RMS Pretorian Passenger List - 16 August 1919

Front Cover, RMS Pretorian Passenger List - 16 August 1919

Front Cover of a Cabin Passenger List for the RMS Pretorian of the Canadian Pacific Line (CPOS), Departing 16 August 1919 from Liverpool for Quebec and Montreal, Commanded by Captain J. Hall. GGA Image ID # 157d869098

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: J. Hall, Commander
  2. Chief Officer: J. THORBURN
  3. Chief Engineer: A. CUMMING
  4. Purser: I. Alexander
  5. Doctor: J. F. Brown
  6. Chief Steward: D. MCINTOSH

Cabin Passengers

  1. Mrs. M. J. Adair - Melfort, Sask
  2. Miss M. Adair and Infant - Melfort, Sask
  3. Mrs. I. M. Adam - Montreal, Que
  4. Miss A. E. Aitken - Rhynie, Scot
  5. Mrs. J. Aitken - Montreal, Que
  6. Mr. I. F. Anderson - Glasgow, Scot
  7. Mr. W. Ashworth - Manchester, Eng
  8. Mr. J. S. Barclay - St. John, N.B
  9. Mrs. A. Barclay - St. John, N.B
  10. Miss H. Barclay - St. John, N.B
  11. Mrs. G. J. Barker - London, Eng
  12. Mr. T. Barker and Infant - London, Eng
  13. Mr. R. Beatson - London, Eng
  14. Miss. A. Bennett - Preston, Eng
  15. Mr. E. Bliss - Winnipeg, Man
  16. Miss M. Briant - Waterford, Ont
  17. Mrs. C. Burroughs - Liverpool, Eng
  18. Mr. E. Butcher - Grenfell, Sask
  19. Mrs. Camblin - Edinburgh, Scot
  20. Mrs. W. Carr - London, Eng
  21. Mrs. B. Chandler - Vermillion, Alta
  22. Mrs. C. Chapman - London, Eng
  23. Mr. H. Chapman - Holden, Arta
  24. Miss M. Chapman - Holden, Alta
  25. Miss M. Chatterton - Regina, Sask
  26. Mr. E. D. Clarton - London, Eng
  27. Mrs. Clarton - London, Eng
  28. Miss R. S. M. Clements - Winnipeg. Man
  29. Miss S. M. Clements - Winnipeg, Man
  30. Mr. J. Coe - London, Eng
  31. Mrs. Coe - London, Eng
  32. Mrs. L. Edwards - Warrington, Eng
  33. Mr. J. Ewart - Glasgow, Scot
  34. Mr. J. W. Fisher - Blackpool, Eng
  35. Master W. Fisher - Blackpool, Eng
  36. Mr. R. E. Fowler - Liverpool, Eng
  37. Miss B. Frazer - Winnipeg, Man
  38. Miss R. J. Gablonsky - Sydney, N.S.W
  39. Miss J. Gale - Winnipeg, Man
  40. Mr. A. Gallancher - Gourock, Scot
  41. Mrs. J. Garden - Edinburgh, Scot
  42. Miss L. Gibbons - Liverpool, Eng
  43. Miss E. Coe - London, Eng
  44. Master R. Coe - London, Eng
  45. Miss A. Coldman - London, Eng
  46. Mr. W. Compton - London, Eng
  47. Miss E. Cossins - London, Eng
  48. Mr. C. Coulston - London, Eng
  49. Mr. C. C. Davis - Vancouver, B.C
  50. Mrs. H. M. Davis - Vancouver, B.C
  51. Mrs. C. M. M., Deane - Saskatoon, Sask
  52. Miss W. M. Deane - Saskatoon, Sask
  53. Miss S. M. Deane - Saskatoon, Sask
  54. Mrs. C. Dewar - Winnipeg, Man
  55. Mr. H. Dixon - Cobalt, Ont
  56. Mrs. M. Dixon - Cobalt, Ont
