SS Marloch Passenger List - 23 May 1924


Front Cover, Cabin Passenger List for the SS Marloch of the Canadian Pacific Line, Departing Friday, 23 May 1924 from Glasgow for Québec and Montréal.

Front Cover, Cabin Passenger List for the SS Marloch of the Canadian Pacific Line, Departing Friday, 23 May 1924 from Glasgow for Québec and Montréal via Belfast, Commanded by Captain G. Hamilton. GGA Image ID # 158a34fcd2


Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: G. HAMILTON, Commander
  2. Chief Officer: A. C. HAGUE
  3. Chief Engineer: J. N. GILLET
  4. Purser: F. E. BENNETT
  5. Surgeon: D. A. CHALMERS
  6. Chief Steward: R. Yates
  7. Conductress: Miss B. WOODIFIELD


Front and Back Covers of the 23 May 1924 Cabin Passenger List for the SS Marloch of the Canadian Pacific Line.

Front and Back Covers of the 23 May 1924 Cabin Passenger List for the SS Marloch of the Canadian Pacific Line. GGA Image ID # 158ac7daa6


List of Cabin Passengers

  1. Anderson, Miss C. H. Edinburgh, Scot
  2. Andreoni, Miss M. E. London, Eng
  3. Armstrong, Mrs. J. and Infant St. Andrews, Scot
  4. Armstrong, Master W. G.St. Andrews, Scot
  5. Ash, Miss M. Belfast, Ire
  6. Baas, Mr. G. Amsterdam, Holland
  7. Baillie, Mr. J. Milngavie, Scot
  8. Barritt, Mr. J. F. Bradford, Eng
  9. Bernier, Captain, J. E. Levis, Que
  10. Burns, Mrs. I. M. Glasgow, Scot
  11. Carrie, Miss J. W. Forfar, Scot
  12. Colquhoun, Mr. W. McC. Pasadena, Cal
  13. Colquhoun, Mrs. Pasadena, Cal
  14. Davie, Mr. A. Aberdeen, §cot
  15. Dawson, Mrs. J. Vancouver, B.C
  16. Doull, Mr. J. Miles City, Mont
  17. Doull, Mrs. Miles City, Mont
  18. Doull, Miss I. Miles City, Mont
  19. Drysdale, Miss J. Ardrossan, Scot
  20. Fern, Miss M. Edinburgh, Scot
  21. Flynn, Mrs. E. Edinburgh, Scot
  22. Flynn, Master P. Edinburgh, Scot
  23. Flynn, Miss E. Edinburgh, Scot
  24. Frew, Mr. J. L. Edinburgh, Scot
  25. Gilchrist, Miss J. W. Glasgow, Scot
  26. Henderson, Mrs. H. Owen Sound, Ont
  27. Henderson, Master A. Owen Sound, Ont
  28. Hutcheson, Mrs. I. M. Glasgow, Scot
  29. Ingram, Miss J. Innerleithen, Scot
  30. Johnstone, Miss M. Montreal, Que
  31. Kok, Mr. H. L. Amsterdam, Holland
  32. Love, Mrs. H. Vancouver, B.C
  33. McDonald, Mr. D. Perth, Scot
  34. McHardy, Mr. J. St. Andrews, Scot
  35. Mc Hardy, Mrs. St. Andrews, Scot
  36. Mc Hardy, Master J. St. Andrews, Scot
  37. McKee, Miss J. Belfort Ind
  38. Mackie, Miss N. J. Edinburgh, Scot
  39. Macleod, Mrs. D. Detroit, Mich
  40. Macleod, Master W. Detroit, Mich
  41. Macleod, Miss D. J. Detroit, Mich
  42. Macleod, Master K. Detroit, Mich
  43. McMonnies, Mr. D. B. Dumfries, Scot
  44. Mair, Mr. R. Renfrew, Scot
  45. Marshall, Mrs. J. Dunbeath, Scot
  46. Marshall, Master J. Dunbeath, Scot
  47. Milne, Miss B. S. Dundee, Scot
  48. Mitchell, Miss N. Falkirk, Scot
  49. Morrison, Mr. R. J. Belfast, Ire
  50. Murray, Capt. J. W. Wormit, Scot
  51. Neilson, Miss E. Montreal, Que
  52. Neilson, Mr. R. Glasgow, Scot
  53. Nesbitt, Mr. T. J. Ballymena, Ire
  54. Nicolson, Miss A. C. Glasgdw, Scot
  55. Parker, Miss M. S. New Prestwick, Scot
  56. Parker, Miss M. New Prestwick, Scot
  57. Pinkinsky, Mr. L . Edinburgh, Scot
  58. Raeside, Mrs. J. and Infant Kilmarnock, Scot
  59. Reid, Mr. J. Aberdeen, Scot
  60. Riddell, Mrs. M. Cullen, Scot
  61. Ross, Mrs. E. Ayr, Scot
  62. Ross, Miss M. Ayr, Scot
  63. Speirs, Mrs. J. B. Leven, Scot
  64. Speirs, Miss E. Leven, Scot
  65. Steel, Miss J. Hamilton, Scot
  66. Stewart, Mrs. M. B. Edinburgh, Scot
  67. Stewart, Miss M. Edinburgh, Scot
  68. Stuart, Mrs. H. J . Mecheche, Alta
  69. Stuart, Miss D. M . Mecheche, Alta
  70. Stuart, Master I. H. Mecheche, Alta
  71. Taylor, Miss M. Glasgow, Scot
  72. Templeton, Mr. D. Glasgow, Scot
  73. Welsh, Miss M. Bathgate, Scot
  74. Whitelaw, Mrs. M. Saltcoats, Scot
  75. Whitelaw, Master A. B. Saltcoats, Scot
  76. Whitelaw, Master G. T. Saltcoats, Scot
  77. Whitson, Miss J. Innerleithen, Scot
  78. Wotherspoon, Mr. K. W. Hawick, Scot


