SS Bremen Passenger List - 3 May 1938

Front Cover of a Cabin Class Passenger List from the SS Bremen of the North German Lloyd, Departing 3 May 1938 from Bremen to New York via Southampton and Cherbourg

Front Cover of a Cabin Class Passenger List from the SS Bremen of the North German Lloyd, Departing 3 May 1938 from Bremen to New York via Southampton and Cherbourg, Commanded by Captain A. Ahrens. GGA Image ID # 163e0fd092

Senior Officers and Staff

  • Commander: Captain A. Ahrens
  • Chief Officer: E. Warning
  • Chief Engineer: J. Hundt
  • Chief Purser: F. Baum
  • Purser for Cabin Class: H. Kettler
  • Purser for Tourist Class: H. Jünemann
  • Purser for Third Class: W. Pflüger
  • First Physician: Dr. L. Basting
  • Second Physician: Dr. E. Schaaps
  • State Certified Nurse: Nurse Margarethe
  • In Charge of Travel Bureau: M. Stiegele
  • Travel Special Service: Dr. (Miss) Ferber
  • Managing Chief Steward:  A. Junghans
  • Chief Steward for Cabin Class: H. Schedelmann
  • Chief Steward for Dining Room: E. Zeidler
  • Steward for Tourist Class: J. Büscher
  • Steward for Third Class: F. Wardenburg
  • Chief Cook: H. Künlen
  • Wireless Telegraph Operator Senior Officer: F. Gerstung
  • First Baggage Master: W. Dauelsberg


