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Anderson, SC USA

SS St. Paul Passenger List - 20 July 1907

Passenger List Cover, July 1907 Westbound Voyage - SS St. Paul

Front Cover of a Second Class Passenger List for the SS St. Paul of the American Line, Departing Saturday, 20 July 1907 from Southampton to New York via Cherbourg, Commanded by Captain F. M. Passow. GGA Image ID # 15900ca68e. Alamy

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: F. M. Passow
  2. Surgeon: H. G. Geissinger
  3. Purser: Thomas Kinsey
  4. Chief Steward: William Reen

Second Class Passengers

  1. Mr. M. Alexander
  2. Miss Maria Anderson
  3. Mrs. liana Anderson
  4. Mr. J. Hamilton Barrett
  5. Mrs. Helen Bell
  6. Mr. Benjiman H. Brooking
  7. Mr. Isidor Birtchousky
  8. Mrs. Fanny Birtchousky
  9. Mr. Moses Birtchousky
  10. Miss Marie Brodback
  11. Mr. John Bulotti
  12. Mr. Guiseppe Balesta
  13. Mr. Carl Brodback
  14. Mr. John S. Blake
  15. Miss N. S. Blake
  16. Miss Hanna K. Bergstrom
  17. Mr. Wm. Baker
  18. Mr. Peter Alex. Bouffi
  19. Miss Ethel Carrier
  20. Miss Annie Cohen
  21. Mrs. Lottie Choirper
  22. Mr. Charles H. Cattran
  23. Miss Eliza Curtis
  24. Mr. Richd. J. Cornish
  25. Miss A. Chenoweth
  26. Miss Kaessimina Casacca
  27. Mr. Oureluis Chors
  28. Mr. P. Chaldut
  29. Mrs. Chaldut
  30. Mr. V. Cescotta
  31. Mr. Alfredo Cardona
  32. Mr. Ottavio Cardona
  33. Mr. F. Down
  34. Mr. Frank C. Duall
  35. Dr Willis W. Dutcher
  36. Mrs. Minnie Dutcher
  37. Mr. Larkin Davis
  38. Mr. L. M. M. Dermotte
  39. Master Hugo G. Duval
  40. Mrs. Eugene Delmas
  41. Mr. William Farmer
  42. Mrs. Edith Clara Finn
  43. Master Harold Louis Finn
  44. Master Leslie Wm. Finn
  45. Miss Mabel Gell Finn
  46. Miss Winifred Edith Finn
  47. Miss Kathleen Maud Finn
  48. Miss Marjory Finn
  49. Mr. F. S. Massy Gordon
  50. Miss Frances R. Gardner
  51. Miss Ada George
  52. Miss Eina Gustafson
  53. Miss Selina Gustafson
  54. Mr. George Gayford
  55. Mr. Horace Ho'lands
  56. Mr. Walter Heims
  57. Miss Emmeline Hicks
  58. Mr. Richard P. Humphrys
  59. Mr. Ricd. Bodinar Humphrys
  60. Mr. R. E. Hellmand
  61. Mr. W. H. Hodge
  62. Mr. Ed. M. Harrison
  63. Mrs. Jane A. Hoskin
  64. Master Reginald Hoskin
  65. Mr. .J. J. Hooper
  66. Mr. Joseph P. Houssies
  67. Mrs. L. Johnson
  68. Miss Mary D. Jacka
  69. Mrs. Maria Johnson
  70. Mr. Clara Johnson
  71. Mr. Julius Kiefer
  72. Miss Bertha Kings
  73. Mr. Alfred E. Kent
  74. Mr. Pietro Keoro
  75. Mr. Augustus F. Kuhn
  76. Mrs. Augustus F. Kuhn
  77. Mr. Gustav Kuhn
  78. Miss M. Kuhn
  79. Mr. A. B. Kidd
  80. Mrs. Minnie R. Lee
  81. Mr. J. W. Lewis
  82. Mr. W. H. Lowry
  83. Miss K. N. Larrson
  84. Mr. E. S. Muller
  85. Mr. Artaro MicaIlef
  86. Mrs. Louisa Matthews
  87. Miss Louisa Matthews
  88. Master Thomas Matthews
  89. Miss Florence A. Matthews
  90. Mr. Charles Miller
  91. Mrs. Katherine Miller
  92. Miss Elizabeth Miller
  93. Miss Dorothea Miller
  94. Mrs. Henrietta Peart
  95. Mr. Gerston Parkwict
  96. Mr. Robt. Pinder
  97. Mr. W. D. Quinlan
  98. Mr. James W. Rodaway
  99. Mrs. James W. Rodaway
  100. Miss Hilda Rodaway
  101. Miss Edith Rodaway
  102. Mrs. Lucy Radmore
  103. Master Alfred J. Radmore
  104. Master Frederick T. Radmore
  105. Mr. Edwin Richards
  106. Miss Helen Richards
  107. Mr. Henry Rowe
  108. Mr. George Rowe
  109. Mr. Joshua Reed
  110. Miss Florence Smith
  111. Mrs. Jane G. Stone
  112. Mr. Jas. B. B. Staines
  113. Mrs. Staines
  114. Miss Esther Schiller
  115. Miss Eva Stone
  116. Mr. Wilh. Sodergren
  117. Mrs. Sodergren
  118. Mrs. Hedwig Schmid
  119. Mr. N. Sobolofsky
  120. Mr. Richd. Sweeney
  121. Miss Selina Sustafsson
  122. Miss Elna Sustafsson
  123. Miss Bessie Shaw
  124. Mr. P. J. Treleaven
  125. Mr. Wm. J. Trembath
  126. Mr. Edward Trembath
  127. Miss Janie L. Thomas
  128. Mrs. Tutcher
  129. Mr. Jrduis Ulrich
  130. Mr. George Vickers
  131. Mr. Hy. Wilson
  132. Mrs. Wilson
  133. Mr. James Wilson
  134. Mr. H. H. Webb
  135. Ensign Charles Williams
  136. Mrs. Annie Williams
  137. Mr. James Zaraponteis
  138. Mrs. Mary J. Zaraponteis
  139. Mr. H. J. Zwart

Additional Passengers

  1. Mr. A. Vermont
  2. Master A. Selikouritz
  3. Miss C. de Georgis
  4. Mr. Giacomo Aglio
  5. Mr. J. Bloom
  6. Mr. Max Joseph
  7. Miss Maria Dahl
  8. Miss F. M. Bergeyfield
  9. Mr. Harry Brener
  10. Mr. Adolph Brener
  11. Captain F. L. Kato
  12. Mr. Eugene Denis
  13. Mr. Paul Chalbert
  14. Mrs. Prudent Chalbert
  15. Mr. Sudakin Davis
  16. Mr. Gershon Polkovich
  17. Mr. Victor Holiner
  18. Mr. George Hefte
  19. Mr. Pietro Moro
  20. Mr. Valente Cescotta
  21. Mr. Robert Thompson
  22. Mr. Diraitrios Diamantes

Not on Board

  1. Mr. P. Chaldut
  2. Mrs. Chaldut
  3. Mr. V. Cescotta
  4. Mr. Larkin Davis
  5. Mrs. Eugene Deimos
  6. Mr. Pietro Keoro
  7. Mr. Gerston Parkweit
  8. Mrs. Sodergren
  9. Miss Selina Sustafsson
  10. Miss Elna Sustafsson

Back Cover of a Second Class Passenger List from the 20 July 1907 Voyage of the SS St. Paul of the American Line.

Back Cover of a Second Class Passenger List from the 20 July 1907 Voyage of the SS St. Paul of the American Line. GGA Image ID # 1590280a13

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