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SS Chemnitz Passenger List - 18 September 1902

Front Cover of a Cabin Passenger List for the SS Chemnitz of the North German Lloyd, Departing 18 September 1902 from Bremen to Baltimore and Galveston

Front Cover of a Cabin Passenger List for the SS Chemnitz of the North German Lloyd, Departing 18 September 1902 from Bremen to Baltimore and Galveston, Commanded by Captain J. Jantzen. GGA Image ID # 17da64fd4b


Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Commander: Captain J. Jantzen
  2. First Officer: Fr. Sembill
  3. Second Officer: A. Barghorn
  4. Third Officer: G. Hahn
  5. Fourth Officer: C. Kühlken
  6. First Engineer: H. Hentig
  7. Second Engineer: E. Blanke
  8. Third Engineer: H. Stockfisch
  9. Fourth Engineer: P. Schock
  10. Physician: Dr. H. Wolff, M.D.
  11. Physician: Dr. H. Blare, M.D.
  12. Purser: R. Hesse
  13. Chief Steward: H. Fritzsche
  14. Chief Cook: C. Hempel
  15. Second Cook: A. Grossmann


Cabin Passengers

To Baltimore:

  1. Miss Bernhardine Brenke
  2. Miss Minnie Brenke
  3. Mr. Robert Bornefeld
  4. Mr. C. E. Becker
  5. Miss Caroline Burkhart
  6. Miss H. Bonsack
  7. Mr. M. Bonitz
  8. Mrs. M. Bonitz
  9. Mr. Theo. Brinkmann
  10. Miss Auguste Dehms
  11. Mr. J. T. Dennis
  12. Mrs. J. T. Dennis
  13. Miss LtIonie Delarne
  14. Mrs. Marie Ewert
  15. Miss Elisabeth Eymann
  16. Mr. Lee C. Hollander
  17. Mrs. Therese Hoffmann
  18. Mr. L. G. Haeussermann
  19. Dr. Wilh. Kurrelmeyer
  20. Mrs. Wilh. Kurrelmeyer
  21. Mr. Fred. Knoche
  22. Mr. Bernh. zu Klampen
  23. Dr. Warren H. Lewis
  24. Mr. Alvin Lange
  25. Mr. H. Müller
  26. Miss Antoinette Margot
  27. Mr. Lajos Nagy
  28. Mr. Richard Netzband
  29. Mr. E. von Paris
  30. Mr. Ino F. Pagel
  31. Mr. Friedr. Stave
  32. Miss Kate Speer
  33. Miss Florence R. Sabin
  34. Mr. George F. Steenken
  35. Mr. Ferd Steenken
  36. Mr. Jean Ph. Schütz
  37. Mrs. Jean Ph Schütz
  38. Miss Christine Schütz
  39. Franz Schütz
  40. Mr. Arthur Säuberlich
  41. Miss Elisabeth Schmidt
  42. Mrs. Marie Schönfeld
  43. Josef Schönfeld
  44. Berni Schönfeld
  45. Miss Katie Schnepf
  46. Miss Mina Steurer
  47. Miss Emilie Thomas
  48. Miss Julie Thomas
  49. Miss Wilhelmine Wiedmeier

To Galveston :

  1. Miss Eva Bohny
  2. Mrs. Auguste Bursche
  3. Mrs. Helene Busch
  4. Miss Adele Brunsteiner
  5. Mrs. Laura von Carlowitz
  6. Miss Lina von Carlowitz
  7. Adolf von Carlowitz
  8. Hans von Carlowitz
  9. Mrs. Jedda Daves
  10. Emma P. Drescher
  11. Mrs. Elise Eickholt
  12. Mr. Georg Friedrichs
  13. Mrs. Marie Gramcko
  14. Miss Hattie Grothe
  15. Mr. S Heidenheimer
  16. Miss Marie Hansen
  17. Mrs. Ad. Huber
  18. Mrs. Martha Ibanez
  19. Mr. V. Köhler
  20. Miss Anna Knoll
  21. Miss Ellen von Linstow
  22. Mrs. Auguste Mirus
  23. Rev. Karl Müller
  24. Mrs. Karl Müller
  25. Käthe Müller
  26. Edith Müller
  27. Mr. Chas. Plume
  28. Mrs. Auguste Pfadenhauer
  29. Olga Pfadenhauer
  30. Miss Julie Runge
  31. Pastor Carl Roth
  32. Mrs. Carl Roth
  33. Theophil Roth
  34. Carl Roth
  35. Mrs. Josephine Reuel
  36. Mrs. Alwine Reuel
  37. Alwine Reuel
  38. Else Reuel
  39. Mr. G. Terwey
  40. Mrs. G. Terwey

Cover by Carl Schanernann, Brenton.

General-Agenten des Norddentsehen Lloyd:
In Baltimore: A. Schumacher & Co., 5 South-Gay Street. In Galveston, Tex.: W. W. Wilson.
In New York: 0 elric hs & C o., 5 Broadway.
In Chicago, H. CI auss e n i us & Co.,
95 Dearborn Street.
In San Francisco, Cal.: Robert Cap elle,
140 Montgomery Street

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