SS Montroyal Passenger List - 07 September 1929

Front Cover, Canadian Pacific (CPOS) SS Montroyal Cabin Passenger List - 07 September 1929.

Front Cover of a Cabin Passenger List from the SS Montroyal of the Canadian Pacific Line (CPOS), Departing Saturday, 07 September 1929 from Southampton and Cherbourg to Quebec, Commanded by Captain J. P. Lewis. GGA Image ID # 11c8aa5902

Senior Officers and Staff

  • Commander: J. P. Lewis
  • Chief Officer: W. G. Busk-Wood, R.N.R.
  • Chief Engineer:  J. E. Thearle
  • Purser: A. Bremner
  • Surgeon: H. E. James, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P.
  • Chief Steward:  F. Belton
  • Conductress: Miss C. L. King
  • Rail Lines Ticket Agent: K A. Ouellet (Office on “C” Deck Forward)

Cabin Passengers

  1. Abbe, Mrs. Mary Duncan
  2. Adams, Mrs. E. M.
  3. Adams, Miss M.
  4. Allen, Mr. C. H.
  5. Alley, Miss S. M.
  6. Anderson, Mr. D. G.
  7. Anderson, Mrs.
  8. Anderson, Mr. D. G., Jr.
  9. Angus, Mr. M. S.
  10. Armstrong, Mrs. M. R.
  11. Atherton, Mrs. F.
  12. Avery, Miss M.
  13. Barbour, Mrs. Rachel
  14. Bassett, Brother P.
  15. Bazin, Mr. Joes
  16. Beach, Mrs. John P.
  17. Beach, Mr. John W.
  18. Beach, Mr. Peter II.
  19. Bean, Mr. W. W., Jr.
  20. Bean, Mrs.
  21. Bernitz, Mr. J. I.
  22. Bernitz, Mrs.
  23. Bishop, Mr. F. R.
  24. Bishop, Mrs.
  25. Bissell, Miss H. C.
  26. Bloodgood, Mr. Francis
  27. Bloodgood. Mrs.
  28. Botsford, Mr. E. H.
  29. Botsford, Miss M.
  30. Bunting, Mr. W. A.
  31. Burchard, Mrs. E. L.
  32. Burchard, Miss H.
  33. Burd, Mrs. J. H. F.
  34. Burd, Miss Virginia
  35. Burr, Mr. Karl E.
  36. Burtin, Mr. H. W.
  37. Busch, Mr. H. P.
  38. Busch, Mrs.
  39. Busch, Miss E. S.
  40. Campomenosi, Mr. Alfred P.
  41. Campomenosi, Miss Lydia
  42. Campomenosi, Miss Aida
  43. Cashman, Miss Marie K.
  44. Cavell, Mr. A.
  45. Cavell, Mrs.
  46. Chauncey, Rev. E. F.
  47. Chauncey, Mrs.
  48. Chauncey, Miss Peggy
  49. Chauvin, Mr. Jean
  50. Chauvin, Mrs.
  51. Chester, Miss Alice
  52. Clark, Mr. J.
  53. Clark, Mrs.
  54. Colyer, Sir Frank, K.B.E.
  55. Colyer, Lady Cooper. Miss B. D.
  56. Cullum, Mrs. St. J.
  57. Cummins, Mrs. H. A. C.
  58. Delaney, Mr. Vista K.
  59. Delaney, Mr. William F.
  60. Delaney, Mast. Edmond T.
  61. Delaney, Miss Jeanne M.
  62. Dennison, Mr. S.
  63. Dennison, Mrs. de Sola, Miss E. L.
  64. Doumiens, Mrs. Jeanne
  65. Dowling, Mr. John F.
  66. Dowling, Mrs.
  67. Dowling, Miss Claire E.
  68. Dowling, Mr. John F., Jr.
  69. Du Chene, Mrs. Anne Maria
  70. Duckham, Miss A.
  71. Evans. Mr. J. L.
  72. Eyres, Mr. P. K.
  73. Eyres, Mrs.
  74. Fairbairn, Mr. T. M.
  75. Ferris, Mr. Alfred V.
  76. Ferris, Mrs.
  77. Ferris, Miss Hilda
  78. Ferris, Mrs. Julia B.
  79. Ferris, Miss Janne
  80. Galloway, Mrs. M.
  81. Gardner, Mr. K. A.
  82. Gay Miss, M.
  83. Gibson, Miss M.
  84. Gittings, Mr. J. Claxton
  85. Gittings, Mrs.
  86. Goldman, Mr. L.
  87. Goldman, Mr. C. E A.
  88. Goodell, Miss F.
  89. Goodwin. Mr. A. C.
  90. Gordon. Mr. G. S.
  91. Gordon, Mrs.
  92. Grier, Mrs. C. B.
  93. Grier, Mast. C. B.
  94. Grier, Mast. G. B.
  95. Grier, Miss M.
  96. Guimenti, Mr. Amedeo
  97. Hallett-Hyatt, Mr. J.
  98. Hallett-Hyatt, Mrs.
  99. Hambly Mrs. A. L. R.
  100. Hambly Miss D. A.
  101. Hambly, Mr. A. L. R.
  102. Hambly, Mr. S. H.
  103. Hambly, Mr. A. L. R., Jr.
  104. Hardy, Miss Lucienne
  105. Hartshorne, Mrs. Edward Y.
  106. Hartshorne, Miss Caroline
  107. Hartshorne, Mr. Edward Y., Jr.
  108. Hatteway, Dr. C. M.
  109. Hatteway, Mrs.       
  110. Hicky, Most Rev. Thomas F.
  111. Hinman, Mrs. Florence L.
  112. Hirschfield, Miss Bertha