Cabin Class Passengers

  1. Mr. Masatomo Akatsuka
  2. Mr. Christian Albrecht
  3. Mr. Konsul Max Arlt
  4. Director Hjalmar Aselius
  5. Mr. Eduard von Asten
  6. Mrs. Baronin Martha Beck von Peccoz and Servant
  7. Charles Beck von Peccoz
  8. Martha Beck von Peccoz
  9. Stephan Georg W. Beck von Peccoz
  10. Mr. Wilhelm Behrens
  11. Mr. E. Bennink
  12. Mr. Oberfinanzrat Paul Bergemann
  13. Director Max Beyersdorf
  14. Mr. Henry Blaise
  15. Miss Charlotte Bootz
  16. Mr. Harry J. Brady
  17. Mrs. Harry J. Brady
  18. Director Ferdinand Brehme
  19. Mr. Friedrich Bünte
  20. Mrs. Sybille Bürgi
  21. Miss Clara Carstanjen
  22. Miss Mabel Choate and Servant
  23. Mrs. James H. Cromwell
  24. Dr. A. C. van Dam
  25. Miss Frances Dazey
  26. Mrs. J. H. Denton
  27. Professor Franz A. Dischinger
  28. Mr. David Livingston Dogget
  29. Mrs. Marie Donner-Meissner
  30. Dr. Heinrich Dörge
  31. Mrs. Ottilie Dörge
  32. Mr. Viktor Döring
  33. The Lady Doverdale
  34. Director Dr. Georg Draheim
  35. Mrs. John M. Dyer
  36. Mr. Nils Elfström
  37. Miss Edith Esch
  38. Mr. Raymond Felter
  39. Mr. Walther Flakowski
  40. Dr. Francois P. Fouche
  41. Professor (Mrs.) Gertrud Friedemann
  42. Mrs. Gerda Friedrich
  43. Director Dr. Karl Fuchs
  44. Mr. Heinrich Fuchs
  45. Dr. Hans Gerber
  46. Mrs. Gerda Gerber
  47. Mr. Frank E. Gerdes
  48. Dr. Cornelius Geuer
  49. General a. D. Frei
  50. Mr. Curt von Gienanth
  51. Mr. Sigismund von Gladisz
  52. Mrs. Auguste Victoria Glahn
  53. Mr. Director Fritz Godau
  54. Seine Exzellenz Takuo Godo
  55. Mr. Giovanni Grandi
  56. Director Karl Grosse
  57. Mrs. Else Heim
  58. Mr. Arno Hellmes
  59. Mr. Johannes Hildsberg
  60. Mrs. Grawford Hill and Servant
  61. Mr. Director Carl Hirte
  62. Mrs. Gerda Hirte
  63. Mr. Walter Hoegger
  64. Mr. Andreas Huber
  65. Mr. Clarence J. Huff
  66. Dr. Kurt Hunscha
  67. Miss Dora J. Isenberg
  68. Mrs. Paul Isenberg
  69. Mr. Johannes Jaeger
  70. Dr. Koji Jino
  71. Mr. Herbert A. Johnson
  72. Mrs. Charles E. Kaufmann
  73. Dr. Rudolf Keller
  74. Mr. Emmerich Killian
  75. Mr. S. D. Kilmarx
  76. Mr. Gardiner Kline
  77. Mr. Harvey C. Knowles
  78. Mrs. Harvey C. Knowles
  79. Dr. Gerhard Kokotkiewitz
  80. Mrs. Hildegard Kokotkiewitz
  81. Mr. Dr. Franz Kollmann
  82. Mr. Hermann Krause
  83. Dr. Rudolf Krug
  84. Mrs. Ilse Krug
  85. Mr. C. F. Kumbler
  86. Mrs. C. F. Kumbler
  87. Mrs. E. M. Lambert
  88. Mr. Jose Latuf
  89. Mrs. Hugo Ludders
  90. Mr. Max Machon
  91. Mr. D. G. Mackenzie
  92. Count Joachim Maltzahn
  93. Countess Elisabeth Maltzahn
  94. Mrs. Howard C. Marmon
  95. Mr. Günter Marschall
  96. Mr. Charles E. Martinez
  97. Mr. Hermann Meier
  98. Mr. Erich Meier
  99. Mrs. Inger Meineke
  100. Mr. Walter Meissner
  101. Mr. Hans von Meister
  102. Mrs. Victoria von Meister
  103. Mr. Joachim von Meister
  104. Mrs. Clara H. Mellen
  105. Mr. Hans Michovius
  106. Mrs. Gertrud Michovius
  107. Dr. Karl Moessner
  108. Mr. Kommerzienrat Georg Müller
  109. Dr. Alexander Nagai
  110. Mr. Stig Nielsen
  111. Mr. Lester H. Nuland
  112. Mr. Baron von Oertzen
  113. Mr. Dr. Johannes Oestreich
  114. Mr. William Olhausen
  115. Miss Gladys M. Olhausen
  116. Miss Marian Paschal
  117. Mr. Paul Pfeiffer
  118. Miss Hildegard Petri
  119. Mr. Robert H. Pidge
  120. Mr. Generalkonsul Otto Prager
  121. Mrs. Charlotte Prager
  122. Mr. Kommerzienrat Carl Presser
  123. Mr. Gustav Rau
  124. Mrs. Gustav Rau
  125. Mr. Director Hary von Rautenkranz
  126. Miss Liselotte von Rautenkranz
  127. Mr. Harold H. Richardson
  128. Mr. Karl Roemer
  129. Mrs. Karl Roemer
  130. Mr. John W. Rogers
  131. Mrs. Grace Brownell Rogers
  132. Mr. Alfred Rogers
  133. Mrs. Alfred Rogers
  134. Mr. Alfred Rogers Jr.
  135. Mrs. Alfred Rogers Jr.
  136. Mr. Arthur C. H. Sandner
  137. Mr. William A. Smith
  138. Mr. Charles E. Sörensen
  139. Mrs. Florence Thayer Swain
  140. Mr. Arthur Schade
  141. Mr. Karl Scheufele
  142. Mr. Max Schmeling
  143. Mr. Manfred Schmidt
  144. Mr. Hans Schmidt
  145. Mr. Erich Schuessler
  146. Director Waldemar Schwalbe
  147. Mrs. Richmond Temple
  148. Director Bruno Thomas
  149. Mr. Merle D. Thompson
  150. Mrs. Merle D. Thompson
  151. Mr. Ernst Toepfer
  152. Dr. R. Trendelenburg
  153. Mr. E. A. Trefzger
  154. Mr. FrederickTwogood
  155. Mr. W. W. Vansant
  156. Director Karl Vollmoeller
  157. Mr. Karl Vonderhecken
  158. Mr. Robert von Wallenberg-Pachaly
  159. Mr. Oscar Wanckel
  160. Dr. Julius Weltzien
  161. Mr. John J. White
  162. Director Dr. Hans Wiegner
  163. Mr. Fritz Wiemer  
  164. Mrs. Angela Winthrop Jr.
  165. Mr. Walter Woschnagg
  166. Mrs. Dora Woschnagg
  167. Director Fritz Zenker

