SS Minneapolis Passenger List - 27 August 1904

Front Cover of a First Class Passenger List for the SS Minneapolis of the Atlantic Transport Line, Departing 27 August 1904 from London to New York

Front Cover of a First Class Passenger List for the SS Minneapolis of the Atlantic Transport Line, Departing 27 August 1904 from London to New York, Commanded by Captain Thomas F. Gates. The ship arrived in New York on 5 September 1904. GGA Image ID # 15bb95ab78

Photograph of the SS Minneapolis of the Atlantic Transport Line, 1901

Photograph of the SS Minneapolis of the Atlantic Transport Line, 1901. From the photographic collection of the Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives.

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: Thomas F. Gates
  2. Surgeon: J. Leeming Walker
  3. Purser: Charles A. Wills
  4. Chief Engineer: A. N. Cross
  5. Chief Steward: J. L. Martin

List of First Class Passengers (Note 3)

  1. Rev. Reese F. Alsop (60y)
  2. Mrs. Florence Alsop (40y)
  3. Mr. Reese D. Alsop (17y)
  4. Miss Elizabeth T. Alsop (16y)
  5. Miss Gulielma F. Alsop (20y)
  6. Miss Mary Alsop (19y)
  7. Dr. Marcus Brownson (45y)
  8. Mrs. Mary Brownson (42y)
  9. Miss Julia Banks (29y)
  10. Dr. Lucy R. Bliss (37y)
  11. Mr. Fred C. Bower (48y)
  12. Mr. Raymond Hamilton Boyer (23y)
  13. Mr. Wilson M. Bown (44y)
  14. Miss Adele Bookstaver (33y)
  15. Mr. Miers Busch (42y)
  16. Miss Maud Banfield (30y)
  17. Dr. Clarence A. Barbour (37y)
  18. Dr. Thomas S. Barbour (51y)
  19. Mr. Herbert Bates (36y)
  20. Mrs. Eda Bates (34y)
  21. Dr. Newton S. Bell (63y)
  22. Mrs. Mary E. Bell (61y)
  23. Mr. Herbert Belbunger (35y)
  24. Mrs. Elizabeth Bowlby (61y)
  25. Miss Elizabeth Bowlby (29y)
  26. Mrs. Frederick W. (Helen) Crocker (31y)
  27. Mr. Robert Crocker (23y)
  28. Mr. Edward Collens (62y)
  29. Mrs. Alice J. Coumbe (60y)
  30. Mr. Norman Case (15y)
  31. Mrs. Carrie N. Cowtan (37y)
  32. Miss Emma P. McCleary (30y)
  33. Miss Henrietta Colgan (32y)
  34. Miss Mary E. Colgan (30y)
  35. Mrs. Edward D. (Frances H.) Chapin (60y)
  36. Rev. Henry C. Cronin (56y)
  37. Mr. Edward A. Cronin (35y)
  38. Mr. Snafton [Trafton] M. Crandall (21y)
  39. Mr. Arthur S. Deett [Miss A. S. Dutt] (31y)
  40. Mrs. Helen N. Fanning (50y)
  41. Mrs. Martha Fries (45y)
  42. Miss Anna T. Fries (15)
  43. Mr. John N. Fries (46y)
  44. Mr. Benjamin M. Faires (40y)
  45. Miss Hannah Fwist [Furst] (40y)
  46. Mrs. Herbert L. (Bertha) Griggs (40y)
  47. Mrs. Frank (Florence) Grant (56y)
  48. Miss Kate D. Gilbert (45y)
  49. Mr. George Gillispie (37y)
  50. Mr. James Greenwood (54y)
  51. Miss Frances J. Galvin (31y)
  52. Miss Harriet E. Gaylord (26y)
  53. Mrs. A. B. Grover (41y)
  54. Mr. Wm. H. Hotchkiss (53y)
  55. Mrs. W. H. (Mary) Hotchkiss (52y)
  56. Miss Eleanor B. Hotchkiss (21y)
  57. Miss Margaret L. Hotchkiss (21y)
  58. Dr. Clarence C. Howard (45y)
  59. Mrs. Clarence C. (Mary) Howard (43y)
  60. Mrs. Chas. H. Howell (45y)
  61. Miss Josephine Howell (20y)
  62. Dr. Emil Henel (41y)
  63. Mrs. Emil (Elizabeth) Henel (39y)
  64. Miss Elsie Henel (15y)
  65. Mr. C. Chandler Howard, Jr. (19y)
  66. Mr. N. Montgomery Howard (12y)
  67. Master J. Campbell Howard (16y)
  68. Mr. Peter A. Hatting (36y)
  69. Mr. Walter H. Hildick (28y)
  70. Mr. Chas. E. Hill (60y)
  71. Rev. William Charles Hogg (30y)
  72. Mrs. Joseephine Hogg (24y)