  113. Hirschfield, Miss Florence
  114. Hocquard, Mr. W. P.
  115. Hocquard, Mrs.      
  116. Hoover, Mr. E.
  117. Hoover, Mrs.
  118. Hughes, Brig. Gen. H. T., C.M.G., D.S.O.
  119. Houlden, Mr. H.
  120. Houlden, Mrs.
  121. Jeffs, Mrs. W. H. M.
  122. Judson, Dr. C. F.
  123. Judson, Mrs.
  124. Kasner, Mr. Edward
  125. Kayton, Mrs. T.
  126. Kayton, Miss Margaret
  127. Knapp, Mrs. M.
  128. Knapp, Mast. D. R.
  129. Körper, M rs. L. J.
  130. Körper, Mr. Adolphe
  131. Körper, Mr. Remington
  132. Krag, Mr. F. N.
  133. Krag, Mrs.
  134. LacEy, Mr. H. J.
  135. Lacey, Mrs.
  136. Lacey, Miss E. F.
  137. Lacey, Miss I. M.
  138. Lambert, Miss Kathryn
  139. Lang, Mrs. M.
  140. Lang, Miss M.
  141. Lanham, Mrs. Cecelia
  142. Leighton, Mr. A. C.
  143. Lenard, Miss B.
  144. Lilienfeld. Dr. Phil Karl
  145. Lincoln, Miss Isabelle
  146. Lokkren, Mr. J.
  147. Macdonald, Mr. N. H.
  148. Macnachton, Mrs. E. R.
  149. Mackie, Dr. J. K, M.D., C.M., L.M.C.C.
  150. Maillard, Mr. Charles
  151. Maillard, Miss Nellie
  152. Manner,Mr. H. Ritter von
  153. Marsden, Mrs. K.
  154. Masson, Dr. P.
  155. McCracken, Mr. H. J .
  156. McCracken, Mrs.
  157. McIntosh, Mr. J. G.
  158. McMillan, Miss M.
  159. McNeny, Mr. B.
  160. McNeny, Mrs.
  161. McNeny, Miss H.
  162. Merritt, Mr. P. L.
  163. Monypenny, Mr. G. F.
  164. Morris, Mr. C. C.
  165. Morton. Miss M. G.
  166. Munro, Miss K.
  167. Musgrove, Miss R.
  168. Nelson, Miss Mildred
  169. Newhouse, Mr. R. C.
  170. Nickerson, Mrs. B. B.
  171. Nickerson, Mr. H. G.
  172. O’Brien, Mrs. R. L.
  173. Olmsted Miss M. L.
  174. Owen, Mr. K.
  175. Owen, Mrs.
  176. Parker, Miss A. M.
  177. Parsons, Mr. Jeffrey
  178. Pedder, Mrs. E.
  179. Perrey, Miss Belle M.
  180. Prince, Mr. W. B.
  181. Prince, Mrs.
  182. Pohl, Miss Margaret
  183. Porter, Mr. Raymond A.
  184. Porter, Dr. G. D.
  185. Porter, Mrs.
  186. Putnam, Miss B. H.
  187. Rae, Miss E.
  188. Reynell, Mr. C. H.
  189. Richards, Miss Susan H.
  190. Rigby, Miss Cora
  191. Roberts, Dr. Walter
  192. Roberts, Mast. Gilbert W.
  193. Roberts, Mrs. Walter
  194. Roberts, Miss Lydia W.
  195. Rose, Mrs. D. M.
  196. Runge, Miss G.
  197. Ryan, Miss Mary
  198. Saltonstall, Miss Elizabeth
  199. Sandt,. Mr. F. B
  200. Sandt, Mrs.
  201. Sandt, Miss Eleanor E.
  202. Savage, Mr. VV. J.
  203. Stewart, Mrs. S. McH.
  204. Sheed, Mr. A. F.
  205. Sheed. Mrs.
  206. Sheed, Miss A. L.
  207. Sidney, Mr. IT.
  208. Sidney, Miss E.
  209. Sinclair, Mrs. J.
  210. Sinclair, Mrs. M.
  211. Slade, Miss D.
  212. Smith, Mr. H. S.
  213. Smith, Miss M.
  214. Stephens, Mr. R.
  215. Stephens, Mrs.
  216. Stimson, Miss Ii.
  217. Strayer, Mr. F. R.
  218. Strayer, Mrs.
  219. Sutherland, Mr. S. L. G.
  220. Sutherland, Mrs.
  221. Taylor, Mr. F.
  222. Thomas, Mr. Waller H.
  223. Thomas, Mrs.
  224. Thomas, Miss Claire
  225. Thomas, Miss Florence
  226. Thompson, Col. A. T., K.C.
  227. Thompson, Mr. R. J.
  228. Thompson, Mrs.
  229. Thompson, Mr. G. R.
  230.  Thompson, Miss D. J.
  231. Tobin, Mrs. Therese L.
  232. Tolman, Dr. Henry, Jr.
  233. Tolman, Mrs. Henry, Jr.
  234. Tolman, Miss Jessie C.
  235. Trail, Mrs. V.
  236. Trask, Mrs. A. N.
  237. Trust, Miss R.
  238. Vanderbyl, Mrs. May
  239. Veith, Mr. Frank
  240. Weaver, Miss E.
  241. West, Mr. J. A.
  242. West, Miss J.
  243. Whitehorn, Miss A.
  244. Whitnall, Prof., S. E.
  245. Williams, Mr. W.
  246. Williams. Mrs.
  247. Winter, Miss Diana
  248. Winter, Mr. Daniel R.
  249. Winter, Mrs.
  250. Withrow, Miss Florence
  251. Wittmann, Miss J.
  252. Woodward, Miss Ruth
  253. Woody, Mrs. L. R.

