SS Victorian Passenger List - 8 May 1920


Front Cover, SS Victorian Passenger List - 8 May 1920

Front Cover of a Second Class Passenger List From the SS Victorian of the Canadian Pacific Line (CPOS), Departing Saturday, 8 May 1920 From Québec to Liverpool, Commanded by Captain H. L. Waite. GGA Image ID # 157b8cebe2.


Senior Officers and Staff

  • Commander: Captain H. L. WAITE
  • Chief Officer: G. F. MCCOMBIE
  • Chief Engineer: A. GILLESPIE, O.B.E.
  • Purser: G. F. PHILPOTT
  • Surgeon: Dr. W. P. PEAKE
  • Chief Steward: W. J. ARDEN


Title Page and Listing of Senior Officers for the 8 May 1920 Voyage of the SS Victorian of the Canadian Pacific Line.

Title Page and Listing of Senior Officers for the 8 May 1920 Voyage of the SS Victorian of the Canadian Pacific Line. GGA Image ID # 157c5c7bfa.


Second Class Passengers

  1. Anderson, Mrs. W., Winnipeg, Man.
  2. Anderson, Master Malcolm..Winnipeg, Man.
  3. Applegate, Mr. W. G—., Toronto, Ont.
  4. Arnold, Mrs. S. J., .Winnipeg, Man.
  5. Arnold, Miss E., Winnipeg, Man.
  6. Ashworth, Mr. R., Vancouver, B. C.
  7. Baker, Mr. H. B., Toronto, Ont.
  8. Beacon, Mrs. M., Guelph, Ont.
  9. Bell, Mr. Wm., ..Des Moines, Iowa.
  10. Bell, Mr. Harry., Des Moines, Iowa.
  11. Bell, Mr. Clyde., Des Moines, Iowa.
  12. Bennett, Mrs. M., Toronto. Ont.
  13. Bill, Mr. N., ., Calgary, Alta.
  14. Bill, Mrs. and Infant ., Calgary, Alta,
  15. Bill, Master Chas., Calgary, Alta.
  16. Bill, Miss Dorothy., .Calgary, Alta.
  17. Bill, Master John., ..Calgary, Alta.
  18. Birger, Mrs. E., ., Galena, 111.
  19. Birger, Master G., Galena, 111.
  20. Birger, Master Leslie., .Galena, 111.
  21. Birger, Master Stuart., .Galena, III.
  22. Birger, Master Tom, Galena, 111.
  23. Black, Mrs. Jas and Children, Montreal. Que.
  24. Blyth. Mr. E., Moose Jaw. Sask.
  25. Bradley, Mr. E. E., Boston. Mass.
  26. Bradley, Mrs., Boston, Mass.
  27. Buchanan, Mrs. A. and Infant., Toronto, Ont
  28. Buchanan, Miss Constance., Toronto, Ont.
  29. Campbell. Mrs., New Denver. B. C.
  30. Campbell. Master A. T., New Denver. B. C.
  31. Campbell, Master C. B., New Denver, B. C.
  32. Campbell. Master F., New Denver. B. C.
  33. Campbell. Miss P. M., New Denver. B. C.
  34. Cohen. Mr. A., Toronto. Ont.
  35. Corless. Mrs. Florence, Calgary. Alta.
  36. Corless, Miss Constance, Calgary, Alta.
  37. Davinish. Miss K., Toronto, Ont.
  38. Dawson. Miss F., Toronto, Ont.
  39. Dawson. Mrs., Toronto. Ont.
  40. Drake. Miss F. J., Brantford, Ont.
  41. Duck, Mr. A. W., Kamloops. B. C.
  42. Duck. Mrs., Kamloops, B. C.
  43. Fickus, Miss, Montreal, Que.
  44. Flint, Mrs. A., Toronto, Ont.
  45. Fond. Miss M., Montreal. Que.
  46. Frost, Mr. A., Edmonton, Alta.
  47. Furthman, Mr. Emile, Chicago, 111.
  48. Gallagher, Mrs. E., Chicago. 111.
  49. Gibb. Mrs. M. A., Toronto. Ont.
  50. Godfrey. Mr. H. C., Lethbridge, Alta.
  51. Gooding. Miss A. L., Montreal, Que.
  52. Gouldstone. Mr. G., Montreal, Que.
  53. Graves. Mr. Rupert., New York. N. Y.
  54. Griffiths. Miss M., Roseburn, Sask.
  55. Guerra, Rev. F. A., New York, N. Y.
  56. Gulcz. Rev. J. S., Wilmington. Del.
  57. Hall. Mrs. N., Winnipeg, Man.
  58. Hamilton. Mr. Robt., Cleveland. Ohio.
  59. Hamilton. Mrs., Cleveland. Ohio.
  60. Hamilton. Miss M., Cleveland. Ohio.
  61. Hamilton. Master R., Cleveland. Ohio.
  62. Handy, Mr. John, Detroit, Mich.
  63. Hanley, Mr. J. W., Moose Jaw, Sask.
  64. Hanley, Mrs., Moose Jaw. Sask.
  65. Hanning. Mrs. E., Victoria. B. C.
  66. Hanning, Master H., Victoria, B. C.
  67. Hanning. Miss J., Victoria, B. C.
  68. Hare. Miss M. F., Welland, Ont.
