SS Minnewaska Passenger List - 31 May 1924


Front Cover, First Class Passenger List for the SS Minnewaska of the Atlantic Transport Line, Departing 31 May 1924 from New York to London via Cherbourg.

Front Cover, First Class Passenger List for the SS Minnewaska of the Atlantic Transport Line, Departing 31 May 1924 from New York to London via Cherbourg, Commanded by Captain Frank H. Claret. GGA Image ID # 173820157e


Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: Frank H. Claret, O.B.E., R.N.R
  2. Chief Engineer: A. Gentle
  3. Surgeon: A. C. Bean, M.R.C.S. (England) L.R.C.P. (London)
  4. Purser: A. V. Kitcher
  5. Assistant Purser: H. W. Lagden
  6. Chief Steward: W. Peate


First Class Passengers

  1. Mrs. David B. Anderson
  2. Mrs. Edward Ascherson
  3. Mrs. M. M. Barnes
  4. Major John A. Barry
  5. Mrs. Barry
  6. Capt. W. T. Bauskett
  7. Mrs. Bauskett
  8. Mr. William H. Beers
  9. Mrs. Beers
  10. Mrs. Rosalie Bergman
  11. Miss Anna P. Bond
  12. Lt. F. H. Bontecou
  13. Mrs. Bontecou
  14. Miss Marianna Bonnell
  15. Mr. Gideon S. Borden
  16. Mr. W. C. *Boyden
  17. Mrs. *Boyden
  18. Mr. Albert A. *Boyden
  19. Miss Margaret *Boyden
  20. Mrs. May Robson *Brown
  21. Mr. Harry L. Butler
  22. Mrs. Butler
  23. Rev. John C. *Carr
  24. Lt. Frank L. Carr
  25. Mrs. Carr
  26. Master Donald Carr
  27. Mrs. Thomas Carter
  28. Mr. J. Herbert Case
  29. Mrs. Case
  30. Miss Elizabeth P. Case
  31. Mr. F. A. *Chapman
  32. Mrs. *Chapman
  33. Mr. Augustus W. Clapp
  34. Mrs. Rosina M. Clapp
  35. Mr. W. F. *Clarke
  36. Mrs. *Clarke
  37. Mrs. Gertrude Clarke
  38. Master Kenneth Clarke
  39. Mr. Edward Colby
  40. Mr. Madison W. *Colwell
  41. Mr. Charles Coon
  42. Mrs. Coon
  43. Mr. Howard *Copeland
  44. Mrs. *Copeland
  45. Mr. E. B. Creighton
  46. Mrs. Creighton
  47. Mr. Derwent
  48. Mr. Victor Despommier
  49. Major Sloan Doak
  50. Mrs. Doak
  51. Mrs. Francis C. Drake
  52. Master R. F. Drake
  53. Mr. William Elliott
  54. Mrs. Elliott
  55. Mr. A. M. Ellis
  56. Mrs. Ellis
  57. Master Henry H. Ellis
  58. Mr. Fred. Etchen
  59. Mrs. Etchen
  60. Mr. W. Fawcett
  61. Mr. Stephen A. Foster
  62. Mrs. Foster
  63. Miss Rachel Foster
  64. Mrs. Matthew J. *Fox
  65. Master Paul *Fox
  66. Master Gerald *Fox
  67. Master Bernard *Fox
  68. Miss Elizabeth P. Frick
  69. Miss Anne T. Frick
  70. Very Rev. T. C. Fry
  71. Mrs. Fry
  72. Mr. William Gammie
  73. Miss Alice Gammie
  74. Major Charles P. George
  75. Mrs. Elizabeth C. Godshalk
  76. Mrs. C. A. Godshalk
  77. Miss J. B. Godshalk
  78. Miss Elizabeth L. Godshalk
  79. Master Robert Godshalk
  80. Master James B. Godshalk
  81. Mrs. Edward *Gore
  82. Mrs. Alice G. Groeling
  83. Mr. William *Haim
  84. Mrs. W. S. Hammesfahr
  85. Master Fred. Hammesfahr
  86. Miss A. M. Hankinson
  87. Miss Lillian *Harmer
  88. Mr. George A. *Harris
  89. Mrs. *Harris
  90. Master GeorgeA. *Harris
  91. Mr. Edwin A. *Harris
  92. Mrs. *Harris
  93. Master Edwin A. *Harris
  94. Miss Gloria *Haris
  95. Miss Eileen J. *Harris
  96. Mr. Frank O. Headley
  97. Mrs. Headley
  98. Miss Gertrude Hirst
  99. Mr. Ralph Holden
  100. Mrs. Holden