Information for Passengers

Meals will be served in the Dining Saloon at the following hours:

          First Sitting   Second Sitting         When One sitting Only
BREAKFAST           8:00 am     9:00 am               8:30 am
LUNCHEON            12:30 pm   1.30 p. m.               1:00 pm
DINNER                  6:00 pm     7:00 pm               7:00 pm


Breakfast not served in the Dining Saloon after 10 o'clock.

Children served at first sitting only. Children not permitted in Public Rooms after 8:00 pm unless paying adult fare.

Table Seat Numbers. Passengers obtain table seat numbers from Second Steward or Head Waiter in the Dining Saloon.

Breakfast bugle not sounded when only one sitting. Passengers should inform Bedroom Steward when they desire to be called.

Afternoon Tea is served at 4 p.m.; children are served with tea in the Dining Saloon.

Smoking is permitted in the Dining Saloon after the last sitting at luncheon and dinner, but not at breakfast, the first sitting at luncheon or the first sitting at dinner.

Private Dinners. Passengers who desire to arrange private dinner parties should apply to the Chief Steward or Head Waiter. No charge is made for this service.

Orchestra at Luncheon, Dinner, in the Lounge and on Deck for dancing.

Lights extinguished in Dining Saloon 11:00 pm., Lounge 11.30 p.m., Smoke Room at midnight. Bar closes midnight Westbound, and 11:00 pm. Eastbound.

Deck Chairs rented at $1.00; Rugs at $1.50. Apply to Deck Steward.

Baths. Arrange with Bedroom Steward time desired.

