SS Minnesota Passenger List - 11 June 1927

Front Cover - 11 June 1927 Passenger List, SS Minnesota, Atlantic Transport Line

Front Cover of a Tourist Third Cabin Passenger List for the SS Minnesota of the Atlantic Transport Line, Departing 11 June 1927 From New York to London via Boulogne-sur-Mer, Commanded by Captain W. F. Pollard. GGA Image ID # 1733fb7655


Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: W. F. Pollard, D.S.O., R.D. (Capt. R.N.R.)
  2. Chief Engineer: W. C. Donald
  3. Doctor: Michael Bulger, M.A., M.D
  4. Purser: H. W. Lagden Asst
  5. Purser: E. Cordery
  6. Chief Steward: W. Simkin


Tourist Third Cabin Passengers

  1. Miss A. Ackerman
  2. Miss M. E. Ackerman
  3. Mrs. Ruth Aimes
  4. Miss A. C. Bagge
  5. Mrs. S. Bantick
  6. Miss Bantick
  7. Mrs. Helen Batteram
  8. Mrs. L. M. Bauman
  9. Miss R. Bauman
  10. Miss Elizabeth Beacon
  11. Miss Bell
  12. Mr. Bennet
  13. Mrs. Bennet
  14. Miss Bernice Berry
  15. Mrs. J. W. Blincoe
  16. Mr. William Blondel
  17. Mrs. Blondel
  18. Miss Betty Bloynely
  19. Mrs. John Bluck
  20. Miss Elizabeth Bowden
  21. Mr. Bowles
  22. Mrs. Norah Breese
  23. Miss Eleanor Brogg
  24. Mrs. F. E. Brooks
  25. Miss J. Brooks
  26. Mrs. A. Mercy Brower
  27. Master Stanley Brower
  28. Miss Jane Brower
  29. Miss Elizabeth A. Brower
  30. Miss Florence Brown
  31. Miss Mary F. Brown
  32. Mr. G. Stewart Brown
  33. Mrs. Emily Brown
  34. Mr. Cyril D. Buckwell
  35. Mrs. Buckwell
  36. Miss Mildred Bursley
  37. Mr. E. E. Burns
  38. Miss S. Butcher
  39. Mrs. Butterick
  40. Miss Marion Butterick
  41. Master Allen Butterick
  42. Mr. James Buvington
  43. Mrs. Buvington
  44. Miss Verna Dapper
  45. Mrs. Gertrude Davis
  46. Mr. H. Dean
  47. Mrs. Dean
  48. Miss Dean
  49. Mrs. Emma Dempster
  50. Master A. P. Dempster
  51. Miss Louise Denison
  52. Miss Iris Detweiler
  53. Miss A. J. Devin
  54. Miss Jeanne Doraff
  55. Miss Julia Dowd
  56. Miss Dorothy Doyle
  57. Mrs. I. Duggan
  58. Mr. H. W. Calderon
  59. Mrs. H. W. Calderon
  60. Mr. C. W. Cameron
  61. Mrs. Mary Caron
  62. Mr. V. P. Chandler
  63. Mr. J. Chenciner
  64. Mr. Fredric Clifford
  65. Mrs. Clifford
  66. Mrs. Bladwen Coburn
  67. Mrs. Frederick A. Cole
  68. Miss Catherine Cole
  69. Mr. W. B. Cooke
  70. Miss Mary Cooke
  71. Miss Francis Conklin
  72. Mr. Thomas Costigan
  73. Mr. C. Courtneidge
  74. Mr. I. Craib
  75. Mr. John Crawford
  76. Mr. Wethered Crocker
  77. Mr. J. S. Crowley
  78. Mrs. Crowley
  79. Miss Elizabeth Curtis
  80. Mrs. C. F. Eastman
  81. Mrs. Carrie Eberspacher
  82. Mrs. Mary Eberspacher
  83. Mr. F. Ehrenfeld
  84. Mrs. Ehrenfeld
  85. Mrs. H. Elliot
  86. Mrs. H. Emery
  87. Mr. J. H. Engle
  88. Mr. C. C. Evangelides
  89. Mrs. V. Evangelides
  90. Mrs. F. W. Fairman
  91. Mr. C. E. Farrer
  92. Miss May Faulder