  69. Hart, Mrs. H., Hamilton, Ont.
  70. Hayson. Mrs. R., Chicago, 111.
  71. Hayson, Master Leo., Chicago, 111.
  72. Higgins, Mrs. E., Montreal. Que.
  73. Higgins, Miss Lillian., Montreal, Que.
  74. Hilton. Mrs. Agnes., Moose Jaw, Sask.
  75. Hochenseer, Mr. O., Chicago. 111.
  76. Hochenseer, Miss Elsa., Chicago, 111.
  77. Hochenseer, Master Arnold., Chicago. 111.
  78. Johnstone, Mr. T. R., Chicago, 111.
  79. Johnstone, Mrs., Chicago. 111.
  80. Jordon, Mrs. C., Ottawa, Ont.
  81. Keppler, Miss H., Chicago, 111.
  82. Kramer, Mrs, E., Chicago, III.
  83. Langton. Mrs., Quebec, Que.
  84. Lloyd, Mrs. J. O., Calgary, Alta.
  85. Long, Mrs. T. J., Minneapolis, Minn.
  86. Long, Miss Mary, Minneapolis, Minn.
  87. Long. Miss Margaret, Minneapolis. Minn.
  88. Long. Master Thomas, Minneapolis, Minn.
  89. Mably. Mr. J., Richmond. Que.
  90. MacKenzie. Mrs. C., Chicago. 111.
  91. MacKenzie, Miss N., Chicago. 111.
  92. Malley, Mrs. A. H., Boston. Mass.
  93. Markham. Mr. J. H., Victoria, B. C.
  94. Markham. Mrs. ., Victoria, B. C.
  95. Matthews, Mrs. L., Edmonton. Alta.
  96. Maurell, Mrs. A., Toronto. Ont.
  97. Maurell. Miss Muriel, Toronto. Ont.
  98. Maurell. Master David, Toronto. Ont.
  99. Mclnnis. Mr. J. D., Ottawa. Ont.
  100. Mclver. Mrs. B., Toronto. Ont.
  101. Mclver. Miss Eillen., Toronto. Ont.
  102. McKemmie, Mr. G. D., Detroit. Mich.
  103. McKemmie. Mrs., Detroit. Mich.
  104. McLean. Mr. D. H., Ottawa. Ont.
  105. Milton. Mr. J. A., Montreal. Que.
  106. Mitchell. Mrs. E., Toronto. Ont.
  107. O'Donoghue. Dr. O. H., Winnipeg. Man.
  108. O'Donoghue. Mrs., Winnipeg. Man.
  109. O'Donoghue. Master Charles, Winnipeg. Man.
  110. O'Donoghue. Master Dennis, Winnipeg. Man.
  111. O'Hearn. Mrs. A., Toronto. Ont.
  112. Pimblett, Mrs. S., Toronto. Ont.
  113. Poyser. Mr. J. R., Montreal. Que.
  114. Pullen. Mr. A., Niagara Falls. Ont.
  115. Robertson. Mr. Wm., Detroit. Mich.
  116. Riddell. Miss E., Toronto. Ont
  117. Sayers. Mr. F., South Vancouver. B. C.
  118. Schranz, Mr. E., New York. N. Y.
  119. Sear, Mr. F. T., Ottawa. Ont.
  120. Sellick, Mr. U., Belvedere, 111.
  121. Sellick. Mrs., Belvedere, 111.
  122. Sinnott. Mr. P. J., Victoria, B. C.
  123. Skinner, Mrs. W., Detroit. Mich.
  124. Smith. Mr. A., Salmon Arm. B. C.
  125. Smith. Mrs. and Infant., Salmon Arm, B. C
  126. Smith. Master C., Salmon Arm. B. C.
  127. Smith, Miss V., Salmon Arm. B. C.
  128. Smith, Mr. C. L., New York. N. Y.
  129. Smith, Mrs., ., Toronto, Ont.
  130. Smith, Mrs. A. J., Belmont. Man.
  131. Smith, Rev. Nelson C., Glenboro. Man.
  132. Stephens, Mrs. G. W., Moose Jaw, Sask.
  133. Stephens, Miss Olive, Moose Jaw. Sask.
  134. Stephens, Master Clifford, Moose Jaw, Sask.
  135. Stephenson, Mr. Jas., Saskatoon. Sask.
  136. Stephenson, Prof., Guelph. Ont.
  137. Stephenson. Mrs. ., Guelph. Ont.
  138. Strachan, Mr. A., Detroit, Mich.
  139. Strom, Miss Bertha., St. Paul, Minn.
  140. Thompson. Mr. C., Hamilton, Ont.
  141. Tootell. Mr. A., St. Kitts, Ont.
  142. Tootell, Mrs. and two Children., St. Kitts. Ont.
  143. Warwick, Mr. J., Toronto, Ont.
  144. Warwick. Mr. W. C., Toronto, Ont.
  145. Welsh, Mrs. K., Toronto, Ont.
  146. Whittington. Mrs. E. W., Toronto. Ont.
  147. Whittington, Miss Helen, Toronto, Ont.
  148. Whittington. Master Leslie, Toronto. Ont.
  149. Williams. Miss M., Belvedere, III.
  150. Winter, Mr. Thos., Brandon, Man.
  151. Winter. Mr. Harry., Brandon, Man.
  152. Wood. Miss A. S., Toronto, Ont,
  153. Woof. Mrs. H. and Infant., Detroit. Mich.
  154. Woof. Miss M., Detroit, Mich.
  155. Wyons. Mr. G., Buffalo. N. Y.