Valuables and Money may be placed in the Purser’s safe. Envelopes are provided which Passengers will seal and sign. As no charge is made, the Company assumes no responsibility for loss or damage, however arising.

Berthing of Passengers. No alteration can be made except through Purser.

The Shop sells postal cards, stamps, candies, cigars, cigarettes tobacco, pipes, magazines, toys and novelties.

Library Steward provides stationery, telegraph forms, books of reference, etc.

Stamps. British or Canadian postage stamps may be used.

Divine Service in Dining Saloon at 10.45 a.m. Sunday. Altars are carried for the celebration of Holy Communion and Holy Mass.

Surgeon is authorized to make customary charges, subject to the approval of the Commander, for attending Passengers, at their request, for illness not originating on board. In case of sickness contracted on board no charge is made and medicine is provided free.

Nurses. Trained and fully qualified Hospital Nurses are carried on our passenger ships. Their services, under the direction of the Surgeon, are available to passengers who require nursing attention at sea. The Canadian Pacific provides a complete medical service afloat.

Money Exchanged. Purser will exchange a limited amount of English, French, Belgian, Canadian and American money.

Wireless Telegrams. Information and rates furnished at Purser's Office.
Telegrams and Cables—Canadian Pacific Telegraph representatives meet all ships on arrival to ensure prompt transmission of Passengers' telegrams and cables.

Passengers’ Mail. Passengers are urgently requested to enquire for mail at Purser’s Office on arrival and leave forwarding address.
Passengers are requested to note that the Company do not undertake to accept delivery of parcels in Great Britain and Ireland, if the value of the contents is to be paid on delivery, unless prior arrangements are made with the Company for the amount to be paid.

Passports. Passengers travelling to or through the United States are requested to call at Purser's Office with their passports as soon as possible.

United States Head Tax. In order to obtain refund of United States Head Tax, temporary visitors to, or passengers in transit through, the United States, who intend to leave the United States within sixty days from their date of entry, must give this information on the U.S. Declaration Form completed at time of booking.

It is also necessary that they inform the U.S. Immigration Inspector at the port of landing that they are leaving the United States within sixty days, and they should apply to him for certificate form 514, without which no refund of U.S. Head Tax will be considered by the U.S. authorities.

Rail Ticket Office. To facilitate landing arrangements, all Passengers should call at the Rail Ticket Office on board for railway tickets and sleeping car reservations.

Return Atlantic Passage. The Ticket Agent is equipped to furnish full information concerning sailings and bookings on Canadian Pacific Steamships. Reservations can be secured and deposits to cover will be received.

Lifebelts. In State Rooms. Bedroom Steward will explain method of attachment.

Emergency Stations. Consult plan and directions in alley-way.

French Speaking Staff. For the convenience of French Speaking Passengers the Ship’s Company includes Stenographers, Stewards and Stewardesses, who are conversant with the French language. These may be distinguished as follows :—

Stenographers.  Red shoulder tabs on dress.

Table Stewards. Red collar on their uniform jackets instead of a bloc collar.

Bedroom Stewards. Red collar fitted to their white jackets.

Stewardesses. Red turn-back on cap.

Suggestions. The Canadian Pacific invite suggestions for improvement of the service. Passengers are requested to make suggestions to the Commander or Purser so that immediate attention may be given. Suggestions may also be addressed to the General Manager, Canadian Pacific Steamships, 8, Waterloo Place, London, England.

CHECKING OF BAGGAGE must have passengers’ personal attention. It will not go beyond the dock until it has been checked or registered by passengers. The railway baggage agents will give numbered checks to destination of BAGGAGE. Baggage left unchecked on the dock will be at passenger’s risk.

Passengers are recommended to insure their baggage, as the Company’s liability is strictly limited in accordance with contract ticket. Baggage insurance can he arranged at any of the Company’s offices or through the Purser on board.


Residents of Canada are required to declare to the Customs Officer at port of landing in Canada all articles purchased or obtained abroad whether as gifts or otherwise. Failure to declare goods leaves same liable to seizure.

All goods, whether liable to duty or not, are required to be presented for Customs examination, and passengers are warned when in doubt as to whether or not an article is liable to duty, it should be produced for examination by the Customs Officer.

