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SS Stuttgart Passenger List 28 September 1933

Front Cover, Passenger List, SS Stuttgart, Norddeutscher Lloyd Bremen, 1933

Passenger List for the SS Stuttgart of the North German Lloyd, Departing Thursday, 28 September 1933 from Bremen to Halifax and New York via Boulogne-sur-Mer, Southampton, and Galway, Commanded by Captain O. Prehn.

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: O. Prehn
  2. First Officer: E. Mathy
  3. Second Officer: K. Fricke
  4. Second Officer: W. Schott
  5. Third Officer: H. Bursch
  6. Third Officer: H. Bremme
  7. Fourth Officer: Kl. J. Jakobick
  8. Physician: Dr. H. Kuck
  9. First engineer: H. Haake
  10. Second engineer: D. Buck
  11. Third engineer: E. Hoeppner
  12. Third engineer: G. Braje
  13. Fourth Engineer: A. Ahrens
  14. Fourth Engineer: H. Genreich
  15. Fourth Engineer: H. Modersitzky
  16. Purser: M. Muller
  17. Assistant Purser: F. Richter
  18. Chief Steward: K. steil
  19. Assistant chief steward: A. Schumacher
  20. Chief steward of the tourist-class: J. Ahl
  21. Chief steward of the third class: P. Dieckvoss
  22. Chief Cook: A. Berger
  23. Baggage Master: J. Oestermann
  24. First Radio Officer: F. Schuch
  25. Second Radio Officer W. Ritz
  26. Third Radio Officer: R. Bachmann
  27. Interpreter: J. Swoboda

Cabin Passengers

To Halifax

  1. Miss Margareth H. Willson

To New York

  1. Mrs. L. S. Bayliss
  2. Mr. Frederick D. Bepler
  3. Mrs. Charlotte Bepler
  4. Mr. Leopold Borda
  5. Mr. Jos. F. Brogan
  6. Mr. William H. Brudi
  7. Mr. W. F. Burdett
  8. Mrs. W. F. Burdett
  9. Mr. Dennis
  10. Miss Franziska Driiher
  11. Mr. W. F. Eissing
  12. Mr. Dietrich Graue
  13. Mrs. Luise Graue
  14. Mr. Lowell M. Greenlaw
  15. Mrs. L. M. Greenlaw
  16. Miss Shirkley Greenlaw
  17. Miss Anna Guye
  18. Mrs. Emma Happ
  19. Miss Marinez Heitland
  20. Mr. Richard Hill
  21. Mrs. Charlotte Hoehn
  22. Mrs. Martha Hoffmann
  23. Mrs. Rachel Howland
  24. Dr. John P. Lobenhoffer R. de Luca
  25. Mr. McPherson
  26. Mrs. Kathie Maier
  27. Dr. Alfons L. Meyer
  28. Mrs. Johanna Milbradt
  29. Professor Dr. Hans Molitor
  30. Dr. Arthur Mollmann, M.D
  31. Mr. Konsul Alexander G. Mosle
  32. Mr. F. A. Nettelmann
  33. Mrs. Margarete Nettelmann
  34. Professor Albert Nolte
  35. Mrs. Shirley Nolte
  36. Miss Henriette Petsche
  37. Mrs. Adele Riesenberg
  38. Mrs. Agnes Sagebiel
  39. Mrs. Marie Seib
  40. Mr. Skriver
  41. Mr. Smith
  42. Mr. Bernhard Thies
  43. Mrs. Bernhard Thies
  44. Mr. Albert Thies
  45. Mr. Adam Waldeck
  46. Mr. Joseph Waldeck
  47. Mr. Herbert Wester
  48. Mrs. Helene Westhus
  49. Mr. Konsul Henry Wilde
  50. Mrs. Meta Worth
  51. Mr. Rudolf Wurlitzer

