109. Mr. Stephen E. Kramer
  110. Miss Mary J. Lafferty
  111. Miss Mary Leiser
  112. Mrs. Margaret J. Lester
  113. Mr. George C. Leverich
  114. Mrs. George C. Leverich
  115. Miss Sarah E. Leverich
  116. Rev. Frank H. Lewis
  117. Mrs. W. F. Lloyd
  118. Miss Emma Longacre
  119. Miss Edith Lyle
  120. Miss Annie Magarity
  121. Miss Margaret T. Magee
  122. Miss Katharine Malone
  123. Miss Bessie T. Mattern
  124. Dr. F. M. Matthews
  125. Mrs. F. M. Matthews
  126. Miss Martha McAlpine
  127. Miss Elizabeth M. McDowell
  128. Miss Mary McFadden
  129. Miss Virginia M. McGaw
  130. Miss Mabel E. Mearns
  131. Miss Iva C. Mearns
  132. Mrs. J. D. Meise
  133. Master C. Logan Meise
  134. Miss Jane Mellen
  135. Rev. Harry D. Mitchell
  136. Mrs. Harry D. Mitchell
  137. Mrs. Thomas J. Moore
  138. Miss Lillian C. Moore
  139. Miss Florence Mortimer
  140. Miss Lillian O'Conor
  141. Miss Anna L. Ogden
  142. Miss Courtenay Olivier
  143. Mr. P. D. Parsons
  144. Mr. P. D. Parsons
  145. Mrs. Catherine Paul
  146. Miss Elsie B. Payne
  147. Miss Martha Blanche Pearson
  148. Dr. Abbie J. Pennock
  149. Mr. C. Perceval
  150. Mrs. C. Perceval
  151. Miss Bertha Perham
  152. Miss May A. Post
  153. Miss C. Potter
  154. Miss E. M. Raiguel
  155. Miss E. M. Renshaw
  156. Miss Agnes I. Roberts
  157. Miss A. Adele Rudolph
  158. Miss Margaret M. Russell
  159. Miss Beatrice Sampson
  160. Miss M. M. Saunders
  161. Mrs. Lewis D. Schlehner
  162. Miss Emilie Schlehner
  163. Miss Charlotte Schlehner
  164. Miss Antionette C. Schwinghammer
  165. Miss Alberta Searing
  166. Miss Clara T. Searle
  167. Mrs. M. L. Segfert
  168. Miss B. Segfert
  169. Miss Irene Sharp
  170. Mr. George Q. Sheppard
  171. Mrs. George Q. Sheppard
  172. Mr. George B. Sheppard
  173. Miss Catharine K. Sheppard
  174. Miss Alice E. Sheppard
  175. Mrs. Mary Skillen
  176. Miss Emma Smith
  177. Miss Mary Snyder
  178. Miss Lydia Lee Tall
  179. Miss L. May Taylor
  180. Mrs. Cassius C. Thompson
  181. Miss Minnie E. Thompson
  182. Mr. Dale D. Thompson
  183. Mrs. Edward C. Toie
  184. Mr. Arthur S. Tozer
  185. Mrs. Joseph Twyman
  186. Miss Helen Wadland
  187. Miss Vera M. Wagner
  188. Miss Mary A. Wallaston
  189. Mr. Moses W. Ware
  190. Mrs. Moses W. Ware
  191. Mr. A. P. Ware
  192. Mrs. A. P. Ware
  193. Miss Elizabeth Weedon
  194. Miss Mary White
  195. Mr. William J. Whittemore
  196. Mrs. William J. Whittemore
  197. Miss Irene Doris Wood
  198. Miss Mabel Nelson Miss Fannie Yeates

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Information for Passengers

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