SS Friedrich der Grosse Passenger List - 19 May 1910

Front Cover, Passenger List, SS Friedrich der Grosse, Norddeutscher Lloyd, May 1910, Genoa to New York

Cabin Passenger List for the SS Friedrich der Grosse of the North German Lloyd, Departing Thursday, 19 May 1910 from Genoa to New York via Naples, Palermo, and Gibraltar, Commanded by Captain R. Dahl.

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: R Dahl
  2. Captain Doctor: Regio Commiss. Dr. Giovanni Rolando
  3. First Officer: Heinr. Lindrob
  4. Second Officer: Johann Martens
  5. Second Officer: Bernh. Nientiedt
  6. Third Officer: Heinr. Nienezyk
  7. Fourth Officer: Franz Korth
  8. Physician: Dr. H. Wimmer
  9. Physician: Dr. Ant. Oneto
  10. Chief Engineer: Heinrich Stindt
  11. Second Engineer: Wilhelm Gebnhr
  12. Third Engineer: Carl Wesemann
  13. Third Engineer: Wilhelm Hanke
  14. Fourth Engineer: Wilhelm Kobel
  15. Fourth Engineer: J. Hirdes
  16. Fourth Engineer: Friedr. Garbade
  17. Purser: Carl Rabien
  18. Assistant Purser: Carl Berkelmann
  19. Chief Steward: Friedr. Feist
  20. Second Steward: Johann Bartels
  21. Second Steward: J. Struncius
  22. Chief Cook: Carl Höhne
  23. Baggage Master: H. Tjarks
  24. Marconi Telegraphist: Max Hannemann

First Class Passengers

To Naples

  1. Mr. Commander F. Dobson
  2. Miss L. Ffolliott
  3. Mr. Harry Goldschmidt
  4. Mrs. Harry Goldschmidt
  5. Dr. Gerhard Jurst
  6. Mr. Alexander Jtirst
  7. Mrs. Alexander Jtirst
  8. Miss A. Penny
  9. Mr. Eugen Rosenmund
  10. Miss Berta Rosenmund
  11. Mr. Peter Richrath
  12. Mrs. Peter Richrath
  13. Mr. G. Studerbund
  14. Mr. Paul Semler
  15. Mrs. Paul Semler
  16. Mr. Ernst Weiss

To Gibraltar

  1. Miss Aimee Spun
  2. Mrs. Amelia Scheiding
  3. Miss Thea Scheiding
  4. Miss Lotte Scheiding
  5. Mrs. Mary Heaton Vorse
  6. Mr. Heaton Vorse Jr.
  7. Miss Ellen Vorse and Bedien-ung
  8. Mr. Assessor Herm. Wenzel
  9. Mrs. Assessor Herm. Wenzel

To New York

  1. Mr. Wesley Austin
  2. Miss M. F. Appleton
  3. Mr. R. F. Bacon
  4. Mrs. R. F. Bacon
  5. Mr. Charles. Bacon
  6. Miss Cath, T. Bonney
  7. 'Miss H. Blaisdell
  8. Mrs. T. F. Bliss
  9. Miss Carry Burt
  10. Mr. H. R. Baltz
  11. Mrs. H. R. Baltz
  12. Miss Mary Baltz
  13. Miss Julia Banes
  14. Miss Marg. Scott Cosgrave
  15. Mr. D. A. Clarkson
  16. Mrs. D. A. Clarkson
  17. Mr. Augusto Coccia
  18. Mr. Arthur Campbell
  19. Mr. John J. Callahan
  20. Miss M. E. J. Czarnonska
  21. Miss Susan Davis
  22. Mrs. J. E. Dyer, Kind and Staff
  23. Miss M. E. Frailey
  24. Mr. L. M. Frailey
  25. Mr. Richard L. Fox
  26. Mrs. Emilia Finter
  27. Mr. David Gregg
  28. Mrs. David Gregg
  29. Mr. David Gregg Jr.
  30. Lt. J. N. Greely
  31. Mr. William Grecht
  32. Mrs. William Grecht
  33. Mr. Benjamin E. Harwood
  34. Miss Fanny Huber
  35. Mrs. Lewis C. Hunt
  36. Miss M. Irvin
  37. 'Miss E. Irvin
  38. Mrs. J. C. Kundson
  39. Mr. Karl Kithil
  40. Mrs. Karl Kithil
  41. Mr. Carlos Kithil and Staff
  42. Mr. Jacob Lanz
  43. Mr. William K. Mooney
  44. Miss E. Morgan
  45. Mrs. A. E. Mom
  46. Miss E. B. McDonald
  47. 'Mr. C. E. Peck
  48. Miss K. G. Peck
  49. Mrs. H. Prentice
  50. Miss Mabel Prentice
  51. Dr. Edward W. Pinkham
  52. Mr. D. B. Palmer
  53. Miss Ella Rockwell
  54. Mrs. A. M. Robertson
  55. Mrs. Shaw
  56. Mrs. L. G. Schantz
  57. Mrs. Emma Scott-Dewey
  58. Miss Emmie Scott-Dewey
  59. Mr. C. Frank Wixon
  60. Miss K. G. Welling
  61. Dr. William C. Williams
  62. Mrs. Wright
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