SS Manchuria Passenger List 28 June 1923


Cabin Passenger List, SS Manchuria, American Line, 28 June 1923

Front Cover of a Cabin Passenger List for the SS Manchuria of the American Line, Departing 28 June 1923 from New York to Hamburg via Plymouth and Cherbourg, Commanded by Captain Adrian Zeeder. GGA Image ID # 1fd0d108f6


Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Commander : Adrian Zeeder, Cmdr. U.S.N.R.F
  2. Chief Engineer: William Forsyth
  3. Purser: Horace W. Downton
  4. Assistant Purser : Henry W. Jones
  5. Surgeon: Edgar H. Earl, M.D., M.C.P.S., Can
  6. Chief Steward: Percy Rosling


Cabin Passengers

  1. Mr. F. M. Archer, [C]
  2. Miss Ruth Arnold, [C]
  3. Rev. Dr. Robert A. Ashworth, [P]
  4. Miss Elsie Aull, [C]
  5. Prof. Herman Babson, [C]
  6. Mrs. Babson, [C]
  7. Mrs. A. J. Bailey
  8. Miss Harriet Bailey, [P]
  9. Mr. Max Bansen
  10. Mr. Matthew Barkley, [C]
  11. Miss Mabel Barney, [P]
  12. Miss Abby Barney, [P]
  13. Mr. Edward Bauer
  14. Miss May Bennet, [P]
  15. Miss Doris Bessenger, [C]
  16. Miss Catherine S. Bier, [C]
  17. Miss M. H. Blaney, [C]
  18. Mr. Sheldon Blank
  19. Miss Averick Bleeker, [C]
  20. Mr. Benjamin Booth, [C]
  21. Mr. Joseph H. Boyd, Jr. [P]
  22. Mr. Robert J. Boyd, [P]
  23. Mr. S. K. Bradley, [P]
  24. Miss Elizabeth Brown, [P]
  25. Mr. Thomas Buck, [P]
  26. Miss Alice Castle, [P]
  27. Miss Jean Christie, [C]
  28. Mr. M. E. Chon, [P]
  29. Mr. W. H. Clough, [P]
  30. Mrs. Clough, [P]
  31. Mr. Carroll Copps, [C]
  32. Mr. R. B. Cowing, Third [P]
  33. Miss Helene Crooks, [C]
  34. Mrs. M. Cugno, [C]
  35. Miss Margaret Dale, [P]
  36. Mr. B. J. Deelman, [C]
  37. Mrs. Deelman, [C]
  38. Mr. John Deelman, [C]
  39. Miss Beatrice Dell, [P]
  40. Miss Rena M. Dickie, [P]
  41. Mrs. William F. Dowd, [P]
  42. Miss Elizabeth H. Dowd, [P]
  43. Mr. Sidney M. Dowd, [P]
  44. Mr. William W. Dulles, [C]
  45. Mr. Donald Dunwody, [C]
  46. Mrs. H. H. Farley, [P]
  47. Mr. R. E. Ferrand, [C]
  48. Mrs. Ferrand, [C]
  49. Mr. E. S. Ferry, [C]
  50. Miss Priscilla Ferry, [C]
  51. Miss A. M. Finnegan
  52. Mr. Julius E. Fischer, [P]
  53. Mr. Ralph J. Fischer, [P]
  54. Mrs. Julius E. Fischer, [P]
  55. Miss Ruth M. Fischer, [P]
  56. Miss Sophie McL. Fisher, [P]
  57. Miss Louise McL. Fisher, [P]
  58. Miss Louise E. Fisher, [P]
  59. Miss Fisher, [P]
  60. Mr. D. K. E. Fisher, [P]
  61. Dr. S. Frey, [C]
  62. Mrs. Frey, [C]
  63. Miss Ruth Frey, [C]
  64. Major Horace H. Fuller, [C]