Canadian Pacific Track Chart and Memorandum of Log (Unused), 1924.

Canadian Pacific Track Chart and Memorandum of Log (Unused) Showing Routes for Transatlantic Voyages Between Canada and Europe. SS Marloch Passenger List, 23 May 1924. GGA Image ID # 158accff7a


Information for Passengers

Purser and Assistant Pursers are always in attendance at the Bureau to deal with enquiries and matters affecting the comfort or interest of passeiters.

It is desired that Passengers having cause for complaint will take the opportunity to report the matter, in order that it may be dealt with immediately. Passengers will appreciate that the Management cannot deal satisfactorily with complaints unless these can be investigated on the spot.

The Company invite suggestions for improvements, and request that these be addressed to the General Manager, Canadian Pacific Steamships Ltd., 8, Waterloo Place, London, Eng.

  • Breakfast 8:30 am
  • Luncheon 1:00 pm
  • Dinner .. 7:00 pm

Breakfast not served in the Dining Saloon after ten o'clock.

Children served at first sitting only. Children not permitted in Public Rooms after 8:00 pm unless paying adult fare.

Table Seat Numbers. Passengers obtain table seat numbers from Second Steward or Head Waiter in the Dining Saloon.

Breakfast bugle not sounded when only one sitting. Passengers should inform Bedroom Steward when they desire to be called.

Afternoon Tea is served at 4:00 pm on Deck and in Public Rooms; Childien served in the Dining Saloon.

Smoking is permitted in the Dining Saloon after the last sitting at luncheon and dinner, but not at breakfast, the first sitting at luncheon or the first sitting at dinner.

Private Dinners can be arranged at $1.50 per cover. Apply to Chief Steward.

Lights extinguished in Dining Saloon r i pm, Lounge 11:30 pm, Smoking Room at midnight.

Bar closes Midnight Westbound, and 11:00 pm Eastbound.

Deck Chairs rented at $r.00 Rugs at $1.50. Apply to Deck Steward. Baths. Arrange with Bedroom Steward time desired.

Valuables and Money may be placed in the Purser's safe. Envelopes are provided, which Passengers will seal and sign. As no charge is made, the Company assumes no responsibility for loss or damage however arising.