  57. Miss M. Douglas - Toronto, Ont
  58. Mr. J. Dowdell - London, Eng
  59. Mrs. Drew - London, Eng
  60. Miss. Drew - London, Eng
  61. Mr. F. L. Godfrey - Oldham, Eng
  62. Miss A. Gonny - Toronto, Ont
  63. Miss L. Gordon - South Shields, Eng
  64. Master M. Gordon - South Shields, Eng
  65. Master Wm. Gordon - South Shields, Eng
  66. Master W. Gordon - South Shields, Eng
  67. Mr. A. E. Gorton - Manchester, Eng
  68. Mrs. M. A. Gorton - Manchester, Eng
  69. Gorton, Miss J. - Manchester, Eng
  70. Gossett, Mr. M. P. - London, Eng
  71. Gott, Mr. J. A. Hull, Eng
  72. Gott, Mrs. E. - Hull, Eng
  73. Goulds, Mr. J. A. - London, Eng
  74. Gray, Miss A. - Montreal, Que
  75. Greenalgh, Mrs. - London, Eng
  76. Greenalgh, Miss M. - London, Eng
  77. Greenalgh, Miss E. - London, Eng
  78. Griffiths, Mrs. - Toronto, Ont
  79. Griffiths, Miss A. - Toronto, Ont
  80. Griffiths, Miss M. - Toronto, Ont
  81. Guthbridge, Mrs. M. - Liverpool, Eng
  82. Dr. A. Ham - London, Eng
  83. Mr. G. V. Hammond - Belfast, Ire
  84. Mr. J. H. Hammond - Belfast, Ire
  85. Mr. J. Hay - Nelson, B.C
  86. Mrs. B. Hay - Nelson, B.C
  87. Mr. H. H. Haynes, Cork, Ire
  88. Mrs. H. Henderson - London, Eng
  89. Master Henderson - London, Eng
  90. Miss A. Hindson - Hull, Eng
  91. Miss B. Hughes - Sharman, Sask
  92. Mrs. E. Hunt - Toronto, Ont
  93. Mr. J. Hutty - Liverpool, Eng
  94. Mr. J. A. Ingle - . London, Eng
  95. Mrs. E. Isom - Toronto, Ont
  96. Master W. Isom - . Toronto, Ont
  97. Miss I. Izard - London, Eng
  98. Mr. H. Jack - Inverness, Scot
  99. Mrs. H. Johnson - Saskatoon, Sask
  100. Mr. T. Jones - Vancouver, B.C
  101. Mr. G. F. Kirby - Montreal, Que
  102. Mrs. E. L. Kirby - Montreal, Que
  103. Mr. A. F. Knight - London, Eng
  104. Mr. F. E. W. Lake - Manchester, Eng
  105. Mr. P. E. Lingham - Hamilton, Ont
  106. Mr. H. Lumsden - Aberdeen, Scot
  107. Mr. J. Mackenzie - ..Winnipeg, Man
  108. Mrs. C. Mackenzie - ..Winnipeg, Man
  109. Miss N. Mackenzie - ..Winnipeg, Man
  110. Miss R. Mackenzie - ..Winnipeg, Man
  111. Mr. J. Macpherson - Toronto, Ont
  112. Mrs. Macpherson - Toronto, Ont
  113. Miss F. M. Marston - London, Eng
  114. Mrs. A. Matthews - Montreal, Que
  115. Mr. H. Matthews - Montreal, Que
  116. Mrs. M. McAdam - Toronto, Ont
  117. Miss M. L. McCrone - Southampton, Eng
  118. Mr. McDonald - Glasgow, Scot
  119. M. P. Mcllvride - Welland, Ont
  120. Mr. P. McNaughton - Pitman, Sask
  121. Mrs. M. McQuaker - Glasgow, Scot
  122. Miss C. McQuaker - Glasgow, Scot
  123. Mr. Wm. Moat - London, Eng
  124. Miss Miller - Manchester, Eng
  125. Mr. J. Mingary - London, Eng
  126. Mrs. Mingary - London, Eng
  127. Mingary, Miss - London, Eng
