SS Bremen Passenger List - 23 March 1933

Front Cover of a First and Second Class Passenger List from the SS Bremen of the North German Lloyd, Departing 23 March 1933 from Bremen to New York via Southampton and Cherbourg

Front Cover of a First and Second Class Passenger List from the SS Bremen of the North German Lloyd, Departing 23 March 1933 from Bremen to New York via Southampton and Cherbourg, Commanded by Captain W. Dähne. GGA Image ID # 1617a80e6a

Senior Officers and Staff

  • Commander: Captain W. Dähne
  • First Officer: H. Keinpf
  • First Doctor: Dr. J. v. Geyr
  • Second Doctor: Dr. W. Hofmann
  • Chief Engineer: J. Hundt
  • Purser: E. Tielbaar
  • Assistant Purser: D. Brummer
  • First Officer of the Traffic Office: A. Heyer
  • Second Officer of the Traffic Office: L. Bremer
  • In Charge of Travel Bureau: Frl. Dr. Ferber
  • Chief Steward: E. Landtmann
  • Steward for Second Class: W. Maisch
  • Steward for Tourist Class: J. Büscher
  • Steward for Third Class: Chr. Herrmann
  • Stewart for Restaurant: H. Graf
  • Chief Cook: K. Höhne
  • Wireless Telegraph Operator Senior Officer: P. Schuch
  • First Baggage Master: A. Dauelsberg


First Class Passengers

  1. Mr. Herbert W. Alrich
  2. Mrs. Herbert W. Alrich
  3. Mr. Mowbray S Barkeley
  4. Mr. Harry S. Berk
  5. Mr. A. A. Bernstein
  6. Mr. E. J. Bignou
  7. Mr. René Boel
  8. Mr. Dip-Ing. Willem Cornells Bokhoven
  9. Mr. Val. A. Browning
  10. Mr. Wilbur Brundage
  11. Mr. Henri Charpentier
  12. Miss Priscilla Choate
  13. Mr. Eugene B. Clark
  14. Mr. Charles R. Crane
  15. Mr. Edward J. Curley
  16. Miss Gertrude Cushing
  17. Mrs. George A. Dixon Jr. 
  18. Miss Vivian Dixon Jr. und Bedienung
  19. Mr. Wilhelm Dollmann
  20. Dr. Samuel J. Freeman
  21. Dr. H. C. Goetz
  22. Mr. Direktor Hugo Gruder-Guntram
  23. Mr. J. Chauncey Hamlin
  24. Mrs. J. Chauncey Hamlin
  25. Mrs. Marion Hazard
  26. Mr. van Campen Heilner
  27. Mr. Direktor Dr. A. Heintzeler
  28. Mr. Matth. Hohner
  29. Mrs. Matth. Hohner
  30. Mrs. Frances W. Hollander
  31. Mr. A. C. Horn
  32. Mr. Leo F. James
  33. Mr. James Jamieson
  34. Mrs. Louise Kahn
  35. Mr. Georges F. Keller
  36. Mr. Thomas K. Kirkpatrick
  37. Mr. Leonard E. Klaubei
  38. Mrs. Leonard E. Klauber
  39. Mr. William L. Koburger
  40. Mrs. William L. Koburger
  41. Mr. Generalmusikdirektor Richard Lert
  42. Mr. Bernard Hugo van der Linden
  43. Mrs. Bernard Hugo van der Linden
  44. Mr. William Linton
  45. Mr. Ingenieur G. E. Löfgren
  46. Miss Elizabeth Mc Alpine
  47. Miss K. Mac Kain
  48. Mr. Joseph V. Mc Nulty
  49. Miss Pauline H. Moore
  50. Mr. Arthur E. Morgan
  51. Mrs. Lillian Morgan
  52. Mrs. George W. Norton
  53. Miss Margaret M. Norton
  54. Commander S. Okano
  55. Dr. Franz Oppenheimer
  56. Mr. Ludwig Orth
  57. Mr. James C. Parrish
  58. Mr. Jefferson Penn
  59. Mrs. Jefferson Penn
  60. Mr. Peter Mrs. Peter
  61. Mr. John Pickering
  62. Mr. Henry J. Pierce
  63. Mrs. Mary Pierce
  64. Mr. D. P. Rhodes
  65. Mr. Joh. M. Riemersma
  66. Mr. Leopold Rosenthal
  67. Mr. Direktor G. Sahlin
  68. Mrs. Sivig Sahlin
  69. Mr. Hamilron Scott
  70. Mrs. Hamilton Scott
  71. Mrs. James Seliginan und Bedienung
  72. Mr. George C. Sharp
  73. Mr. James W. Shivas
  74. Mr. Henry B. Van Sinderen
  75. Mr. Direktor Adolf Schaal
  76. Mrs. Case J. Schaefer
  77. Mrs. Gertrud Schmid
  78. Dr. Alfred Schwarzenbach
  79. Mr. Alfred Schwarzenbach Jr.
  80. Dr. Arnold Schwyzer
  81. Dr. O. F. Steidemann
  82. Mr. Christopher S. Stephano
  83. Mrs. Christopher S. Stephano
  84. Mr. Constantine Stephano
  85. Mrs. Constantine Stephano
  86. Mr. John A. Stoner
  87. Mr. Carl Tisdi
  88. Mrs. Carl Tisch
  89. Mr. Emile Tournay
  90. Mrs. Salli Tysha
  91. Mr. R. W. Upshaw
  92. Mrs. Reginald Vanderbilt
  93. Dr. Robert Verhoogen
  94. Mrs. Robert Verhoogen
  95. Mr. Arthur S. Vernay
  96. Mr. William Wallace
  97. Mrs. William Wallace
  98. Miss Mary Wallace
  99. Mr. H. C. Wallis
  100. Mr. Joseph Weiss
  101. Mr. Leonard Charles Welling
  102. Mr. Generaldirektor Axel Wennergren
  103. Mr. John W. Wheeler
  104. Mr. John T. Winkhaus
  105. Mrs. John T. Winkhaus
  106. Mr. William Young