  65. Mrs. Fuller, [C]
  66. Miss Louise Ehlers
  67. Mrs. M. Eisenstaedt
  68. Mr. George W. Ekings, [P]
  69. Mrs. Ekings, [P]
  70. Mr. Guy A. Elmore, [P]
  71. Miss Florence G. Emery, [C]
  72. Mr. C. T. Emmett, Jr. [P]
  73. Miss Evelyn Epstein
  74. Miss Helen Evans, [P]
  75. Miss Alice Gates, [C]
  76. Miss Laure D. Gauchot, [C]
  77. Mr. Nelson Glueck
  78. Mrs. L. A. Goodsell
  79. Miss Marguerite Goodsell
  80. Mrs. G. Riley Gordon, [P]
  81. Mr. Gustav Griemsman
  82. Miss L. Grundy, [C]
  83. Mr. Alex Gunn
  84. Dr. G. Arvid Hagstrom
  85. Miss Jeanette C. Hall, [P]
  86. Mr. Charles A. Hands, [C]
  87. Dr. Hugo A. Heath, [P]
  88. Mr. Robinson Heath, [P]
  89. Miss Mildred Hege, [C]
  90. Mr. C. R. Hevener, [C]
  91. Mrs. Hevener, [C]
  92. Miss Doris Hevener, [C]
  93. Prof. John Grier Hibben
  94. Mrs. Hibben
  95. Miss Mildred Hodges, [C]
  96. Miss Dorothy S. Holland, [P]
  97. Mr. George Huntington, [C]
  98. Mrs. Huntington, [C]
  99. Mrs. G. Jahn
  100. Mrs. H. M. Johnson, [C]
  101. Miss Agnes Johnston, [C]
  102. Miss Sarah Johnston, [C]
  103. Mr. A. G. Jones, Jr. [C]
  104. Mr. William Jones, [C]
  105. Miss Louise H. Kain, [P]
  106. Mr. William Kemble, [C]
  107. Miss Elizabeth Kencher
  108. Miss Charlotte A. Kent, [C]
  109. Miss Margaret Kinnard, [P]
  110. Mr. G. S. Kinsey, [P]
  111. Miss Katherine Knapp, [P]
  112. Mr. George Kopperl, [C]
  113. Mrs. Waldine Kopperl, [C]
  114. Mr. Alexander Kosman, [P]
  115. Mr. Harry C. Krowl, [C]
  116. Mrs. Z. W. Kulp, [C]
  117. Mr. Oscar Lafroth
  118. Miss A. Lambrecht, [P]
  119. Master G. L. Lane, [C]
  120. Miss Grace R. Lane
  121. Miss Dorothy Lawton, [P]
  122. Mr. F. D. Lethco, [P]
  123. Mrs. Lethco, [P]
  124. Miss Helen Lethco, [P]
  125. Miss Clara Lethco, [P]
  126. Mr. W. A. Lewin
  127. Mrs. Lewin
  128. Miss Rosa J. Linton, [P]
  129. Miss Elizabeth P. Linton, [P]
  130. Mr. J. Lovell Little, [C]
  131. Miss Louise Lockwood, [C]
  132. Mr. Ralph H. Lowinson
  133. Miss S. Lustig
  134. Mrs. Mary Mills Lyall, [P]
  135. Mr. D. S. Oliver, [C]
  136. Mrs. Oliver, [C]
  137. Dr. J. C. Oliver, [C]
  138. Mrs. Oliver, [C]
  139. Mrs. Bettie Oppenheim
  140. Mr. Louis B. McCabe, [P]
  141. Miss Margaret McCoy, [P]
  142. Miss Alice T. McGirr, [P]
  143. Miss Jean M. McGirr
  144. Miss Helen MacLaughlin, [P]
  145. Prof. Frank J. Mather, Jr. [P]
  146. Mrs. Mather, [P]
  147. Mr. Frank J. Mather, Third [P]
  148. Miss Margaret C. Mather, [P]