  128. Miss D. Mingary - London, Eng
  129. Miss P. Mingary - London, Eng
  130. Mr. H. Mingary - London, Eng
  131. Mr. W. Mingary - London, Eng
  132. Mr. G. Mitchell - London, Eng
  133. Miss M. S. Mitchell - London, Eng
  134. Miss. E. Morrey - Wakefield, Eng
  135. Mr. R. Nicholson - London, Eng
  136. Mrs. E. Norris - Edmonton, Alta
  137. Mr. R. B. Oliver - Oldham, Eng
  138. Mrs. Orrell - Manchester, Eng
  139. Mrs. L. Paterson - Brighton, Eng
  140. Miss H. L. Paterson - Brighton, Eng
  141. Miss E. Pescott - London, Eng
  142. Miss M. Pescott - London, Eng
  143. Mrs. M. A. Pike - Victoria, B.C
  144. Miss M. Preston - Toronto, Ont
  145. Mr. W. S. Porteous - London, Eng
  146. Mrs. E. Prosser - Toronto, Ont
  147. Mr. C. Pryce - Hong Kong, China
  148. Mrs. Pryce - Hong Kong, China
  149. Miss E. Pybus - Toronto, Ont
  150. Mrs. E. Pyke - Toronto, Ont
  151. Mr. A. J. Quelch - . London, Eng
  152. Mr. J. Ralph - Toronto, Ont
  153. Mrs. Ralph - Toronto, Ont
  154. Mr. F. Ramsden - Regina, Sask
  155. Mr. J. Ridgway - Manchester, Eng
  156. Miss E. Roberts - Liverpool, Eng
  157. Miss Robinson - Manchester, Eng
  158. Mrs. Royle - Manchester, Eng
  159. Mr. J. H. Senior - London, Eng
  160. Mr. D. Senior - Toronto, Ont
  161. Miss M. Stephen - Calgary, Alta
  162. Miss E. M. Stephens - London, Eng
  163. Miss L. E. Stewart - London, Eng
  164. Miss R. L. Stewart - London, Eng
  165. Mrs. E. Strute - London, Eng
  166. Mrs. G. Sutherland - Ceylon, Sask
  167. Master G. Sutherland - Ceylon, Sask
  168. Mr. J. Sutherland - Ceylon, Sask
  169. Miss B. E. Sutton - Hull, Eng
  170. Dr. E. F. Taylor - Holden, Alta
  171. Miss M. Taylor - Holden, Alta
  172. Mr. R. S. Taylor - London, Eng
  173. Mr. J. Taylor - Toronto, Ont
  174. Mrs. J. Taylor - Toronto, Ont
  175. Miss E. Taylor - Toronto, Ont
  176. Miss C. Taylor - Toronto, Ont
  177. Master C. Taylor - Toronto, Ont
  178. Mr. H. Teal - Vancouver, B.C
  179. Mrs. Teal - Vancouver, B.C
  180. Mrs. E. Thorne - London, Eng
  181. Mrs. A. Tickle - Warrington, Eng
  182. Miss E. Turner - London, Eng
  183. Mrs. E. Vivian - Hamilton, Ont
  184. Miss M. Vivian - Hamilton, Ont
  185. Mr. A. F. Ward - Liverpool, Eng
  186. Mr. J. Watson - Glasgow, Scot
  187. Mr. J. Waugh - Toronto, Ont
  188. Mr. J. Westholme - London, Eng
  189. Miss P. Whitehead - Bolton, Eng
  190. Master J. Whitehead - Bolton, Eng
  191. Master G. Whitehead - Bolton, Eng
  192. Mr. F. J. Whittan - Liverpool, Eng
  193. Mrs. M. Williams - Saskatoon, Sask
  194. Mr. J. R.. Williams - Holyhead, N. Wales
  195. Rev. E. Wyle - Toronto, Ont
  196. Mr. T. Yates - Liverpool, Eng
  197. Mrs. L. Yeadon - Liverpool, Eng
  198. Miss E. Yeadon - Liverpool, Eng