To Southampton

  1. Mr. Richard T. Harriss

Tourist Class Passengers

To Halifax

  1. Mrs. Johanna Quatsch
  2. Mr. Hans Wich

To New York

  1. Miss Erna Backmund
  2. Mr. Georg Bartels
  3. Mrs. Clara Bartels
  4. Mr. Hermann Becker
  5. Miss Sofie Betz
  6. Mr. William Birkenmeyer
  7. Mrs. Elsa Birkenmeyer
  8. Miss Hildegard Birkenmeyer
  9. Miss Johanne Blomeke
  10. Mr. Louis Boess
  11. Miss Lillian Bohlmann
  12. Mr. John Brandt
  13. Mr. Herbert Brennecke
  14. Mrs. Adeline Cramer
  15. Miss Bernice Dougherty
  16. Miss Ella Dufern
  17. Mr. Wilhelm Frantzen
  18. Miss Anna Gasper
  19. Miss Anna Gekeler
  20. Rev. Joseph Gleisner
  21. Mr. Johann Grodewald
  22. Miss Katharine Hilbert
  23. Mrs. Terezia lzmael
  24. Mrs. Irma Jacob
  25. Miss Marie Jaus
  26. Mrs. Emma Langley
  27. Joan Langley
  28. Luzia Langley
  29. Miss Martha Lecour
  30. Miss Meta von Lehe
  31. Mrs. Anna Lindemann
  32. Gordon Lindemann
  33. Mr. Otto Marquardt
  34. Mrs. Louise Merkt
  35. Miss Martha Mueller
  36. Miss Katharina Mueller
  37. Mr. Georg Newstedt
  38. Miss Adele Oetjen
  39. Mr. Martin Ragl
  40. Mr. Mathias Reinartz
  41. Mrs. Klothilde Renner
  42. Herbert Renner
  43. Miss Hedwig Roese
  44. Miss Elisabeth Sommer
  45. Mr. Dietrich Stede
  46. Mrs. Sofie Steiger
  47. Mrs. Ida Stengl
  48. Miss Margarete Stier
  49. Miss. Hertha Schmeyers
  50. Miss. Erna Schmidt
  51. Mr. Georg Schwarz
  52. Mrs. Frieda Schwarz
  53. Mrs. Elisabeth Schweitzer
  54. William Schweitzer
  55. Mrs. Theresa Talley
  56. Mr. Johannes Terlau
  57. Miss Christine Tietje
  58. Mrs. Johanna Tofaute
  59. Mrs. Emily Tomek
  60. Mr. John Vollmer
  61. Miss Emilie Weissmann
  62. Miss Margarethe Wickbold
  63. Mr. George Wilken
  64. Mrs. Else Wilken
  65. Miss Clara Wolfers
  66. Mrs. Elfriede Zbinden
  67. Hans Zbinden
  68. Arthur Zbinden

