SS Europa Passenger List - 16 July 1937

Front Cover, North German Lloyd SS Europa Cabin Class Passenger List - 16 July 1937.

Front Cover of a Cabin Class Passenger List from the SS Europa of the North German Lloyd, Departing 16 July 1937 from Bremen to New York via Southampton and Cherbourg, Commanded by Captain O. Scharf. GGA Image ID # 13ed32a472


Important Notice

In view of the decree issued by the German Government prohibiting the importation of German notes and silver coins into Germany, all members of our ships' personnel, the stalls, bars and all other places where purchases are made on board have been strictly forbidden to accept Reichsmark notes and German silver coins in payment.

The pursers only are authorized to accept German silver coins from passengers, within the framework of the special regulations governing the exceptions to the rule.

Passengers are, therefore, requested not to make their payments on board in Reichsmark notes or German silver coins.

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Commander: Captain O. Scharf
  2. Ltdr. First Officer: W. Kracke
  3. Ltdr. Chief Engineer: H. Eints
  4. Purser: H. W. Müller
  5. First Physician: Dr. W. Brahms
  6. Second Physician: Dr. Colpe
  7. Certified Nurse: On Board
  8. Traffic Officer: W. de Haas
  9. Traveler Special Service: Miss Elly Dackau
  10. Ltdr. Chief Steward: G. Pflüger
  11. Chief Steward for Dining Room: K. Schwarz
  12. Chief Steward for Tourist Class: B. Willkehr
  13. Chief Steward for Third Class: O. Dunkel
  14. Chief Steward for Restaurant: J. Aigner
  15. Ltdr. Head Chef: C. Wagner
  16. First Radio Officer: D. Berbig
  17. First Baggage Master: H. Horstmann


