SS Marquette Passenger List - 1 June 1899

Front Cover, Saloon Passenger List for the SS Marquette, 1 June 1899 of the Atlantic Transport Line.

Front Cover of a Saloon Passenger List for the SS Marquette of the Atlantic Transport Line, Departing 1 June 1899 from London to New York, Commanded by Captain Thomas F. Gates. GGA Image ID # 1299f3639b.

Notable Passengers Included: Ralph David Blumenfeld, Alson S. Clark, H. H. Crippen.


Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: T. F. Gates
  2. Surgeon: H. Cock
  3. Chief Engineer: D. MacDonald


Saloon Passengers

  1. Mr. E. J. Ashwell
  2. Mrs. Ashwell
  3. Mr. Ralph W. Appleby
  4. Mrs. Appleby
  5. Mr. R. H. Baker
  6. Mr. E. J. Barnard
  7. Mrs. Barnard
  8. Miss Bedford
  9. Mr. R. D. Blumenfeld
    (pen-name R.D.B., 7 April 1864 – 17 July 1948) Ralph David Blumenfeld was a United States-born journalist, writer and newspaper editor
  10. Mrs. Blumenfeld
  11. Master David Blumenfeld
  12. Mr. C. Bontein
  13. Mrs. Bontein
  14. Mr. Turner E. Brashear
  15. Mrs. Brashear and Infant
  16. Miss Esther Brashear
  17. Master Irwin Brashear
  18. Master Ernest Brashear (Brashear, Ernest G.)
  19. Master Alvin Brashear
  20. Miss Marie Burke
  21. Miss Burmester and Maid
  22. Mr. Phillip H. Burrell
  23. Mr. Henry Cane
  24. Mrs. Cane
  25. Mr. Lewin Campbell
  26. Mr. Milton Campbell
  27. Mr. A. B. Clark
  28. Mrs. Clark and child
  29. Mr. Alson S. Clark
    (25 March 1876 - 23 March 1949) was an American painter best remembered for his impressionist landscapes
  30. Mr. H. H. Crippen
    Hawley Harvey Crippen (11 September 1862 – 23 November 1910), usually known as Dr. Crippen, was an American physician hanged in Pentonville Prison, London, England, on 23 November 1910, for the murder of his wife. He has gone down in history as the first criminal to be captured with the aid of wireless communication.
  31. Mr. Frank Cuyler (1863 - 1941)
  32. Mr. Ralph Dearlove
  33. Mr. G. E. Dowden
  34. Mr. J. F. Dunwoody
  35. Mrs. Fuego and Infant
  36. Mr. J. Franklin Gallagher
  37. Mr. J. R. Geary
  38. Rev. F. S. Greenhalgh
  39. Mr. H. Hague
  40. Mr. H. Hardinge
  41. Mr. R. E. Heggie
  42. Mr. H. W. Herr
  43. Mr. R. W. St. Hill
  44. Mr. Arthur Hickie
  45. Mr. Charles Hodgson
  46. Miss E. Kalisher
  47. Miss C. Kalisher
  48. Mr. E. David Keeble
  49. Col. L. Lake
  50. Mr. Duff G. Lake
  51. Mr. Henry E. Longwell - Mechanical Engineer
  52. Miss Harriett Lyman
  53. Dr. Mahe
  54. Mrs. Mahe
  55. Mr. F. Marriott
  56. Miss Zurtar Metzian
  57. Miss Edna Middlemitch
  58. Mr. C. J. Miller
  59. Mr. M. Moffatt
  60. Mr. George Patterson
  61. Mr. G. Paulding
  62. Mr. D. West Petus
  63. Mr. Alfred Piper, Jr.
  64. Mr. J. L. Pollitt
  65. Mrs. Pollitt
  66. Mr. Rawson
  67. Mrs. Rawson
  68. Miss Rawson
  69. Miss E. M. Requa
  70. Mrs. Robinson
  71. Mrs. Amy Robinson
  72. Mr. H. B. Sherwin
  73. Mrs. Sherwin
  74. Mr. Vernon D. Shutte
  75. Miss Ada Stanley
  76. Mrs. Emil Stehli
  77. Mr. H. J. Taylor
  78. Mr. Joseph Turner
  79. Mrs. Turner
  80. Master H. C. Turner
  81. Rev. S. S. Vannerman
  82. Mrs. Vannerman
  83. Miss Amy Vannerman
  84. Miss Dorothy Vannerman
  85. Miss Irene Vannerman
  86. Mr. L. Watkins
  87. Mr. Alfred White
  88. Mr. George Wilson
  89. Miss Jennie Wright
  90. Miss M. L. Wyatt

Back Cover, Saloon Passenger List for the SS Marquette, 1 June 1899 of the Atlantic Transport Line.

Atlantic Transport Line Track Chart and Memorandum of Log. Back Cover, Saloon Passenger List for the SS Marquette, 1 June 1899 of the Atlantic Transport Line. Passenger Completed Memorandum of Log and Track Chart for this Voyage. GGA Image ID # 129a10cd45


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