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SS Stuttgart Passenger List - 11 May 1927

Front Cover of a Cabin Class Passenger List from the SS Stuttgart of the North German Lloyd, Departing 11 May 1927 from Bremen to New York via Southampton, Cherbourg, and Cobh (Queenstown)

Front Cover of a Cabin Class Passenger List from the SS Stuttgart of the North German Lloyd, Departing 11 May 1927 from Bremen to New York via Southampton, Cherbourg, and Cobh (Queenstown), Commanded by Captain K. Grahn. GGA Image ID # 15dc57dca3

Senior Officers and Staff

  • Captain: K. Grahn
  • First Officer: A. Warneke
  • Second Officer: M. Berger
  • Second Officer: H. Loewer
  • Third Officer: H. Wilkena 
  • Fourth Officer: H. Braue
  • Fourth Officer:  F. Mellerl
  • First Doctor: Dr. E. Coeriach
  • Second Doctor: Dr. Schäler
  • Chief Engineer: A.Junghanna
  • Second Engineer: D. Buck
  • Third Engineer: F. Loliaua
  • Third Engineer: F. Muller
  • Fourth Engineer: A Schenk
  • Fourth Engineer: K. Lau
  • Purser: E. Schmidt
  • Asst. Purser: H. Herckaen
  • Chief Steward: Fr. Rößler
  • Chief Steward Assistant: A. Schumacher
  • Chief Steward Tourist Third Class: J. Ahl
  • Chief Steward Third Class: K. Oberbeck
  • Chief Cook: K. Unger
  • Baggage Master: F. Heidmann

Wireless Operating Officers

  • First Officer: F. Rippe
  • Second Officer: C. Schulz
  • Third Officer: H. Freese

First Class Passengers

  1. Mr. Dr. Gustav Adolph
  2. Mrs. Hedwig Barth
  3. Mrs. Mary R. Beard
  4. Mr. F. O. Willibald Brembach
  5. Mr. Henry Buss
  6. Mrs. Lena Buss
  7. Mr. Carl A. Docke
  8. Mrs. Augusta Ellis
  9. Mr. Victor E. Fissené
  10. Mrs. Elisabeth Hasslacher
  11. Mr. Joel K. Hecht
  12. Mr. Carl Hoppenberg
  13. Mr. Herman F. Imwolde
  14. Mrs. Gertrude I. Imwolde
  15. Mr. Henry G. Imwolde
  16. Mrs. Inez I. Imwolde
  17. Mrs. Clara Jacob
  18. Mr. Ludolf C. Kassebaum
  19. Mr. Charles Mechel
  20. Mrs. Charles Mechel
  21. Mrs. Emilie Nunnenmacher
  22. Mr. Albert Pietzsch
  23. Mr. K. Arthur Pohl
  24. Miss Helen M. Raffetto
  25. Miss Florence C. Raffetto
  26. Mr. Direktor Georg Seyde
  27. Mrs. Hazel Slaughter
  28. Mr. Georg F. W. Schulze
  29. Mrs. Johanne Schulze
  30. Mr. Carl Weisel
  31. Mrs. Augusta Weisel
  32. Mrs. Margarethe Weisel