Cover, RMS Pretorian Passenger List - 16 August 1919

Full Back and Front Cover for the 16 August 1919 Cabin Class Passenger Lists of the SS Pretorian for the Canadian Pacific Line (CPOS). GGA Image ID # 157d88df9d

Information for Passengers

Seats at Table—Arranged by Second Steward.

First Sitting
Second Sitting
7:30 am
8:30 am
12-00 noon
1-00 pm
6-00 pm
7:00 pm

Lights extinguished in Saloon at 11:00 pm, Cale and Music Room 11-50 pm, and Smoking Room midnight.

Bar closes at 11:00 pm

Divine Service in Saloon 10:30 am Sunday.

Deck Chairs provided free for use of Cabin Passengers.

Steamer Rugs may be rented at 4./- per voyage.

Money Exchange—The Purser will exchange a limited amount of English, Canadian, and American money.

The Surgeon is authorized to make customary charges, subject to the approval of the Commander, for attending Passengers at their request for illness not originating on board. In the case of sickness contracted on board no charge is made and medicine is provided free.

Valuables—A safe is provided in the Purser's 'Office for Passengers to deposit money and valuables for safe keeping, free of charge.

Montreal Debarkation—C.P.O.S. Ships dock at Sheds Nos. 7, 8, 9, to and ix.

Wireless Telegrams—Information can be obtained from the Purser. Passengers' Letters and Telegrams—Inquire for mail on arrival

Passengers are requested to give the Purser their name and address on the card provided for the purpose to facilitate the delivery of letters and telegrams which reach the Company after arrival.

Passengers traveling to or through the United States must have Visa of American Consul on passports. They should report to Purser as early as possible.

Canadian Rail Ticket Agents board steamers at Rimouski to exchange and issue rail orders.

The Canadian Pacific Telegraph Company have a representative on C.P.O.S. ships between Rimouski and Quebec to handle Passengers' telegrams.

Posting Letters at Sea—The Canadian Government notify that the Postal Administration of the United Kingdom and Canada have entered into an agreement whereby either British or Canadian postage stamps may be used for prepayment of correspondence posted on the high seas on board contract mail steamers between Canada and the United Kingdom, whether such correspondence be posted on the Eastbound or Westbound passage of the mail steamers.

Customs and Baggage
Special Delivery of Baggage

Canadian Pacific baggage officials and Canadian Government Customs officials meet Steamers on arrival, and arrange examination and checking of baggage through to the rail destination.

Immediately after Government inspection on arrival in port and tickets to inland destinations are obtained, Passengers should attend to the Customs examination of their baggage and forwarding by the Railway Agent who will give checks for same. Unless baggage is checked out by Passengers it will be held at their risk until claimed.

U.S. Customs. Officers are at Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, London, Ont., Winnipeg, Man., Banff (during Summer) and Vancouver, B.C., Stations to examine baggage destined for U.S. Passengers traveling to the U.S. via those points are recommended to have baggage examined at either place and avoid examination at International Boundary. Baggage from U.S. to. Canada, and vice versa, not examined at places named above must be examined at International Boundary, otherwise it will be held by Customs Passengers should attend personally to having their baggage examined by Customs. Officers.

Passengers for Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Winnipeg, Vancouver, or Victoria, and the larger cities in the Eastern United States, may have baggage checked by any agent of this Company through to any residence, hotel, steamship dock, or railway depot, in such cities. This is a convenience. The transfer charge is collected by the baggage master at time of checking.