  93. Mrs. R. W. Feather
  94. Mr. John Fisher
  95. Master Fisher
  96. Miss Olivia Fletcher
  97. Miss Martha Foley
  98. Miss L. Fonjalloz
  99. Mr. Arthur Frieze
  100. Mr. J. H. Frobert
  101. Miss Mary P. Fulton
  102. Mrs. M. Galpin
  103. Master Donald Guy Galpin
  104. Mrs. E. S. Gammon
  105. Miss Margaret Garthy
  106. Miss Clara Gaupel
  107. Rev. Ullrich Gay
  108. Miss E. Gilroy
  109. Miss B. Gittens
  110. Mrs. George Glass
  111. Master Atholl Glass
  112. Mrs. W. Glass
  113. Mr. Charles Goggin
  114. Mr. R. C. Gosnell
  115. Mr. Robert C. Gosnelle
  116. Mrs. Norma Gray
  117. Mrs. R. Greer
  118. Miss M. B. Groom
  119. Mr. Andrew Grey
  120. Miss Grundy
  121. Mr. John Harkness
  122. Mrs. John Harkness
  123. Miss V. Hartstein
  124. Miss Ruth Haskins
  125. Mr. H. Hassell
  126. Mrs. Hassell
  127. Mrs. Elizabeth Hawkins
  128. Mrs. J. H. Hawxwell
  129. Miss E. Hegan
  130. Miss M. D. Helfenstein
  131. Miss Hellman
  132. Mr. Hinchy
  133. Miss Bertha Hite
  134. Mrs. Bertha Hooker
  135. Mr. Hopkinson
  136. Mr. George Howard
  137. Miss Elizabeth Hudson
  138. Mr. Gerald Hughes
  139. Mrs. A. Hunt
  140. Miss Evelyn Hunt
  141. Mrs. W. F. Irwine
  142. Mr. Julius Isaacs
  143. Mrs. Isaacs
  144. Mr. George H. Hafer
  145. Miss J. Haight
  146. Miss Rose Halley
  147. Mr. P. Hampden
  148. Mrs. L. S. Hanson
  149. Mrs. W. Jaines
  150. Dr. R. M. James
  151. Mr. James
  152. Miss Clarice Jones
  153. Miss L. Jones
  154. Mr. Carl Kefberg
  155. Mrs. Margaret Kelley
  156. Mrs. John P. Kennedy
  157. Miss Fannie R. Kennedy
  158. Mrs. Ralph Kirkham
  159. Miss Josephine Kirpal
  160. Miss Katherine Knox
  161. Mr. George Kosch
  162. Mr. Ben Krotosky
  163. Miss J. M. Lansing
  164. Mrs. E. Larson
  165. Mrs. Leedoff
  166. Miss Mary Lenerander
  167. Mr. A. E. Lenigs Jr.
  168. Mrs. Harriet C. Leonard
  169. Mr. Hans Letz
  170. Mrs. Letz
  171. Mr. John Harry Letz
  172. Miss Mary Margt. Letz
  173. Mr. Edmond Levis
  174. Miss E. Leyson
  175. Miss Kate Liddle
  176. Mr. Sam Linder
  177. Mr. A. Lindsay
  178. Mrs. Ida Litz
  179. Miss Helen Lothair
  180. Mr. P. McDermott
  181. Miss G. McDermott
  182. Miss Edna McKnight
  183. Miss Ida McVey
  184. Mr. William MacLaughlin
  185. Mrs. Anna Magner
  186. Mr. George T. Mann
  187. Mrs. Mann
  188. Master Roy G. Mann
  189. Miss J. Mannheim
  190. Mr. F. Marion
  191. Miss G. L. Martin
  192. Mr. Reynold Maskis
  193. Prof. David D. Mason
  194. Miss G. Masters
  195. Mrs. L. Masters
  196. Miss Catherine I. Meloon
  197. Mrs. F. Miller
  198. Mr. W. Howard Miller
  199. Mr. J. B. Milliken
  200. Mr. S. W. Mills
  201. Mr. H. Mills
  202. Miss Marion Montgomery
  203. Mrs. Pauline Morrel
  204. Miss Mary R. Morrison
  205. Mrs. Anna J. Morrison
  206. Miss P. Morris
  207. Mr. W. W. Moss
  208. Mrs. Murphy
  209. Miss Mary McCarthy
