SS St. Paul Passenger List - 6 December 1902

Front Cover, Saloon Passenger List for the 6 December 1902 Voyage of the SS St. Paul of the American Line.

Front Cover of a Saloon Passenger List for the SS St. Paul of the American Line, Departing Saturday, 6 December 1902 from Southampton to New York via Cherbourg, Commanded by Captain John C. Jamison. GGA Image ID # 12baa8feb6.

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: John C. Jamison
  2. Purser: R. D. Williams
  3. Surgeon: C. J. Schaadt
  4. Chief Steward: Walter Harris

Saloon Passengers

  1. Mr. Oscar Arlen
  2. Mr. R. W. Baldwin
  3. Mrs. E. M. Balfour and Infant
  4. Mr. Chas. E. Barnes
  5. Miss May Beaugard
  6. Mr. Isaac B. Blum
  7. Miss Alice Bunn
  8. Mrs. W. L. Burdick
  9. Miss Alice Conant
  10. Mr. De Witt D. Cook
  11. Mrs. De Witt D. Cook
  12. Mr. James F. Cunnings
  13. Mrs. James F. Cunnings
  14. Mr. R. B. Davison
  15. Mme. Nordica Dome and Maid
  16. Mr. C. S. Drummond
  17. Miss Mackenzie Evans
  18. Mr. Louis B. Carr
  19. Mr. Daniel Chase
  20. Mr. W. A. Clark
  21. Mr. F. Flanders
  22. Mr. Walter Cloud
  23. Mrs. Wm. H. Frailey
  24. Mr. Chas. Freeman
  25. Mr. L. H. Goldsoll
  26. Mrs. L. H. Goklsoll
  27. Mrs. A. H. Hall
  28. Mr. T. G. Hayward
  29. Mr. G. W. Hoadley
  30. Mrs. G. W. Hoadley
  31. Miss Hoadley
  32. Mr. Paul Karntz
  33. Mr. W. Kaufman
  34. Mr. Edmond Kelly
  35. Mr. E. Key
  36. Mrs. C. P. Kindleberger
  37. Mr. C. H. Klumper
  38. Mrs. C. H. Klumper
  39. Miss La Chapelle
  40. Miss Mary Lewis
  41. Miss Livermore
  42. Miss M. Mathis
  43. Miss F. Mathis
  44. Mr. L. J. Mathis
  45. Miss McKenna
  46. Mrs. G. W. Meeker
  47. Mr. Lawrence Meeker
  48. Miss Margaret Meeker
  49. Mr. James Henry Mergentime
  50. Mr. E. Newberger
  51. Miss Bessie Nixon
  52. Mr. F. G. Pohndorff
  53. Mrs. F. G. Pohndorff
  54. Mrs. K. J. Potter
  55. Miss Mary Potter
  56. Mr. C. C. Puffer
  57. Miss L. D. Puffer
  58. Miss Isabelle Puffer
  59. Mrs. C. W. Purdy
  60. Master Wesley Purdy
  61. Mr. G. H. Putnam
  62. Mr. A. W. Rettig
  63. Mrs. A. W. Rettig
  64. Miss Florence Robinson
  65. Mr. Walter Salmond
  66. Mr. E. Romayne Simmons
  67. Miss Helen C. Staley
  68. Mr. W. Stursberg
  69. Miss Swensberg
  70. Mrs. J. D. Thomas
  71. Mr. Ramon A. de Toledo, Argentine Consul-General, New York and Valet
  72. Mrs. Ramon A. de Toledo
  73. Miss Susana de Toledo
  74. Master Ramon de Toledo
  75. Mr. W. Wallace
  76. Mrs. W. Wallace
  77. Mr. C. F. Walthers
  78. Mrs. C. F. Walthers
  79. Mr. W. K. Wardner
  80. Mr. Rogers K. Wetmore
  81. Mr. E. R. Wood, Jr.
  82. Mrs. George Pifer
  83. Mr. E. A. Young
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