Berthing of Passengers. No alteration can be made except through Purser.

The Shop sells postal cards, stamps, candies, cigars, cigarettes, tobacco, pipes, magazines, toys, and novelties.

Library Steward prevides stationery, telegraph forms, books of reference, etc.

Stamps. British or Canadian postage stamps may be used.

Divine Service in Dininc, Saloon at ro.45 am Sunday.

Surgeon is authorized to make customary charges, subject to the approval of the Commander, for attending Passengers, at their request, for illness not originating on board. In case of sickness contracted on board no charge is made and medicine is provided free.

Money Exchanged. Purser will exchange a limited amount of English, Canadian and American money.

Wireless Telegrams. Information and rates furnished at Purser's office.

Telegrams and Cables. Canadian Pacific Telegraph representatives meet all ships on arrival to ensure prompt transmission of Passengers' telegrams and cables.

Passengers' Mail. Passengers are urgently requested to enquire for mail at Purser's office on arrival and leave forwarding address. Passports. Passengers traveling to or through the United States are requested to call at Purser's office with their Passports as soon as possible.

Lifebelts. In Staterooms..—Bedroom Steward will explain method of attachment.

Emergency Stations. Consult plan and directions in alleyway.

Complaints. Passengers are requested to report complaints to the - Commandes, Purser, or Chief Steward promptly, so that immediate attention may be given.

Baggage and Customs

Canadian Pacific Railway Baggage Agents, also Canadian and United States Customs Officers, will be in attendance on arrival of the ship to arrange examination and checking of baggage through to rail destination. On arrival of the ship and immediately after Government Immigration inspection, and tickets to inland destinations have been obtained, Passengers must attend personally to the Customs examination of their baggage and arrange with the Railway Baggage Agents for its forwarding. The Baggage Agent will issue a check for each piece of baggage to be forwarded. Unless baggage is checked out by Passengers it will be held at owner's risk until claimed.

Special Delivery of Baggage

Passengers for Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Winnipeg, Vancouver and Victoria, and the larger cities in the United States, may have their baggage checked through to any residence, hotel, steamship dock or railway depot in such cities; this is a convenience. The transfer charge is collected by the Baggage Agent at the time of checking the baggage.

Checking of Baggage

must have Passengers' personal attention. It will not go beyond the dock until it has been checked or registered By Passengers.

The railway baggage agents will give numbered Checks to destination of Baggage.

Baggage left unchecked on the dock will be at passenger's risk.


The Services of our Colonization Agent, who will board this steamer immediately on arrival at Quebec are at the disposal of Passengers. Consult him for information as to farm lands or opportunities.


Department of Colonization and Development,

Canadian Pacific Railway, Montréal
C.P.R. "Trans-Canada Limited."
TICKETING Arrangements and TRAIN Services

Canadian Pacific Railway train services from Québec and Montréal reach all important points in Canada.

Time tables giving the schedules of all regular trains and the equipment of most important trains, may be obtained from the Canadian Pacific Railway Lines Ticket Agent's Office on ship, or from the Information Bureau of Purser's Office.

The Ticket Agent on Ship will exchange passage ticket orders or sell railway tickets to all destinations make reservations in sleeping cars on trains from Québec and Montréal, and when requested will prepare itineraries for rail journey and make arrangements with the Shore staff to complete sleeping car and hotel reservations at desired stop-over points beyond the run of the special trains from the port of landing.

Sport in Canada

THE great forests of the Dominion of Canada have long been recognized as the home of big game. The prairies are the favorite hiding places of the quail, partridge, chicken, woodcock, etc. The marshes are the haunts of the wild water fowl, and the great waterways the habitat of many species of fish.

The transportation facilities to this great land of fur, feather and fin are excellent. The sportsman is placed by the Canadian Pacific Railway within easy reach of the desired game.

Owing to the immense area covered by this railway from Atlantic to Pacific, a great variety of sport of all kinds is rendered easily accessible in all Provinces of the Dominion.

Good reliable guides can generally be had at reasonable wages, but this should be arranged well in advance of the trip. The Tourist Department of the Canadian Pacific at Montréal is always ready to give advice to enquirers on this as on other points connected with camping, fishing and hunting trips.