  210. Mrs. Elizabeth McCarthy
  211. Mr. W. B. McDaniel
  212. Mrs. McDaniel
  213. Miss C. Newcombe
  214. Mr. Julius Newmen
  215. Miss Ruth E. O'Brien
  216. Miss Margaret Pope
  217. Mrs. L. C. Patterson
  218. Mr. Patterson
  219. Mrs. I. Patterson
  220. Miss Luaz G. Peabody
  221. Mrs. C. Pearson
  222. Miss Alice Pearson
  223. Mr. F. D. Perkins
  224. Miss A. W. Perkins
  225. Miss M. T. Perkins
  226. Mr. Henry Penniman
  227. Mrs. Adele Peters
  228. Miss Petronin
  229. Miss Antoinette Pied
  230. Mrs. Elsie Plunkett
  231. Miss Plunkett
  232. Mr. W. B. Pope
  233. Mrs. Porter
  234. Miss T. Potlogan
  235. Mrs. Betty Powers
  236. Miss Mary D. Pryor
  237. Miss V. Raeburn
  238. Mrs. Ida Rath
  239. Mrs. G. B. Reeve
  240. Mrs. P. A. Remus
  241. Miss Yvonne Remus
  242. Master Nevin Remus
  243. Mr. Paul Rhines
  244. Mrs. Rhines
  245. Mr. Fred Richters
  246. Mr. B. F. Rinker
  247. Mr. Cecil Roberts E. C. M
  248. Mrs. Myrtle Roberts
  249. Miss Mildred Rosch
  250. Miss Florence Rosch
  251. Mrs. Anna Rosenberger
  252. Mr. Ross
  253. Miss Marion Roth
  254. Miss Frances M. Royce
  255. Miss A. Kathryn Royce
  256. Mrs. Alice Rucker
  257. Mrs. J. C. Rushforth
  258. Rev. Thos. Ryon
  259. Miss Anna M. Samporth
  260. Mr. Sanders
  261. Mrs. Sanders and child
  262. Mrs. R. I. Sanderson
  263. Mrs. S. D. Sault
  264. Mr. John Schmeidler
  265. Miss Mary Seiler
  266. Mrs. Helen Shatzkins
  267. Miss Isacher Shatzkins
  268. Master Leonard Shatzkins
  269. Mrs. S. Sidelmann
  270. Mrs. Ada Simmons
  271. Mrs. Alice F. Smith
  272. Mr. A. R. Smith Jr.
  273. Miss Florence R. Spring
  274. Mr. John C. Steele
  275. Mrs. H. Steel
  276. Miss Steel
  277. Miss Elizabets Stephens
  278. Mr. Stern
  279. Mr. Martin Stewart
  280. Mr. Ralph Stock
  281. Mr. O. P. Susmeyan
  282. Miss Alma Sweet
  283. Mrs. W. B. Thomas
  284. Mr. W. H. Thompson
  285. Mr. William Thompson
  286. Mrs. Nelson Thompson
  287. Mrs. Ashton Tonge
  288. Miss Jeanne Toraff
  289. Miss Ruth Trinkle
  290. Mr. A. R. TRUE
  291. Miss A. Y. Turcott
  292. Mrs. C. Tyson
  293. Dr. J. M. Vandermeulen
  294. Mrs. Vandermeulen
  295. Master John Vandermeulen
  296. Miss Reba Van Messel
  297. Miss Louise H. Van Pray
  298. Miss Isabelle Varney
  299. Mrs. G. E. Walker
  300. Miss Walsch
  301. Mrs. E. C. Walter
  302. Master Lloyd Wasson
  303. Mrs. H. A. Wasson
  304. Mr. Ralph Way
  305. Miss Louise Weir
  306. Miss T. Welting
  307. Mr. Edwin A. Wilborg
  308. Mrs. Wilborg
  309. Miss Jane Wilds
  310. Miss Mildred Wilds
  311. Miss Lydia Williams
  312. Miss Lucille Willis
  313. Miss Mary K. Wilson
  314. Mrs. F. G. Wipf
  315. Master Donald Wipf
  316. Miss Wistar
  317. Mr. Winston
  318. Mr. Sidney Wood
  319. Mr. Sidney Wood
  320. Mr. George Wood
  321. Mrs. Phyllis Wood
  322. Mr. L. L. Young


