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SS Friedrich der Grosse Passenger List - 12 July 1902

Front Cover, Passenger List, SS Friedrich der Grosse, North German Lloyd, July 1902

Cabin Passenger List for the SS Friedrich der Grosse of the North German Lloyd, departing Saturday, 12 July 1902 from Bremen to New York via Southampton, Commanded by Captain G. Rott.

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: G. Rott
  2. First Officer: Ph. Obenauer
  3. Second Officer: It Wurpts
  4. Second Officer: F. Niers
  5. Third Officer: H. Dau
  6. Fourth Officer: H. Grobe
  7. Physician: Dr. med. K. Kbpke
  8. Chief Engineer: R. Rose
  9. Second Engineer: C. Friedrich
  10. Third Engineer: C. Wesemann
  11. Third Engineer: W. Matz
  12. Fourth Engineer: O. Kretftchmann
  13. Fourth Engineer: E. Wentz
  14. Fifth Engineer: H. Hagenah
  15. Purser: R. v. Schmid
  16. Assistant Purser: K. Metzler
  17. Chief Steward: H. Trage
  18. Second Steward: C. Miller
  19. Second Steward: A. Lange
  20. Chief Cook : F. Rohlfs
  21. Second Cook : ht. Miihl
  22. Second Cook : H. Wac.ner
  23. Second Cook: Gi
  24. Second Cook : K Gutowski
  25. Baggage Master: W. Borghardt

Back Cover, Passenger List, SS Friedrich der Grosse, North German Lloyd, July 1902