To Southampton

  1. Mr. Fritz Biedermann
  2. Mr. Heinz Otto
  3. Mr. Gustav A. Snyder

To Cherbourg

  1. Mr. Emil Erker
  2. Mr. Hellmuth Schulz

To Queenstown

  1. Mr. Waldemar Klose

Cabin Passengers

  1. Mrs. Lina Ackermann
  2. Manfred Adcermann
  3. Mr. Eugen Adam
  4. Miss Rosa Albert
  5. Mr. Fritz Apel
  6. Mr. J. Daniel Appold
  7. Miss Hedwig Arnold
  8. Miss Herma Backlmusen
  9. Mr. Fritz Badtke
  10. Mr. Josef Bantle
  11. Miss Alice Bargmann
  12. Miss Margareta Bausch
  13. Mrs. Klara Bechler
  14. Elsbeth Bechler
  15. Miss Clara Beck
  16. Barbara Bede
  17. Mr. Philipp Berberich
  18. Mrs. Katharina Berberich
  19. Mr. Markus Bettinger
  20. Miss Käthe Blume
  21. Miss Aurelia Bobrovnicky
  22. Mr. Charles Braaf
  23. Miss Babette Brandi
  24. Mr. Eugen Bubedc
  25. Mrs. Maria Büschler
  26. Miss Magda Büschler
  27. Miss Käthe Deyerling
  28. Miss Ottilie Dietrich
  29. Mr. Otto Drese
  30. Mr. Arnold Dürels
  31. Mrs. Lilly Dürr
  32. Mrs. Elise Eckert
  33. Mr. Ernst Eichtersheimer
  34. Mr. Hans Eisenmann
  35. Miss Eleonore Enders
  36. Mr. Theodor Feldmaier
  37. Mrs. Emilie Feldmaier
  38. Erich Feldmaier
  39. Mrs. Elsa Felsch
  40. Miss Wilhelmine Finke
  41. Mr. Hermann Flesch
  42. Mrs. Maria Flesch
  43. Miss Maria Fluss
  44. Mrs. Friederike Fooken
  45. Miss Grete Franz
  46. Mr. Friedrich Freitag
  47. Mrs. Ella Freitag
  48. Mrs. Eva Friedman
  49. Mr. Emil Friedman
  50. Mr. Morris Friedman
  51. Miss Helene Friedman
  52. Leopold Friedman
  53. Bernard Friedman
  54. Miksa Friedman
  55. Miss Marie Friedrich
  56. Mr. August Funk
  57. Miss Mathilde Gerlach
  58. Miss Luise Gern
  59. Mr. Karl Ginter
  60. Miss Marie Glaser
  61. Mr. Emil Gnam
  62. Mr. Alfred Goldschmidt
  63. Miss Josefine Gruber
  64. Mr. Christian Haas
  65. Mrs. Elisabeth Haider
  66. Mrs. M. Clothilde Halstead
  67. Elisabeth Halstead
  68. Mrs. Rebecka Harle
  69. Miss Katharine Harle
  70. Miss Anna Hastedt
  71. Miss Josefine Heimpel
  72. Mrs. Maria Henseler und Kind
  73. Mr. Theodor Herrmann
  74. Mrs. Pauline Hertwig
  75. Miss Mary Hetzel
  76. Mr. Johann Hetzenecker
  77. Mr. Hinrich Hilken
  78. Miss Luise Hinrichs
  79. Miss Amalie Holub
  80. Miss Carola Hölzerner
  81. Mr. Hans Hölzer
  82. Mr. Erich Hotrich
  83. Mrs. Gertrud Hotrich
  84. Werner Hotrich
  85. Mr. Anton Ippisch
  86. Mr. Willi Itjen
  87. Mr. Béla Jancovits
  88. Mr. Hans Jenny
  89. Mrs. Bertha Jenny und Kind
  90. Miss Elisabeth Kallfell
  91. Miss Emma Kistner
  92. Mr. Dr. Shoje Kondo
  93. Mr. Ernst Krekel
  94. Mr. Hans Kronseder
  95. Mr. Heinrich Kruse
  96. Miss Else Kück
  97. Mrs. Agnes Kühne
  98. Miss Hedwig Laier
  99. Mr. Anton Laufenberg
  100. Miss Ethel Lehocky
  101. Mrs. Luise Löffler