To Boulogne

  1. Mr. Harry Schorling
  2. Mrs. Emmy Schorling

To Southampton

  1. Miss Mavis Griffin
  2. Miss Maria Logemann
  3. Mr. Otto Schulze
  4. Miss Anneliese Schulze

Third Class Passengers

To Halifax

  1. Mr. Albert Bartl and Family
  2. Miss Maria Braun
  3. Mrs. Anna Bujaki and Family
  4. Mrs. Anna Chipska
  5. Mrs. Ona Deksniene
  6. Mr. Paul Dummer
  7. Mrs. Emma Dummer
  8. Martha Dummer
  9. Roman Dummer
  10. Mr. Felix Einhellinger
  11. Franz Franzen
  12. Mr. Wilhelm Friedrich
  13. Mr. Michael Gitschner
  14. Mr. Josef Gnap
  15. Mrs. Rosa Gombos
  16. Mrs. Anna Halcicova and Child
  17. Mr. Swirid Karp
  18. Mrs. Kristina Koeppel and Family
  19. Mr. Josef Kreuzpaitner
  20. Mr. Josef Kreuzpaitner
  21. Mrs. Kreszenz Kreuzpaitner
  22. Otto Kreuzpaitner
  23. Mrs. Maria Laco and Family
  24. Mrs. Anna Moser
  25. Miss Wilhelmine Overmann
  26. Mr. Henrik Pietila
  27. Miss Martha Rantala
  28. Mrs. Anna Rochus and Child
  29. Mrs. Jenny Salonen
  30. Mr. Emil Sommer
  31. Mrs. Kat ola Sommer
  32. Mr. Karp Swirid
  33. Mrs. Julia Szanto
  34. Mr. Andrew Szlapak
  35. Mrs. E. Vajda and Family
  36. Mr. Josef R. Schmidt
  37. Mrs. Anna Stark-Eros
  38. Miss Marianne Strasser
  39. Mrs. Maria Tonhauser and Child
  40. Miss Magdalene Wallis
  41. Mr. Gerhard Wiebe and Family
  42. Mrs. Else Wyzick
  43. Mr. Albert Zapf

To New York

  1. Mrs. Elsie Bazlen
  2. Miss Meta Berg
  3. Mrs. Dora Boedecker
  4. Werner Boedecker
  5. Miss Marta Bornkessel
  6. Mr. Julius Breuning and Family
  7. Mr. Ignatz Brunner
  8. Mrs. Margarete Brunner
  9. Mr. Mathias Dick
  10. Mr. Oswald Dillenkofer
  11. Mrs. Elise Dillenkofer
  12. Theodor Dillenkofer
  13. Henry Dillenkofer
  14. Mrs. Ida Dressler
  15. Mr. Alexander Eichmann
  16. Mrs. Louise Eichmann
  17. Mr. George Engelmann
  18. Mr. Heinz Erdenberger
  19. Mrs. Auguste Ewald and Family
  20. Mrs. Antoinette Gerstenbacher
  21. Mr. Alfred Gerstenbacher
  22. Mr. Josef Gnap
  23. Miss Berta Gronbach
  24. Miss Theresia Haggenmiiller
  25. Mr. Ludwig Halbekath
  26. Miss Annemarie Hasenburger
  27. Mrs. Margarete Hoopmann
  28. Ingeborg Hoopmann
  29. Mrs. Katarine Ivans and Child
  30. Miss Antoinette Maier
  31. Mrs. Elisabeth Martin
  32. Mrs. Sofie Metzger
  33. Lore Metzger
  34. Alex Metzger
  35. Mr. Karl Meyer
  36. Mrs. Emilie Meyer
  37. Mr. Patrick Murphy
  38. Mrs. Kreszenz Neumayer
  39. Mr. George Ondo
  40. Mr. Karl Pabst
  41. Mrs. Elisabeth Palm
  42. Mr. K. Pauliukaitis
  43. Mrs. Anne Petersen and Child
  44. Mr. Andreas Raspel
  45. Mrs. Anna Redle
  46. Anna Redle
  47. Mr. Fred. Riemann
  48. Mr. Clemens Riesenbeck
  49. Mr. Georg Roemer
  50. Mrs. Anna Roemer
  51. Mrs. Martha Ross
  52. Mrs. Theresia Sdesar
  53. Margaret Sdesar
  54. Jane Sdesar
  55. Miss Lydia Seyfried
  56. Mr. John H. Jaeger
  57. Mr. Karl Jahrand
  58. Miss Ida Kaesemeyer
  59. Mr. Frederick Kammann
  60. Mrs. Marie Kammann
  61. Henry Kammann
  62. Mr. Ernst Klages
  63. Mr. Heinrich Kleyhauer
  64. Mrs. Anna Kleyhauer
  65. Mr. Peter Knabl
  66. Mr. Arthur Kohler
  67. Elfriede Kohler
  68. Miss Emma Kreher
  69. Mr. John Krenmiiller
  70. Miss Grete Krentzel
  71. Mrs. Frieda Krieg
  72. Jackie Krieg
  73. Mr. Gerhard Kroesen
  74. Mr. Ludwig Krominga
  75. Miss Lilly Kunkel
  76. Mr. Theodor Lampert
  77. Miss Marie Landwehr
  78. Miss Elsie Leiher
  79. Mr. Johann Lessner
  80. Mr. Emil Lohwasser
  81. Mrs. Helene Lohwasser
  82. Mr. Hermann Luttmann
  83. Mrs. Meta Mahland
  84. Wilfried Mahland
  85. Miss Frieda Siegele
  86. Miss Anna Sieling
  87. Mrs. Martha Sparrer
  88. lrmgard Sparrer
  89. Mr. Carl F. Susterich
  90. Miss Margarete Tamke
  91. Mr. Florian Tesch
  92. Miss Elisabeth Toelz
  93. Mr. Anton Tugendheim
  94. Mrs. Anna Schaal
  95. Miss Frieda Schmidt
  96. Miss Elfriede Schmidt
  97. Miss Gerda Schulte
  98. Mrs. Frieda Stampe
  99. Hermann Stampe
  100. Miss Betty Stelzer
  101. Miss Helen Stoval
  102. Mrs. Mary Struppeck
  103. Mrs. Anna Voss
  104. Mrs. Alma Walter
  105. Mrs. Maria Weber
  106. Mrs. Marie Weck
  107. Mr. Jacob Wuelpern
  108. Mrs. Katharina Wylesel
  109. Georg Wylesel
  110. Katarina Wylesel
  111. Mrs. Anna Zinser
  112. Willi Zinser

