SS Minnehaha Passenger List - 27 September 1913


Passenger List, Atlantic Transport Line, SS Minnehaha 1913

Front Cover of a First Class Passenger List for the SS Minnehaha of the Atlantic Transport Line, Departing 27 September 1913 from London to New York, Commanded by Captain Frank H. Claret. Annotated by one of the Passengers - interesting read. GGA Image ID # 17322cba8c


Notable Passengers: Frank Miles Day, James S. Easby-Smith, Mrs. Lyn Harding, Philip C. Sawyer, Richard Haveland Smythe


Photograph of the SS Minnehaha of the Atlantic Transport Line, 1900.

Photograph of the SS Minnehaha of the Atlantic Transport Line, 1900. GGA Image ID # 1fc6e4c748


Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: Frank H. Claret (Lt. R.N.R.) - "Congenial"
  2. Surgeon: H. R. Gatley - "Noisy"
  3. Purser: B. E. Creed
  4. Chief Engineer J. J. Kehoe - "Blonde"
  5. Chief Steward: W. Sismey - "Old"


First Class Passengers

  1. Mrs. George T. Banzet
    "Holy Terror"
  2. Miss Kate Bennett
  3. Mrs. M. A. Bostwick
  4. Mr. Campbell M. Chittenden
  5. Mrs. Campbell M. Chittenden
  6. Dr. H. D. Collins
  7. Mrs. H. D. Collins
  8. Miss Dorothy Collins
  9. Master Hugh Collins
    "Old Man" and Nurse
  10. Mr. James N. Coons
    Vulcan Iron Works - "Grandpa"
  11. Mrs. Mary W. Coons
  12. Mrs. Josephine H. Crossman
  13. Miss Patricia Crossman
    "The Flirt"
  14. Miss A. M. Davison
  15. Mrs. Bertha Vaughan Dawes
  16. Mr. Frank Miles Day
    (1861-1918) Philadelphia architect, member of the architecture firm of Day and Klauder
  17. Mrs. Frank Miles Day
  18. Miss Frances Day
  19. Mr. Kenneth Day
  20. Master Charles Drage
  21. Master David Drage
  22. Miss J. S. Dutton
  23. Mr. James S. Easby-Smith
    (1870- ? ) lawyer, author- Colonel James S. Easby-Smith of the Provost Marshal General's Office, was 18th to draw a number in the WWI draft that decided the order in which registrants under the new selective service legislation would be called into the nations service on September 30, 1918
  24. Major M. Falkner
  25. Mrs. M. Falkner
  26. Master Falkner
  27. Mr. Charles Fantle
    "South D."
  28. Mrs. Charles Fantle
    "South D."
  29. Dr. Ferguson
    "The Lecturer"
  30. Miss Martha Fuller
  31. Mr. Walter G. Fuller
    "Very Sick"
  32. Miss Dorothy Fuller
    "Early Victorian"
  33. Miss Rosaling Fuller
    "The Beauty"
  34. Miss Cynthia Fuller
    "The Young"
  35. Mrs. M. T. Gwathmey
  36. Miss C. Gwathmey
  37. Miss M. Gwathmey
    "The Best"
  38. Mr. Deval L. Gwathmey
  39. Mr. Charles Harbeson
    "Uses Language"
  40. Mrs. Lyn Harding
    "Dutch" Wife of Lyn Harding (12 October 1867 – 26 December 1952) (real name David Llewellyn Harding) was a Welsh actor who spent 40 years on the stage before entering British made silent films, talkies and radio. He had an imposing and menacing stage presence and came to be cast as the villain in many films, notably Professor Moriarty in dramatisations of the Sherlock Holmes stories
  41. Mr. H. L. Harrison
    "Against Suffrage"
  42. Mrs. H. L. Harrison
  43. Mr. W. M. Hart
  44. Mr. W. H. P. Hayman
  45. Miss M. T. Healy
    "Very Pretty"
  46. Miss M. F. Healy
  47. Mr. C. I. Hills