  102. Miss Pauline Luczak
  103. Mr. Josef Mayer
  104. Miss Minna Mahnke
  105. Mrs. Sophie Marx
  106. Miss Martha Marx
  107. Miss Lisa Maus
  108. Mrs. Rosa Mayer
  109. Anneliese Mayer
  110. Mr. Richard Meyer
  111. Miss Anna Meyer
  112. Miss Josefine Moeller
  113. Miss Henny Montag
  114. Mr. Karl Müller
  115. Miss Katharina München
  116. Miss Friederike Mutschler
  117. Miss Margarete Neusinger
  118. Miss Helene Nolte
  119. Mr. Hermann Nost
  120. Mr. Christian Nürk
  121. Miss Frida Obermüller
  122. Mrs. Hedwig Ovretoedt
  123. Mr. Reinhold Otto
  124. Mrs. Maria Pazman
  125. Mr. Richard Pfingst
  126. Miss Frieda Pfund
  127. Mr. Viktor Plünnecke
  128. Miss Emma Poellath
  129. Mr. Alois Pohl
  130. Mr. A. H. Prussner
  131. Mrs. A. H. Prussner
  132. Friedrich Prussner
  133. John Prussner
  134. Carl Prussner
  135. Dorothea Prussner
  136. Mr. Adolf Puchta
  137. Miss Theresia Raab
  138. Miss Emma Raiser
  139. Mr. Alexander Rehn
  140. Miss Anna Riechers
  141. Miss Anna Riedel
  142. Mr. Dr- William v. Riedl
  143. Miss Irene Riedmatter
  144. Miss Karoline Rübeck
  145. Miss Friederike Rübeck
  146. Miss Hertha Saberski
  147. Miss Klara Sehlbach
  148. Miss Elsa Sehlbach
  149. Miss Gretchen Seidel
  150. Mr. Rudolf Seitz
  151. Mr. Otto Sellnow
  152. Mrs. Hedwig Sellnow
  153. Miss Maria Siefringer
  154. Miss Elfriede Simon
  155. Mr. Wilhelm Spaeth
  156. Mr. Arthur F. Symond
  157. Mrs. Arthur F. Symond
  158. David A. Symond
  159. Miss Luise Schaufler
  160. Mr. Joseph Scheich
  161. Mr. Gustav Schenk
  162. Mrs. Gertrud Scherbaum
  163. Irmgard Scherbaum
  164. Miss Marie Schietinger
  165. Mr. Frederick Schmidt
  166. Mrs. Therese Schmidt
  167. Mr. Friedrich Schmidt
  168. Mrs. Luise Schmidt
  169. Miss Luzie Schmitz
  170. Schwester Margarete Scholl
  171. Miss Elly Schulze
  172. Mr. Georg Schwarz
  173. Mr. Bernhard Schweizer
  174. Miss Hedwig Stader
  175. Mrs. Luise Stily
  176. Mr. Missionar Wilhelm Stoecke
  177. Miss Marie Stöhr
  178. Miss Rosa Stoll
  179. Mr. Heinrich Stücker
  180. Mrs. Maria Thelen
  181. Miss Maria Thelen
  182. Miss Frieda Thoma
  183. Mr. Wilhelm Trautmann
  184. Miss Clara Triller
  185. Mr. Max Ullmann
  186. Mr. Robert Villiger
  187. Mr. Georg Vogel
  188. Mr. Hans Völkl
  189. Mr. Michael Wacker
  190. Mrs. Centa Wacker
  191. Lotte Wacker
  192. Frank Wacker
  193. Mrs. Rosa Wagner
  194. Mr. Edward Walis
  195. Mrs. Edward Walis
  196. Mr. Heinrich Warnecke
  197. Miss Elisabeth Weiher
  198. Mrs. Marie Weik
  199. Miss Maria Weinmann
  200. Miss Frida Weis
  201. Mr. Alfred Werner
  202. Mr. Friedrich Wolf
  203. Mr. Konrad Witt
  204. Mr. William Wurm
  205. Mr. Friedrich Wunderle
  206. Mr. Josef Zöllner