The SS Minnesota is a Twin Screw steamer 11,905 Tons


General Information for Passengers

Breakfast at 8:00 am
Luncheon at 12 noon
Dinner at 6:00 pm

Divine Service will be held on Sundays at 11:30 am

Smoking. Passengers are kindly requested not to smoke in either the Dining Saloon or in the Reading and Writing Room. It is also desired that ladies should refrain from using the smoking room.

Seats at Table. Passengers who have not previously arranged for seats at table to be reserve& should apply to the Second Steward.

Upper Berths. Passengers occupying upper berths can obtain steps for getting in or out of same on applying to the Steward or Stewardess.

Medical Attendance. The Surgeon is authorized to make customary charges, subject in each case to the approval of the Commander, for treating Passengers at their request for any illness Not Originating On The Voyage. In the case of sickness originating on the voyage no charge will be made, and medicine will be provided free in all circumstances.

Wireless. The steamer is fitted with the Independent Company's System of Wireless Telegraphy and also with Submarine Signalling Appartus.

The Purser's Office is situated on Deck B, where Letters, Cables, Telegrams and Radiograms are received or delivered, and Postage Stamps can be purchased.

None of the ship's staff other than those on duty in the Purser's Office are authorized to accept Letters, Telegrams or Radiograms for despatch.

Charges Collected on Board. Passengers are requested to ask for a Receipt for any additional Passage Money, Chair or Steamer Rug Hire, charges collected for Radiograms, Cablegrams or Telegrams or Freight paid on board.

Passengers' Addresses should be left at the Purser's Office, in order that any letters received after Passengers have left the steamer may be forwarded.

Deck Chairs and Steamer Rugs can be hired on application to the Deck Steward, at a charge of $1.00 each for the voyage.

Valuables. For the convenience of Passengers, the Line has provided in the Purser's Office, a Safe in which money, jewels, ornaments, documents or other valuables may be deposited by Passengers. A receipt for any articles so deposited will be issued by the Purser, but the Line does not, having regard to the ticket conditions and to the provisions of Section 502 of the Merchant Shipping Act 1894 and of Section 4281 of the Revised Statutes of the United States, accept any responsibility for the safe custody of any such articles. Passengers are accordingly advised to protect themselves by insurance.

Exchange of Money. The Purser is prepared, for the convenience of Passengers, to exchange a limited amount of English and American money, at rates which will be advised on application.

Baggage. Questions relating to Baggage should be referred to the Second Steward, who is the Ship's Baggage Master.

Wardrobe Trunks. Passengers are advised that it is not always possible to arrange for the placing of. Wardrobe Trunks in the' passenger accommodation in a position where they are easily accessible, also that there is frequently difficulty with regard to the landing of such packages owing to their exceptional size.

Baggage Room. For Passengers' special convenience all heavy baggage not placed in state rooms is stored in the baggage room, where it is available to the owner twice daily at 'hours as stated on the ship's notice board.

Dogs. Passengers are notified that dogs must be handed over to the care of the live-stock attendant, and cannot be landed in Great Britain unless a license has previously been procured from the Board of Agriculture, London. Forms of license must be obtained by direct application to the Department before the Dog is taken on board.

Travelers Checks, payable in all parts of Europe can be purchased at all the principal offices of the Atlantic Transport Line. These Checks are accepted on board Atlantic Transport steamers in payment of accounts, but the Pursers have not sufficient funds to enable them to cash these Checks.

Deck Games and Amusements. Deck Quoits, Shuffleboard, Bull Board and other games are provided on deck under the charge of the Deck Steward.

Chess, Draughts, Dominoes, etc., can be obtained on application to the Lounge Steward.

Special Notice for Round Trip Tourist Passengers

Passengers holding return tickets who are undecided about their European addresses should advise same to our nearest office in Europe by mail or in person as soon as possible after arrival abroad. If this is done by letter, please mention sailing on which you will return and accommodation reserved for you.

All Passengers holding return tickets are requested to communicate with our nearest office at least a week in advance of their sailing from Europe so that necessary formalities may be arranged in connection with their return passage.


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