SS Melita Passenger List - 30 June 1926


Passenger List, Canadian Pacific SS Melita, Cabin Passengers, 1926

Front Cover of a Cabin Class Passenger List for the SS Melita of the Canadian Pacific Line (CPOS), Departing 30 June 1926 from Antwerp to Québec and Montréal via Southampton and Cherbourg, Commanded by Captain A. H. Notley. GGA Image ID # 12f4591446.


Summary of Passenger List: 1926-06-30 List of Cabin Passengers, SS Melita, Antwerp, Southampton, and Cherbourg to Québec and Montréal. Captain A. H. Notley. Photographs include: Empress of Canada, Observation Car Attached to Canadian Pacific Trains, Chateau Lake Louise, Alberta, View of St. Catherine Street, Montreal. Fold-Out Track Chart.


Senior Officers and Staff

  • Commander: A. H. Notley
  • Chief Officer: W. A. Hutcheon
  • Chief Engineer: B. R. Hood
  • Purser: W. S. Pearch
  • Surgeon: J. J. Benny
  • Chief Steward: F. Belton
  • Conductress: Mrs. J. B. Groshow
  • Rail Lines Ticket Agent: J. A. Dussault - Office on Deck, "B" Cabin Square


Photograph of the Canadian Pacific SS Melita from 1918. From the Gjenvick-Gjønvik Photographic Collection.

Photograph of the Canadian Pacific SS Melita from 1918. From the Gjenvick-Gjønvik Photographic Collection. GGA Image ID # 173ea3200e


Cabin Passengers


  1. Miss E. N. Adair-Hall
  2. Mr. J. Adamson
  3. Miss T. G. Adamson
  4. Miss E. M. Ballantyne
  5. Rev. A. W. Banfield
  6. Mrs. A. A. Banfield
  7. Master A. W. Banfield
  8. Major R. W. Barker
  9. Mrs. Barker
  10. Miss P. C. Barker
  11. Rev. Sebastian de Beaumont
  12. Mrs. A. Bernard
  13. Miss C. Bernard
  14. Mr. Conrad Bernier
  15. Miss B. Bingham
  16. Mrs. Rachel Bonnard
  17. Miss Andree Bonnard
  18. Mr. J. Bouget
  19. Mrs. J. Bouget
  20. Miss M. Brand
  21. Mrs. L. E. Brownsey
  22. Rev. Wilfred Caille
  23. Mrs. E. Carter
  24. Rev. A. Chevalier
  25. Mr. J. H. Davidson
  26. Miss C. Davidson
  27. Lady de Blaquiere
  28. Miss Lucienne E. Desbarats
  29. Mrs. Louise E. d'Hellencourt
  30. Mr. J. Diepdael
  31. Mr. Naoroz B. Doodha
  32. Mrs. Jessie O. Donahue
  33. Miss Gladys L. Donahue
  34. Mrs. P. Donalda
  35. Mrs. M. Edwards
  36. Miss M. Edwards
  37. Master G. Edwards
  38. Mrs. F. N. Edwards
  39. Miss Minnie L. Failing
  40. Capt. S. F. Fisken
  41. Mr. F. E. Forster
  42. Mrs. D. G. Gath
  43. Miss W. R. Gibb
  44. Miss E. R. Gibb
  45. Mr. W. Grigg
  46. Mrs. Grigg
  47. Mrs. L. Gysels
  48. Mr. C. Hanbury-Williams
  49. Mr. C. E. Hardic
  50. Mrs. Hardie
  51. Dr. R. R. Heim
  52. Mrs. Heim
  53. Mrs. H. Herbert
  54. Mr. Charles Hetherington
  55. Mrs. Bernarda Hetherington
  56. Engr. Com. W. C. Horton, R.N. (Royal Navy)
  57. Mrs. Horton
  58. Mr. T. Howse
  59. Mrs. Howse
  60. Mr. B. Hutchinson
  61. Mrs. Hutchinson
  62. Mr. J. H.. Jarvis , R.N
  63. Mr. H. F. King
  64. Mrs. King
  65. Mr. J. R. King
  66. Mr. C. I. Kish
  67. Mr. E. Kunz
  68. Mrs. M. Kunz
  69. Rev. Isidore de Lalberque
  70. Mr. J. Lane
  71. Dr. William E. Lee
  72. Mrs. Wm. E. Lee
  73. Miss Jean Gordon Lee
  74. Mrs. Wm. E. Lee
  75. Lesz, Mrs. M
  76. Miss Janet MacDonald
  77. Mr. J. Mahlstede
  78. Mrs. J. Mahlstede
  79. Mr. J. Marcer
  80. Miss M. Matthews
  81. Mrs. H. F. McColm
  82. Miss M. McColm
  83. Miss K. McColm
  84. Miss H. McColm
  85. Rev. Roy F. McDonald
  86. Mrs. H. McDougal
  87. Master C. R. McDougal
  88. Miss Dorothy McGhee
  89. Mrs. Georges Millen
  90. Miss Ida Millen
  91. Rev. J. H. Milligan
  92. Miss H. Moriarta
  93. Rev. de R. P. Moulins
  94. Dr. Alfred Mousseau
  95. Mrs. Mousseau
  96. Mrs. F. M. Muir
  97. Mrs. J. Nance
  98. Miss E. Nance
  99. Mrs, Charles A. Nelson
  100. Miss Mary A. Nelson
  101. Mr. H. H. Norris
  102. Mr. A. F. Ormsbee
  103. Miss G. H. Osment
  104. Mrs. L. R. Pattison
  105. Mr. F. F. Payne
  106. Mr. H. V. Pennell
  107. Mr. Rudolf Peukert
  108. Mr. G. W. Pilkington
  109. Mrs. Pilkington
  110. Miss M. Pilkington
  111. Mast. B. Pilkington
  112. Mr. Thomas Poulin
  113. Mr. D. M. Reid
  114. Mrs. Margery Reid
  115. Master Donald Reid
  116. Rev. B. A. Resker
  117. Rev. Marcel Rio
  118. Miss Lily Ritter
  119. Mr. D. S. Robertson
  120. Mr. H. O. Roy
  121. Miss M. A. C. Sander
  122. Dr. J. Schmidel Von Seeberg
  123. Mr. H. B. Spaulding
  124. Mrs. Spaulding
  125. Miss C. E. Spaulding
  126. Master W. B. Spaulding
  127. Master J. H. Spaulding
  128. Mr. A. Spring
  129. Mrs. Spring
  130. Miss C. Sterns
  131. Mr. A. Tenenbaum
  132. Dr. W. B. Thistle
  133. Mrs. Thistle
  134. Miss P. Thistle
  135. Miss Wessie Tipping
  136. Mr. J. Tremeer
  137. Miss K. A. V. Trewin
  138. Master Guy Turgeon
  139. Mrs. F. H. Walter
  140. Miss F. H. Walter
  141. Mr. A. C. Whitney
  142. Miss M. L. Wightman
  143. Mr. A. N. Paget Wilkes
  144. Miss Mina E. Wood
  145. Mrs. N. Woodcock


Back Cover, Canadian Pacific (CPOS) SS Melita Cabin Passenger List - 30 June 1926.

Back Cover, Canadian Pacific (CPOS) SS Melita Cabin Passenger List - 30 June 1926. GGA Image ID # 12f45a192e


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