To Southampton

  1. Miss Hanna Hegel
  2. Mr. Michael Huxley
  3. Mr. WilhelmWohllebe

To Queenstown

  1. Miss Lina Albert
  2. Mr. J. Bowen
  3. Mrs. J. Bowen
  4. Mrs. Marie Grucza
  5. Mr. Dr. C. E. Moloney
  6. Mrs. C. E. Moloney
  7. Mrs. Emma Utech

Information for Passengers

Passengers are requested to comply with the orders of the captain and or his officers who are responsible for both the safety of the ship and passengers, and comfort and order on board.

Change of Cabin. Passengers desiring to change their accommodation while on board must apply to the purser who, alone, is authorized to make the transfer. If higher graded accommodation is desired the difference in fare must be paid accordingly.

Meals will be served as follows:
First Class   
Breakfast from 8 a. m. to 10 30 a. m.
Lunch from 12.30 p. m. to 2 p. m.
Dinner from 7 p. m. to 9 p. m.

Second Class
Breakfast at 7.30 a. m. and  8.30 a. m.
Lunch at 12 p. m. and 1 p. m.
Dinner at 6 p. m. and 7 p. m.

Seats in the Dining Saloon may be reserved beforehand upon application to the Chief Steward.

Meals are not served in the cabins or on deck unless passengers are prevented through sickness from coming to the Dining Room.

A good selection of beverages is carried on board. Drinks brought on board by the passengers will not be served in the Dining Room.

The Dining Room will be closed at 11 p. m., the Smoking Room at midnight. Drinks will be served till 11.30 p. m.
Passengers will please take note that to ensure their nightly rest, the lights in the Conversation Rooms and on the Promenade Deck will be extinguished at 11.30 p. m., those in the Smoking Room at 12 midnight.

Passengers are requested not to order any beverages in the Smoking Room after 11.30 p. m. and not to frequent the Promenade Deck between 11 p. m. and 7 a. m.

Baggage. Hand baggage and one cabin trunk maybe taken into the cabin, but the cabin trunk must not exceed the maximum size, i. e. 3' 3" long by 1' 11" wide and 1' 1" high.

Larger articles of baggage will be stored in the hold, and will be accessible to passengers at certain fixed times daily. Baggage may not be placed in the corridors.

During the voyage, each passenger has to fill out a "Customs-Declaration" form for his or her personal baggage.

In the case of families the oldest member may fill out this declaration for the whole family. Blank forms will be distributed on board the steamer.

Baggage, parcels, etc. intended for re-forwarding, for storage, or for delivery to a third party, are to be handed to the Baggage Master who, alone, is competent to receive such baggage.

The Company accepts no responsibility for any article handed over by passengers to other members of the ship's personnel.

Passengers are specially in their own interest recommended to look after their hand-baggage upon landing in the port of destination.

Passengers are requested to take care that, before leaving the steamer, no personal belongings are left in their cabins or elsewhere aboard.

Arrangements must be made with the Customs Inspector at the port of disembarkation respecting any baggage under bond which has to be forwarded to some further destination. Such baggage must be specially mentioned on the Customs Declaration Form and the value thereof stated.

Left behind baggage to be forwarded by a later sailing must reach the port of destination within three months of the passenger's arrival, and must be included on the Customs Declaration together with the baggage which the passenger has already taken with him.

Animals. All animals, regardless of size and kind, will be accommodated aboard in suitable quarters. It is not allowed under any circumstances to take animals into any rooms used by passengers or to lend them around any part of the steamer set aside for the convenience of passengers.

Money, valuables Etc. The purser will accept valuables etc. duly sealed or enclosed in an envelope bearing the name of the owner, for safe keeping during the voyage, but without any guarantee on the part of the Company. The purser will give a receipt on demand.

Library. A library on board, properly catalogued, is placed at the disposal of the cabin passengers.

Doctor. A duly qualified Doctor is on board who will, free of charge, attend to passengers falling sick during the voyage.

Bath Rooms. Passengers who desire to make use of the bath rooms, are requested to write their names, and the hour selected, on the list placed in the ante-room.

Barber. A tariff is exhibited in the Barber's saloon.

Photographer. The photographer is entitled to charge for his services in accordance with the tariff exhibited.

Cigars, Cigarettes and Playing Cards are obtainable in the Smoking-Room at fixed prices.

Smoking is permitted only in the Smoking Room and on deck. It is strictly prohibited below deck, in the dining room, ladies' parlor or in the state rooms.

Letters and Telegrams. The Chief Steward has charge of the distribution of incoming mail.

Letters for passengers will be brought on board at the port of arrival before the passengers land. In their own interest, therefore, passengers should personally ascertain whether there is any mail for them before they leave the ship.
Before leaving the ship, passengers are recommended to leave their address at the pursers office, so that any mail arriving after their departure may be forwarded to them.
Letters and telegrams may be directed c/o any of the company's agents.