  101. Mr. Frank Hughes
  102. Mr. Joseph A. *Isaacs
  103. Mrs. *Isaacs
  104. Mr. G. E. Jennings
  105. Mr. B. S. Jerman
  106. Mrs. Jerman
  107. Mr. Leeds Johnson
  108. Mrs. Clay E. Jordan
  109. Miss E. A. Jordan
  110. Mrs. W. A. Kimbel
  111. Miss Kimbel
  112. Master R. Kirnbel
  113. Mrs. Theodore E. Leeds
  114. Mrs. Martina P. Lincoln and Maid
  115. Miss Natalie Lincoln
  116. Mr. O. G. *Lindberg
  117. Mrs. *Lindberg
  118. Mr. John R. *Lindberg
  119. Master Allen *Lindberg
  120. Miss M. R. Lindsay
  121. Mrs. J. H. *McDonough
  122. Miss Clare *McDonough
  123. Mr. William T. McVaugh
  124. Mrs. McVaugh
  125. Miss Elizabeth E. Madden
  126. Miss Anna T. Madden
  127. Mrs. Ida Mansbach
  128. Mr. H. Marles
  129. Mrs. Marks
  130. Mr. E. T. Martin
  131. *Mother M. Dolorosa
  132. *Mother M. St. Francis Xavier
  133. Mr. William D. Murray
  134. Mrs. Murray
  135. Mr. James Napier
  136. Mr. J. Noel
  137. Mrs. Noel
  138. Mrs. Carl M. Owen
  139. Miss Shirley B. Owen
  140. Master David B. Owen
  141. Capt. Vernon L. Padgett
  142. Dr. Walter A. Patrick
  143. Mrs. Patrick
  144. Mr. Platt
  145. Mr. Harry H. Pond
  146. Mrs. Pond
  147. Mr. Charles Northrop Pond
  148. Miss Sallie Porter
  149. Mr. Vincent Richards
  150. Mrs. Richards
  151. Miss Mary Richardson
  152. Mr. Arthur P. Ripley
  153. Mr. W. Spencer *Robertson
  154. Mr. D. Robertson
  155. Mrs. Robertson
  156. Miss Margaret Robertson
  157. Mrs. Arthur Robin
  158. Lt. P. M. Robinett
  159. Mrs. Louise G. Romeyn
  160. Mr. Graham *Ryle
  161. Mrs. *Ryle
  162. Miss Lilly *Saltkahn
  163. Miss Florence *Sibley
  164. Mr. W. S. Silkworth
  165. Mrs. Silkworth
  166. *Sister M. Martyrs
  167. *Sister M. St. Bernard
  168. *Sister M. St. Marks
  169. *Sister M. O. L. of Rosary
  170. *Sister M. of the Nativity
  171. *Sister M. of St. Monica
  172. Mrs. N. Smith
  173. Miss Mary J. Stephenson
  174. Mr. E. C. Sweetland
  175. Mrs. Sweetland
  176. Major E. W. Taulbee
  177. Mr. Charles F. Tuppen
  178. Mrs. Tuppen
  179. Capt. J. R. Underwood
  180. Mrs. C. W. Vernon
  181. Master C. W. Vernon
  182. Master Jean Vernon
  183. Mr. Raymond Waldron
  184. Mrs. Waldron
  185. Mr. G. H. Warren
  186. Miss Ella Watson
  187. Miss Julia Watson
  188. Miss Rosa Watson
  189. Mr. Henry Weil
  190. Mrs. Mathilde Weil
  191. Mr. Norman F. Wells
  192. Mrs. Wells
  193. Mrs. Charles W. Wetmore
  194. Miss Louise Whitin
  195. Mr. Harry R. Wickins
  196. Mrs. Margery M. Willis
  197. Mr. G. Herbert Windeler
  198. Mrs. Windeler
  199. Miss Evelyn Windeler
  200. Mrs. G. D. Wrightson and three children
  201. Miss Elizabeth Hall Yates

* Disembarking at Cherbourg


General Information for Passengers

  • Breakfast from 8:00 am until 10:00 am
  • Luncheon at 1:00 pm
  • Dinner at 7:00 pm

The Bar opens at 8:00 am and closes at 11:30 pm

Divine Service will be held on Sundays at 11:30 am

Smoking. Passengers are kindly requested not to smoke in either the Dining Saloon or in the Reading and Writing Room.

Seats at Table. Passengers who have not previously arranged for seats at table to be reserved should apply to the Second Steward.

