SS Kaiser Wilhelm II Passenger List - 18 December 1900

Front Cover, Passenger List, North German Lloyd SS Kaiser Wilhelm II, 18 December 1900

Front Cover, Cabin Passenger list for the SS Kaiser Wilhelm II of the North German Lloyd, Departing Tuesday, 18 December 1900 from New York for Genoa via Gibraltar and Naples, Commanded by Captain D. Hoegemann. GGA Image ID # 1eba2346e4


Notable Passengers included: Dr. Emily Blackwell, Thomas Cleland Dawson, Henry Lane Eno, Francis Marion Crawford , Wilhelm von Haxthausen, Hon. Levi P. Morton, Sarah Logan Wister, and Marquise Cecile de Wentworth.


Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: D. Hoegemann, Commander
  2. Chief Officer: H. Hattorff
  3. 2nd Officer: D. Reimers
  4. 3rd Officer: H. Menneking
  5. 4th Officer: C. Lau
  6. Physician: Dr. P. Aterbau
  7. Physician: Dr. N. De Tullio
  8. Chief Engineer: W. Hustedt
  9. 2nd Engineer: C. Otto
  10. 3rd Engineer: H. Künning
  11. 3rd Engineer: P Träger
  12. 4th Engineer: G. Mohrhoffi
  13. 4th Engineer: M. Sommer
  14. 4th Engineer: F. Wolff
  15. Purser: J. Meyer
  16. Assistant Purser: E. Lefevre
  17. Chief Steward: H. Schaefer
  18. Chief Cook: H. Oehme