Telegrams, to be dispatched from the next port, are accepted at the purser's office only, but wireless messages at the ship's wireless station.

Deck Chairs and blankets may be hired of the Deck Stewards on board at a charge of $ 1.50 each for the voyage.

Pastimes and Games, as shuffleboard, deckquoits, dice, dominos, draughts, and chess are at the disposal of the passengers.

Service. Passengers are requested, in their own interest, to submit any complaints they may have to make to the Captain at the time of his daily round of inspection every morning. Wishes expressed by passengers will be complied with as far as circumstances allow.


Landing. Every passenger will be furnished during the voyage with a landing card bearing his name. This card must be presented in the dining room to the Immigration Officers who board the steamer at the Quarantine Station.

The card will be stamped after inspection and returned to the passenger who has to present it again to an Official of the Company when leaving the steamer.

No passenger will be permitted to land without this stamped card.

Hand Baggage, after having passed the customs on the pier, may be forwarded thence at tariff rates by the Travelers Transfer Company. Steneck Building. Hoboken, N. J. Porters of the company are stationed at the pier.

Firearms. The carrying of fire arms and weapons of any kind is prohibited by law in the U. S. A. Offenders are liable to heavy fines and punishment.

Wireless Telegraphy
The wireless stations (Telefunken System) on board all steamers of the Norddeutscher Lloyd are permanently in communication with coast stations either directly or by way of other ships. The names of such stations and ships will be published every fore-noon.

A wireless message sent from land to a ship at sea must be addressed is follows:

  1. Name of Addressee (to ensure correct delivery give full name).
  2. Name of Steamer (as given in the International Register).
  3. Name of Coast station (by which the message is to be transmitted).

Example : Heinrich Schmidt — Columbus — Norddeich.

All information regarding the dispatch of wireless messages, length of time required for transmission and telegraph fee may be obtained free of charge at the wireless station on board, or on land from the Deutsche Betriebsgesellschaft für drahtlose Telegrafie m. b. H., Berlin. SW. 11, Hallesches Ufer 12/13; telegraphic address "Debeg", telephone No.: Lütrow 3630/34.

Messages are accepted at all telegraph offices in Germany and abroad for all ships mentioned in the International Register.

The wireless service on board of the steamers is operated by the Deutsche Betriebsgesellschaft für drahtlose Telegrafie m. b. H" (Debeg). Berlin SW. 11. All enquiries, complaints etc., may be addressed to this company. The steamship company takes no responsibility in this respect.


American Head Tax.
The amount paid as American Head Tax may be refunded if all the under-noted conditions are fulfilled

  1. If the passenger does not stay in the United States longer than 60 days, and if the reply to question No. 20 of the Declaration Form is given as "not more than 60 days".


  1. If, when passing the prescribed examination before landing in New York, the passenger informs the competent official of his intention to leave the United States within 60 days; and that he receives Form No. 514-A (Transit Certificate) in which the arrival in America is officially noted. (Part A).
  1. If, when leaving America, the date of departure of the passenger is endorsed on the same form by the Steamship Company whose steamer is used (or in the case of travelers by rail, the date of crossing the frontier is inserted by the officials of the railroad concerned, and the form signed by them.) (Part B).


  1. If Form No. 514-A. when duly signed by the passenger in portions A and B, is presented to the American Authorities within 120 days from the original date of landing in the United States.

It is recommended that Form 514-A. when completely filled in, be handed to our Office, North German Lloyd, 32. Broadway, New York, or else sent to the Norddeutscher Lloyd, Passage Department, Bremen, immediately after landing in Europe.

If these conditions are not fulfilled the return of the amount paid for American Head Tax will not be granted by the United States Immigration Authorities.

Route Map on the Back Cover, North German Lloyd SS Stuttgart First Class and Cabin Passenger List - 11 May 1927.

Route Map on the Back Cover, North German Lloyd SS Stuttgart First Class and Cabin Passenger List - 11 May 1927. GGA Image ID # 15dc62c27b

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