  73. Miss Alice Hopkins (36y)
  74. Mrs. H. A. (Flora A.) Heath (31y)
  75. Mdme. Florian (Florence J.) Higgins (25y)
  76. Miss Jane [June] Higgins (10y)
  77. Mrs. Jane K. Hunt (43y)
  78. Miss Ethel Hunt (22y)
  79. Miss Caroline Ilsley (45y)
  80. Mrs. Jessie N. Johnson (35y)
  81. Mr. William H. Johnson (37y)
  82. Miss Helen Kay (35y)
  83. Miss Ada N. Kenyon (39y)
  84. Miss Carrie Lane (38y)
  85. Mr. David Lafsley [Lapsley] (44y)
  86. Miss J. E. Lapham
  87. Mrs. Ruth Warren Lawrence (40y)
  88. Mrs. Chas. B. (Mary B.) Lawson (40y)
  89. Miss Fanny MacLeod (42y)
  90. Mr. Charles D. Lyon (60y)
  91. Mrs. Chas. D. (Emma V.) Lyon (50y)
  92. Miss Ada F. Luc [Lux] (43y)
  93. Mr. Leigh B. Morris (31y)
  94. Miss Elizabeth C. Matthews (53y)
  95. Mr. Jas. McClury (36y)
  96. Mrs. H. A. (Marian) McIntyre (33y)
  97. Miss Marian McIntyre (9y)
  98. Mrs. W. P. (Clara) Morgan (44y)
  99. Master William M. Morgan (7y)
  100. Mr. Francis B. Muller [Mullin] (24y)
  101. Mrs. Mary Nixon (77y)
  102. Miss Teresa V.G. O'Neill (40y)
  103. Miss H. Orcutt
  104. Mr. Willard R. Platt (23y)
  105. Mr. Harold B. Platt (18y)
  106. Dr. Louis Plumer-Posey (41y)
  107. Mrs. Mary F. Posey (34y)
  108. Miss Lida J. Pendleton (32y)
  109. Miss Cormel J. Van Rifer [Riper] (21y)
  110. Mr. A. W. Van Riper
  111. Mr. Arthur L. Richmond (39y)
  112. Mrs. A. L. (Mary) Richmond (32y)
  113. Mr. Wm. K. Van Reyfen [Van Reypen, Jr.] (21y)
  114. Mrs. Harriet T. Robbins (65y)
  115. Miss Carrie Kemp Rose (46y)
  116. Miss Louise N. Robinson (34y)
  117. Mr. Patrick U. [W.] Reilly (45y)
  118. Mrs. P. W. (Ruth) Reilly (44y)
  119. Miss Julia Reilly (14y)
  120. Miss Grace Reilly (9y)
  121. Master William Reilly (7y)
  122. Miss Carrie A. Sherwood (31y)
  123. Miss Mary E. Schumacker (34y)
  124. Miss Grace Spencer (33y)
  125. Mr. Arthur Albert Stearns (46y)
  126. Mrs. Lillian Platt Stearns (41y)
  127. Mr. Elliot Edmund Stearns (13y)
  128. Miss Helen Hodge Stearns (10y)
  129. Miss Dorothy Doris Stearns (4y)
  130. Mr. Edwin R. Staneliffe [Stancliffe] (16y)
  131. Mr. Cody Staley (62y)
  132. Mrs. C. (Kate) Staley (61y)
  133. Mr. Walter A. Sweet (42y)
  134. Mrs. W. A. (Lizzie) Sweet (43y)
  135. Mr. Wm. H. J. Sieberg (61y)
  136. Mrs. Robt. (Charlotte) Stewart (69y)
  137. Dr. Thomas L. Shearer (35y)
  138. Dr. J. Hubley Schall (35y)
  139. Miss Gertrude Sargent (30y)
  140. Miss Emma E. Schonmaker [Schoonmaker] (40y)
  141. Miss Jean D. Seaman (26y)
  142. Mrs. Grace H. Shields (50y)
  143. Miss Hattie S. Sims (37y)
  144. Mrs. Florence Smith (39y)
  145. Mrs. Mary Smith (20y)
  146. Mr. Jas. N. Stewart (34y)
  147. Mrs. John R. (Ruth) Sweney (54y)
  148. Mr. Robert Thedford [Thetford] (54y)
  149. Mrs. Robert (Maria) Thedford [Thetford] (48y)
  150. Mr. David Thornton (58y)
  151. Mrs. David (Jane) Thornton (48y)
  152. Miss Martha H. Thornton (40y)
  153. Miss Josephine Talgiven [Talgwen](40y)
  154. Mr. Arthur S. Woodward (40y)
  155. Mrs. A. S. (Maud) Woodward (30y)
  156. Mr. H. Johnson Whitley (48y)
  157. Mr. Wm. D. Washburn (66y)
  158. Mrs. W. D. (Agnes) Washburn (63y)
  159. Mr. John W. Woodfin (55y)
  160. Miss Clara T. [A. T.] Woodfin (48y)
  161. Mr. John Wells (61y)
  162. Mrs. John (Florence) Wells (55y)
  163. Mr. Hunter White (24y)
  164. Mrs. John C. (Mary) Winters (42y)
  165. Miss Anita C. Winters (20y)
  166. Mrs. Mary R. Yeomans (47y)

