SS Minneapolis Passenger List - 16 November 1905

Passenger List, Atlantic Transport Line SS Minneapolis 1905 (Westbound)

Front Cover of a First Class Passenger List for the SS Minneapolis of the Atlantic Transport Line, Departing 16 November 1905 from London to New York, Commanded by Captain Thomas F. Gates. Includes Information for Passengers. GGA Image ID # 1731227967

Notable Passengers: Henry Walter Barnett and his wife Ella Mary Tuck, Frances Eliza Hodgson Burnett, and the wives of famous people, Mrs. Charles C. Byrne, and Mrs. Charles Warren Stoddard.

The SS Minneapolis arrived in New York on 26 November 1905.

Photograph of the SS Minneapolis of the Atlantic Transport Line, 1901

Photograph of the SS Minneapolis of the Atlantic Transport Line, 1901. From the photographic collection of the Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives.

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: Thomas F. Gates
  2. Surgeon: J. Leeming Walker
  3. Chief Engineer: A. M. Cross
  4. Purser: Charles A. Wills
  5. Chief Steward: J. L. Martin

First Class Passengers

  1. Miss Agnes M. Bailey
  2. Mr. H. Walter Barnett
    Henry Walter Barnett (25 January 1862 – 16 January 1934) was an Australian photographer and filmmaker. Barnett was a prominent portrait photographer of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, establishing the successful Falk studios in Sydney. Later in his career he was based in London, England, with studios at Hyde Park Corner and Knightsbridge. Barnett became involved in filmmaking after meeting cinematographer Marius Sestier in 1896, and with Sestier made some of the first films shot in Australia
  3. Miss Bennett
  4. Mr. Wm. Hart Bennett
    William M. Hart-Bennett, CMG (1861–1918) was a British government official who served overseas. He was a British colonial minister in Nassau, Bahamas and a Governor of British Honduras (now known as Belize) from January 29, 1918 to September 4, 1918, and before that was employed as Colonial Secretary of the Bahamas
  5. Mrs. Wm. Hart Bennett
    Mrs. Hart Bennett (Ella Mary Tuck), was the daughter of Charles E. Tuck of Norwich, Ontario. Ella was an author and a prominent figure in Naussau's society. She was president of the Nassau Dumb Friends League and a member of the Imperial Order of the Daughters of the Empire. She is best remembered as the author of the book An English Girl In Japan (1906). Ella died in the May 29, 1914 sinking of the RMS Empress of Ireland at the age of 49
  6. Mr. Clarence O. Bigelow
  7. Mrs. Clarence O. Bigelow
  8. Mr. F. T. Blakeman
  9. Mrs. F. T. Blakeman
  10. Mrs. Bowie
  11. Miss Ellen Bowie
  12. Miss Muriel Bowie
  13. Mrs, Brooks
  14. Miss Brooks
  15. Master Brooks and Nurse
  16. Mrs. L. S. Bryant
  17. Mrs. Francis Hodgson Burnett and Maid
    Frances Eliza Hodgson Burnett (24 November 1849 – 29 October 1924) was an English playwright and author. She is best known for her children's stories, in particular Little Lord Fauntleroy (published in 1885-6), A Little Princess (1905), and The Secret Garden (1911)
  18. Mrs. Chas. C. Byrne
    Wife of Charles C. Byrne, brigadier general in the United States Army
  19. Miss Ferne Church
  20. Miss Gladys Church
  21. Miss Naida Church
  22. Mr. Fred. J. Clark
  23. Miss J. M. Coghlan
  24. Miss Sarah E. Crouckley
  25. Miss M. Daley
  26. Mrs. Deborah Dellebar
  27. Mr. J. G. Dixon
  28. Mr. John A. Donald
  29. Mrs. John A. Donald
  30. Mr. Chas. Dunn
  31. Mrs. I. C. Dunn
  32. Miss Rebecca E. Erben
  33. Mrs. R. D. Edwards
  34. Miss Truda Edwards
  35. Mr. R. D. Edwards
  36. Miss Helen Erben
  37. Mr. J. M. Fletcher
  38. Mrs. J. M. Fletcher
  39. Mr. Wrn. E. Fort
  40. Mrs. Wm. E. Fort
  41. Mr. H. W. Fry
  42. Mr. S. S. Gardiner
  43. Mr. J. J. Godfrey
  44. Mrs. J. E. Greene
  45. Miss M. Greenwood
  46. Mr. R. J. Gross
  47. Mr. H. H. Harris
  48. Mrs. A. Hatch
  49. Miss E. N. Hatch
  50. Mr. Francis Hegeman-Sutton
  51. Mrs. Sterry Hunt
  52. Mr. James A. Jenkins
  53. Miss Edith M. Jordan
  54. Miss S. Livermore
  55. Mr. James Livesey
  56. Miss Anna H. Markley
  57. Miss Edith A. Mitchell
  58. Mr. C. M. Muchnic
  59. Mr. J. J. R. Peel
  60. Mr. Le Roy Phillips
  61. Mrs. Le Roy Phillips
  62. Mr. C. Pollard
  63. Mr. H. W. Postlethwaite
  64. Mrs. Postlethwaite
  65. Mr. Wm. Postlethwaite
  66. Mrs. Poulter
  67. Miss Emma Purvis
  68. Mr. Arthur Robertson
  69. Mrs. Arthur Robertson
  70. Miss A. Grace Robertson
  71. Master A. Nairn Robertson
  72. Mrs. Mary Knox Robinson
  73. Miss D. H. Roessle
  74. Mr. Augustus Rogy
  75. Mr. Charles T. Russell
  76. Mrs. Charles T. Russell
  77. Mr. H. L. Selleck
  78. Mrs. Selleck
  79. Mrs. Selwyn
  80. Master Yarl. O. Selwyn
  81. Mrs. G. W. Stewart
  82. Mrs. Chas. Stoddard
    Wife of Charles Warren Stoddard (August 7, 1843, – April 23, 1909) who was an American author and editor
  83. Mr. D. R. Taylor
  84. Mrs. John R. Thomas
  85. Mrs. Mary H. R. Tillson
  86. Miss Hilda K. Tuck
  87. Mr. F. G. M. Wetherell
  88. Mr. Aaron M. Willcox
  89. Mr. Montague E. Williams
  90. Mrs. Hamilton Willis
  91. Miss Pauline Willis
  92. Miss Kate Willis
  93. Mr. John E. Winn
  94. Mrs. John E. Winn