The Canadian Pacific Ocean Services Limited
Passenger Agencies
Passengers ARE CORDIALLY INVITED To Make The C. P. O. S. Offices Their HEADQUARTERS and Have Mail and Telegrams Addressed in OUR CARE
Liverpool Wm. Baird Pier Head.
London G Gribbon 14 Cockspur St. S.W.
London C E. Rutter 103 Lead enh all St. E.C.
Bristol A S. Ray 18 St Augustine's Par.
Glasgow W. McK. Rodan 25 Bothwell Street.
Dundee R Ferguson 88 Commercial Street.
Londonderry J A. Grant 50 Foyle Street.
Canada and United States
Montreal Wm. Webber 141 St. James Street.
Quebec L J. Fontaine 138 St. Peter Street.
Toronto H M. MacCallum 1 King Street East
Winnipeg W. C. Casey 364 Main Street.
Vancouver J J. Forster C P. R. Station.
Atlanta, Ga. E G. Chesbrough 220 Healey Building.
Boston, Mass. L R. Hart 332 Washington St.
Buffalo, N.Y. G O. Walton 11 South Division St.
Chicago, Ill R S. Elworthy 140 South Clark St.
Cincinnati, Ohio M. E. Malone 430 Walnut Street.
Cleveland, Ohio G A. Clifford 2033 East Ninth St.
Detroit, Mich. M. G. Murphy 199 Griswold Street.
Los Angeles, Cal. A A. Polhamus 605 South Spring St.
Minneapolis, Minn. A G. Albertsen 611 Second Ave South.
New York, N.Y General Agent 1231 Broadway.
Philadelphia, Pa. R C. Clayton 629 Chesnut Street.
Pittsburgh, Pa. C L. Williams 340 Sixth Avenue.
Portland, Ore E E. Penn 55 Third Street.
San Francisco, Cal. F L. Nason 645 Market Street.
Seattle, Wash. E F. L. Sturdee 608 Second Avenue.
St. Louis, Mo. E L. Sheehan 418 Locust Street.
Washington, D.0 C E. Phelps 1419 New York Ave.
Yokohama Edward Stone 14 Bund.
Kobe J A. Graham 1 Bund.
Nagasaki Holme, Ringer & Co.
Shanghai F E. Weiss Palace Hotel Building.
Manila G M. Jackson 18 Escolta.
Hong-Kong P D. Sutherland Opposite Blake Pier.
Mon Wuriu Shokai Holme Ringer & Co.

The Canadian Pacific Ocean Services Limited
Department of Colonization and Development

The Canadian Pacific Railway has some six million acres of choice farm lands for sale in Western Canada at low prices, and on long terms of payment. These lands are sold under the following plans :—


To purchasers who will agree to settle upon and develop their farms, lands will be sold on special terms of one-tenth down with the balance extended over twenty years, and special concessions as to payments during first three years.


In the famous Irrigation Block east of Calgary, and in the Lethbridge Irrigation District in Southern Alberta, irrigated lands are sold at prices ranging from fifty dollars .an acre, terms one-tenth down with balance extended over twenty years.

Loan To Settlers

To purchasers of irrigated lands, under certain conditions, a loan in improvements not exceeding two thousand dollars will be granted. Amount of loan to be paid off with land payments.


Extended to lands in certain districts only. Terms one-tenth down with balance extended over ten years. Interest is charged on deferred payments under this and all other plans at the rate of six per cent.


Lots in towns along the line of the Canadian Pacific are open for sale on terms of one-third cash with balance in six and twelve months. Information as to industrial opportunities in any of these towns will be supplied on request.

Further information and particulars can be obtained from the Department of Colonization and Development, Canadian Pacific Railway, which maintains offices at Windsor-Street Station, Montreal, P.Q., Winnipeg, Man , Calgary, Alta., Saskatoon, Sask., and London, Eng.

Canadian Pacific
The EMPIRE'S Greatest Railway

Operating over 18,500 miles of railway, the Canadian Pacific has the most complete and far-reaching service, not only in Canada itself, but also for the Western States of America. The finest fishing and shooting in Canada are along its lines. No railway in the world passes through country so picturesque or so varied in its character. Canadian Pacific hotels of the first rank are to be found in the chief commercial and tourist centres. Ask the Purser for illustrated pamphlets or write to:—

Sir GEO. MCLAREN Brown, K.B.E., European General Manager,

H. G. Dr.NG, European Passenger Manager, or

T. J. Smith, European Freight Manager, Canadian Pacific Railway, 62-65, CHARING Cross, London, S.W.I, or local agents everywhere

The Canadian Pacific Ocean Services Limited

C. P.R. Trans-Continental Express

The line of the Canadian Pacific Railway extends across Canada from St. John, New Brunswick, on the Atlantic Ocean, to the City of Vancouver on the Pacific Ocean, and it is the only transcontinental railway in America whose Passengers are carried without change of cars from tidewater to tidewater. It is the only system of Railway " from Ocean to Ocean" under one management.