To Southampton

  1. Mr. Richard Benjamin
  2. Mrs. Paula Benjamin
  3. Mr. Werner Buff
  4. Mrs. Werner Buff
  5. Miss Ilse Meisemann
  6. Mrs. Elisabeth Neupert
  7. Mr. Ministerialrat Karl Orth
  8. Director August Petri
  9. Mrs. August Petri
  10. Mr. Thomas G. Richardson
  11. Mrs. Flora Richardson
  12. Mr. Postrat Joseph Rottland
  13. Mr. Albert Schumacher
  14. Mrs. Ella Schumacher
  15. Mr. Hellmuth Schwarz
  16. Mr. Albert Ch. Veiel
  17. Mrs. Anni Warschauer
  18. Mr. Ministerialrat Georg Werner
  19. Mr. Heinrich Ziegenspeck


The City of Bremen

The City of Bremen receives its Overseas Guests at the Columbus Quay, in Bremerhaven, in the European "Station on the Sea-front". In 1 hour by train or 50 minutes by motor-car one reaches the 70 kilometers distant city on the Weser, the old Hanseatic City of Bremen; the city which, as a cultivated patrician city with its magnificent sites, offers the travelling public beautiful historical buildings and select hotels and restaurants, and at the same time, possessing most modern docks, is the busy centre of an extensive overseas-trade.

In contrast to the everyday appearance of many of the Hanseatic towns Bremen presents an architectural picture which makes everyone feel at home. Century-old tradition has made its impression. The Market Square is the focus of all that is characteristic of this city. The grouping of such venerable buildings as the magnificent City Hall, the valiant Roland, the Cathedral spires reaching heavenwards, the golden "Schütting" (now the seat of the Chamber of Commerce) was created from that proud, independent spirit of citizenship which has made Bremen.

It was the same energy of tenacious citizenship that sailed the first steamship on the Weser, inaugurated the first regular transatlantic Mail Line between Bremen and New York, created the first commercial submarine and rendered possible the first east-to-west air-flight over the ocean. But all this has not disturbed the dignified tranquility of the city. The centre of the city is too distant from the docks, shipyards and factories to be affected by their noises. The old moats are still in a good state of preservation and, like a green garland, entwine the actual city with its numerous reminiscences of the German medieval period.

Although modern offices and administration buildings have sprung up in the city and the rhythm of life has become more pronounced, the melody has remained the same. No wonder then, that many a globe-trotter was captivated with Bremen and meditatively sat in the "Ratskeller" brooding over the question as to how it was that this city offered a feeling of security and at the same time disclosed so much energy; how it was that this city supplied the whole of Europe with cotton, has old buildings, is the home of the Norddeutscher Lloyd who can claim as their own not only the fastest and largest German ships, the "Bremen" and "Europa", but also the popular Far East express trio "Potsdam", "Gneisenau" and "Scharnhorst", and who maintain services to all parts of the globe.

Important Notice

Payments on Board Our Steamers

According to the German Regulations Governing the Control of Foreign Currency German coins can be accepted from passengers in payment on board only during the ship's voyage from Europe to New York and then only within the limits of the RM. 10.— allowed under these regulations. No German money whateverbe it notes or silverwill be accepted on the homeward voyage from New York to Europe.

German coins under RM. 1.— in value will be accepted in payment everywhere on board, whereas coins in the denominations of RM. 1.—, RM. 2.— and RM. 5.— will have to be exchanged for board money with the Purser or paid to him to cover any account for expenses on board. All shops, stalls, and members of the ship's personnel are strictly forbidden to accept German coins to the value of RM. 1.—, RM. 2.— and RM. 5.— ; they are also strictly forbidden to accept Reichsmark notes. We would ask our Passengers kindly to strictly observe these regulations.

Special Travel Service

A Special Service Secretary on board will advise and assist passengers making their first visit to a foreign country. This service is also available for travelers with whatever special purpose in view, such as business, social, educational etc. This office is prepared to give any information gratis and, if possible, to assist in bringing the passenger in touch with the desired persons or firms.

Route Map on the Back Cover, North German Lloyd SS Bremen Cabin Class Passenger List - 3 May 1938.

Route Map on the Back Cover, North German Lloyd SS Bremen Cabin Class Passenger List - 3 May 1938. GGA Image ID # 163e1da437


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