SS Minneapolis Passenger List - 12 May 1906

Passenger List, Atlantic Transport Line SS Minneapolis, 1906, London to New York

Front Cover of a First Class Passenger List for the SS Minneapolis of the Atlantic Transport Line, Departing 12 May 1906 from London to New York, Commanded by Captain Thomas F. Gates.

Notable Passengers: Louis Joseph Vance

Photograph of the SS Minneapolis of the Atlantic Transport Line, 1901

Photograph of the SS Minneapolis of the Atlantic Transport Line, 1901. From the photographic collection of the Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives.

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: Thomas F. Gates
  2. Surgeon: J. F. Fox
  3. Chief Engineer: A. M. Cross
  4. Purser:  F. T. Pritchard
  5. Chief Steward: J. L. Martin

First Class Passengers

  1. Mr. Henry V. Arundel
  2. Miss M. R. Audubon
  3. Miss Florence Audubon
  4. Mrs. F. L. Borwell
  5. Mr. H. H. Burgess
  6. Mrs. H. H. Burgess
  7. Miss Burgess
  8. Mrs. Byrne
  9. Miss Byrne
  10. Miss R. M. Byrne
  11. Miss T. A. Chickering
  12. Miss Mary Coates
  13. Miss Laura L. Coates
  14. Miss Virginia Cogswell
  15. Miss F. F. Fields and Maid
  16. Mrs. M. K. Fox
  17. Miss A. M. Gardner
  18. Mr. John H. Goudey
  19. Mr. John H. Gould
  20. Mrs. John H. Gould
  21. Mr. Basil Guy
  22. Mrs. Basil Guy
  23. Col. C. Hallett
  24. Mrs. C. Hallett
  25. Mr. Hallett
  26. Mrs. Lilian M. Hughes
  27. Mr. A. W. Kelley
  28. Mrs. A. W. Kelley
  29. Mr. J. T. Kerr
  30. Mr. William Klein
  31. Miss Eirene Ladd
  32. Mr. George W. Millar
  33. Mrs. George W. Millar
  34. Mrs. Luke Martin
  35. Mrs. Jane Marvin
  36. Mr. Wm. A. Marshall
  37. Mrs. W. A. Marshall
  38. Miss H. W. May
  39. Mrs. James McGee
  40. Miss N. Meyer
  41. Mrs. Russell Murray
  42. Mr. J. E. Ousey
  43. Mr. H. H. Reuss
  44. Mrs. H. H. Reuss
  45. Mr. A. Howard Sadler
  46. Mrs. Rolin W. Sadler
  47. Mrs. Charles Spong, Infant and Nurse
  48. Mr. Arthur C. Stifel
  49. Mrs. Arthur C. Stifel
  50. Mr. William Stull
  51. Mrs. William Stull Infant and Nurse
  52. Mr. J. J. Sullivan
  53. Mr. James Thompson
  54. Mr. Louis Joseph Vance
    Louis Joseph Vance (September 19, 1879–December 16, 1933) was an American novelist, born in Washington, D. C., and educated in the preparatory department of the Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute. He wrote short stories and verse after 1901, then composed many popular novels. His character "Michael Lanyard", also known as "The Lone Wolf", was featured in eight books and 24 films between 1914 and 1949, and also appeared in radio and television series
  55. Mrs. Louis Joseph Vance
  56. Master W. B. Vance
  57. Mr. Joseph R. Wainwright
  58. Mrs. Joseph R. Wainwright
  59. Miss Sybil Welch
  60. Mr. H. B. Wilson
  61. Mrs. H. B. Wilson and Infant
  62. Mr. Thomas W. Woodhouse
  63. Mrs. Thomas W. Woodhouse
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