Ticket Offices at important stations are open 30 minutes before departure of trains,and Passengers are requested to purchase tickets before entering cars. Passengers should always procure tickets at regular railway ticket offices, and ask for them via the Canadian Pacific Railway.

MILEAGE Books, good on New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, and Algoma Districts, but not locally in the State of Maine, are sold at principal stations, $23.73 for r,000 miles. These books are valid for one year from date of issue, for purchaser oniy, whose signature they must, bear, and are not transferable. Mileage book coupons are not good on trains, but must be exchanged at the ticket office for passage ticket before entering cars.

The great forests of the Dominion of Canada have long been recognized as the home of big game. The prairies are the favorite hiding places of the quail, partridge, chicken, woodcock, etc. The marshes are the haunts of the wild water fowl, and the great waterways the home of many species of fish. The transportation facilities to this great land of fur, feather and fin are excellent. The sportsman is placed by the Canadian Pacific Railway within easy reach of the desired game. Owing to the immense area covered by this railway from Atlantic to Pacific, a great variety of sport of all kinds is rendered easily accessible in all Provinces of the Dominion.

Good reliable guides can be had in all parts of Canada at reasonable wages, but this must be arranged well in advance of the trip. The Tourist and Colonisation Agents of the Canadian Pacific at Montreal are always ready to give advice to enquirers on this point as on other points connected with camping trips.

Particular attention is paid to the wants and requests of sportsmen, and lists of guides, information regarding any special district, game laws, outfits and supplies will be promptly obtained on applicationito A. O. SEYMOUR, General Tourist Agent, Canadian Pacific Railway, Montreal
Train Service
Sport in Canada
Canadian Pacific Hotels BANFF Hotel and BOW RIVER VALLEY, ALBERTA
WHILE the perfect sleeping and dining car services of the Canadian Pacific Railway provide every comfort and luxury for travelers making the continuous overland through trip, it has been found necessary to provide hotel accommodation at points of interest among the mountains and elsewhere, from Atlantic to Pacific.

The telegraph system of the C.P.R. extends along the entire length of the ,railway, and reaches every point of importance off the line of railway in the Dominion of Canada.

The Commercial Cable Co. (Mackay-Bennett system) °aives the C.P.R. the most direct connec tion with Europe, Asia and Africa.

Direct connection with the British Pacific Cable to Australia, New Zealand, etc.; the Commercial Pacific Cable to the Hawaiian Islands, Philippine Islands, China and Japan; and the Commercial Havana Cable to Havana, etc.

The Postal Telegraph Co. of New York and San Francisco, enables the C.P.R. to reach all important points in the United States.

The Halifax-Bermuda and DIRECT West Indies
Cable Co. gives connection with Bermuda, Jamaica and points in the West Indies.
Direct connection with the Dominion Government Telegraph Line to the Yukon and points in Alaska.

A tariff of charges for Telegrams is posted at all Telegraph Offices, and is kept by all Sleeping and Parlor Car Porters for inspection. Senders of messages are requested to compare the charges made with the rates on tariff.

To ensure quick despatch to all points, see that your telegrams are written on C.P.R. Telegraph Blanks and are handed in at C.P.R. Offices.

Dominion Express Company of Canada Operating on all lines of the Canadian Pacific
Railway, Canadian Pacific Ocean Services and
other Railway and Steamship Companies.

FORWARDERS of Merchandise, Money, Valuables, &C., promptly, carefully and at reasonable rates.

Money Orders, Foreign Cheques and Travellers Cheques issued. Money transferred' by Telegraph and Cable.

There is no better way to carry your funds than in Dominion Express Travellers Cheques. They are issued in denominations f $io, $20, $50, $ ioo and $200, and show on the face of each the amount you will receive in foreign money. They identify you and protect you against loss, and are accepted by Express Agents, Banks, Railway Companies, Hotels, etc.

Full particulars on application to any C.P.R., C.P.O.S. or
Dominion Express Office, Or Sir GEO. MCLAREN Brown,
K.B.E., European General Manager, 62/65, Charing Cross, London, S.W I.
Canadian Pacific Telegraphs

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