To Southampton

  1. Mr. C. C. Stockmann

The City of Bremen

The City of Bremen receives its Overseas Guests at the Columbus Quay, in Bremerhaven, in the European "Station on the Sea-front". In 1% hours by train or 50 minutes by motorcar one reaches the 70 Kilometers distant City on the Weser, the old Hanseatic City of Bremen; the city which, as a cultivated patrician city with its magnificent sites, offers the traveling public beautiful historical buildings and select Hotels and Restaurants, and at the same time, possessing most modern docks, is the busy centre of an extensive overseas-trade.

In contrast to the everyday appearance of many of the Hanseatic towns Bremen presents an architectural picture which makes everyone feel at home. Century-old tradition has made its impression. The Market Square is the focus of all that is characteristic of this city.

The grouping of such venerable buildings as the magnificent City Hall, the valiant Roland, the Cathedral Spires reaching heavenwards, the golden "Schiitting" (Chamber of Commerce) was created from that proud, independent spirit of citizenship which has made Bremen.

It was the same energy of tenacious citizenship that sailed the first steamship on the Weser, inaugurated the first regular transatlantic Mail Line between Bremen and New York, created the first commercial submarine and rendered possible the first East-to-West Airflight over the ocean. But all this has not disturbed the dignified tranquillity of the City.

The centre of the city is too distant from the docks, shipyards and factories to be affected by their noises. The old moats are still in a good state of preservation and, like a green garland, entwine the actual City with its numerous reminiscences of the German medieval period. Although modern Offices and Administration buildings have sprung up in the City and the Rhythm of Life has become more pronounced, the melody has remained the same.

Even Romance survives and has found an expression as equally intrepid as it is strong, in the Bottcherstrafie which, branches - off from the Market Square. No wonder then, that many a globe-trotter was captivated with Bremen and meditatively sat in the "Ratskeller" brooding over the question as to how it was that this City offered a feeling of security and at the same time disclosed so much energy; how it was that this City supplied the whole of Europe with Cotton, has old Buildings, and is the home of the Norddeutscher Lloyd who can claim as their own, the fastest ships in the world, "Bremen" and "Europa'', and who open up connections to all parts of the globe.

The Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives Reference Number: 1108.4798.5799 2012-03-31

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