List of Cain Passengers

  1. Mr. Randolph M. Appleton
  2. Mrs. Randolph M. Appleton, with child and nurse
  3. Miss Madeleine Appleton
  4. Miss Julia Appleton
  5. Mrs. I. B. Allison
  6. Mr. A L. Adams
  7. Mrs. A. L. Adams
  8. Mr. Raymond Adams
  9. Mrs. Sarah L. Beeson
  10. Miss Anna L. Beeson
  11. Mrs. Haigh Bisceglia
  12. Dr. Emily Blackwell
    Emily Blackwell (October 8, 1826 – September 7, 1910) was the second woman to earn a medical degree at what is now Case Western Reserve University, and the third openly identified woman to earn a medical degree in the United States. Portrait information for Dr. Emily Blackwell is unknown.
    Dr. Emily Blackwell
  13. Mr. John E. Boyer
  14. Mr. C. F. Bozemon
  15. Miss Sallie Bing
  16. Mr. H. W. C. Browne
  17. Mr. George W. Baldwin
  18. Mrs. Isaac Bell and maid
  19. Mrs. C. S. Dwight
  20. Mr. J. W. Dickinson
  21. Mrs. J. W. Dickinson
  22. Mr. Wm. Dickinson
  23. Mrs. Davison
  24. Mr. T. C. Dawson
    Thomas Cleland Dawson (July 30, 1865 – May 1, 1912) was a career United States diplomat
  25. Mrs. T. C. Dawson and maid
  26. Mr. Henry Lane Eno
    Henry Lane Eno (July 8, 1871 - September 28, 1928) A member of the Eno real estate and banking family, he was the son of Henry Clay Eno and his wife Cornelia, the daughter of George W. Lane of New York. Having graduated from Yale College in 1894, and gaining an L.L.B. from Columbia (though he never practiced), in 1898 he married his first wife Edith Marie Labouisse. On the death of his father in 1914, Enos inherited a fortune estimated at over $15,000,000
  27. Mrs. Henry Lane Eno
  28. Miss Julia D. Ely
  29. Miss M. T. Maxwell Ford
  30. Mrs. Louis Feusier
  31. Miss Estelle G. Feusier
  32. Mr. George F. Foster
  33. Mrs. George F. Foster
  34. Miss May W. Fowler
  35. Mr. Wm. Farwell
  36. Mrs. Wm. Farwell
  37. Mr. Duncan Cameron
  38. Mrs. Duncan Cameron and maid
  39. Dr. Elizabeth M. Cashier
  40. Mr. W. D. Crow
  41. Miss Alice S. Clark
  42. Miss Beatrice Conlon
  43. Mr. F. Marion Crawford
    Francis Marion Crawford (August 2, 1854 – April 9, 1909) was an American writer noted for his many novels, especially those set in Italy, and for his classic weird and fantastic stories. Below is a photograph of Francis Crawford published by L C Page and company Boston 1903 - Little Pilgrimages.
    Francis Crawford published by L C Page and company Boston 1903 - Little Pilgrimages
  44. Mr. Francisco Cordero
  45. Mr. Alex. Gordon
  46. Mrs. Alex. Gordon
  47. Miss Marg. McKim Gordon
  48. Mr. J. M. Galvin
  49. Mrs. J. M. Galvin
  50. Mrs. I. P. Granger
  51. Miss A. P. Granger
  52. Miss I. P. Granger
  53. Mr. Clayton H. Garvey
  54. Mrs. Clayton H. Garvey
  55. Miss Harriet B. Hall
  56. Mrs. J. F. Hyland
  57. Dr. F. A. Hinz
  58. Mr. Harry M. Haigh
  59. Mr. Wm. Wilson Heaton
  60. Mr. von Haxthausen, Wirklicher Legationsrath
    Wilhelm von Haxthausen (August 30, 1874 - March 1, 1936) was a German naval officer, Rear Admiral of the Navy last
  61. Mrs. von Haxthausen
  62. Mrs. James Lockett
  63. Hon. Levi P. Morton with courrier and valet
    Levi Parsons Morton (May 16, 1824 – May 16, 1920) was a Representative from New York and the 22nd Vice President of the United States (1889–1893). He later served as the 31st Governor of New York. A Portrait Photograph of Hon. Levi P. Morton appears below.
    Portrait Photograph of Hon. Levi P. Morton
    Republican Levi Parsons Morton of N.Y., the 22nd Vice President of the United States under Benjamin Harrison (1889-1893); also Representative for New York's 11th district (1879-1881), United States Minister to France under James A. Garfield (1881-1885), and, after his Vice-Presidentship, Governor of New York (1895–1896). Photograph from the Brady-Handy collection of the Library of Congress, restored by Adam Cuerden.
  64. Miss Helen Morton
  65. Miss Alice Morton
  66. Mr. Joseph Macdonough
  67. Mrs. Joseph Macdonough and maid
  68. Master J. Macdonough
  69. Master D. Macdonough
  70. Miss Mallory
  71. Miss Amy D. Nordhoff
  72. Mr. Alan H. Reed
  73. Mrs. Alan H. Reed and children
  74. Mrs. Wm. Rumsey
  75. Miss Rumsey
  76. Mrs. J. S. Raynolds
  77. The Rev. H. O. Riddel
  78. Mrs. H. O. Riddel
  79. Miss Ella S. Riffel
  80. Miss Sheppard
  81. Mr. H. M. Southgate
  82. Mrs. H. M. Southgate
  83. Mr. Henry A. Smith
  84. Mrs. Henry A. Smith
  85. Mr. William Stiassny
  86. Dr. John B. Solly
  87. Mr. P. Santini
  88. Mr. E. Smith
  89. Mr. F. K. White
  90. Mrs. F. K. White
  91. Miss Elizabeth S. Ward
  92. Mr. A. H. Wickham
  93. Mrs. A. H. Wickham
  94. Mrs. John Wister
  95. Miss Sarah Logan Wister
    Sarah Logan Wister Starr (1873 - August 21, 1956) was a prominent member of Philadelphia society in the early 1900s and a dedicated humanitarian
  96. Miss Marg. Wister
  97. Miss Agnes H. Woodruff
  98. Marquise Cecile de Wentworth and maid.
    Cecile Smith de Wentworth (1853-1933), a prominent academic portrait painter, was far better known in France than in her native America. Born in New York City to a Catholic family, she attended the Sacred Heart Convent and then went to Paris to study in the studio of the academic painter, Alexandre Cabanel. Sometime in the next few years she married Josiah Winslow Wentworth


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