Additional Passengers (Note 1)

  1. Emma Sapham (50y)
  2. Helen Steward Crocker (46y)
  3. Robert Thompson (33y)
  4. A. Ward (34y)

Not on Board (Note 2)

  1. Miss J. E. Lapham
  2. Miss H. Orcutt
  3. Mr. A. W. Van Riper

Note 1: Passengers listed on that were not listed on this Passenger List.

Note 2: Passengers listed on this Passenger List that did not appear on Ships List for the.

Note 3: This passenger list has been supplemented with information obtained from the passenger manifest. Original order has been maintained as printed in the passenger list.

Information for Passengers

Tea and Coffee at 7:00 am

Breakfast ... 8.3° am

Lunch ... 1:00 pm

Dinner ... 7:00 pm

Meals for Nurses and Children :—Breakfast,8:00 am; Dinner, 12 noon; Tea, 5:00 pm

Flease apply to Second Steward for seating- accommodation at Table.

Lights in the Saloon are extinguished at 11:00 pm, and in the Smoking Room at 11.30 pm.

Bar closes at 11:00 pm

Smoking is not allowed in the Saloon, State-rooms or Companion-ways.

The Saloon Steward will supply Stamps, Telegraph Forms, Books of Reference, and Railway Time Tables of the Principal Companies.

Divine Service.—Intimation regarding Divine Service will appear on the Notice Boards every Sunday morning.

Valuables.—Passengers are enjoined to be very careful in the disposal of small articles of baggage, more especially during Embarkation, when there are always strangers on Board.

Money, Jewellery, and valuables of any kind, should always be left securely under lock and key.

Passengers may deposit with the Purser any Money, Jewellery, &c., for safe keeping during the voyage, but no responsibility can be accepted for same.

For the convenience of Passengers the Purser is prepared to exchange a limited amount of English and American money. The rate of exchange will be $4.80 to the 'i when giving American in exchange for English currency, and 'I to $4.95 when giving English money for American.

Luggage—Only hand-bags and trunks which will fit underneath the berths are allowed in the State-rooms; all large or heavy luggage must be placed in the Baggage Room, to which access can be gained by applying to the Officer in charge of Baggage. Passengers will greatly expedite the disembarkation if they will have their State-room Baggage packed ready for removal directly on arrival, so that the transfer may at once be procetded with.

Electric Bell Calls.—For Steward, one ring; for Stewardess, two rings.

Passengers' Addresses should be left with the Purser, in order that any letters sent to the care of the Company may be forwarded.

Letters.— Passengers may have their letters addressed to any of the Company's Offices given below, where they will be retained until called for, or forwarded according to instructions.


Atlantic Transport Co., Ltd. 3, Cockspur Street, London, S.W.
N. Martin, Agent ... 9, Rue Scribe, Paris.

Atlantic Transport Co.
New York-9, Broadway.

Baltimore—Continental Trust Building.
Philadelphia—Sri, Bourse Building.
Chicago-234, La Salle Street.
Minneapolis-412. Guaranty Loan Building.

Fire Danger Notification

Notice of Fire Danger, 1904

Notice of Fire Danger, 1904: To minimize dangers from fire and for the comfort of fellow Passengers you are particularly requested not to throw matches, cigar or cigarette ends on the deck, but to throw them overboard on the lee side of the steamer. GGA Image ID # 15bb963f15

Memorandum of Log

Atlantic Transport Line North Atlantic Ocean Track Chart with Completed Memorandum of Log of the 27 August 1904 Voyage from London to New York

Atlantic Transport Line North Atlantic Ocean Track Chart with Completed Memorandum of Log of the 27 August 1904 Voyage from London to New York, Transcribed Below. GGA Image ID # 15bbc748f8

Day of Week Date Latitude Longitude Distance Traveled Remarks
Sunday 28 Aug 50.52 5.54 357 Miles from Tilbury Rock
Monday 29 Aug 50.37 16.05 395 Light Wind and Smooth Sea
Tuesday 30 Aug 50.15


377 Fresh Wind and Head Sea
Wednesday 31 Aug 49.03 35.18 373 Moderate Wind and Sea
Thursday 1 Sep 47.18 44.47 394 Light Wind and Smooth Sea
Friday 2 Sep 44.50 53.20 386  
Saturday 3 Sep 42.41 60.46 347 Variable Winds and Calm Sea
Sunday 4 Sep 40.54 68.05 365 Light Wind, Smooth Sea, Fog


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