  149. Miss Helen E. Martin, [C]
  150. Mr. Frank Mebane, [C]
  151. Mr. E. R. Meiss, [P]
  152. Mrs. L. Mersereau, [P]
  153. Col. A. G. Mills, [P]
  154. Mr. Harry C. Miner, Jr. [P]
  155. Mr. Sam Mishcon
  156. Mrs. Wilhelmina C. Moody, [P]
  157. Hon. Charles H. Moorman, [P]
  158. Mrs. Moorman, [P]
  159. Mrs. E. E. Munson, [C]
  160. Mr. Ernest Newman, [C]
  161. Mr. Thomas R. Palfrey
  162. Miss E. Parsons, [P]
  163. Mr. Pemberton Penn, [C]
  164. Miss Emma L. Pennewill, [P]
  165. Miss C. S. Pennington, [P]
  166. Mr. P. L. Phelan
  167. Miss Miriam Phillips, [P]
  168. Miss Rosalie T. Phillips, [P]
  169. Miss B. Platsch
  170. Mr. Adolph Plegel
  171. Mrs. Plegel
  172. Mr. L. H. Popper
  173. Miss Miriam Prime, [P]
  174. Miss C. A. Pulleyn, [C]
  175. Mr. Julian Robinson, [C]
  176. Major R. C. Neali Robinson, [P]
  177. Mrs. Joseph P. Rogers, [P]
  178. Miss Josephine A. Rogers, [P]
  179. Miss Katherine B. Rogers, [P]
  180. Miss Mabel Rose, [C]
  181. Miss S. Rose, [C]
  182. Mr. Max Rosenbaum
  183. Mrs. Rosenbaum
  184. Miss Sylvia Rosenbaum
  185. Mr. Walter Rothman
  186. Mr. Charles Rouse, [C]
  187. Prof. P. A. Tetrault
  188. Miss Lena Tiedke
  189. Mr. H. J. Toombs, [C]
  190. Mr. Cyrel Towbin
  191. Mr. Harry Turner, [P]
  192. Miss Helen A. Tuttle, [C]
  193. Mr. R. H. Sagendorph, [C]
  194. Mrs. Susie Sandon, [C]
  195. Mr. William Satterthwaite, [C]
  196. Miss Elizabeth W. Saurman, [P]
  197. Miss Gertrude Schmidt
  198. Miss Mary E. Schneck, [P]
  199. Miss Louise M. Scholl, [P]
  200. Miss Elizabeth Schuster
  201. Miss Elizabeth Seegel, [P]
  202. Hon. A. W. Seeligson, [P]
  203. Mrs. Seeligson, [P]
  204. Miss Helen Shedden, [P]
  205. Miss D. W. Sherman, [C]
  206. Mr. William Shuford, [C]
  207. Mr. Charles Lee Smith, [C]
  208. Dr. W. M. Sprigg, [P]
  209. Mr. Patterson Sprigg, [P]
  210. Mrs. Sprigg, [P]
  211. Miss Lois A. Sprigg, [P]
  212. Miss R. Staub, [C]
  213. Mrs. Mary Steer, [P]
  214. Mrs. J. B. Sturm
  215. Mr. Carl Sturm
  216. Mr. J. B. Veach, [C]
  217. Mrs. Veach, [C]
  218. Mr. J. J. Wade, [P]
  219. Miss Maomi E. Waldvogel, [C]
  220. Miss Carrie Waller
  221. Mr. F. Van W. Walsh, [P]
  222. Mrs. A. D. Warner, [P]
  223. Miss Mary T. Warner, [P]
  224. Mr. Farnham Warriner, [C]
  225. Mr. Robert S. Webb, [P]
  226. Mr. R. B. Weems, [C]
  227. Mrs. George P. White, [P]
  228. Dr. Robert P. Wilder, [P]
  229. Mr. Edwin Williamson, [C]
  230. Mr. Manly Williamson, [C]
  231. Mr. Fleming Wily, [C]