Particular attention is paid to the wants and requests of sportsmen, and lists of outfitters and guides, information regarding any special districts, game laws, etc., will be supplied promptly on application to A. O. S. Evuova. General Tourist Agent, Canadian Pacific Railway, Montréal.


Department of Colonization and Development

The Canadian Pacific Railway has established a Bureau of Canadian Information as a branch of its Department of Colonization and Development, with the object of disseminating reliable and up-to-date information as to agricultural and industrial openings in all parts of Canada.

Western Canada Farm Lands

The Company has yet for sale several million acres of choice farm lands in Western Canada, at low prices and on long terms of payment. In certain districts lands will be sold without settlement restrictions, but the Company is prepared to grant special concessions to those who will settle upon and develop their farms.

Eastern Canada Farm Lands

Lists of selected improved farms, available for settlement in Ontario, Quebec and the Maritime Provinces, with the names and addresses of their owners, may be obtained on application at any office of the Department.

Industrial Investigation and Research Investigations, looking to the utilization of undeveloped natural resources and waste products and new industrial processes, are being carried on by the Research Section of. the Department. Inquiries as to promising fields for investigation in this connection are invited.

Industrial Openings

Reliable information as to sites for new industries in all parts of Canada, and of special business openings in the growing towns and cities along the lines of the Canadian Pacific Railway in both Eastern and Western Canada, will be gladly furnished on request.

Canadian Intelligence Service

Well equipped Canadian reference libraries have been established by the Department at Montreal, New York, Chicago, and London, England. These libraries contain the fullest information on all matters relating to Canada and her undeveloped resources, and are kept supplied with the latest information pertaining to new developments through the medium of a news service organized through the co-operation of the other departments of the Company's service. The information on hand in these libraries is available without charge to those interested, and inquiries addressed to any office of the Department will receive prompt attention.

Further information and particulars can be obtained from the Department of Colonization and Development, Canadian Pacific Railway, which maintains offices at Windsor Street Station, Montreal, P.Q , Winnipeg, Man., Calgary, Alta., and London. Eng.

Canadian Pacific Telegraphs

The telegraph system of the C.P.R. extends along the entire length of the railway, and reaches every point of importance off the line of railway in the Dominion of Canada.

The Commercial Cable Co. (Mackay-Bennett system) gives the C.P.R. the most direct connection with Europe, Asia and Africa.

Direct connection with the British Pacific Cable to Australia, New Zealand, etc.; the Commercial Pacific Cable to the Hawaiian Islands, Philippine Islands, China and Japan; and the Commercial Havana Cable to Havana, etc.

The Postal Telegraph Co. of New York and San Francisco enables the C.P.R. to reach all important points in the United States.

The Halifax-Bermuda and DIRECT West Indies Cable Co. gives connection with Bermuda, Jamaica and points in the West Indies.

Direct connection with the Dominion Government Telegraph Line to the Yukon and points in Alaska.

A tariff of charges for Telegrams is posted at all Telegraph Offices, and is kept by all Sleeping and Parlor Car Porters for inspection. Senders of messages are requested to compare the charges made with the rates on tariff.

To ensure quick despatch to all points see that your telegrams are written on C.P.R. Telegraph Blanks and are handed in at C.P.R. Offices.

Dominion Express Company of Canada

Operating on all lines of the Canadian Pacific Railway and Ocean Services and other Railway and Steamship Companies. FORWARDERS of Merchandise, Money, VALUABLF.S, &c., promptly, carefully and at reasonable rates.

Money Orders, Foreign Cheques and Travellers' Cheques issued. Money transferred by Telegraph and Cable.

When traveling the best way to carry your funds is in Dominion Express Travellers' Cheques. They are issued in convenient denominations of Po, po, $50, $1oo and poo, are self -identit ving, protect you against loss, and are accepted by Express Railway and Steamship Agents, Banks, Stores, Hotels, etc., throughout the world.

Full particulars on application to any C.P.R. or Dominion Express Office.


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