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SS Grosser Kurfürst Passenger List - 10 April 1909

Front Cover, Passenger List, SS Grosser Kurfürst, Norddeutscher Lloyd, April 1909, Genoa to New York

First Class Passenger List for the SS Grosser Kurfürst of the North German Lloyd, Departing Saturday, 10 April 1909 from Genoa to New York via Villafranca, Commanded by Captain Langreuter.

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: Langreuter
  2. First Officer: W. Vieth
  3. Second Officer: F. Buhr
  4. Third Officer: [Not Stated]
  5. Fourth Officer: B. Lauts
  6. Physician: Dr. W. Starke
  7. Physician: Dr. O. Schmitt
  8. Chief Engineer: O. Weilwitz
  9. Second Engineer: V. Schulz
  10. Third Engineer: F. Lüke
  11. Third Engineer: H. Holm
  12. Fourth Engineer: F. Hannemann
  13. Fourth Engineer: O. Veiht
  14. Fourth Engineer: M. Thiele
  15. Purser: G. Stede
  16. Chief Steward (Provisions): E. Sembell
  17. Chief Steward: H. Blanke
  18. Second Steward: [Not Stated]
  19. Second Steward: [Not Stated]
  20. Top Cook: W. Brauns
  21. Baggage Master: A. Nitzke

First Class Passengers

  1. Mrs. J. J. Appel
  2. Miss Elsie Appel
  3. Mrs. Francis Acton
  4. Mr. Burkinshaw
  5. Mrs. Burkinshaw
  6. Miss C. M. Bedinger
  7. Miss Mattie Brown
  8. Mrs. W. B. S. Clymer
  9. Major W. Corrie
  10. Mr. John B. Chinn
  11. Miss Alma Eiring
  12. Count Max de Foras
  13. Countess Max de Foras, Child and Servants
  14. Mr. F. A. Fielding
  15. Mrs. F. A. Fielding
  16. Mr. R. Herzfeld
  17. Mrs. W. H. HarrisS
  18. Mr. Frank B. Hibbard
  19. Mr. Dick Lee Hibbard
  20. Miss Horton
  21. Miss Ruth Jenkins
  22. Mr. Warren Kelsey
  23. Mrs. Warren Kelsey
  24. Miss Warren Kelsey
  25. Mrs. Zoe L. Kemper
  26. Mr. Gilbert Kemper
  27. Mr. G. F. Lane
  28. Mrs. G. F. Lane and Staff
  29. Mr. F. M. Lupton
  30. Mrs. F. M. Lupton
  31. Mr. Wm. Rutherford Mead
  32. Mrs. Wm. Rutherford Mead
  33. Miss E. Mc. Arthur
  34. Mr. E. L. Monser
  35. Miss Mina Manegold
  36. Miss Irma Man egold
  37. Dr. J. .G. Perry
  38. Mrs. J. G. Perry and Servants
  39. Miss S. D. Peaslee
  40. Miss E. B. Rogers
  41. Miss F. S. Rogers
  42. Mr. S. W. Railey
  43. Mr. Alexander Sedgwick
  44. Dr. Walter Schirmer
  45. Mrs. Dr. Walter Schirmer
  46. Mr. John J. Wittwer
  47. Mrs. John J. Wittwer
  48. Mrs. J. C. Weidmann
  49. Miss E. L. Weidmann
  50. Miss Jeanne P. Wells
  51. Mrs. Fanny Whipple

Additional Passengers

  1. Mrs. Alma Brecklein
  2. Mrs. and Miss Butler
  3. Mrs. Burton, Infant and Maid
  4. Mr. S. Danielson
  5. Dr., Mrs. and Miss Enright
  6. Mr. Phil. Fosdick and family
  7. Mrs. Lina Haag
  8. Dr. and Mrs. McKean
  9. Mr. Chas Kiihlewein
  10. Mrs. Mather
  11. Miss Julia Newcomb
  12. Capt. Pearce
  13. Mrs. W. P. Pierce
  14. Mrs. M. C. Pierce
  15. Mr. A. Paine
  16. Miss Louise Paine
  17. Mr. M. A. Raphuhn
  18. Mrs. and Miss Selover
  19. Mrs. C. S. Terry
  20. Mr. Daniel Wile
  21. Miss Frieda Wallbrecht
Class Adults Children Infants Total
First Class Passengers 83 1 1 85
Second Class Passengers 223 3 3 29
  ----- ----- ----- -----
Total Cabin Passengers 306 4 4 314


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