To Southampton

  1. Mr. Geh. Rat Dr. H. F. Albert
  2. Mr. Anton Bon
  3. Mr. José Gomez
  4. Mr. G Paul Hepper
  5. Mr. Professor Dr. H. E. Kersten
  6. Mrs. Curta Kersten

To Cherbourg

  1. Miss Johanne Jensen
  2. Mr. Wasser


Second Class Passengers

  1. Mr. Christian Ahrens
  2. Mr. Reginald Allen
  3. Mr. Georg Anbuhl
  4. Heinz Ams
  5. Mr. Josef Aron
  6. Mr. M. Barron
  7. Mr. G. M. Beard
  8. Mr. Coalbert
  9. Mr. Richard E. Daniel
  10. Mr. Direktor Paul Ehrke
  11. Mrs. Hedwig Erdmann
  12. Mr. Emest Gach
  13. Mr. Mack Gerstley
  14. Mrs. Adele M. Gerstley
  15. Mr. Glushanok
  16. Mr. Jean Grenier
  17. Mr. Guercken
  18. Mr. Joseph Hirsch
  19. Mr. y. Kapteyn
  20. Mrs. y. Kapteyn
  21. Mr. Kaufmann
  22. Miss Magaret Koopmann
  23. Mr. Koval
  24. Mr. Sigmund Kuttner
  25. Mr. Isak Lcifer
  26. Mr. Isidor Liebowitz
  27. Mr. O. Lukin
  28. Mr. Wilhelm Mewes
  29. Mr. Minovitz
  30. Miss Alba Munther
  31. Mr. Nikolai Naryshkin
  32. Mrs. Laura Parla
  33. Mr. Pitt Petri
  34. Mr. Alexander G. Poulos
  35. Mr. Georg Schwarz
  36. Mr. Reichenteil
  37. Mr. Torge Emilio Richaud
  38. Mr. Ludwig Satz
  39. Mrs. Ludwig Satz
  40. Miss Celia Satz
  41. Miss Miriam Satz
  42. Miss Francene Satz
  43. Mr. Hugo F. Sylvan
  44. Mr. Charles W. Stericker
  45. Mrs. Jean E. Stericker
  46. Richard W. Stericker
  47. Mr. William L. Studley
  48. Mrs. Maude M. Studley
  49. Miss Jane Studley
  50. Mr. Pawn Velianotf
  51. Mr. Max Weixelbaum

To Southampton

  1. Miss Kathleen Kendrick
  2. Dr. T. V. Kurothkin


The City of Bremen

The City of Bremen receives its Overseas Guests at the Columbus Quay, in Bremerhaven, in the European "Station on the Sea-front". In 1 ½ hours by train or 50 minutes by motorcar one reaches the 70 Kilometers distant City on the Weser, the old Hanseatic City of Bremen; the city which, as a cultivated patrician city with its magnificent sites, offers the travelling public beautiful historical buildings and select Hotels and Restaurants, and at the same time, possessing most modern docks, is the busy centre of an extensive overseas-trade.

In contrast to the everyday appearance of many of the Hanseatic towns Bremen presents an architectural picture which makes everyone feel at home. Century-old tradition has made its impression. The Market Square is the focus of all that is characteristic of this city.

The grouping of such venerable buildings as the magnificent City Hall, the valiant Roland, the Cathedral Spires reaching heavenwards, the golden ''Schütting" (Chamber of Commerce) was created from that proud, independent spirit of citizenship which has made Bremen.

It was the same energy of tenacious citizenship that sailed the first steamship on the Weser, inaugurated the first regular transatlantic Mail Line between Bremen and New York, created the first commercial submarine and rendered possible the first East-to-West Air flight over the ocean.

But all this has not disturbed the dignified tranquility of the City. The centre of the city is too distant from the docks, shipyards and factories to be affected by their noises. The old moats are still in a good state of preservation and, like a green garland, entwine the actual City with its numerous reminiscences of the German medieval period. Although modern Offices and Administration buildings have sprung up in the City and the Rhythm of Life has become more pronounced, the melody has remained the same.

Even Romance survives and has found an expression as equally intrepid as it is strong, in the Böttcherstraße which, branches - off from the Market Square. No wonder then, that many a globe-trotter was captivated with Bremen and meditatively sat in the "Ratskeller" brooding over the question as to how it was that this City offered a feeling of security and at the same time disclosed so much energy; how it was that this City supplied the whole of Europe with Cotton, has old Buildings, and is the home of the Norddeutscher Lloyd who can claim as their own, the fastest ships in the world, "Bremen" and "Europa", and who open up connections to all parts of the globe.


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