Cabin Class Passengers

  1. Mrs. Eugene E. Ailes
  2. Mrs. Celine Baekeland
  3. Mr. V. P. Baran
  4. Mr. Ernst Barleben
  5. Mr. Werner Berg
  6. Mr. Giovanni Bertini
  7. Mr. William S. Bertolet
  8. Miss Alice Birtwell
  9. Mr. Robert Blair
  10. Mrs. Robert Blair
  11. Mr. William Bode
  12. Mrs. Frank P. Book
  13. Miss Jane C. Book
  14. Miss Annette Bose
  15. Mr. Edward Bose
  16. Mrs. Edward Bose
  17. Mr. Roland Boutwell
  18. Mrs. Roland Boutwell
  19. Miss Katherine Boutwell
  20. Mr. Roswell H. Boutwell
  21. Mr. H. Sewall Bradley
  22. Mrs. H. Sewall Bradley
  23. Miss Brooks
  24. Mr. M. W. Brown
  25. Mr. Val Browning
  26. Mr. Leon B. Burdsall
  27. Mrs. Leon B. Burdsall
  28. Miss Dorothy Burdsall
  29. William Burdsall
  30. Mrs. Albert E. Carlton and Servant
  31. Mrs. Henry B. Carpender
  32. Dr. Charles Caspari
  33. Mrs. Charles Caspari
  34. Miss Louise D. Catherwood
  35. Mr. Charles Chaplin
  36. Mr. J. Cheever Cowdin
  37. Mr. Robert Crawford
  38. Mr. Conrad Dammann
  39. Mrs. Lillian P. Davis
  40. Miss M. Day
  41. Mrs. Helen D. Dillon
  42. Mr. F. E. Dixon
  43. Mrs. F. E. Dixon and Servant
  44. Mrs. Philip T. Dodge
  45. Mr. Michael Dolinski
  46. Mr. Alex Dow
  47. Mr. Douglas Dow
  48. Mr. Harry Drumm
  49. Dr. Gaston Du Bois
  50. Mr. George R. Dyer
  51. Mr. J. D. Edwards
  52. Mr. Roy John Elfstrom
  53. Mrs. Roy John Elfstrom
  54. Katherine Elfstrom
  55. Mr. Lincoln Ellsworth
  56. Mrs. Lincoln Ellsworth
  57. Mrs. Elisabeth Falk
  58. Mrs. Martha Findeisen
  59. Mr. Gardiner H. Fiske
  60. Mr. Paris R. Forman
  61. Mr. Eric S. Fredman
  62. Mr. Fraim Freeman
  63. Mr. John H. Fry
  64. Mrs. James H. Furay
  65. Lady Vivian Gabriel and Servant
  66. Mr. Ernst E. Glässel
  67. Miss Margaret Gillespie
  68. Mrs. Frances M. Gillespie
  69. Miss Nancy A. Gillespie
  70. Miss Mabel E. Gien
  71. Mrs. Marguerite M. Gien
  72. Mr. Enrico Gnagnatti
  73. Mr. Douglas H. Gordon
  74. Mrs. Douglas H. Gordon
  75. Mr. Charles de Grandcourt
  76. Mrs. Austen Gray
  77. Mr. Green
  78. Mr. Art Hadley
  79. Mr. Martin Harrington
  80. Mr. Lois Dunlop Heyworth
  81. Miss Bernice Higgins
  82. Mr. G. Howard Hodge
  83. Mrs. G. Howard Hodge
  84. Mrs. Charles B. Holladay
  85. Mr. L. S. Howe
  86. Mrs. L. S. Howe
  87. Mr. Stephen E. Hurley
  88. Mr. John Grinnel W. Husted
  89. John Grinnel W. Husted Jr.
  90. Mr. Diedrich Huthoff
  91. Mrs. Arline D. Ireland
  92. Mrs. C. Oliver Islim and Servant
  93. Mr. Emilio Iwersen
  94. Mrs. Emilio Iwersen
  95. Mr. John G. Jackson
  96. Mrs. John G. Jackson
  97. Mr. Charles B. Jackson
  98. Mrs. Charles B. Jackson
  99. Mr. Max Jacquin
  100. Mr. R. K. Jeffrey
  101. Mrs. R. K. Jeffrey
  102. Mr. Charles N. Jennings
  103. Mr. William Joyce
  104. Mrs. Mary Joyce
  105. Mr. Karpe
  106. Mrs. Karpe
  107. Mr. A. Kellner
  108. Mr. Carl Otto v. Kienbusch
  109. Mr. Charles H. Kirchner
  110. Mrs. Charles H. Kirchner
  111. Mr. Karl C. Kulle
  112. Mr. W. H. Lalley
  113. Mr. James H. Lowell
  114. Mr. E. t. Lueder
  115. Mrs. E. I. Lueder
  116. Major Adolph Lüthi
  117. Mr. Joseph E. Magnus
  118. Mrs. Joseph Magnus
  119. Mrs. L H. Martin
  120. Miss Joy Martin
  121. Mr. Kapitän F. C. Mensing
  122. Mr. F. W. Miller
  123. Mr. F. A. Miller
  124. Mrs. F. A. Miller
  125. Mr. A. Mills
  126. Mrs. A. Mills
  127. Colonel Robert L. Montgomery
  128. Mrs. Robert L Montgomery
  129. Mr. Barrington Moore Jr.
  130. Mrs. Barrington Moore
  131. Dr. Carl Mueller
  132. Mrs. John E. Mullins
  133. Miss F. Myers
  134. Mrs. Helene Nabholz
  135. Mr. Chester L. Nourse
  136. Mrs. Chester L Nourse
  137. Miss Virginia Nourse
  138. Mr. Chester L. Nourse
  139. Mr. George T. Overholt
  140. Mrs. Helen de Pardo and Servant
  141. Mr. Carlos E. Pardo
  142. Mr. Luis Pardo
  143. Mr. Dennis R. Peck
  144. Mrs. Florence Peck
  145. Mr. Eugene Rainey
  146. Mrs. Eugene Rainey
  147. Eugene Rainey
  148. Miss Julia F. Redden
  149. Mr. W. J. Reid
  150. Msgr. Francis A. Rempe
  151. Miss Jeanne Reynal
  152. Mr. Auguste Richard
  153. Mr. William K. Richardson
  154. Mr. Jesse Hale Riddle
  155. Mr. Freeman Rollins
  156. Mr. E. A. R. Ross
  157. Mrs. E. A. R. Ross
  158. Mr. W. P. Roth
  159. Mrs. W. P. Roth
  160. Miss Lurline Roth
  161. Miss Berenice Roth and Servant
  162. Mr. Silvio Scandalli
  163. Mrs. Nathan M. Sharpe
  164. Mr. James Shorburn
  165. Mr. Harry Slater
  166. Mrs. Harry Slater
  167. Mr. Edward B. Spottswood
  168. Mrs. E. Long Southworth
  169. Mr. W. A. Southworth Jr.
  170. Mr. Thomas Sullivan
  171. Mrs. Samuel B. Sutphin
  172. Mr. G. R. Schaeffer
  173. Mr. Willem Dirkse van Schalkwyk
  174. Miss Gabrielle Schiesser
  175. Mr. Joachim Schmidt
  176. Mr. Joseph Schmitz Jr.
  177. Mrs. Elizabeth Thayer and Servant
  178. Mr. Clarke Thomson
  179. Mrs. Clarke Thomson
  180. Mrs. Tower
  181. Miss Tower
  182. Mrs. Eldora Bell Ulmer
  183. Mr. William E. Ward
  184. Mrs. William E. Ward
  185. Mr. R. C. Weaver
  186. Mrs. F. A. Weidemann
  187. Mr. Thomas H. West III
  188. Mrs. Thomas H. West
  189. Mrs. C. P. Whitehead
  190. Mr. Cameron Whitehorne
  191. Mr. Herbert S. Wilcox
  192. Mr. F. E. Wilhelm
  193. Mrs. F. E. Wilhelm
  194. Mrs. O. W. Wood
  195. Mr. Dean R. Worcester