Tourists’ Outfits -Temporary Admission.  Persons visiting Canada for a limited period of time, for health or pleasure, may bring with them such articles of tourists’ outfits or sportsmen's equipment as they may require while in Canada for their own use and not for gain or hire, upon reporting same to the Customs Officer at the Canadian frontier port of entry, subject to departmental regulations.

The Customs Officer may require all packages of baggage to be opened for his examination; and responsibility for opening, unpacking and repacking the packages rests with the passenger or his agent.

Bribery.  Any person giving, offering or promising any bribe, recompense, reward or tip to an Officer is liable to severe penalties.

Through Baggage.  Passenger en route to destinations outside of Canada may have their checked baggage forwarded "In Bond” to a frontier port under Customs Manifest without examination of same by a Customs Officer.

Samples (such as carried by commercial travelers) are required to be delivered to the Customs Officer for entry purpose, and invoice or statement in detail showing the price—wholesale—-of each sample as sold for home consumption. Such invoice or statement should be attested to by the traveler.

Settlers' Effects.  Free, if actually in use for six months before removal to Canada but are required to be produced upon landing to Customs Officer for examination and entry.

United States Customs Inspectors are located at Canadian Atlantic Ports; but they are not permitted to collect duties; therefore, in order to avoid complications and payment of duties to the Canadian Customs, citizens of the United States returning from Europe should park all new goods purchased or otherwise acquired abroad in one or more receptacles which may be checked to destination and forwarded in bond.

All checked baggage not containing dutiable articles, or new goods in excess of the exemption to which the owners may be entitled, will be examined and passed by the United States Customs Inspectors, and will not be subject to re-examination at the United States frontier or at destination.

Baggage checked to destinations in the United States is not examined by the Canadian Customs.

Baggage carried by passengers by hand, which should not contain dutiable articles, will be examined by the Canadian Customs at the landing port, and by the United States Customs Inspectors on the train at the United States border.

Passengers destined to the United States will be issued by the Purser on the voyage a form of United States Customs baggage Declaration, which must be completed in duplicate and presented to the United States Customs Inspector at the time of Customs examination. All values must be shown in United States currency.

Returning residents of the United States must declare all articles acquired abroad, in their baggage or on their persons, whether by purchase, by gift or otherwise, and whether dutiable or free of duty. Exemption, however, will be allowed by Customs Officers of articles aggregating not over $100 in value, if suitable for personal or household use or as souvenirs or curios, and whether intended for the personal use of the passengers or as gifts or presents to others, provided the articles are not bought on commission for another person nor intended for sale. Articles so exempt from duty must, nevertheless, be declared. Each member of the family is entitled to the exemption of $100 for articles purchased abroad, and when a husband and wife and minor and dependent children are travelling together the articles included within such exemption may be grouped and allowance made without regard to which member they belong.

Non-residents of the United States destined to that country must declare all articles in their baggage or on their persons which do not constitute wearing apparel, articles of personal adornment, toilet articles or similar personal effects, whether Intended for their personal use or for others.

They must also declare all articles of wearing apparel, jewelry and other articles of personal adornment, toilet articles and similar effects when not owned by them, or when intended for other persons or for sale.

Professional books, implements, instruments  and tools of trade, occupation or employment, in the actual possession of persons emigrating to the United States, owned and used by them abroad, are admitted free of duty.

Full Cover, Canadian Pacific (CPOS) SS Montroyal Cabin Passenger List - 07 September 1929.

Full Cover, Canadian Pacific (CPOS) SS Montroyal Cabin Passenger List - 07 September 1929. GGA Image ID # 11c8dd6363


A Railway Ticket Office is located on board this steamship. The Ticket Agent in charge is at the disposal of passengers to furnish every assistance In connection with inland rail journey.

To facilitate landing arrangements at port of arrival it would be appreciated if passengers would kindly note the following information and call at the Ticket Office AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE during the voyage.

  1. Orders issued in Europe and calling for railway transportation from port of landing or otherwise are not good on trains but require to be exchanged at the ship’s Ticket Office for actual railway tickets.
  2. If passenger already holds railway ticket issued in Europe, attention is particularly directed to the necessity of having same stamped on back, in space provided, prior to arrival at port of landing, as train conductors are not authorized to honor any unstamped tickets.
  3. Railway Tickets to all destinations in Canada and the United States  may be purchased at the Ticket Office at special fares.
  4. Reservation of sleeping or parlor car accommodation for railway journey should be made In advance by EARLY application to the ticket agent.

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