RMS Empress of Britain Passenger List - 9 April 1909

Passenger List, Canadian Pacific Railway RMS Empress of Britain 1909

An Embossed Sailor Playing the Bugle Figure Adorns a Saloon Passenger List for the RMS Empress of Britain of the Canadian Pacific Line (CPR). The Ship Departing 9 April 1909, From Liverpool to St. John, NB (Landing Mails at Halifax), Commanded by Captain J. A. Murray. GGA Image ID # 157e2d3a41

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: J. A. Murray, Commander
  2. Chief Officer: J. Turnbull, R.N.R.
  3. Chief Engineer: A. E. Philp
  4. Purser: W. Webber
  5. Surgeon: W. P. Gale
  6. Chief Steward: B. Coyle


Saloon Passengers

  1. Miss E. Barrett - London, Eng
  2. Mr. S. Barrow - Montreal
  3. Mr. D. Beatty - Montreal
  4. Mr. E. G. Bellairs - London, Eng
  5. Mrs. G. A. Bourdeau - Paris
  6. Mr. J. H. Cattley - London, Eng
  7. Miss Clergue - Sault Ste. Marie
  8. Mr. B. Cochran - Glasgow
  9. Mrs. Cochran - Glasgow
  10. Mr. E. C. Davis - London, Eng
  11. Professor J. Denny - Glasgow
  12. Mr. Desjardins - Montreal
  13. Mr. A. T. B. Dewdney - Calgary
  14. Mrs. Dewdney, Child and Nurse - Calgary
  15. Hon. E. Dewdney - London, Eng
  16. Mr. L. Durand - Paris
  17. Mrs. J. Atkinson Ellegood - Berlin
  18. Miss C. W. D. Ellegood - Berlin
  19. Mr. T. N. Emard - Paris
  20. Miss G. Emard - Paris
  21. Capt. J. Farquhar - Halifax. N.S
  22. Mr. Fegan - London, Eng
  23. Mrs. Fegan - London, Eng
  24. Mr. G. T. Floyd - Edmonton
  25. Mr. D. Fraser - Cabana, P.Q
  26. Dr. G. Goldsworthy Gale - Quebec
  27. Mrs. J. H. Gray - Victoria
  28. Mr. J. R. Green - London, Eng
  29. Mr. R. Greenwood - Bristol
  30. Mrs. E. H. Harrison - London, Eng
  31. Master E. K. Harrison - London, Eng
  32. Mr. J. Hawkins - London, Eng
  33. Lt. E. P. Henderson - London, Eng
  34. Mr. G. F. Hepburn - Kamloops
  35. Mr. J. M. Hodge - Blairgowrie
  36. Major G. R. Hooper - Montreal
  37. Miss Eleanor Humphreys - Berlin
  38. Mr. G. Humphries - Manchester
  39. Mr. H. D. Irvine - Victoria, B.C
  40. Mr. J. Johnston - Annan
  41. Mrs. Kirkland - London, Eng
  42. Mr. A. T. Knight - London, Eng
  43. Mr. T. B. Lee - Bradford
  44. Miss Lee - Bradford
  45. Mr. J . Grant MacGregor - Toronto
  46. Mrs. MacGregor - Toronto
  47. Mrs. A. W. Mackenzie - Toronto
  48. Master W. Mackenzie - Toronto
  49. Miss M. Mackenzie - Toronto
  50. Mr. L. D. McKenzie - Truro
  51. Mr. J. McLaren - Charlottetown
  52. Miss Miles - London, Eng
  53. Mr. J. Minnes- Kingston. Ont
  54. Engineer Lt. H. G. Moon, R.N. - Bromley
  55. Engineer Commander G. H. Morris, R.N. - Sheerness
  56. Mr. T. Naylor - Huddersfield
  57. Mrs. Naylor - Huddersfield
  58. Miss J. Neel - Jersey
  59. Mr. F. E. Newman - Manchester
  60. Mr. B. Nevill - London, Eng
  61. Mr. G. F. Nichols - London, Eng
  62. Mr. S. E. Oliver - Toronto
  63. Mrs. Oliver - Toronto
  64. Dr. P. Ostiquy - Paris
  65. Mrs. Ostiquy - Paris
  66. Master L. Ostiquy - Paris
  67. Master M. Ostiquy - Paris
  68. Mrs. Partridge - London, Eng
  69. Mrs. Pearse - London, Eng
  70. Mr. H. L. Perry - San Francisco
  71. Mr. A. Piers - Liverpool
  72. Mr. R. M. Prittie - Toronto
  73. Mr. F.W.W. Prosser, R.N. - Davenport
  74. Mr. H. W. Richardson - Kingston, Ont
  75. Mr. L. H. Russell - Toronto
  76. Mr. R. E. W. Sommerfield - Berlin
  77. Mr. Struthers - London, Ont
  78. Mr. L. Taylor - London, Eng
  79. Mrs. Taylor - London, Eng
  80. Mr. A. F. Taylor - Halifax, N.S
  81. Mrs. Taylor - Halifax, N.S
  82. Mr. F. Thorpe - Huddersfield
  83. Mr. H. Trenbath - Manchester
  84. Mr. H. Troyte-Bullock - Yeovil
  85. Mrs. Troyte-Bullock - Yeovil
  86. Miss M. Troyte-Bullock - Yeovil
  87. Miss D. Tunstall - Vancouver
  88. Mr. S. Upcott - London. Eng
  89. Mr. W. Vidito - Halifax, N.S
  90. Mrs. Vidito - Halifax, N.S
  91. Mr. G. B. Whitworth - London, Eng
  92. Mr. R. Wickham - Yeovil
  93. Mr. H. G. Wood - London, Eng
  94. Mr. F. Wright - Calgary
  95. Mrs. Wright - Calgary
  96. Miss C. Wright and Nurse - Calgary