To Southampton

  1. Mr. Georg Friedrich Alves
  2. Mr. Emil Bock
  3. Mr. Alfred Brown
  4. Mrs. Joan Brown
  5. Mr. Otto Albert Biinting
  6. Miss Florence K. Butler
  7. Mrs. Erna Freudenthal-Dewitz
  8. Dr. Walter Druey
  9. Mr. A. E. Gillies
  10. Mr. Helmut Grotrian-Steinweg
  11. Mrs. Lotte Grotrian-Steinweg
  12. Mr. E. Wade Hall-Craggs
  13. Mrs. Laura Herivel
  14. Mr. Rolf Heyn
  15. Mr. Charles Hugo
  16. Mr. Emil Köhler
  17. Mrs. Bertha Krimke
  18. Mrs. Anita Lloyd
  19. Mrs. Marguerite Mace
  20. Mr. Frederick W. Mace
  21. Mr. Wolfgang Meggers
  22. Mr. David Payne
  23. Mrs. Elisabeth Perlia
  24. Mr. Edmund Renz
  25. Mr. Edward Robert
  26. Mr. Gustav Rückert
  27. Mr. Archibald Ryley
  28. Mrs. Katherine Ryley
  29. Mr. Hans Scharlau
  30. Mr. Georg Schmidt
  31. Miss Carla Schwarz
  32. Mr. William Shirer
  33. Mr. Walter Ströver
  34. Mr. Albert Taege
  35. Mr. Albert Thiele
  36. Mr. Harald Werth
  37. Mrs. Anna Wuppesahl


Information for Passengers

Special Travel Service

A Special Service Secretary on board will advise and assist passengers making their first visit to a foreign country. This service is also available for travelers with whatever special purpose in view, such as business, social, educational etc. This office is prepared to give any information gratis and, if possible, to assist in bringing the passenger in touch with the desired persons or firms.

City of Bremen

The City of Bremen receives its Overseas Guests at the Columbus Quay, in Bremerhaven, in the European “Station on the Sea-front”. In 1 ½ hours by train or 50 minutes by motor-cur one reaches the 70 kilometers distant city on the Weser, the old Hanseatic City of Bremen, the city which, as a cultivated patrician city with its magnificent sites, offers the travelling public beautiful historical buildings and select hotels and restaurants, and at the same time, possessing most modern docks, is the busy centre of an extensive overseas-trade.

In contrast to the everyday appearance of many of the Hanseatic towns Bremen presents an architectural picture which makes everyone feel at home. Century-old tradition has made its impression. The Market Square is the focus of all that is characteristic of this city. The grouping of such venerable buildings as the magnificent City Hall, the valiant Roland, the Cathedral spires reaching heavenwards, the golden “Schütting” (now the seat of the Chamber of Commerce) was created from that proud, independent spirit of citizenship which has made Bremen.

It was the same energy of tenacious citizenship that sailed the first steamship on the Weser, inaugurated the first regular transatlantic Mail Line between Bremen and New York, created the first commercial submarine and rendered possible the first east-to-west airflight over the ocean. But all this has not disturbed the dignified tranquility of the city. The centre of the city is too distant from the docks, shipyards und factories to be affected by their noises.

The old moats are still in a good state of preservation and, like u green garland, entwine the actual city with its numerous reminiscences of the German medieval period, Although modern offices and administration buildings have sprung up in the city and the rhythm of life has become more pronounced, the melody has remained the same.

No wonder then, that many a globe-trotter was captivated with Bremen and meditatively sat in the “Ratskeller” brooding over the question as to how it was that this city offered a feeling of security and at the same time disclosed so much energy; how it was that this city supplied the whole of Europe with cotton, has old buildings, and is the home of the Norddeutscher Lloyd who can claim as their own, the fastest and largest German ships, “Bremen” and “Europa", and who open up connections to all parts of the globe.


Back Cover, Route Map - North German Lloyd SS Europa Cabin Class Passenger List - 16 July 1937.

Route Map - North German Lloyd. From the SS Europa Cabin Class Passenger List - 16 July 1937. GGA Image ID # 13ed548d79


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