When the steamers sail with full lists, children under the age of ten years not paying the adult fare are provided with meals at separate sittings in the Dining Saloon.

Upper Berths. Passengers occupying upper berths can obtain steps for getting in or out of same on applying to the Steward or Stewardess.

Medical Attendance. The Surgeon is authorized to make customary charges, subject in each case to the approval of the Commander, for treating Passengers at their request for any illness Not Originating On The Voyage. In the case of sickness originating on the voyage no charge will be made, and medicine will be provided free in all circumstances.

The Purser's Office is situated on Deck B, where Letters, Cables, Telegrams and Marconigrams are received or delivered, and Postage Stamps can be purchased.

None of the ship's staff other than those on duty in the Purser's Office are authorized to accept Letters or Telegrams for despatch.

Charges Collected on Board. Passengers are requested to ask for a Receipt on the Company's Form for any additional Passage Money, Chair or Steamer Rug Hire, charges collected for Marconigrams, Cablegrams or Telegrams or Freight paid on board.

Passengers' Addresses should be left at the Purser's Office, in order that any letters received after Passengers have left the steamer may be forwarded.

Deck Chairs and Steamer Rugs can be hired on application to the Deck Steward, at a charge of 6/6 (or $1.50) each for the voyage.

Valuables. The particular attention of Passengers is drawn to the ticket conditions regarding the carriage and custody of articles specified in Section 4,281 of the revised Statutes of the United States, but Passengers can, and are accordingly advised to protect themselves by insurance. The Line has provided a safe in the office of the Purser in which Passengers may deposit money, jewels, ornaments, documents or other valuables for safe keeping and a deposit receipt will be issued by the Purser.

Exchange of Money. The Purser is prepared, for the convenience of Passengers, to exchange a limited amount of English and American money, at rates which will be advised on application.

Baggage. Questions relating to Baggage should be referred to the Second Steward, who is the Ship's Baggage Master.

Wardrobe Trunks. Passengers are advised that it is not always possible to arrange for the placing of Wardrobe Trunks in the passenger accommodation in a position where they are easily accessible, also that there is frequently difficulty with regard to the landing of such packages owing to their exceptional size. They are therefore recommended to use steamer trunks in preference.

Dogs. Passengers are notified that dogs must be handed over to the care of the butcher, and cannot be landed in Great Britain unless a license has previously been procured from the Board of Agriculture, London. Forms of license must be obtained by direct application to the Department before the dog is taken on board.

Travelers Checks, payable in all parts of Europe can be purchased at all the principal offices of the Atlantic Transport Line. These Checks are accepted on board Atlantic Transport steamers in payment of accounts, but the Pursers have not sufficient funds to enable them to cash these Checks.

Deck Games and Amusements. Deck Quoits, Shuffleboard, Bull Board and other games are provided on deck under the charge of the Deck Steward.

Chess, Draughts, Dominoes, etc., can be obtained on application to the Lounge Steward.
Boots and Shoes. These will be cleaned if left outside the Stateroom door.

PROHIBITION in The United States of America. On the Westbound voyages the steamers will be supplied with a small quantity of liquor, but only very limited supplies can be placed on board in consequence of the decision of the U. S. Supreme Court prohibiting the entry into their ports of alcoholic liquors.

Barber. The Barber is authorized to make the following charges:—

Ladies (s. d. Cents)

  • Hair Trimming 1 0 or 23
  • Singeing 1 0 or 23
  • Shampooing 4 0 or 95
  • Face Massage 3 6 or 80
  • Scalp Massage 2 6 or 58
  • Part Waving 3 0 or 70
  • Waving and Tonic Dressing 0 6 or 12

Gentlemen (s. d. Cents)

  • Shaving 1 0 or 23
  • Hairdressing 1 6 or 35
  • Shampooing 1 0 or 23
  • Singeing 1 0 or 23
  • Face Massage 2 0 or 46
  • Scalp Massage 1 6 or 35
  • Dressing 6 0 or 1.40

His hours are 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, but for the general convenience of the greater number, Passengers are requested not to apply for hair-cutting or shampooing except between the hours of noon and 5:30 pm

The Barber is allowed the privilege of selling various souvenirs and small articles on his own account.

Directories of London and New York are kept on the steamers for the convenience of Passengers.

Picture Postcards. Picture Postcards of the steamers can be obtained on board gratis.

Orchestra. An Orchestra of skilled musicians will play daily.