Worth Knowing (Information For Passengers)

The line of the Canadian Pacific Railway extends across Canada from St. John, New Brunswick, on the Atlantic Ocean, to the City of Vancouver on the Pacific Ocean, and it is the only transcontinental railway in America whose Passengers are carried without change of, cars from tidewater to tidewater.

It is the only system of railway "from Ocean to Ocean" under one management. Upon the Atlantic, this company operates a fleet of 14 ocean liners to and from Europe, and on the Pacific, a fleet of io steamships between Vancouver and China and Japan and Australia.

The recent great development or the Canadian Pacific System carries it beyond mere local interest to a position commanding the interest and admiration of the whole world. The Canadian Pacific Royal Mail Service, "The Overseas Mail " between London and Yokohama, Japan, and Hong Kong, China, is faster than by way of the Suez Canal.

The voyage from London and across the Western Hemisphere to Vancouver is made inside 11 days; from London to Yokohama. 23 days, and from London to Hong Kong, 29 days. The voyage from Liverpool to St. John, N.B. [the point of debarkation in winter] is 300 miles shorter than from Liverpool to New York. The Company already land Passengers from England to all interior points on the American Continent quicker than is done via New York.

The Natural advantages of the Canadian Route, the excellence of the accommodation provided on the C.P. R. Steamships and Railm ay, under one aggressive management, combine to make the C.P.R. route between Europe and the Orient the most attractive.

Marconi Wireless Telegrams.

Office on Board.

Rates at which messages can be transmitted by Marconi Wireless System, with which !Airship is equipped.

United Kingdom.—The Marconi rate via Crookhaven or other stations in the United Kingdom or through the medium of a passing steamer is sod. per word without minimum every word in address, text, and signature counted; landline charges additional; all fees must be prepaid.

Ship To Ship.-8d. per word without minimum; every word in address, text, and signature counted; all fees must be prepaid.

Canada.—The minimum Marconi rate via Quebec, Grosse Isle, Father Point, Clarke City, Fame Point, Heath Point, Whittle Rocks, Point Rich, Point Amour, Belle Isle, Cape Ray, or through the medium of a passing steamer and one of these stations, is 8s. .yd. for ten words. Each extra word, 6d. The minimum rate through the Cape Race station, or through the medium - of a passing steamer and this station, is 1,is. 6d. for ten words; each extra word, 9d. Text only counted; address and signature free; landline charges additional. All charges must be Prepaid.

Any further information can be obtained from the Purser or the Agent of the Marconi Company on board.


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