Information for Passengers

  • Tea and Coffee : at 7 a.m
  • Breakfast : 8.30 a.m
  • Lunch : 1:00 pm
  • Dinner : 7:00 pm

Meals for Nurses and Children :—Breakfast, 8:00 am; Dinner, 12 noon; Tea, 5:00 pm

Please apply to Second Steward for seating accommodation at Table.

Lights in the Saloon are extinguished at 11:00 pm, and in the Smoking Room at 11.30 pm.

Bar closes at 11:00 pm

Smoking is not allowed in the Saloon, Staterooms of Companionways.

The Saloon Steward will suppiy Stamps, Telegraph Forms, Books of Reference, and Railway Time Tables of the Principal Companies.

Divine Service.—Intimation regarding Divine Service will appear on the Notice Boards every Sunday morning.

Valuables.—Passengers are enjoined to be very careful in the disposal of small articles of baggage, more especially during Embarkation, when there are always strangers on Board.

Money, Jewellery, and valuables of any kind, should always be left securely under lock and key.

Passengers may deposit with the Purser any Money, Jewellery, etc., for safe keeping during the voyage, but no responsibility can be accepted for same.

For the convenience of Passengers the Purser is prepared to exchange a limited amount of English and American money. The rate of exchange will he$4.80 to the £1 when giving American in exchange for English currency, and £1 to $4.95 when giving English money for American.

Luggage.—Only hand-bags and trunks which will fit underneath the berths are allowed in the Staterooms; all large or heavy luggage must be placed in the Baggage Room, to which access can be gained by applying to the Officer in charge of Baggage.

Pasengers will greatly expedite the disembarkation if they will have their Stateroom Baggage packed ready for removal directly on arrival, so that the transfer may at once be proceeded with.

Electric Bell Calls.—For Steward, one ring; for Stewardess, two rings.

Passengers' Addresses should be left with the Purser, in order that any letters sent to the care of the Company may be forwarded.

Letters.— Passengers may have their letters addressed to any of the Company's Offices given below, where they will be retained until called for, or forwarded according to instructions.

Atlantic Transport Line - Track Chart (Unused)

Atlantic Transport Line - Track Chart


Atlantic Transport Co., Ltd. (London)

  • 1, Cockspur Street, S.W. 38
  • Leadenhall Street, E.C

N. Martin, Agent : 9, Rue Scribe, Paris.
Atlantic Transport Co.

  • New York-9, Broadway
  • Baltimore-600, North Charles Street
  • Philadelphia—Broad and Sansom Streets
  • Chicago-9o-96 Dearborn Street
  • Minneapolis-412, Guaranty Loan Building

White Star Line

Attention is called to the Mediterranean Services maintained by the White Star Line between New York and Mediterranean Ports, and Boston and Mediterranean Ports.

These Services are conducted by the modern Twin-Screw Steamers :—

  • "Celtic," 21,000 Tons (one of the largest steamers in the world)
  • "Repbulic" 15,378 Tons
  • "Cretic" 13,500 Tons
  • "Canopic " 12,096 Tons
  • "Romanic" 11,400 Tons

which are amongst the largest, fastest and finest steamers running between America and the Mediterranean.

The annexed sailing schedule gives the departures as at present arranged, from which it will be noted that the

"Celtic," Twin-Screw, 21,000 Tons -- (one of the largest steamers in the world) will make two voyages in the New York— Mediterranean Service, as follows :—

Passengers holding round trip tickets by the White Star Line are reminded that they are available for their full value for return by the Atlantic Transport Line, and vice versa.

Mediterranean Cruise.-The " Arabic" sails from New York about February 8th, igo6, for an extended Cruise to the Mediterranean under charter to Mr. F. C. Clark, and will call at Madeira, Cadiz, Gibraltar, Algiers, Malta, Athens (Phaleron Bay), Constantinople, Smyrna, Caifa, Jaffa, Alexandria, Naples, and Villefranche, returning thence via Liverpool to New York.

Liverpool, November, 1905

Advertisement for White Star Line Mediterranean Service 1905.

Advertisement for White Star Line Mediterranean Service 1905. GGA Image ID # 17313cb1f2

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