Vintage Advertisement for The Canadian Pacific Ocean Services, Ltd. Trans-Pacific Service.

Vintage 1920 Advertisement for The Canadian Pacific Ocean Services, Ltd. Trans-Pacific Service. Quickest Time Across the Pacific. 10 Days Vancouver to Yokohama, 14 Days Vancouver to Shanghai, 18 Days Vancouver to Manila, and 20 Days Vancouver to Hong Kong. Photo Inset is the Sister Ships Empress of Russia and Empress of Asia, Gross Register 16,850 Tons, Quadruple Screws, Turbine Engines, 590 Feet Long, 68 Feet Wide, and 20 Knots Sea Speed. GGA Image ID # 157cf6fdef.


Information for Passengers

First Sitting
Second Sitting
7.30 am
8:30 am
12 noon
1.30 pm
6:00 pm
7:00 pm

SEATS AT DINNER arranged by Second Steward.

LIGHTS are extinguished in Saloon at 11:00 pm Music Room and Drawing Room at 11:30 pm and Smoking Room at midnight. BAR closes at 11:00 pm

DIVINE SERVICE in Saloon at 10:30 am Sunday.

STEAMER RUGS rented at $1.00 each for the voyage, on application to the Deck Steward.

BRITISH RAILWAY TIME TABLES will be found in the Library or Drawing Room.

WIRELESS TELEGRAMS -Steamships are equipped with Marconi Wireless System. Information can be obtained from the Purser.

VALUABLES—A safe is provided in the office of the Purser, in which passengers may deposit money and valuables for safe keeping during the voyage, free of charge. Envelopes will be provided to be sealed and signed by the passenger. As no charge is made for this service the Company can accept no responsibility for loss or damage, however arising.

MONEY EXCHANGED—The Purser is authorized, for the convenience of passengers, to exchange a limited amount of Canadian and American money into English currency.

SURGEON is authorized to make customary charges, subject to the approval of the Commander, for treating any passengers at their request for any illness not originating on board the ship. In the case of sickness contracted on board no charge will be made and medicine will be provided by the Surgeon.

REPRESENTATIVES meet alt steamships to give passengers information and assistance.

BRITISH IMMIGRATION EXAMINATION—Every passenger is required to complete a Declaration which must be delivered to the Purser or Bedroom Steward immediately on embarkation. This is required for manifesting purposes.

HANDBAGS and TRUNKS which will fit underneath the berths will be allowed in the cabins, and no other. Passengers are requested to write their name and European address on the back of BAGGAGE CHECKS and hand them to the Purser as soon as possible after sailing. They must claim their own baggage in the CUSTOMS BAGGAGE EXAMINING ROOM at port of disembarkation, where it is placed under initial letters.

LETTERS & TELEGRAMS for passengers are brought on board at the ports and placed in alphabetical order in the letter case. To facilitate the delivery of letters and telegrams which may reach the Company after passengers disembark they are invited to leave their address with the Purser, so that letters may be forwarded. When posting letters at sea, British or Canadian POSTAGE STAMPS may be used. These can be obtained from the Steward in the Drawing Room. LETTER BOX will be closed one hour before arrival at Port.

C. P. O. S. STEAMERS connect at ports of landing with the direct services to points in the British Isles and on the Continent.

Representatives meet the steamers and will give any information and assistance.

LONDON SPECIAL TRAIN (L. & N. W. Rly.) usually leaves Riverside Station (adjoining Liverpool Landing Stage) for Euston Station. London, within two hours of ship's arrival at Landing Stage. Time occupied on journey, about 4.5 hours. Passengers obtain on board ship labels marked "London," which should be affixed to all baggage to facilitate Customs Examination.


Listing of the Lights Approaching Liverpool via the North of Ireland and via the South of Ireland.

Listing of the Lights Approaching Liverpool via the North of Ireland and via the South of Ireland. Included in the 8 May 1920 SS Victorian Passenger List. GGA Image ID # 157cb055a1


Back Cover, Second Class Passenger List of the SS Victorian of the Canadian Pacific Line for 8 May 1920.

Back Cover, Second Class Passenger List of the SS Victorian of the Canadian Pacific Line for 8 May 1920. GGA Image ID # 157cd77f54.


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