Cabin Passengers

  1. Mr. Henry Ahlborn
  2. Mr. John H. Boessennecker
  3. Miss Else Bode
  4. Mrs. George R. Blodgett and Children
  5. Prof. Dr. Ludwig Braeutigam
  6. Mr. Friedrich Beck
  7. Mr. John W. Bixel
  8. Mr. M. Bralic
  9. Mr. Henry Brüning
  10. Mr. Paul Bergmann
  11. Mrs. Paul Bergmann
  12. Mr. D. Baron
  13. Mr. Howard T. Cornwell
  14. Mrs. Howard T. Cornwell
  15. Mrs. E. L. Clark
  16. Miss Lucretia D. Clark
  17. Miss Copman
  18. Mr. Ferdinand Christensen
  19. Mrs. Ferdinand Christensen
  20. Miss Alma Cordes
  21. Mr. Frank de Coligny
  22. Mr. Henry Distel
  23. Mrs. Henry Distel
  24. Miss Lucretia M Davidson
  25. Miss Alice Doland
  26. Frdulein May Doland
  27. Mrs. Clara Dötterl
  28. Mr. G. Devcic
  29. Mr. Nicholas Eiler
  30. Mrs. Nicholas Eiler
  31. Mr. Edmund Eigner
  32. Mrs. Martha Eigner
  33. Kurt Eigner
  34. Miss Grete Freymuth
  35. Mr. Jacob Fischer
  36. Mr. Henry Forchheimer
  37. Mr. Karl Feldmann
  38. Mr. Jos. Fahnhorst
  39. Mr. William Fischer
  40. Mrs. S. Feldmann
  41. Mr. M. Feig
  42. Mr. Carl Friindt
  43. Mrs. J. Fimikalsky
  44. Mr. H. W. Guernsey
  45. Mr. Sigmund Grossmann
  46. Mrs. Sigmund Grossmann
  47. Mr. Karl Guggenheim
  48. Mrs. Therese Griitzer
  49. Miss Auguste Griltzer
  50. Miss Hanni Griitzer
  51. Mr. C. Geiger
  52. Mr. Wm. Hoffmann
  53. Colonel J. W. Hawley
  54. Mrs. J. W. Hawley
  55. Miss Anna Hubner
  56. Mr. George D. Haage
  57. Mr. Hugo Hoerold
  58. Mrs. Hugo Hoerold
  59. Mrs. Selma Hertzsch
  60. Mr. J. Neumann
  61. Mrs. A. Jones
  62. Mr. W. IL Jones
  63. Mrs. Olga Jarris and Kind
  64. Mr. Otto Jung
  65. Mr. E. C. Kimball
  66. Mr. Jan Kowoll
  67. Mr. Frfedr. Krautter
  68. Mr. F. Koegler
  69. Mrs. F. Koegler
  70. Miss C. Koegler
  71. Miss Henny Karnstedt
  72. Miss S. M. Libey
  73. Mrs. Dora Lang
  74. Mrs. Lina Laurier
  75. Albert Laurier
  76. Mr. Vincenz Legac
  77. Mrs. James R. Morse
  78. Miss Elsie Morse
  79. Miss Lillian Morse
  80. Mr. J. Moses
  81. Mrs. J. Moses
  82. Mr. Justizrath Max Mayer
  83. Mrs. Anna Mindner
  84. Miss Fannie Maher
  85. Mrs. Dora Meyer
  86. Marie Meyer
  87. Mrs. Emma Murphy
  88. Miss Emma Murphy
  89. Mr. Johann Menkens
  90. Mr. J. Moses-Florette
  91. Mrs. J. Moses-Florette
  92. Mr. Henry Nanninga
  93. Miss Teresa Nicolas
  94. Albert Nicolas
  95. Mrs. Albert Oetjen
  96. Wilhelm Oetjen
  97. Henry Oetjen
  98. Sophie Oetjen
  99. Mr. C. Oscher
  100. Mrs. H. E. Putnam
  101. Miss Putnam-Hinds
  102. Miss M. E. Park
  103. Miss Anna Pauly
  104. Miss Magda Pollenda
  105. Miss Powell
  106. Mr. Josef Prinich
  107. Mrs. Josef Prinich
  108. Mr. R. Philipp
  109. Mrs. Sophie Plizenmaier
  110. Clara Pfizenmaier
  111. Miss Sophie Pfizenmaier
  112. Miss Emily J. Rodman
  113. Dr. W. H. Rumpf
  114. Mrs. Dr. W. H. Rumpf
  115. Willie Rumpf
  116. Walter Rumpf
  117. Ernst Rumpf
  118. Mr. Adolf Rhode
  119. Miss Anna Rippler
  120. Miss Anna Richardt
  121. Miss Henny Richardt
  122. Mr. Emil Roeder
  123. Mr. Johann Riechmann
  124. Mr. S. M. Simpson
  125. Mr. Theod. Schumacher
  126. Miss Eilisabeth Schumacher
  127. Mr. A. Schumack
  128. Mr. Rich. Schubert
  129. Frituloin M A. Schroeder
  130. Mr. Adolf H. Sielken
  131. Mrs. Adolf H. Sielken
  132. Mrs. Chas. Sprute
  133. Miss Karoline Schaeckeler
  134. Mr. Fritz Strohbach
  135. Mr. Friedr. Schrage
  136. Mr. Paul Scholz
  137. Mrs. Paul Scholz
  138. Mrs. Alma Seidel
  139. Hedwig Seidel
  140. Arthur Seidel
  141. Mr. Chas. Stadtlander
  142. Mrs. Chas. Stadtlander
  143. Mr. Karl Scherer
  144. Mr. Otto Schreiber
  145. Mr. Josef Swirin
  146. Mrs. Josef Swirin
  147. Mr. Ch. Sider
  148. Mrs. Josephine Stotz
  149. Mrs. Josephina Storty
  150. Mr. M. Thalheimer
  151. Mr. Theodor Ulrich
  152. Mr. Henry Voss
  153. Mr. Henry B. Voss Jr.
  154. Mr. Christian Voss
  155. Mr. G. Wittmeyer Jr.
  156. Miss E. Wood
  157. Miss J. Wood
  158. Miss Caroline Weber
  159. Mrs. George Weidner
  160. Mr. Carl Wieland
  161. Mr. Jean Weidner
  162. Mrs. Emma Weiss
  163. Irwin Weiss
  164. Paul Weiss
  165. Miss Pearle Zufall
  166. Mr. George Zufall
  167. Mr. Emil Zimmermann

To Southampton:

  1. Mr. Friedrich Sondern
  2. Mrs. Friedrich Sondern
  3. Miss Antonie Mohr
  4. Miss Cornelia Mohr
  5. Mr. Ernst Mohr
  6. Miss A. Egerton
  7. Mr. Joh. Bornemissen
  8. Mr. William Soeder
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