[P] Disembarking at Plymouth
[C] Disembarking at Cherbourg


Sea Post Clerks

  1. Henry J. Quigley
  2. Henry M. Coffey


Information for Passengers in the Cabin

American Line is an International Mercantile Marine Company; Twin-Screw - 13,639 Tons

  • Breakfast at 8.00 a. m. and 9:00 am
  • Luncheon at 12 noon and 1.00 p. m.
  • Dinner at 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm

The Bar opens at 8:00 am, and closes at 11:00 pm

Lights are extinguished in the Saloon at 11:00 pm, Lounge and Library at 11:30 pm and Smoking Room at 11:30 pm

Divine Service in the Saloon on Sunday at 10:30 am

Valuables. The particular attention of Passengers is drawn to the ticket conditions regarding the carriage and custody of articles specified in Section 4281 of the revised Statutes of the United States, but Passengers can, and are accordingly advised to, protect themselves by insurance. The Line has provided a safe in the office of the Purser in which Passengers may deposit money, jewels, ornaments, documents or other valuables for safe keeping and a deposit receipt will be issued by the Purser.

Seats at Table. Passengers who have not previously arranged for seats at table to be reserved should apply for same to the Second Steward.

Smoking. Passengers are kindly requested not to smoke in the Dining Saloon or Staterooms.

ALL INQUIRIES for information of a general character should be made at the Purser's Office.

Letters, Cables and Telegrams for despatch should be handed to the Saloon Steward only, from whom also Postage Stamps can be obtained. Mail for Passengers will also be distributed by the Saloon Steward. Passengers are requested to obtain a receipt from the Saloon Steward when making payment for the despatching of cablegrams or wireless messages. No adjustment can be made unless such a receipt is obtained.

Letters, Etc., for Passengers will be brought on board before the Passengers land. Passengers should personally ascertain whether there is any mail for them before disembarking, and they are invited to leave their addresses at the Purser's Office for later despatches to be re-directed.

Deck Chairs and Steamer Rugs. Can be hired upon application to the Purser, at $1.50 each for the voyage.

The Surgeon is authorized to make customary charges, subject in each case to the approval of the Commander, for treating Passengers at their request for any illness not originating on the voyage. In the case of sickness developed on the voyage no charge will be made, and medicine will be provided free in all circumstances.

Baggage. On disembarking Passengers are specially requested to claim their baggage before leaving the Customs shed.

Passengers are requested to ask for a receipt on the Company's Form for any additional Passage Money, Chair Hire, or Freight paid on board.

Travelers Checks, payable in all parts of Europe, can be purchased at all the principal offices of the American Line. These Checks are accepted on board American Line steamers in payment of accounts, but the Pursers do not carry funds to enable them to cash same.

Important Notice To Passengers

Passengers are warned not to offer gratuities of any kind to German Custom Inspectors, which will be considered a bribe by the German Authorities and Passengers are liable to severe punishment on account of corruption.

Wireless Telegram Rates

This Steamer is equipped with the Independent Wireless Telegraph Company's system of Wireless Telegraphy and also with Submarine Signalling Apparatus.

The cable system of counting will be observed, and all words in the address, text, and signature are counted and charged for. All radiograms must be prepaid.

Charges are computed by adding together the various separate rates per word needed for ship charge (relay charge, if any), coastal station radio charge and the landline or cable charge between the coastal station and the point of destination.

United States and Canada.—The rate for radiograms sent from this steamer is eighteen (18) cents per word via New York, and twenty (20) cents per word via Boston, Siasconsett or Bar Harbor, covering ship and coastal station tolls. Landline charges are additional.

The rate for radiograms via Cape Race, Sable Island and Cape Sable is twenty-five (25) cents per word, covering ship and coastal station tolls. Landline charges are additional.

The rate for radiograms via Montreal, Quebec, Grosse Isle, Three Rivers, Fathers Point, Cape Bear and Pictou is eleven (11) cents per word, covering ship and coastal station tolls. Landline charges are additional.

The rate for radiograms via Clarke City, Fame Point, Harrington, Heath Point, Magdalen Island, North Sydney, Halifax, Partridge Island, Belle Isle, Cape Ray, Point Rich, and Point Armour is fourteen (14) cents per word, covering ship and coastal station tolls. Landline charges are additional.

United Kingdom.—The rate for radiograms via Valencia or to °the* stations in the United Kingdom is twenty (20) cents per word, covering ship and coastal station tolls. Landline charges are additional.

Ship To Ship.—The rate for radiograms from this vessel to another vessel is sixteen (16) cents per word without minimum, with the exception of vessels under tile Dutch and Belgian flags. The rates for radiograms destined for such vessels are computed as follows: Radio rate this steamer, eight (8) cents per word without minimum; other vessel rate, eight (8) cents per word with a minimum of $.80. EXAMPLE: A radiogram consisting of five (5) words from this steamer destined to another vessel under the Dutch flag; the rate would be as follows: This ship rate 5 words $.40, plus other ship rate (minimum) 10 words @ 8c.= $.80, or a total of $1.20.

Ocean Letters.—"Ocean Letter" service has been inaugurated by the Independent Wireless Telegraph Company whereby radiograms may be sent to a passing vessel (provided such vessel is equipped with the Independent Wireless Telegraph Company's system of radio apparatus) for delivery by registered post from the first port of call by such vessel. The rate for this service Is (including radio tolls and registered postage), $1.35 for the first thirty (30) words, plus two cents for each additional word. Each letter is limited to one hundred (100) words, and must contain full postal address.


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