  48. Mr. William Ford Howland
    Canadian Architect
  49. Mrs. William Foid Howland
  50. Mrs. Hunt
  51. Miss Bessie R. Jeter
    "Bishop's Niece"
  52. Mr. W. Guy Jones
    "Collies Owner"
  53. Mr. Daniel Kelly
    "Fat Frown"
  54. Mrs. Daniel Kelly
  55. Miss M. V. King
    "Pretty, but sick"
  56. Mr. Reginald Lamb
  57. Mr. Raymond Lamb
  58. Mrs. Anna S. Lancey
  59. Miss M. E. Lock
  60. Mrs. M. C. Locke
  61. Mrs. N. R. Lord
    "Dr's Hobby"
  62. Miss Isabella Lupp
  63. Miss Margaret Lupp
  64. Mrs. Macdona
  65. Mr. C. G. Macklin
  66. Mr. R. M. Manley
  67. Mrs. R. M. Manley
  68. Miss Marian Manley
  69. Miss Dorothy Manley
  70. Mrs. J. L. McNew
  71. Mr. C. F. Meier
  72. Mr. Clarence Mellen
  73. Miss Mercer
    "South Africa"
  74. Miss L. Mercer
    "South Africa"
  75. Mrs. Cruttenden Percy
  76. Miss L. H. Raymond
    "Green & Black"
  77. Mr. Henry W. Read
  78. Mr. Chas. A. Read, Jr.
  79. Mr. W. H. Richards
  80. Mr. F. C. Robertson
  81. Miss Isabel Robertson
  82. Miss W. Robinson
  83. Mr. John G. Rollins
    Weapons exporter based in London
  84. Mr. Philip Sawyer
    "Long" Philip C. Sawyer (1868–1949) - The architectural firm of York and Sawyer produced many outstanding structures, exemplary of Beaux-Arts architecture as it was practiced in the United States. The partners Edward York (1863–1928) and Philip Sawyer (1868–1949) had both trained in the office of McKim, Mead, and White. In 1898, they established their independent firm, based in New York City
  85. Mrs. Philip Sawyer (Mildred Conway)
    "The Ferrier"
  86. Miss Mildred Sawyer
  87. Miss Eleanor Sawyer
  88. Mrs. Stanley Sedgwick
  89. Mrs. Sophia Sharman
  90. Miss N. M. Sharpe
    "Very Smart"
  91. Mrs. A. O. Simpkin
    "Very Stout"
  92. Mr. Richard Haveland Smythe
    "One of the Nuts" (1889-1965) New York City architect instrumental in recreating and restoring the village of Stony Brook on Long Island, New York, and was also noted for the creation of the modern store front as typified by the Melville Shoe Corp. of Thom McAn shoe stores across the nation
  93. Mrs. L. B. Steele
    "Green Angel"
  94. Miss V. Stephenson
    "The Danzel"
  95. Mr. Parker Syms
  96. Mrs. Parker Syms
  97. Bishop Ethelbert Talbot
    (1848-1928) in 1897 The Right Rev. Ethelbert Talbot, D.D., LL.D., was elected Bishop of the Episcopal diocese of Pennsylvania. Dr. Talbot is at present Missionary Bishop of Wyoming and Idaho. In 1924, he became Presiding Bishop of the Church
  98. Mrs. Ethelbert Talbot
    Dora Harvey (1850-1920) - "Cook"
  99. Miss M. G. Tennant
  100. Mr. George Thomas
    "The Angel"
  101. Mr. G. G. Thorpe
  102. Mrs. Sophia Van Marter
    "No Chicken"
  103. Mr. Charles W. Vernon, Jr.
    "Awfully Nice"
  104. Miss Peggy Whitaker
    "Baby Blue"
  105. Mr. John G. White
    "Grand Pa"
  106. Miss Muriel N. Whiting
  107. Miss Edith R. Wilson
  108. Mr. H. F. Wilson
  109. Mrs. Clarence H. Youngs
    "Coy Young Thing"


Note: One of the passenger lists we have from this voyage was annotated by one of the Passengers. Their annotations about fellow Passengers are enclosed within "quotes" after the name. Quite a "Gem."


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