Lounge and Reception Rooms. These rooms are situated on Deck A and at the entrance to the Dining Saloon on Deck D respectively. They are intended for the use of both Ladies and Gentlemen, and afternoon tea and after-dinner coffee will be served here.

A special Dancing Floor has been fitted in the Reception Room on Deck D.

Books may be obtained from the Bookcase in the Reading Room on Deck A on application to the Steward in charge, between the hours of 10:00 am and 12 noon, 3:00 pm and 4:00 pm, 6:00 pm, and 7:00 pm, 9:00 pm and 10:00 pm

By special arrangement with the "Times Book Club," a supply of recent works is placed on board each voyage, as a supplement to the permanent collection of standard works.

Motor Saloon Connection Between The King George V Dock and Residential London -- Eastbound Passengers.

In view of the proximity of the King George V Dock to the residential part of London, The Atlantic Transport Line has introduced a new feature by inaugurating a connecting service of Motor Saloons between the Company's berth and the principal London Hotels. On disembarking, Passengers may either travel to Liverpool Street Station in the heart of the City, by the special train awaiting them, or they may proceed to their destination in one of a fleet of comfortable motor saloons, which will transport them and their hand baggage to Hotels in the vicinity of Trafalgar Square.

Two types of vehicles will be provided:—

(a) Motor Saloons for destinations within approximately 4 miles of Charing Cross.

(b) Private Limousines for longer distances.

The charge for a seat in a Motor Saloon will be 5/- per head, and for the use of a Limousine the cost will be £2 minimum, with an additional charge of 1/3 per mile for distances over 15 miles.

Only two pieces of hand baggage per passenger may be taken in the Motor Saloons, but Passengers may make arrangements with Messrs. Carter Paterson & Co. regarding Customs clearance and storage or delivery of their other baggage (see under Eastbound Baggage).

Should the above facilities not meet Passengers' requirements, the Company will afford every assistance in its power to carry out any special arrangements desired.

Passengers wishing to make use of a motor conveyance should apply at the Purser's Office not later than 6:00 pm on the Wednesday before arrival, when a ticket will be issued.

As soon as the Customs' examination has been passed, Passengers should proceed to the car corresponding to the number on their ticket. Their baggage being similarly labeled will be put on board by a porter. Each car will then move off on receiving its full complement.

Eastbound Baggage. Arrangements have been made with Carter Paterson & Co., Ltd. (128, Goswell Road, E. C. 1.) for their representative to board the steamer at Gravesend for the purpose of receiving instructions for the clearance through Customs, and despatch of baggage to destination in Carter Paterson & Co.'s Suburban Area at an inclusive charge of 3/- per package. This will facilitate the departure of Passengers as early as possible after the steamer's arrival.

Baggage will be delivered the same day as cleared to any address in the West or West Central Area of London. Baggage for destinations outside C. P. & Co.'s Suburban Area and within C. P. & Co.'s Home Counties Area at slightly higher rates. These charges cover all services in connection with the Customs clearance and delivery. Baggage for Provincial Towns outside C. P. & Co.'s area will also be received for forwarding by Rail. The clearing and cartage charges for this traffic will be 2/6 per package. Rail carriage from Station to destination will be additional.

An extra charge is made for baggage containing articles which may be subject to duty or are prohibited. Declarations for this purpose can be obtained from the Purser during the voyage and should be filled in and handed to Carter Paterson's Representative, together with the keys, when he boards the steamer.

Wireless Telegram Rates

This Steamer is fitted with Marconi's system of Wireless Telegraphy and also with Submarine Signalling Apparatus

Long Range Wireless Service

This vessel is fitted with special long range wireless apparatus which will enable Passengers to communicate with their friends or business houses on shore throughout the voyage across the North Atlantic Ocean.

The wireless rate for messages directed through the long distance wireless station at Devizes, England, is 10d. per word, through Chatham, Mass. and Louisbourg, N. S., 9/0d. per word, land telegraph or cable charges additional. The ship is constantly in touch with one or other of these stations.

Special Notice

The attention of the Managers has been called to the fact that certain persons, believed to be professional gamblers, are in the habit of traveling to and fro in Atlantic Steamships.

In bringing this to the knowledge of travelers the Managers, while not wishing in the slightest degree to interfere with the freedom of action of patrons of the Atlantic Transport Line, desire to invite their assistance in discouraging games of chance, as being likely to afford these individuals special opportunities for taking unfair advantage of others.


Title Page, SS Minnewaska First Class Passenger List, 31 May 1924.

Title Page, SS Minnewaska First Class Passenger List, 31 May 1924. GGA Image ID # 1fddb027bf


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